The ‘Power Over’ Video Series . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 23 and 24 January 2015; published on 22 October 2015; transcribed on 31 May 2018; revised on 28 January 2019

Dear Ones,

I thought it might be handy to offer the ‘Power Over’ video series all on one page. Edited Summaries follow each of the videos. Here are the titles of the below videos …


POWER OVER 1: Love Among Men, Group Discrimination        top
Filmed on 23 January 2015; published 24 January 2015



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I have some other ideas along the lines of the last video I just did …

Link: “Gifts for Nature Spirits!” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 27 January 2015; published on 28 January 2015; transcribed on 3 October 2018 … ..

… regarding how we can work with the nature spirits to co-create our own reality. I was putting myself in somebody else’s shoes just now. Probably somebody else will set me straight on this, but this is just my own idea about it.

I was thinking about working with nature spirits. Let’s say I were a gay man. I know that there are problems amongst gay men with pressure from society to be otherwise, and with difficulty about straight men acting violently towards them. And I got to thinking that, maybe this could be fixed, through nature spirit communication.

Let’s say, if I were in that situation, I could say to my nature spirits: I only want to attract to myself other men of similar tastes. And so, that might help clarify the problem about being attacked by straight men.

Because, if the message of the person to the nature spirit is: Say to the world, that I am a gay man … Then that is going to create problems with people who feel otherwise.

But if a person says to the nature spirits: This is my message to the world: I am a gay man, and I would like to co-create my reality with other men who have the same tastes … then there’s no issue there, of confrontation with straight men. You see?

My guess is, that part of the pressure and difficulty, for people with alternative lifestyles, is that there are quite a few people out there, of the majority opinion regarding lifestyle, that are putting out … in a power-over way … the notion that a person needs to be a particular way.

Let’s say a man is saying: I am a gay man. Then he will get back feedback, through the fourth dimension: You can’t be like that. Or something like that. So, negative stuff. It happens with all kinds of belief systems.

I feel this is a natural thing that happens, when people don’t think through proper discrimination and right thinking. It’s kind of an automatic reaction … the notion that: I’m in a particular group. And this is the right group. And, just without thinking … the right group for everyone.

Which is clearly not true, because there are groups for everyone. There are all kinds of different sorts of people, and there are all kinds of groups, you know?  So the fact that somebody else has chosen another sort of group, is not really a threatening thing for us, you know? I don’t know why we think that. So but, it is happening quite a bit, in the clairaudient realm, right now, as things get sorted out, and as people start coming to full awareness of what is going on there. So the subconscious is being cleared … the subconscious stratum of the unconscious thought cloud of the world is being cleared.

So it is coming up. And what we can do … Let’s just assume there is negative input, all right? Because not everybody is clair. So you can make that assumption. You can say to your nature spirits: I don’t want to receive any kind of energy that states that what I want to co-create in my reality is wrong or incorrect. No kind of negative input about it. I only want to hear from people that feel the same way.

And so then you won’t get that automatic response system that has been coming up.

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POWER OVER 2: Weight, Physical Appearance, and Health       top
Filmed on 23 January 2015; published on 24 January 2015



Ok, with regard to weight: This is a lot of fun. Maybe you feel your weight’s not optimal. Maybe you feel you should be thinner. Or you should be heftier. Or you should have more muscles … Or anything like that, right?

There are nature spirits that have to do with your physical form. [laughs] It’s a lot of fun. You can say, specifically, if you’re a guy, you know? … [points to right shoulder]: Right here, on this shoulder, and this shoulder … [points to left shoulder] … I’d like to see more muscle right there.

You know? And it’s great. They’ll say: Oh, right there? Ok! [laughs]. I don’t know how long it takes them.

Or if you’re a lady, you can say: All right. I’d like to have less right here [pointing] … and right here [pointing].

And they’ll say: Oh, right there? Right there? Oh sure, ok!

So, here’s another one. Let’s say you have a pain … a pain in your stomach. Right? Indigestion. You can say to your nature spirits: I have a pain in my stomach, right here. [pointing] Can you help me fix that?

And they’ll say: Sure! We’ll do what we can. [laughs]

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POWER OVER 3: Men Needing Love        top
Filmed on 23 January 2015; published on 24 January 2015



I’m wondering how this is going to turn out, because it’s an issue that I tried to deal with yesterday, with less success. There’s a mental filter going around right now. It has to do with self-esteem in men. It’s kind of a gnarly mental filter, so I hope you’ll excuse my mentioning it. I thought I’d better. It is in the process of lifting, and it goes something like this …

A lot of it has to do with this word homosexual … which is a ridiculous word. Because, surely, if anything is of a person’s own choosing, it would be the manner in which they express their sexuality. Surely that is of our own choosing, right?

