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DNA Upgrade for Earth 66 Million Years Ago: Chicxulub Asteroid . Cosmic Ray Consuming Bacteria . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 22 May 2018

    • Hypothesis: Martian Bacterial Space Travelers Surviving on Cosmic Rays as Food?
    • A Plan for Genetic Upgrade by the Guardians or Elohim?
    • A Plan for Genetic Upgrade by the Sirians, by the Hathors of Venus, or by the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes?

Dear Ones,


Here’s the second of a two-part article on two “National Geographic” (1) I just found out about. The articles are …

Link: “Year of the Bird: These Are the Dinosaurs That Didn’t Die,” by Victoria Jaggard, photographs by Robert Clark, National Geographic … https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2018/05/dinosaurs-survivors-birds-fossils/?utm_source=ngp&utm_medium=crm-email&utm_content=wildscience_20180521&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_rd=%3C#itlscript%3E${CONTACTS_LIST.RIID_?c}%3C/#itlscript%3E&cmpid=org=ngp::mc=crm-email::src=ngp::cmp=editorial::add=wildscience_20180521::urid=%3C#itlscript%3E${CONTACTS_LIST.RIID_?c}%3C/#itlscript%3E ..

and …

Link: “Meet the Crew Preparing for Human Life on Mars,” by Nadia Drake, photographs by Cassandra Kios, published 4 May 2018, National Geographic …  https://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/proof/2018/05/mars-on-earth-nasa-training/?utm_source=ngp&utm_medium=crm-email&utm_content=wildscience_20180521&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_rd=%3C#itlscript%3E${CONTACTS_LIST.RIID_?c}%3C/#itlscript%3E&cmpid=org=ngp::mc=crm-email::src=ngp::cmp=editorial::add=wildscience_20180521::urid=%3C#itlscript%3E${CONTACTS_LIST.RIID_?c}%3C/#itlscript%3E ..

The first article describes how the reign of the dinosaurs ended at the end of the Cretaceous period (about 66 million years ago). According to the article, the present day survivors of the dinosaurs are the birds. This was but one of the explosions of life forms that have taken place through the long history of the evolution of life on Earth.


As you may know, intelligent, primordial bacteria from Mars were the first Earth colonists. That first wave, about 4 billion years ago, established the Elder Race on Earth. Because of its superb genetic engineering ability, it has morphed to fill every available eco-niche on Earth, including extreme habitats such as volcanoes, deep sea habitats, irradiated habitats, and extremely cold habits.

It has also created the vast panoply of life forms now on Earth, including mammals such as ourselves, which it employs as protective ‘space stations’ for a multitude of friendly, co-existing bacterial strains.

Over the aeons, there have been influxes of genetic material to Earth, attributed in the occult literature to beneficent planning on the part of our star brothers and sisters.

Link: “Sunshine Before the Dawn,” by Judy Satori, https://judysatori.comSearch products for: Sunshine Before the Dawn  ..

Link: “The Law of One: The Ra Material” … https://www.lawofone.info/ ... Here are pertinent searches from this book:

Maldek … https://www.lawofone.info/results.php?q=Maldek ..

Venus … https://www.lawofone.info/results.php?q=Venus ..


The mechanism of this influx of genetic material has heretofore been cloaked in mystery. For instance, there was the Cambrian explosion …

“The Cambrian explosion or Cambrian radiation[1] was an event approximately 541 million years ago in the Cambrian period when most major animal phyla appeared in the fossil record.[2][3] It lasted for about 20[4][5]–25[6][7] million years. It resulted in the divergence of most modern metazoan phyla.[8] The event was accompanied by major diversification of other organisms.[note 1]

“Before the Cambrian explosion,[note 2] most organisms were simple, composed of individual cells occasionally organized into colonies. Over the following 70 to 80 million years, the rate of diversification accelerated, and the variety of life began to resemble that of today.[10] Almost all present animal phyla appeared during this period.[11][12]” — from “Cambrian explosion,” in Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cambrian_explosion … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported

Hypothesis: Martian Bacterial Space Travelers Surviving on Cosmic Rays as Food?

As yet, I’ve been unable to ascertain the cause of this Cambrian explosion of life forms. However, I’d like to propose transmission by meteorites of intelligent Martian bacteria, which may have fed for billions of years on cosmic rays, which altered them genetically. In support of this, we have the knowledge that there are bacteria dwelling on Earth today, which survive on cosmic rays …

Link: “Alien life could feed on cosmic rays,” by Jessica Boddy, 7 October 2016, http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/10/alien-life-could-feed-cosmic-rays ..

The above article describes how the bacterium Desulforudis audaxviator has been found in South African gold mine lives on radioactive uranium. This article posits that exobiological, extremophilic life forms (in this case bacteria) may survive on radiation. They are thinking, most likely, of planets or asteroids without atmosphere. However, this theory would equally well apply to sustenance of intelligent bacterial space colonists utilizing meteoroids for space travel.


