The Spring Equinox: On Stillness and Wholeness . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 19 March 2013


Dear Ones,

Tomorrow, 20 March 2013, is the date of the Spring Equinox. I read three blogs this morning that were aligned with amazing synchronicity. That was right after a heated discussion with my brother on the topic of sexual preferences and social opprobrium.


From his point of view, the discussion was about whether the United States should recognize Gay Marriage. Certainly a topic regarding which few people have no opinion whatsoever. My stance on this topic is unorthodox, as I see the issue from a very wide perspective.

Why do straight men care so much about this issue? What is the fear that comes up for them when a gay man walks by? Why does society judge this issue so harshly?

‘What about me?’ I said to my brother. I’m a single woman. Am I ever invited to a dinner party by a married couple? The answer is no. Never. Married couples invite other married couples to their dinner parties. What happens when an unmarried woman by chance finds herself at a dinner party with married couples? Likely at least one of the married women will figure she is out to get their man. I’m here to tell you, that makes for a pretty indigestible meal.

How would it be if the word ‘marriage’ were reserved for married couples with children. Suppose this were the only social group dubbed by the majority as ‘sacred.’ There would be a lot of childless couples who felt diminished in the eyes of the world, would there not? This is not so far-fetched a notion … in fact, until this century, and for reasons to do with an underpopulated country and agricultural economics, it was the opinion of American society.

So let’s propose this is the case today … childless couples are not really ‘married’. Their relationship is not ‘sacred’. But if they have a child, all is well. I don’t want to be brutal, but this does raise a question … in this scenario, what if they have a child … an only child … and the child dies? Will their marriage be ‘sacred’ or will it not?


The fact is, the act of sex is not considered sacred in America, and this is the crux of the matter. We hedge round the issue by constricting the definition of sacred sex … that is to say, what we call Marriage … to a certain subset of people.

What if, as in ancient times, the act of sex were recognized as sacred? Then there might not be an issue about gay vs straight or childed vs childless or for that matter, married vs single. Then it might come down to recognizing, accepting … and, yes, even exalting! … the sexual nature of our personal being, the joyful union within our own minds of left brain and right brain, to create what might be termed the ‘Cosmic Mind.’ And the joyful union within our own hearts of the masculine and the feminine, the flowering of the new human being on New Earth.


Image: Lavender World; artwork by Fan Ming: ..

“Why do I live among the green mountains?
I laugh and answer not.
My soul is serene.

It dwells in another heaven and earth,
Belonging to none.
The peach trees are in flower
And the water flows on.” –Li Po (1)

I know it’s a far leap sometimes, but what I see here is that the Equinoctial Energy … which has already begun to manifest into 3D reality … may bring with it elimination of social opprobrium, of social judgment, and the divisiveness that these mental features engender. We may find ourselves to be Persons without Borders. Not children of the telly, nor eyes glued to the Blackberry, nor our-way-nor-no-way! We may find ourselves instead to be, like the person in Li Po’s poem, children of the mountain forest, where the peach trees blossom, and the water flows.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) from “The Works of Li Po, the Chinese Poet” … … public domain


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