The Relative Merits of Philanthropy vs Entitlement . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 27 May 2016; published on 3 June 2016


Dear Ones,

A talk on the relative merits of philanthropy versus entitlement. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I thought I would talk for a minute about philanthropy and entitlement. Probably this topic has been discussed by many before, but I will add my brief comments about it.

The way the government is set up today is somewhat socialistic, right? And the intention is that no one should fall through the cracks. Everyone should have medical care; everyone should have the bare minimum of supplemental income, in case they are disabled or unable to work; and everyone who is elderly should have social security income if they worked and were productive during their lives. And then there are food stamps and milk for mothers and so forth.

There are just quite a few programs that have to do with entitlement. We feel that people are entitled to a subsistence level of life. And the way that that is achieved is by taking in voluntary contributions from people who are working … what was previously the well-to-do pretty much middle class … and granting this money (maybe a third of their income) to their programs of entitlement.

It goes farther than that: Because of our materialistic culture, the young people of today, the upcoming generation … even the people in their 20s and 30s … seem to have a notion that, without a strong work ethic, they are entitled to a living. And most likely this comes from parents; or at least, the parents seem to feel … insofar as I have talked to them … that it comes from them giving their children lots of material things in their youth … whatever they wanted in their youth … so that they got the sense that these things came to them without them actually working for it.

So a strong work ethic, in this last generation, was not inculcated in the children. Further, I think the reason for that was that, in many middle class families, both parents are working, so the parents feel that they are neglecting their children … which, in fact, is the case; the children are growing up without many of the benefits of parental guidance that were assumed to be the norm in my day.

So, lacking this ability to offer nurturing and love, the recent generation instead lavished their children with material things. And so the children developed a sense of entitlement.

So we have entitlement programs through the government, and we have a generation of young people that do not understand the importance of working hard and saving money for the future; and also, do not understand the dangers of the modern world as well as it might.

So that is a difficulty here, right now. It is a difficulty that must be contended with. It sometimes even results in young people going out and stealing things … committing blue collar or white collar crime … because they feel that they are entitled to other people’s things.

Now when I was growing up, it was a completely different situation. There were many people who did not have enough stuff; it was a whole ‘social stratum’ issue. There were people who had really nothing, and had short life spans, and then there were people that usually could get medical care, and could get work … higher paid work … and had greater life spans.

And what would happen would be that those people who were in the fortunate position of having enough would exercise what I call the principle of philanthropy; in other words, they just naturally had the quality of wanting to give things to people who had not enough.

They might put them up in a spare shed. They might offer them work. They might help them to reduce substance abuse, if needed. They might offer them their spare clothes, their old clothes. And all this would happen in a spontaneous way, as a way of expressing the natural quality of philanthropy; of giving to others who are needy, when we have enough, and a little bit more.

The advantage of philanthropy is that it opens up our hearts to the feeling of compassion: We personally feel that, through free will, we are giving something to those who need something. We are accomplishing something in the world that is really good.

Further, in the old days, those that had a lot of money … like Carnegie and Rockefeller and so forth … those who had a ton of money spent a great deal of money on social improvement programs and on philanthropy. You can look it up in Wikipedia: They were the source of all kinds of wonderful social programs and institutions that they created for the public good.

I am sure that this made them feel good, just as offering old clothes to a person who is walking by and is out of work did for people like my mother and my father.

So the notion of philanthropy is really a Christ-like quality. It creates Christ consciousness in us. But the notion of entitlement has many poor qualities to it, one of which is the resentment of people who are forced to give money out of their paycheck, to other people that they do not know at all. It creates a sense of ill will.

And the second is that being given something anonymously by a great institution like the government, creates in the people that are so gifted a sense that some unknown powers … some agency beyond the human … is offering them something for nothing, you know?

I am in favor of abundance for all Earth. But we have to look at how it happens to the advantage of our own Soul wisdom, our own Soul learning and our own Soul mission. So I am just suggesting that we look at the notion of philanthropy, and see how, in our own daily lives, how we can help our own sense of compassion to become greater, by offering what we can to other people who are needy.

And if we have nothing, because of the social entitlement programs in place right now, we can always offer our good will, our prayers, and our blessings.

That is all I have for that. I am sure there is going to be a way that is opening up, pretty soon, that shows us how to create abundance for all people on Earth today. And this will not be a question of taking something from the super-wealthy. It will be something that flows naturally out of the Incoming Light, and throws Light on what needs to be done right now.

It is going to be terrific, really terrific! That is my thought. It is my prophecy. [waves]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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