Then there was the the Chicxulub Impactor that hit the Yucatan Peninsula at the end of the Cretaceous Perior, about 66 million years ago, as described in the above-cited National Geographic article. Here is Wikipedia on the topic …

“The Chicxulub impactor … also known as the K/Pg impactor and (more speculatively) as the Chicxulub asteroid, was an asteroid 10 to 15 kilometres (6 to 9 mi) in diameter[3][4] which struck the Earth at the end of the Cretaceous, approximately 66 million years ago,[5] creating the Chicxulub crater. It impacted a few miles from the present-day town of Chicxulub in Mexico, after which the impactor and its crater are named. Because the estimated date of the object’s impact and the Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary (K–Pg boundary) coincide, there is a scientific consensus that its impact was the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event which caused the death of most of the planet’s non-avian dinosaurs and many other species …” — from “Chicxulub impactor,” in Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicxulub_impactor … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported


This asteroid hit Earth in just the right location … what you might call a ‘pinpoint strike’ …  to cause the extinction of the dinosaurs …

Link: “Dino-Killing Asteroid Hit Just the Right Spot to Trigger Extinction,” by Michelle Z. Donahue, published on 9 November 2017 …  https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/11/dinosaurs-extinction-asteroid-chicxulub-soot-earth-science/ ..

A Plan for Genetic Upgrade by the Guardians or Elohim?

Was the striking place of the Chicxulub impactor a random hit, or was it a planned hit? If the latter, then might the plan have been made by the Guardians or Elohim, who weave the plan of life for our Solar System, as expressed in “The Law of One: The Ra Material” …

LInk: “The Law of One: The Ra Material,” Chapter 9, https://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=9 … On that page, with regard to the ‘Red Planet’ Q and A’s, search the term ‘guardian’ (which I equate to the Elohim described by the School of Theosophy) … I especially recommend Question-Answers  9.6 … 9.7 … 9.8 … 9.9  … 9.10 … 9.11 … 9.12 …

Note that Question-Answer 9.8 is overall correct; The bipedal form of Martians apparently died during the catastrophic loss of atmosphere there. However, the bipedal life there (see my Martian Archives blogs) … through the Martians’ superb skill at genetic manipulation …was microscopically reduced, for portability, and encased in a hard exo-shell, for protection. Some achieved space travel, as described in one of my Martian blogs, and others remained to eke out a living in the fiercely morphed planetary environment of Mars. These are those with whom the Earth human space colonists will soon come in contact.

A Plan for Genetic Upgrade by the Sirians, by the Hathors of Venus, or by the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes?

Or, might it have been a plan made by our star brethren on Sirius (the forebears of the Hathors of the planet Venus, who went through the Ascension process before us) as expressed in Judy Satori’s book, and in “The Law of One,” cited above?

Or might the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes have been involved? Say specifically, the Ra expedition (which is a benevolent expedition described in “The Law of One,” quite the opposite of the demonically inspired ‘Ra’ of the early “Stargate” movie).

Or even more specifically, the Ra-En, whom I encountered some years ago?

More on the Hathors here …

Link: “Who Are the Hathors,” by Tom Kenyon … http://tomkenyon.com/who-are-the-hathors ..

Link: “The Hathors, by Wes Annac … referral by Alice B. Clagett” … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-5KN ..

Link: “Ra-En,” by Alice B. Clagett … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-W2 ..


Just going on the hypothesis that benevolent life in the higher dimensions arranged the Chicxulub meteorite impact, then we might posit the 3D mechanism as being an influx of intelligent bacterial genetic material altered through long-time space travel, using the meteorite as a space ship, and cosmic rays for food. And that the cosmic rays altered these intrepid space travellers’ genetic material before the Earth impact. And that, through the Martians’ superb genetic manipulative ability, the newcomers’ genetic material merged with that of the then-bacterial life forms, prompting the explosion of new species on Earth, including bird life and greatly diversified mammalian life.


I was curious where the Chicxulub meteorite originated. Here is Wikipedia’s answer …

“In September 2007, a report published in Nature proposed an origin for the asteroid that created the Chicxulub crater.[29] The authors, William F. Bottke, David Vokrouhlický, and David Nesvorný, argued that a collision in the asteroid belt 160 million years ago resulted in the Baptistina family of asteroids, the largest surviving member of which is 298 Baptistina. They proposed that the “Chicxulub asteroid” was also a member of this group. The connection between Chicxulub and Baptistina is supported by the large amount of carbonaceous material present in microscopic fragments of the impactor, suggesting the impactor was a member of a rare class of asteroids called carbonaceous chondrites, like Baptistina.[40] According to Bottke, the Chicxulub impactor was a fragment of a much larger parent body about 170 km (106 mi) across, with the other impacting body being around 60 km (37 mi) in diameter.[40][41] In 2011, new data from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer revised the date of the collision which created the Baptistina family to about 80 million years ago. This makes an asteroid from this family highly improbable to be the asteroid that created the Chicxulub crater, as typically the process of resonance and collision of an asteroid takes many tens of millions of years.[42] In 2010, another hypothesis was offered which implicated the newly discovered asteroid P/2010 A2, a member of the Flora family of asteroids, as a possible remnant cohort of the K/Pg impactor.[43]” –from “Chicxulub crater,” in Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicxulub_crater#Astronomical_origin_of_asteroid … CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported


The hypothesis, then, is that, about 160 million years ago, there was a collision in the Asteroid Belt.

