Drive Carefully! . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 20 March 2013


Dear Ones,


Sandra Walter mentioned in a recent video (1) how the Earth had just cast off the memory of – believe it or not! – Draconian rape. That was some pretty heavy stuff, and it happened long ago. And that is just one example of what has been happening with Earth lately. The incoming energies are so strong, so pure and sweet – in wrinkles and waves, Earth is shaking off wave after wave of the old, sad memories. As she does this, our memories are changing too. We are losing the memories that Earth is losing – it’s as if they’ve never been. And in a way that’s true – after all, it is just a hologame, is it not?


Recently I read – I forget the source – that someone had had an Apocalyptic vision in youth, a vision of the End Days, I guess, filled with grim terror. And now recently, this person understands that Earth has avoided the timeline that she/he previously envisioned. All will be well after all.

My brother also had such an Apocalyptic vision in his youth. This was the vision that has guided his life. Every time we visit, we’ve talked about this vision he had long ago. Last night we treated each other to dinner. I brought up the topic of his vision, hoping to assuage his fears with the story of the alternate timeline. My brother said (to paraphrase), “What Apocalyptic vision? I didn’t have any vision like that! I had a vision where everyone had a new beginning here one Earth.” Quite frankly, this was flabbergasting to me. His old memory is completely gone! Is this what’s happening to us all?


On Monday, when I was driving down to visit my brother, wave after wave of unconsciousness came over me. This has been happening when I drive for a long while, but Monday was especially notable. I could hear the waves of unconscious thought hitting me. There was nothing I could do to stop them, so each time I would pull over – rest stop or no rest stop – and sleep for a minute, as the wave passed. This was not about lack of sleep – I was well rested. I guess it had to do with what Sandra mentioned – the casting off of Earth memories.

Today, synchronously, I read from two sources on the topic of driving. This is Spring Equinox advice (2) from the School of Shamanism, which I received on 18 March 2013. To paraphrase:

Aggressive influences are coming in. You might need to set strong boundaries against intrusion by others. Be very careful while driving, operating machinery (whether small or large), and using implements that are sharp. Use sage or incense to bless your personal space, to clear away old energies.

And then there’s Rob Brezsny’s wickedly funny Freewill Astrology newsletter, which I received on 19 March 2013. This is only a paraphrase of a small excerpt – it gets funnier as it goes on (3):

He was cruising at 65 mph, when a blonde in a Jaguar suddenly passed him on the right. He hit the brakes, honked his horn. She careened into the left lane, and slowed to come abreast of him, in extreme agitation. He was concerned she might crash into him on purpose. He was beginning to feel agitated too, but checked himself and hold steady though attention to his will power.

This very sort of incident happened to me recently as well. Totally atypical of my mild-mannered self. So, all’s I’m thinking is – best to be careful with driving right now. Foot power is better than pedal-power, at least for the nonce.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) I think it was this Video: “Equinox Gateway: The New Light is Here,” by Sandra Walter, 17 March 2013, at “Creative Evolution” … ..

(2) See Link: “Spring Equinox Update from the School of Shamanism,” posted 18 March 2013 … ..

(3) See Link: “What Is the Beauty and Truth Lab?” by Rob Brezsny at “Freewill Astrology” … ..


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