The Day I Was Born . a story by Alice B. Clagett *

Written an published on 2 March 2013

  • THE DAY I WAS BORN, a Story by Alice B. Clagett

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Dear Ones,

A Story by Alice B. Clagett
2 March 2013

I remember the day I was born. I opened my eyes. It was all a big blur. My mamma was holding me, but she was asleep. My dad came to visit me – looked down and thought a loud, emotion-fraught thought: “A girl. Worthless!” And I thought to myself: “O golly finolly, what have I gotten myself into?”

For sure, I signed on for the voyage into this human form, but how was I to know what it would be like in a realm where unconditional love is scarcer than hens’ teeth?

So today I noticed an article on Eileen’s wonderful blog “Sacred Spiral of Light” (which is no longer available) that spoke directly to the dilemma I confronted on the day I was born: “Love Relationships,” by Pamela Kribbe channeling Jeshua: . Jeshua really lays it on the line: Why we feel separate and alone. Why the greatest loves of our lives crash and burn. What to do about it. I’d copy the info to here, but it’s a long read, and every word in it is perfectly placed. If you have a yen, go take a gander.

Pursuant to which, here’s what’s definitely not making it in the fifth dimension: Princess Leia: ‘I love you.’ Han Solo: ‘I know’ …

Video: I Know … ..


On Pamela’s website I found another fun read … Link: “The Influence of the Astral Plane on Channeling,” . Here are a few paraphrased quotes that caught my eye:

The emotions of embodied humans partly form the astral plane. This is especially true of such strung emotions as fear and rage. A stroll through the emotions of the astral plane reveals the same sort of emotions so often found on physical earth … we will find there the same prejudices and feelings of concern. [One might say these are the ‘wallpaper’ of the Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World. –Alice]

\Were one to dip down into the lower astral plane negative, one would encounter those entities who enjoy sending fearful visions to the dreamtime realm of humankind. These negative astral entities cannot leave Earth during Earth’s long Ages of Darkness; they are trapped there, and there they frolick through our dreams.

[During the Ages of Darkness, the dreamtime realm … 4D … is the place where all but the most conscious human beings create the 3D reality through their dreams … which is to say, through their unconsciously expressed concepts of co-creation of reality. We who now have seen the Great Turning to the Age of Light are free to choose to consciously co-create Reality. How grateful I am that this is now possible for all humankind! –Alice]


Now the human body, though it looks solid, is actually made of light – what some call the ‘light body.’ This light body is always with us, connecting us to everything else, since the universe itself is made of light. Quite often, though, we overlook this, relying instead on the incomplete information of our physical senses, which tell us our bodies are separate from everything else, and solid.

Regardless of what the physical senses tell us, we are, in fact, made of light, just like everything else in creation. What we call ‘sound’ is a stepped-down version of light. Sound is a form of energy we can use as a tool to free our light body of karmic miasmic distortions, for instance. Toning, such as that done by Peggy Black (1), is another way to heal the light body. Mantra is another.

Sounds that we encounter in our 3D environment can greatly affect the vibrational rate of our light body. For instance, while walking in nature in an unpopulated area, I hear a very high-pitched, constant, pleasant tone – this is the sound of New Earth, which has already stepped into 5D. When I walk in nature near a big city, such as Los Angeles, the tone I hear is pleasant, but a little lower. This is the sound of New Earth partly compromised by the unconscious thought cloud of the people who live in LA.

So when I stay in a big city, in order to keep the vibration of my light body high, I need to work with spiritually elevating techniques day and night. And even then, it is très difficult to keep my vibe high, most especially on Friday and Saturday nights, when the minds of many people, unrestrained by the discipline of the work-a-day, are strung out on alcohol and recreational drugs. I find it much easier to maintain a high vibration in the country – to upgrade my vibe, all I have to do is take one step out my front door, into pristine nature.

When I watch TV, even flipping through the channels, the violent images that slam into my mind instantly create a jarring, off-pitch low tone in my mind. This can be adjusted by turning off the TV, sitting up straight, and concentrating on the central column of the spine, a la Tom Kenyon. (2)

To get back to the astral influence, mentioned by Pamela in the quote above – I find that when I’m in a room with a low-pitched, constant motor hum – such as the sound of a heating system, a fan, or a cooling system – this immediately lowers the vibration of my light body to such an extent that beings from the lower astral realms can encroach on my consciousness. In addition, thought forms from the unconscious thought cloud of the world can nick and dent my light body, because of the weakening effect of the low-pitch motor hum.

Last night I found myself in a motel room with a constant low-pitched hum. The hum was so loud I could feel the wall vibrating with it. Since there was nothing I could do about it, I used a CD-player and earphones to block the sound. This worked middling well.

The Amish really have a good idea about this – just stay away from electricity insofar as possible. Thus I can avoid the low-pitched sound as well as interfering electromagnetic fields.


I was at meditation class last Wednesday, and the energy was so high, and my light body so imperfect, that my body kept knocking sideways and forwards – rocking around this way and that. My meditation had the funniest thing to say about it – she said (and I paraphrase): Here we are in these physical bodies, and they’re kind of rickety. We’re trying to hold this huge amount of energy, and our bodies are a little like Han Solo’s spaceship Millenium Falcon – a little rickety, held together with gum and sealing wax – but they get us where we need to be.


Two days ago I was running errands in Los Angeles. The traffic and smog were getting me down. My light body started pulsing at a lower frequency. Following the declining vibe of my light body, a telepathic connection started to spiral down into negativity. After a while both I and the telepathic connection were sending thought forms back and forth on a very negative frequency. Then I saw dark, triangular thought forms, waving like sheets, sharp ends piercing my aura again and again.

Scary, actually, what can happen when I don’t take care to keep my vibe high in LA. I tried chanting Om, and also chanting Hu, but what really worked was to sing over and over again a mantra I learned from Suzanne Lie, regarding the Violet Fire of healing. (3)


I’ve been noticing lately, while walking in nature, when I turn and face the sun, and take a deep breath in, how my heart thrills with joy. My heart really loves sunlight. Lately too, I’ve been sleeping with a room light on. I find my heart turns to the light as I sleep.

Last night, I woke after a few hours, noticed my head turned toward the room light, and for the first time felt the light energy pouring into my third eye-point, and from there, coursing down into my heart. It felt like the light from the lamp was nourishing my being. In case you haven’t already, hope you get a chance to experience this amazing feeling!

That’s all for now.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Link: Peggy Black, sacred sound salutarist … ..

(2) Link: “The Transformation of Self-Limiting Thought Forms and Beliefs,” by Tom Kenyon … Search for: The Method: Step by Step

(3) To find out about this powerful mantra go to Link: “We Are the One: Channeling Through Suzanne Lie,” by Suzanne Lie, aka Susan Caroll … Search the word: blaze


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