As you may know, the Asteroid Belt … the remains of the planet Maldek (in “The Law of One: The Ra Material,” https://www.lawofone.info/ … Search the term: Maldek) … exists beyond the planet Mars, which exists beyond the planet Earth, in our Solar System …

Image: Solar System … https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/sistema-solar/images/0/0f/Solar-system-lrg.sp.png/revision/latest?cb=20130214063228 ..

Thus a meteorite from the Asteroid Belt, proceeding on a trajectory Sun-ward, would first pass through the orbit of Mars, then onward through the orbit of Earth.

Thus, were one of the carbonaceous Baptistina family of asteroids to pass glancingly through the atmosphere of Mars orbit, it might pick up, in the Mars atmosphere, intelligent bacteria spewn skyward by a wind storm, or by a volcanic eruption.

These might then survive the long space voyage … say, half of 94 million years, at most (half the difference between the time of the proposed creation of the Baptistina family of asteroids about 160 million years ago, and the impact of the Chicxulub meteor about 66 million years ago) by using cosmic rays as food.

Looks like the date of creation of the Baptistina group was later revised to 80 million years ago, which would hypothetically shorten the space transit time to an improbable half, say of the difference between 80 million years and 66 million years (from the time of creation in the Asteroid Belt to that of Earth impact) … or half of 14 million years. Assuming it took the meteorite as long to get from the Asteroid Belt to the Mars atmosphere, as it did for it to get from the Mars atmosphere to the surface of planet Earth.

Then there was another proposal, put forth in 2010, and described in the above Wikipedia excerpt, regarding asteroid P/2010 A2, as the cause of the Chicxulub impact.

No doubt, science will continue to refine and hone in on the origin of the Chicxulub meteorite. Regardless, the 3D mechanism of transmission of intelligent bacterial genetic material might be posited to be the same.


So then, getting back to the first part of this two-blog series, you can see why the juxtaposition of the “National Geographic” articles on the Chicxulub impact, with the changeup of life on Earth it sponsored, and the article on a human colony on Mars, which brings up the likelihood of prototypical Martian bacterial and Earth-morphed bacterial gene splicing, is so apt.

Both have to do with intelligent Martian bacterial space colonization. Of course, space flight on an errant, slow-moving meteorite is quite different from the modern-day convenience of piggybacking on the space explorations of the Martians’ friendly ‘space station’ human allies.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

More on these two “National Geographic” articles in my just prior blog, which hypothesizes as to the impending effect of human habitation on Mars with regard to Light redistribution and timeline merges for our Solar System and for the Universe during this, the Ascension process …

Link: “Human Habitation of Mars: Effect on the Ascension Process,” by Alice B. Clagett, written on 22 May 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-8It ..

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Our Martian Colonists: On Finding Common Ground . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 13 December 2016; revised 9 July 2017

  • Video: Our Martian Colonists: On Finding Common Ground
  • Summary of the Video
    • On Tending Our Physical and Astral Colonies
    • The Right Diet for the Physical Body
    • An Aside The Purifying Energy of the Winter Solstice Sun
    • On the Inadvisability of Assaulting the Martians in Our Colon
    • Goals We Have in Common with Our Martian Bacteria
    • Why Our Martian Bacteria Have Been Misinformed about Our Sentient Nature
    • Promotion of a Warring Attitude by Our Martian Colonists
      • Credit Card Fraud
      • Online Hacking
    • On Negotiating a Peace Treaty with Our Martian Colonists
    • On the Flow-Through Effect of Our Emotions on Our Martians
      • Having a Chip on our Shoulder,
      • Holding a Grudge,
      • Needing Vengeance,
      • Feeling Angry or Fearful
    • Martian Diplomacy, Ongoing
    • Concluding Blessing
  • For More Information

Dear Ones,


Here’s more about Martian bacteria, the notion of One for All and All for One, and tending our physical and astral colonies of flora and fauna …


Here is a summary of the video. The information in blue font is not in the video.


The topic has come up, if we were able to communicate with the Martian bacteria and our colon, then what would be a way to create the feeling of “One for All and All for One”?

We could start first with our various forms: our physical form and our subtle bodies. On the physical and astral planes, our physical and astral bodies contain colonies of individuals that look after and inhabit our bodies, or else adventitiously inhabit our bodies, or in some cases, are parasites in our bodies.

As the Ascension process occurs, it will be obvious what we need to do to maintain the optimum bodies for ourselves, as well as for all those lifeforms that are helping us or are not hindering us.

