Subconscious Symbolism: Physical ‘Acting Out’ of Oft-Repeated Figures of Speech . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 17 July 2016; published on 21 July 2016
Previously titled: Unconscious Symbolism: ‘Acting Out’ of Figures of Speech
Subconscious metaphors: I need someone to watch my back!
… and … I am just to die for!.

    • Metaphor: I need someone to watch my back!
    • Metaphor: I am just to die for!
      • Curse: You will get cancer!
      • Segue: ‘Black Widow’ or ‘Black Widower’.
    • On Bringing Subconscious Metaphors to the Light of Conscious Awareness

Dear Ones,

This video is about two figures of speech, and how the unconscious mind interprets them in physical terms …

There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have two metaphors about which to talk to you, along the lines of the unconscious mind and its interpretation of metaphors.

Metaphor: I need someone to watch my back!

The first one has to do with the saying: I need someone to watch my back! This metaphor, in this case, is spoken by a man. I have a feeling it would work for a woman too. It would be spoken by a man who is in relationship … or it could be spoken by a woman who is in relationship. Their unconscious mind … their lower triangle, their ‘Lower Mental Body,’ as some say … is always saying: I need someone to watch my back! And they are anticipating that their partner will do that for them.

This plays out in a physical way, in real life, because the unconscious mind and the involuntary nervous system are very physical in their interpretation of things. After all, they have to do with the neurons in the viscera … [points to abdomen] … in the digestive organs: the stomach, liver, gall bladder, and intestines. So you can anticipate that these sorts of neurons will be very physical in their representation and understanding of reality.

I need someone to watch my back! … And you are anticipating that your partner will do that for you. In real life, what very frequently will happen is that they will leave from a situation before you do. For instance, if you are at a party, they might want to arrive in a separate car, and leave in advance of you … the idea being that you will ‘watch their back’ as they walk out … and the same, for instance, if you are out shopping, or if you are walking around in the wilderness; you will find that your partner, who is playing out this metaphor in an unconscious way, will be always walking off ahead of you, so that you can see their back with your eyes. In other words, in a physical sense, you will be ‘watching their back’.

Metaphor: I am just to die for!

In the end of a relationship … as that time comes round … they will want to be the first to suggest it, and the first to leave. So that is how that plays out.

I have one other metaphor for you. This could be for a man or a woman who is in relationship. The metaphor that they are acting out, through their unconscious minds, is: They figure they are really good-looking, and they say: I am just to die for!

You know that term? It is a term in common use. It just means ‘I am really good-looking. Ladies would lay down their lives for me.’ And that is how the relationship can play out, if a person is constantly processing, in their involuntary nervous system, the metaphor: I am just to die for! I am to die for! 

Curse: You will get cancer! Chance of And so it will turn out, somehow, that either through unconscious suggestion … like: You will get cancer! (this is quite common) … when a man is processing hostility against his wife, he is likely to induce cancer in her.

It may work in the other way too, quite likely: If a woman is really angry with a man, I think that’s possible. This metaphor ‘I am to die for’ adds umph to it. The idea behind it is that I am totally good-looking (whether I am a man or a woman). And this other person is dust before my feet. They might as well be dead; they are that low! [laughs]

Segue: ‘Black Widow’ or ‘Black Widower’. It can happen, either through unconscious suggestion, or through a physical act such as poisoning or shooting … generally accompanied with a great deal of subterfuge … as in the instance of a ‘black widow’, or a ‘black widower’ … where they go on from one relationship to the next, killing their spouse in some way. And this is because of the large, unconscious component, to do with following up on the metaphor ‘I’m to die for’.

On Bringing Subconscious Metaphors to the Light of Conscious Awareness

I do not know what to say except, if you have noticed, through the clair chat, that your partner is doing one of these things, you can bring this up. Bring it to the conscious mind. Bring it to the light of Awareness, and see what happens next.

As we become conscious of the metaphors that rule us … that rule our unconscious minds and subconscious minds … those metaphors lose their grip on our lives and our karma. Our lives become more dharmic then.

That’s all for now. I will talk to everyone later. You all take care.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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