But for reasons I don’t understand, the demonic world has taken it in hand to propose to humanity, that only a certain type of sexuality is permissible. Go figure! I can’t figure it out.

I mean, I can see the demonic nature of energy expression of sexuality that hurts another person. That’s a whole different kind of thing. But, where love is involved, what is the question?

So, in some way, the demon realm has got hold of the notion that homosexuality is demonic. When, in fact, what is demonic here? It’s the notion of hatred for another human being, for exercising their free will in a manner that does not injure anyone else. That’s the demonic thing: That hatred. And it’s always hatred that’s demonic, ok?

So, people who think differently from us: They’re not demonic. It’s our judgment of them that’s the difficult thing, and that keeps us from the true reality, and from the fifth dimension, and from Christ consciousness. It’s our own judgment, you know? Our own lack of ‘right discrimination’, as they say in Buddhism. I think that’s how they say it.

So, that was a preamble, because it’s kind of a tough mental filter that I’m about to discuss. The mental filter, like some of the prior ones, has something to do with homosexuality. And it goes like this …

Let’s say there’s a man who has low self-esteem. There’s a man who feels … and this is frequently the case in the Atlantean turn of the Age … the man feels that it’s hard for him to get love. Because he’s not feeling his heart. Ok? That’s like the social role for men right now, as Peggy Black … … and … was saying in her most recent Morning Message.

So the man thinks: Nobody loves me.

That’s going in the back of his mind. And then he thinks, clairaudiently, to the world at large, but to women (this is a straight guy): Will you love me?

And running in a lower sublevel is: Nobody loves me.

So for the beautiful, sweet nature spirits, this represents an insoluble problem; he’s creating two separate, opposite realities for himself. There’s no solution to this. You know?

So what happens is, he goes to women, in his subconscious mind, and he says to them: Will you love me? And at the same time, he says to himself: Nobody loves me.

So the lower prediction is fulfilled. And then, in vengeance, he says to the woman: You are a homosexual.

So that’s the message to the woman that rejects him: You are a homosexual.

Now what does he mean by that? You know? Does it mean to him, that he has no option but to be homosexual, because only men love him? In a jock sort of way, maybe … through athletics, or something like that?

Or does it mean, to the woman: You must be homosexual, because you don’t care about me … ?

So that’s the mental filter that’s lifting right now: The idea that men can’t receive love, and can’t give love. That’s what’s lifting.

The idea that they must treat women in a disrespectful fashion because of that is also lifting. So that’s really good news. But coming up in the next video is something that’s not quite such good news.

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POWER OVER 4: Couples       top
Filmed on 23 January 2015; published on 24 January 2015



You know, there are various levels of unconsciousness in people … what you’d call the hellworlds … the negative hellworlds of people. Which just takes a flip of the switch, before they become the heaven worlds, you know? But until we turn on the searchlight of our awareness, it’s the hellworlds. [laughs]

Lately I’ve been working a little with the third level of the hellworlds, to do with ‘power over’ … the feral drive to domination-submission, and ‘masterplans’ to conquer the world. And I’d like to explain a little about that.

Clairaudiently speaking, it’s difficult to get a handle on it, because the clairaudient ‘speakage’ … the tone, the tenor … is so very quiet. It’s like an unconscious assumption; it’s like a ‘giveaway’ that has happened, and is so assumed, and so unconscious, that it’s barely stated in the clairaudient realm. It’s just assumed. And I hear it amongst many couples.

It seems that women, in couples, have ceded (i.e., given over) their power to the man.

And so, I often hear men issuing orders to women, to speak in a certain way, clairaudiently, to people. Especially, I notice if it’s me. [laughs]

And so, the woman herself, without even consciously knowing that she’s done it, says the thing that the man tells her to say, you know? And so basically, it’s the man that’s running the show, clairaudiently. Until it’s brought to the woman’s attention, what is going on. Which is not all that easy to do. Not all that easy.

Nevertheless, I expect, with the Incoming Light, there will soon be a revelatory type of photonic packet, that’s going to allow all the women, and all the men, to realize that this is going on.

So, heads up! Coming up soon, I’ll bet you: Power over, and powerlessness will be a thing of the past, for humankind. [waves]

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POWER OVER 5: Rules of the Alpha Male: The Old Boys’ Club       top
Filmed on 23 January 2015; published 24 January 2015; revised and republished on 28 January 2019



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I have a new mental filter for you; I call it The Old Boys’ Club. Sometimes I call it Rules of the Alpha Male. And I find it on the third level of hell. That would be the third chakra negative. It has to do with mind control, at the very basic, unconscious level of the thought cloud of the world. And it goes something like this …

There’s a concession in place … a contract … in perceived groups, between someone perceived as the alpha male, and all the other males in the group. And that is, that the alpha male, on this very low, deep level of the unconscious mind, will issue a command. Something on the order of: Field this for me.