It’s as if we were a big tree. You don’t want the kind of things that would destroy the trunk, or kill the tree. But it’s fine to have birds and insects that are helpful, or that don’t hinder.


So we want to cultivate the flora and fauna, in our physical body and in our astral body, that help us, or that don’t hinder us. One of the first things to consider is the right kind of diet. We want the right kind of diet to encourage the right kind of flora and fauna on the physical plane.


And on the astral plane, we need the right emotion. As it turns out, the astral plane trumps the physical plane … If we have the right emotion; the emotion of joy, or appreciation, or wonder, or happiness, or love, or gratitude … those positive emotions will foster the type of physical reactions that we have that will lead us to greater physical health and happiness.

And, interestingly enough, those positive emotions will create the bioenvironment, on the astral plane and on the physical plane, that we need. They will foster the presence of just the sort of flora and fauna that are helpful or neutral; the sort of flora and fauna that I’ve been talking about.

That’s what we can do: We can have a positive attitude. That will aid us in our efforts, in the physical real, say, to get the right kind of exercise, to get sufficient rest, to have a chance to associate with plenty of good people, the chance to get the right kind of work and have plenty of income, the chance to have adequate shelter, and the chance to eat the right kind of food … all the things we really need.


I was sunbathing today…. It’s getting on toward the winter solstice sun, so the sun, while delightful, is thin … very different from the sun of the equinoxes or the summer solstice. It’s a purifying, thin energy; beautiful white, crystal Light; it’s like pure water.

A great deal of purifying has been going on. People have been coming to wonderful realizations about any number of things, letting go the old, and stepping forth into the new. These last few weeks of December have been absolutely breathtaking.


People get very upset about the Martian bacteria, because there they are, in the longest organ in our bodies, and we can’t exactly make them go away. For instance, we’ve been feeding antibiotics to our animals, and the antibiotics get into our system, and what happens is, the Martian bacteria get resistant to the antibiotics, because they’re very good at adaptation and change.


So antibiotics are not the answer. What we need are proactive lifestyle changes that take into account all the wonderful qualities of the Martians too. For instance: We’re their ‘space station’. They want their space station to be healthy and operable for as long as possible. Translating this into our perspective, that means a long and healthy life for our physical bodies. So we have these goals in common: That this ‘space station’ (my body) should have a long and healthy life.


Until recently, we haven’t been talking to them. So they’ve been going on some misinformation they’ve gotten through the unconscious thought cloud of the world, because the gut is located in that area of the energy of the human physical and astral body.

From the unconscious thought cloud of the world, they’ve picked up the thought forms of our reptilian brains, to do with brute instincts, feral drives to aggression or submission, sexual dominance and submission, the desire to kill or to avoid being killed, the desire to enslave other people, and the hope to avoid being enslaved.

These are the content of the unconscious thought cloud of the world whose thought forms circulate through our bodies at the level of the colon; the colon being the home of our Martian colonists. Quite naturally, then, they have thought us to be naught but brute animals, devoid of sentience.


In your own, personal space station, then, your Martian colonists may thus be laboring under misconceptions. These misconceptions can lead to a warring or pugnacious attitude towards other people; specifically, members of your own family, your friends, your workplace group, or members of other organizations to which you belong.

The reason for this is, that your Martians are misinformed. They have some impression, because of your unconscious thoughts, in which they are bathed, and because of your emotions that you’re unaware of, which may be negative, that it’s in their best interests to promote these wars amongst all the different people that you know, or all the people on Earth.


The thing to do is to speak to them, calmly and happily, from the perspective of your mutual concerns with them. For instance, let’s take the case of a person who is sound asleep, in the middle of the night. Clairly, you hear that sound-asleep person talking with his Martian colonists about a way to end another person’s life. The Martians don’t know, that if the person is caught at this activity, their cherished space station’s useful lifetime will be foreshortened, that the space station will become inoperable sooner than it otherwise might. But they need to know this.

If you, the clair person, find out that this kind of subconscious, somnambulent conversation is going on, then as a healer, you will know that a subconscious agenda is running in that person that needs to be let go … say, through repentance and forgiveness; through opening up to following the heart and feeling love from that day on.

That will then, hopefully, stop the wars. But in the meantime, it never hurts to talk to the Martians we overhear on the clair plane, and let them know about the risks involved. We might say, either to our own Martians, or to those of another person: You know, if I [or this other person] end up killing someone else, then we will end up in jail. [And, remembering that they’re in our colon …] The food’s not very good in jail, so what that will mean is the space station will be inoperable sooner than it otherwise might be.

So in the interests of an optimum operating time for this space station, we should avoid this war. We should avoid this action of killing someone else, or injuring someone else …

  • Whether through credit card fraud,
  • Or through hacking websites with the idea of getting money through them …

Anything that’s illegal, the Martian colonists need to know the penalty that’s involved, because then they will stop promoting it on a subconscious level while we sleep.


