The Art of Visualization: Artwork on the Crystal Fifth Dimension . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 22 March 2014; revised and republished n 7 January 2018
Previously entitled: Crystal 5D

    • Male Overlords
    • Physical Form Heresy

Dear Ones,

Here is some imaginative and gifted artwork on the topics of cities of Light and the Earth’s grid of Light. There is also discussion of patriarchal domination and the physical form heresy that is sometimes suggested in artwork …


I found this artwork inspiring and uplifting …

Image: The Crystalline Grid of Light around Earth, in bright white, aqua, and royal blue light … ..

Image: Portal of Peace, … This image depicts a Christ-like figure in the foreground, and a crystal grid overhead. 


Beautiful artwork here! …

Image: Crystal City of Light … .. In this image, a man in a robe stands on the shore of a lake. Between mountains, on the other side of the lake, is a domed City of Light.

Image: People entering a crystal city and transforming to their bright white bodies of Light … ..


In addition to its inspirational and uplifting qualities, the below artwork suggested to me energy strands of patriarchal domination and physical form heresy that are now clearing Earth.

  • For that reason, I suggest changing these visualizations to reflect, not just circles of wise men, but circles of wise men and wise women.
  • I suggest, de-emphasizing the naked physical form, so that people can see the unseen within themselves and other people.
  • And I suggest visualizing linking directly to Source through the central vertical power current (the kundalini, or pranic tube … also termed the pranic column, the antahkarana, the silver cord, and the silver thread … that runs along the spine), rather than with a circle of men ‘overlording’ us above our heads.

Male Overlords

I came across an online image of a woman wearing a blue robe, and standing on the crystal grid of Earth. A white shaft of Light descended upon and through her. Above her head was a circle of men in robes.

This is the traditional concept of the Ascended Masters. In itself, a good idea, as there are those … both men and women … who have gone before us, and whose teachings guide us still.

The personalities of the Ascended Masters are known to many. There are Spiritual Adepts on Earth today who channel their teachings. There is always the danger that a Spiritual Adept will over-identify with an Ascended Master, and attempt to tie the ‘8th chakra bow-tie knot’ above the heads of his followers.

This becomes a way for patriarchal domination to be perpetuated on Earth, at the level of the 8th, Karmic Overlord or Karmic Overseer, chakric level. Thus those spiritual students of the Adept, who have not yet placed awareness on the eighth chakra … about 3 inches above the head … and on the superconscious telepathy taking place there … become enmeshed in the personality and karma of the Adept. This is what is known as Group Karma.

The way for a spiritual student to avoid this psychic pitfall, is for him or her to place Awareness on the Eighth Chakra, and to ‘clear the air’ there … Be especially careful, when channeling the Ascension team, to pay no attention to pronouncements and commands spoken in English, as these are false directions, generally speaking from Spiritual Adepts who have assumed the mantle of the Ascended Master while still laboring under the ‘glass ceiling’ of their egos.

For more on this, see my blog category: bow-tie knot

Physical Form Heresy

Image: Great Pyramid of Crystal in Jerusalem … … DESCRIPTION: Cloaked figure stands in the foreground, facing a circle of about a dozen unclothed, seated men. In the center of the circle is a dais. Around the dais is a ring of torches. On the dais is seated a majestic man, with several mythical creatures near him.

This image shows a central figure of an imposing man, white and magenta rays of Light emanating from his head. Two angels kneel before him. Around him sits a circle of well fleshed, naked men.

I liked this image at first, because of the circle effect and the colors of the Light. On closer look, I feel it represents the cult of the masculine, and patriarchal domination.

As well, the nakedness of the men may speak to the Physical Form Heresy. For more on this, see …

Link: The Physical Form Heresy, by Alice B. Clagett, published on 17 May 2017; revised on 11 October 2017 … ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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