Stephen and the New Bicycle . a story by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 5 March 2013

Image: Young girl without a helmet, riding a 2-wheel bike … … This picture is not of me. Is it not funny how some of the most memorable moments of our lives are only recorded in our hearts? 

Dear Ones,

Some of my favorite channelers are solidly in favor of teaming up with our star brethren, and all other beings of high vibration, in order to help transmute the ancient suffering of humanity, and the consequent burden under which Earth labors. Is it wrong or dangerous to team up with celestial beings? Could Hollywood be right about all this – that evil stalks the Earth?

I can only take this question from the starting point of my own heart, which, after all, holds all the wonders of the Universe. If teaming up with a celestial team helps my heart shine, then that is fine for now. I have a feeling that this teamwork is a temporary step in the evolution of my heart.

I am reminded of the time in my youth when I received a 2-wheel bike as a birthday present. It was my heart’s greatest dream come true. But try as I might, I couldn’t figure out how to keep my balance. Then Stephen came to visit. He was 6 ½ years old – 6 months older than me. Incredibly worldly wise and experienced. My idol.

Now I lived out in the country, and the only place to practice bike balance was on my family’s gravel driveway. So Stephen and I went out on the driveway. I got on the bike. I could not quite reach the ground with my feet while sitting on the bike seat, so I had to stand off the seat to get one foot on a pedal, and the other foot on the ground. This lack of a seat made the venture seem utterly precarious.

Stephen said I should start pedaling. He would hold the bike steady from behind, so I could keep my balance. I started pedaling. I was comforted to hear him running behind me. He said, “Pedal faster!” So I did.

The wind was whipping through my hair. I felt a sense of wild exhilaration. Then I realized I could not hear Stephen running beside me anymore. I looked back, and there he was, 100 yards behind me, grinning and waving.

Unfortunately, the act of turning my head unbalanced me, and I toppled off the bike. But ever since that day, I was able to balance and ride on my beautiful new bike.

I think it is like that with our Christed star brethren – they’re helping us hone our Ascension Skills. Once we get our balance, they’ll be smiling and waving us on.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

This blog is included in … Link: “Compendium: My Childhood and Family, and Later Years,” by Alice B. Clagett, compiled and published on 21 March 2020; republished on 29 March 2020; updated … ..


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