And in the meantime, we can do our best to open our hearts to joy.

So, it’s very simple, right now. The emotions that we feel filter down to our colon, where they saturate and envelope the bacteria that are there. So, the bacterial colonies in the colons of people who are happy, and who feel positive emotions, are very different … far more peaceful, far more at one with the general aims of the person who is peaceful and loving … than is the case for people:

  • Who have a chip on their shoulders,
  • Or have a grudge that they’re holding,
  • Or who feel the need for vengeance,
  • Or who feel angry or fearful.

Then you have Martians that feel the same way. That’s double trouble. All the more reason to tailor our emotions to the new.


There’s much more to the process of diplomacy, and of aligning with the common interests of the Martians within us. We need to take the lead in terms of positive lifestyle, insofar as we can. And then, we need to talk in very simple terms, regarding diet … the kinds of foods that will prolong the operation of our ‘space station’ to the Martians who are within our space station.

There is a lot more to do in terms of Earth as a whole. But this one thing: this “One for All, and All for One” thing, starts at home, with our own biosphere, and all the life-forms that we, consciously or unconsciously, cherish and protect under the umbrella of our various bodies.


A very happy Light of the Solstice Sun to each of you. May you be at peace with all your Martians! Peace throughout the world!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


For the complete Martian Archives, see:
Link: “Compendium of the Martian Archives: Bacterial Colonists of Earth,” by Alice B. Clagett, 9 July 2017, updatedhttp://wp.me/p2Rkym-7sz ..


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Martian Space Station Game . by Alice B. Clagett

This video was made on 22 April 2014; I published it on 30 November 2016; it was revised on 9 July 2017

  • Video by Alice
  • Summary of the Video
    • Martian Space Station Game
    • Activation of Light to Deport Hostile Life Forms
  • For More Information

Dear Ones,

Here’s a video about a Martian Space Station game I made up before I knew the Martians were 3D/4D bacteria. This is to name yourself commander of your own Space Station (human body). Now that I know it’s about bacteria, I’m more easy-going about the whole thing. Back in April 2015, I used this game to lighten up on the concept of my body being other life forms’ ‘Space Station’.

There’s a Summary after the video; text not in the video is in blue font …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I think it’s a purple grackle over there, making quite a bit of noise.

Martian Space Station Game

I have a fun game for you, for when you spot lower fourth dimensional entities; lower astral entities. (1) And you’d rather not have them around, right? So it’s a game of pretend:

Pretend that I’m a Space Station. And I’ve named my Station ‘Transformation’. So this (my body) is Space Station Transformation.

Now if you want to name yourself a Space Station, you might want to use a different name, such as Space Station Gratitude, or whatever name comes to mind. So, you substitute your own Space Station name when you say this activation of light.

Activation of Light to Deport Hostile Life Forms

So, there’s a lower 4D entity inside your air space, the air space of your Space Station. Here’s the activation of light:

I declare myself 
Commander of this Space Station Transformation [or the Space Station name you choose]
All hostile, adventitious life forms 
Are deported from this Space Station immediately,
Per Galactic SOP!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


For the complete Martian Archives, see:
Link: “Compendium of the Martian Archives: Bacterial Colonists of Earth,” by Alice B. Clagett, 9 July 2017, updatedhttp://wp.me/p2Rkym-7sz ..


(1) Actually, it’s 3D/4D beings, and as it turns out, they’re apparently telepathic Martian bacteria in our colons … See future posts on this.


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On Martian Bacteria: Good Martians and Bad Martians . by Alice B. Clagett

Revised on 9 July 2017; originally published on 21 November 2016 

Image: “The Ant: The Bane of the Ancient Ones, the Martian Pioneers … the Peoples from Whom the Elder Race of Earth Bacteria Derived,” …  “The head of an ant seen very close up,” by Steve Jurvetson, 27 November 2005, from https://www.flickr.com/photos/jurvetson/70704300 … at “File:Ant head closeup.jpg” in Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0 Generic

Image: “The Ant: The Bane of the Ancient Ones, the Martian Pioneers … the Peoples from Whom the Elder Race of Earth Bacteria Derived,” …  “The head of an ant seen very close up,” by Steve Jurvetson, 27 November 2005, from https://www.flickr.com/photos/jurvetson/70704300 … at “File:Ant head closeup.jpg” in Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0 Generic

    • Human Sexual Dimorphism Leads Us to Forget the All
    • The Earth Polarity Experiment: Catalysts to Soul Evolution
    • Lifespan of Bacteria
    • Bacterial Dormancy and Space Travel
    • Bacteria That Consume Radiation and Space Travel, Both Martian and Human

Dear Ones,


For those that are into the sci fi story about the Martian bacteria that colonize the human GI tract … In my version of the story, there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Martians, which is to say, those who are of service to the All, and those who are service to self. We humans can expect fruitful cooperative alliances with the former, whereas through diet and appropriate eliminative techniques, we may hope to optimize the numbers of the latter that occupy the ‘space stations’ that we call our physical bodies.