And he’ll be directing this thought to some other man in the group, right? And without thinking it through, and without consciously accepting responsibility, the other male will take over communicating something to someone else … probably a woman … something that the alpha male wants to be communicated. Ok?

Now, this would be fine, if the second person had agreed, on a conscious level, to what he was saying. But for me, I see all this changing. Because the unconsciousness of all but the alpha male robs the power of the other males … the other men in the group.

And it may be that the alpha male is issuing commands unconsciously as well. Perhaps these are vestigial enactments of mammalian pack behavior?

My thought is that each person needs to be able to feel a sense of personal power over the co-creation of the New Reality. It’s not just something that one leader in a group will represent. Every person in the New Reality will represent this co-creative ability. Without exception.

The third level of hell … the third chakra, negatively aspected … represents the demon world. So right now, in many cases, what we have is enslavement of male co-creative ability to that of another male, to whom they have unconsciously delegated their power. This mental filter is lifting from Earth, thank goodness …

I wonder what will be coming up in the near future, because there has been so much lately. We’ll see. Talk to you later.

Notes at the End of the Video

The alpha male, consciously or unconsciously, issues orders to other males in a group who perceive themselves as non-alpha.

I’ve noticed this happening, in particular, with regard to me (natch), and so I generalize that it may be a method by which the alpha male controls females in a perceived group.

I’ve also noticed that alpha males perceive all females in a group as their ‘wives’ and will subjugate or drive off all other males.

Females who won’t submit to this ‘mind control’ by the alpha male are also driven off from the group and harassed by the alpha male or his controlled subordinate males with psychic rape or death threats.

This, I figure, may be enactment of vestigial mammalian feral pack behavior.

It takes place on a very deep, unconscious level of the mind, so much so that it takes very sharp awareness to clairaudiently ‘hear’ the exchanges of command by the alpha, and submissive speak by other males in the group.

From the standpoint of chakric clearing, this mental filter is third chakra negative … to do with ‘power over’ and powerlessness as fictional versions of reality.

As, one by one, we humans awaken to the higher dimensions, decision-making by alpha males will begin to be supplanted by a joyous song of fractal harmony.

And so, the voice of each conscious, aware human being will count in the co-creation of the New Reality.

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POWER OVER 6: Henpecked Husbands       top
Filmed on 23 January 2015; published 24 January 2015



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

So this section is about henpecked husbands, and a very deep, unconscious level of mind control … very similar to what we were talking about with regard to The Old Boys’ Club. It works the same way, but it’s a different set of actors. And it goes like this …

In this case, there’s a contract in place, to the effect that the woman has the power and the man does not. We all know about this, right?

In the clairaudient realm, on the deep, deep unconscious plane, it expresses itself anytime there’s a power over issue. It would be the woman, in this case: Power over the man … Anytime there’s a power over issue, there’s negativity, and there’s a demonic influence.

And the reason for that is: Power is our birthright. The power to create the Plan of  Love and Light on Earth is our birthright. Taking power away from us, throws the person that is taking the power, and the person whose power is taken, into a negative emotional state that is easily taken advantage of by the demon realm.

So when I hear this clairaudiently, I have to listen very carefully, because it’s extremely, deeply repressed. And it’s a contract that’s so deeply unconscious that people don’t think about it at all. It just sort of slides by, like a very silent river of thought.

And so, in this case, the woman might, say, be a jealous woman. This is an instance I ran into the other day: There was a woman who was jealous of me. And she thought of her husband. And she said: Punish her.

And he said … ever so quietly: Yes, my love.

Like that. It was spooky! So, be on the lookout, just in case. You don’t want to lose your power in any situation. If you’re a man: Not to an alpha male, not to a dominant woman, not to anybody. You have that power … just like women have their power. You have the power to create the Plan of Love and Light on Earth … as Djwhal Khul says.

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POWER OVER 7: Cancelling Contracts       top
Filmed on 23 January 2015; published on 25 January 2015



We have talked about this before. But here is how you cancel those contracts that allow other people to have power over you. You say:

Spirit to team!
Cancel all contracts!
For the All, through Free Will.

So what that means is, that Spirit … my Soul … speaks to my Celestial Team, however I envision them, and asks that all my contracts through all my lifetimes, through all my timelines, be cancelled. For the good of all beings of Love and Light. And that this should be through free will, because this is a Free Will Planet.

It is a little bit shortened, because after a while, everybody knows what it means, but yet it’s very short and easy.

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In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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