Technique for Healing the Inner Child . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 5 October 2014; republished on 21 June 2017; revised

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Dear Ones,

Many of us are hearing lots of voices these days. I peg them as clairvoyance … as hearing other people talking on the astral plane … and insofar as it goes, that is true.

But the big question is, why do I hear these particular people talking. Especially since I would rather not be hearing what they have to say …

The answer is beginning to emerge: The voices I hear … whether they be sad, despondent, despairing, or irritated, angry, furious, or whatever else … are resonating with my inner children that have undergone Soul trauma in this lifetime or that.

What is an inner child? In truth, though it may have a certain emotional intelligence, it is not an independent being. Instead, it is a portion of my Soul Awareness that has been ‘pinched off’ … isolated from the mainstream of my Soul resonance, my Soul song, because its own resonance is so very dissimilar to mine… In other contexts I have called it an ‘etheric net tangle’ that needs smoothing out.

I feel the best way to envision an inner child, the most fluid way, and the most facile for the healing process, is simply to think of it as a sad little child, or an angry little child, a child of my Soul that has learned something untrue about reality, something that can never flow with the Now, and so it recycles this sad or angry untruth over and over again.

What might this untruth be? If I listen, I can hear it in the background of my mind, in the depths of my emotions, like a little pond stirred by a brisk wind. It might say …

I’m not fit to be loved … or
I’m not good enough … or
The wolf is at the door … (yikes!) … or
I kill when I feel sexy … (derived from: I’m a lady killer) or
Sex is beneath me … (derived from missionary pose?) or
I FLOOR you! … (for lack of a bed?) and so on and on…

These repeating thoughts give rise to repeating behaviors, which in these times of increasing Light can give way to ‘acting out’: Suicide, or theft or murder.

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No matter what happens in the way of acting out in the physical world, the important thing to remember is not the action, which is caused by the repeating thoughts of our inner children. The important thing to remember is the inner child.

It is the inner child that creates the acting out. Why? Because it desperately needs my love. It is most likely desperately seeking love from other people because it is certain I will never love it …

I know of a fellow who, in his most recent lifetime, made love to 232 women! Each one only once! There is an example for you!

Now to get back to the healing technique …

It is the untruth, the tenor of the child’s song, that separates it from my true Soul. So my job is: To listen to that child’s song. When it speaks, I do not carry on a conversation with it, about all the sad, bad dreams of my childhood. Not at all!

My only thought, my only words are: I HEAR you.

My only feeling is, to feel my heart. To feel the love in my heart.

When it says, as these children of our Soul always do: You don’t love me!

Then I say: I DO, I DO, I DO!

After awhile, you may hear the song of the inner child begin to soften. The resonance is clearing, becoming more like that of the main part of your own brightly shining, eternal Soul. Be patient! Continue with the process.

When the two resonances … that of the child, and that of you, the parent … become more similar, the child will seek to come back into the core of your being. To cuddle up, to realize that it is loved, to join the main part of your own Soul stream again.

It is a little weird, feeling a fragment of Spirit sliding back into us. It is not shaped like a person, of course. It might be a long thin sliver of Spirit, threading its way up, zigzag fashion, from the bottom to the top of our body … It might be a clump of Spirit coming in and merging with us, in the area of the lower quadrant, the throat, the side or top of the head ,..

It could come in anywhere in the body, filling in where the aura was previously weak and susceptible to the sad, bad meanderings of the unconscious thought cloud of the world.

You may hear it saying things you don’t agree with as it spookily and smoothly slides in where it innately knows it belongs to be in your Soul field.

It is all ok! As it slides in, the major portion of your Soul will ‘tune it up’.  So for the ‘slide in’ just lie quietly on your back in bed. Make a night of it!

Your inner child has been waiting for you for a very long time. Give it the time it needs to settle in.  Lying there in bed, say, over and over again, with all the warmth and joy of my heart: Dear One, welcome home!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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