My understanding is that the bacteria we find out on their own in the world, which don’t form colonies such as those found within mammals, are the ‘Ancient Ones’ of the Martian species collectively termed, here on Earth, ‘the Elder Race’.

The Ancient Ones of these peoples were here on Earth before humankind, and were subject to the perils of predation by insects, spiders, and other beings. Thus the advisability of finding a safer ecological niche, such as within a mammalian GI tract, circulatory system (whether blood of lymph), or in some cases less beneficial to the mammal, the muscle or nervous system.

In the view of the colonists, the Ancient Ones are the pioneers, the very brave ones, whose existence might be cut off at any time by one slash of the razor teeth of that fierce and loathsome being, the Ant. To be truthful, up close and personal, I see ants in the same light.

Image: Jaws of an Ant … https://photos.smugmug.com/Ants/Taxonomic-List-of-Ant-Genera/Camponotus/i-T8nzJ22/2/L/castaneus2-L.jpg ..

To a Martian bacterium, an ant must represent a threat a little like this:

Image: Early humans Fight Giant Bird for Prey … https://paulxwillis.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/dscf6177.jpg ..

Or, considering the size factor, the threat may be more like this …

Image: Big Gorgosaurus attacks little Pachyrhinosaurus from Kidzworld …  http://s3.amazonaws.com/kidzworld_photo/images/20131217/a9bc1c07-3d8c-4a2b-b8d1-9ac478d171d2/gorgosaurus-attack.jpg ..

Humankind, being so very large compared to bacteria, might well be considered a capacious, hospitable home to them, a refuge from the rapacious terrors of the world at large. When you think about it from the point of view of a bacterium, one gulp by any number of beings inside whom life is impossible or improbable, or one spring shower, or a too-warm day in the desert, might be the end of one family line. Here’s more about this …


For those Martian colonies that have established ‘space stations’ on human beings’ bodies, perils are predictable. Daily elimination culls many members of their colonies. Lack of bonding with individuals, together with quick formation of deep friendships, makes up for this. In addition, there is a social memory complex (1), just as there is for humankind.

In an attempt to understand the complex adaptive behaviors of ants and bees, our science calls this animal instinct. But in the case of the Martian bacterial colonies in humans, it is much more than this. For these colonies, bathed as they are in the astral matter of humankind, have developed, in synch with us, a greater notion of the All, which is imprinted in their social-memory-complex.

Though they may live for only a few days, individually, our Martian allies are born with the totality of memories of their kind, which is to say, they are able to tap into a vast body of knowledge; greater than that available to humans who have not yet attained cosmic mind. In this they are like our Neanderthal relatives, who were described in the first of the “Ayla (Earth’s Children)” book series. (2)

Image: Cro-Magnon (left) and Neantherthal man (right) by Mihin89 http://img02.deviantart.net/1d92/i/2011/117/5/2/cro_magnon_and_neanderthal_by_mihin89-d3f16wa.jpg ..

In a physical sense, this instantaneous continuity of social memory might be explained thus: As bacteria reproduce asexually, through a fission (cloning) process (3), the offspring has the same DNA as the parent. Thus, why might it not have the same social memory as the parent? Might not parent and child, having the same genetic makeup exactly, be considered the same organism?

Thus, for a highly advanced species of Martians, who serve the All, and colonize the human GI tract as benevolent allies of the human body, the daily loss of many members of the colony through the process of elimination might be held philosophically as the loss of some portion of one’s ‘other selves’, these being also oneself, who remains alive.

Human Sexual Dimorphism Leads Us to Forget the All. In this sense, the human differentiation into sexual dimorphism might be seen as a digression or dissimulation that leads our species astray from the truth of the All. Benevolent Martian bacteria might be seen as having the eternal Truth close at hand from asexual birth to asexual rebirth.

The Earth Polarity Experiment: Catalysts to Soul Evolution. Seen in another light, that of a benevolent God and of the impetus of creation toward Soul evolution, “The Law of One: The Ra Material” characterizes sexual dimorphism in humans as a catalyst to Soul evolution. Similarly, the human-Martian genetic alliance, which combines Bonobo-like, pacific personality traits with the aggressiveness found in Mars ‘service-to-self’ beings, is a catalyst to Soul evolution. This because it introduces disease and lesser life-span to the human equation; from this perspective, then, disease offers opportunities for accelerated Soul evolution; and disease is caused by a propensity to poor diet and poor exercise choices, which ramp up the presence of Mars ‘service to self’ bacteria in the body, and their influence on the human gut brain. (4)


As to the ability of Martian (bacterial) colonies within our human form to communicate with us, the answer is: Yes, they can do this through telepathy. However, unless we first optimize our human vehicle through diet, eliminative techniques, pure water, and exercise, we will contact our Martian warrior foes rather than our Martian allies.

