The Universe as Intelligent Love and Light . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 17 January 2014; revised on 28 August 2017

    • On Noospheric Commotion as It Relates to Solar Events
    • On Trusting the Divine
    • Intelligence and Loving Nature of Photons and Light
    • On Clearing Through, Rather than Repressing, Negative Emotions

Dear Ones,

This video is about commotional energy; Earth’s electromagnetic field; solar flares;  clearing our energy; emotions of fear, anxiety, worry and anger; the incoming intelligent light; and the notion that the universe is a friendly place. There is an edited Summary after the video …



On Noospheric Commotion as It Relates to Solar Events

I am at Sage Ranch; and I thought I would fill you in on a few things. Yesterday was a very commotional day for me, here in Los Angeles; and all last night … all through the night.

I checked Space Weather … … And the funny thing is, it seems like there have been no solar flares. No special sky activity. Some smaller flares … C-range flares.

And I got to thinking that maybe what is happening is that, because the electromagnetic field of Earth is lower now, apparently what is happening is that there have not been as many solar flares as anticipated as we move out of the Solar Maximum, and on.

And so, the electromagnetic field of Earth is somewhat less strong than it usually is. And so I wonder if these smaller flares … because of that … are affecting us somewhat, and clearing our energy field.

On Trusting the Divine

So, that is my thought, here today … here in the beautiful, golden sunlight of the afternoon. I feel like the Divine has a way of figuring out everything, down to the smallest decimal point. [laughs] Just exactly what we need to change, you know, without freaking out too much … For all of humanity to move upward.

And so, that is my feeling about all this up and down activity that has been taking place … this purifying energy process, and the new Incoming Light that is just flooding in everywhere. It is not just a flood. It is a very controlled pouring-in. 

Intelligence and Loving Nature of Photons and Light

The Divine is very intelligent … even the smallest photons. Light is intelligent, and full of love for all living things. And the more I feel it and observe it, the more I realize this to be true: We are not living beings in a nonsentient Universe. The whole Universe is sentient. You know? And it knows what to do. It knows what is best for us.

On Clearing Through, Rather than Repressing, Negative Emotions

So, what is the point of worrying and being upset, when everything is all arranged for us? [sighs] So, especially when worry and anxiety and fear and anger and upset are clearing from the aura, it is important to remember that. it really helps a lot.

Because, if we stuff down all those negative feelings when we feel them, and say:

I can’t be feeling that! I’m a spiritual person!

… Whatever it is that we feel about it … It is an unpleasant sensation. I refuse to feel it. Whatever we do to forget about it, it is still there, stuck in our aura.

But if we think that the Universe is trying to help us clear, and to be happy … as is our birthright! … then we will not do that. We will just observe what is coming up … All the emotions that are coming up. The physical discomfort. You know?

And rejoice that it is coming up, and the Love of the Universe, and the Incoming Light, are transforming it, and changing it to something much closer to what is true, and joyful.

I say this with hindsight, because I was kind of upset yesterday. But today is beautiful. And today is a good day for philosophizing, I guess.

So, rays of Light to you. Rays of Love. And talk to you later.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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