Looked at from an asexual reproductive standpoint, where all bacteria with a common ancestor are viewed as one Martian individual, there may be only a handful of Martians, whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in any one human body, and these might be the voices purporting to be representatives of our Martian colonies that are heard from time to time on the astral plane.


The lifespan of bacteria varies by type of bacterium. Some live only a few minutes or a few hours. Others live for a few years. (5) Some, trapped in a dormant state in rock salt, have been revived after 250 million years, according to the BBC. (6).

Bacterial Dormancy and Space Travel. The ability of bacteria to survive for such a long time in a dormant state may allow them to become space travelers. In point of fact, NASA proposes that this may be the case, and that the sort of alien beings found in a meteorite in 2011 might be related to the giant bacterium Titanospirillum velox. (7)  Well then, could it be that a race of Martian giants are those who are the space travel contingent of what may be a very diverse group of beings whose life line originated on Mars?

Bacteria That Consume Radiation and Space Travel, Both Martian and Human. Bacteria specialized as space travelers might also have the ability to eat radiation (8). This would facilitate interstellar explorations and possible colonization in other star systems. This method of space exploration is an elegant solution, as it utilizes systems already in place … such as the expectable movements of meteor showers and comets … for dispersal, rather than requiring internally produced fuel, such as rocket fuel, which is easily exhausted.

Compare the two cylindrical images below. One is of modern-day bacteria, and one of fossil structures resembling bacteria found in a meteorite:

Image: Cylindrical E. Coli Bacteria, from Wikimedia … https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/32/EscherichiaColi_NIAID.jpg ..

Image Chain structures resembling bacteria found on the surface of the ALH84001 meteorite using SEM, MicrobeWiki – Kenyon College … http://blogs.discovery.com/.a/6a00d8341bf67c53ef0120a6e2dbba970b-800wi ..


There are talks about using the newly discovered cosmic-ray-eating bacteria to feed astronauts, or possibly to be genetically added to the human DNA, to allow human space exploration.

I request that the rights of Martians, as an alien species allied to us, be considered as part of the experimental design process. This planet has but two principles in design and purpose: These are, the All, and Free Will. Let us not war on our allies, let us not attempt to control them, but rather to honor their Free Will in this decision-making process.


Along the current line of scientific inquiry into addition of cosmic-ray-eating bacterial material into human genes for the sake of space exploration, I note the possibility that the introns of the human genome may represent a coalition of DNA template between the primate and primitive Martian colonists of Earth, which may have created the ever-evolving iterations of beings that led to the current human form. (9)

Image: Hominoid Iterations, from Evolution-Involution, adapted from National Geographic … http://evolution-involution.org/bipedal_hominoid_hominid_alt.jpg ..

Image: Neanderthal Evolutionary Line and Their Gene Commingling with Human Evolutionary Line, from Science Journal … http://www.starshipnivan.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Human-cousins.jpg .. 

In other words, the alliance of our long-ago ancestors with the Ancient Ones of Mars, may be the cause of rapid primate evolution. Our human form may have been, since very early days, part primate and part Martian. (10)


For those who take this sci fi story to heart, and begin to consider whether it may or may not be true, the prospect of being a colony rather than a discrete individual may be a little daunting. This is because we of the Western world pride ourselves on our individuality, and prize, over all, our physical bodies. As we place our awareness, on our individual self and our physical body, rather than on our social-memory-complex as a species, and our Souls and subtle bodies, we get, as it were, stuck in the ‘material rut’. We see no farther than ourselves.

Now suddenly, our ‘self’ becomes our ‘many selves’. Our world view crashes headlong into this greater reality: We are one, and we are the All. This is true even within our own physical bodies. It is true in the greater reality of the social memory complex of our species, jostled as it is by the many social memory complexes of the All.

In our telepathic talks with our Martian colonist allies, who do their best to keep their home, our physical bodies, in perfect working order, let us exercise diplomacy in the same way that they do. Let us treat them with the highest respect, as they do us. In this way our life on Earth will become more harmonious.


Then, as to our Martian foes, those colonists of our bodies who lead us, through the dark, unaware under-realm of our gut brain, into unconsecrated wars against others of our species, for the sake of their own alliances with others who are ‘service to self’ … Let us look at this situation of war from their point of view … They want war. They also want to colonize human bodies, and to live in their GI tracts, specifically in their feces. Hmm… I would say to them:

If there is a catastrophic war, say a world war, what will happen? Many human bodies will die, so there will be far less human bodies to colonize. This can’t be good, can it?

There will be disruptions in food supply, so there will be little to eat. So, in the humans that remain, there will be little excrement. This can’t be good, can it?

In this way I would speak to the Martians who are ‘service to self’, for the sake of the greater good, the All.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


For the complete Martian Archives, see:
Link: “Compendium of the Martian Archives: Bacterial Colonists of Earth,” by Alice B. Clagett, 9 July 2017, updated … http://wp.me/p2Rkym-7sz ..

Link: “Dark Night of the Soul … Slave Planet Blues!” by Alice B. Clagett, revised 9 July 2017; reposted from 7 July 2015 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6sa ..

… and …

Link: “Sentient Germs?! Bacteria from Mars?” by Alice B. Clagett, revised 9 July 2017; reposted from 21 April 2015 …  https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6sl ..


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(5) See LInk: the post by  Karthikeyan Ramalingam · B. S. Abdur Rahman University Oct 24, 2012, in ResearchGate … https://www.researchgate.net/post/What_is_the_average_life_span_of_a_bacteria ..

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What to Do about Walk-In Attempts . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 29 June 2015; revised on 12 June 2016, 23 June 2018, and 13 November 2018

    • Spiritual Adept Walk-In Attempts
    • Ought We Be Frightened of Attempted Walk-Ins?
    • What to Do About Walk-In Attempts

Dear Ones,

This video is about walk-ins. Also: Space Station mental filter, power over, spiritual adepts, and spiritual ego. A Summary follows the video. The sections in green font are not in the video.


This was one of the initial videos where I began to channel the Martian bacterial colonists of Earth. Apparently the channeling was a garbling of a walk-in attempt by a spiritual adept who was ill, and needed a new body, together with the initial Martian channelings, the congruence being that the Martians, in a sense, have walked into our physical bodies. Or that the earlier Martian-demon alliances contra humans might have been confused, in mythical terms, among the various species … humans, Martians (the Elder Race), and demons … whose myths were involved.

Here is a summary page of my information on the Martians, the Elder Race …

Link: “The Martian Archives: Bacterial Colonists of Earth,” by Alice B. Clagett, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-7sz ..



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

This is a very quick note, because I am late for an important date at the church. I just wanted to let you know that, as we release the power-over mental filters, which are gargantuanly diverse … as they are released from the noosphere, there is an interesting phenomenon that has been taking place.

Spiritual Adept Walk-In Attempts

There are those with spiritual attainment, but not a cosmic mind connection yet, who are physically debilitated, or, for whatever reason, are attempting to take over the Light Body of other people.

And what this feels like, when this attempt occurs, is that they are doing it for their own good, right? And they are going to teach you a lot of things. You are their ‘space station’ or ‘space vessel’. They are far from home, and they are here to man your space station. And so they are just coming in … they are doing their job. They want to go home.

Now if you ask them … Do they want to ascend? … because that is your intention, they will say: No! … They want to go home, wherever that is. The Pleiades, or whatever? So this is just a mental filter that is taking place amongst people who are no totally feeling their heart, and who have spiritual ego. And so, the control centers for them are the third chakra and the third-eye point.

So these individuals sometimes come by, in the astral plane, and attempt to take over your own higher mind … to step right into your own mind, and take control of your ‘space station’ or ‘space ship’.

Ought We Be Frightened of Attempted Walk-Ins?

Do not freak out! Know that, even if they temporarily succeed in doing this … what is called a ‘walk in’ … that eventually, as the Light progresses, they will scoop along back to their own bodies. and participate in the Ascension, just like everybody else. Or, if their own bodies have died, then they will segue out into the astral plane, where their Spirit guides will help them with the next step in their Soul’s journey.

Not to be concerned, but: I Am the Power of God. It is I who is That. I Am capable of aligning with the Will, and the Mind, and the Heart of God. I Am That.

What to Do About Walk-In Attempts

No one else has that say so. So, if you are currently participating in a walk-in situation, where someone is always telling you what to do, see my Activation of Light from the Hathors regarding deactivating telepathic groupings and the 8th chakra ‘bow tie knots’ …

Link: “Activations of Light to Deactivate Telepathic Groupings and 8th Chakra ‘Bow-Tie Knots'” by Alice B. Clagett, 27 June 2015, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6KK ..

And do not despair. Truly, there is no such thing as walk-ins, because each of us is the power of God, when we align with the power of God. So, feel your heart, expand your heart, and all this silly stuff will go away. [laughs and waves]

Take care. Love you all. Bye bye.


Regarding the Space Station mental filter mentioned in the video, a (highly) tentative connection has been made in later blogs to Martians and Martian bacteria. For more on this, search my blog for these topics: Martians  … and …  Martian bacteria


I do feel that folks are more vulnerable to walk-ins when they are in the process of clearing the projected energy of low self-esteem, and perhaps Soul grief held in the high heart. Meditations to clear the high heart of grief, then, may prove helpful. For help with this, see the websites of the Ascension and Multidimensionality Teachers listed here …

Link: “Ascension Resources – Counsellors, Channelers, Astrogeophysical Data, and More,” referrals by Alice B. Clagett, Published on 28 October 2014, updated … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-2hm ..


The chakric alignment of a person who gravitates toward being a ‘walk-in’ would be something like this, only with less red basally, and more yellow at the third chakra (the center of will) and more violet at the third eye point (in the center of the head). There would be relatively little development of the heart chakra, and there would be imbalance, lack of color clarity, and some spin distortion, in the heart chakra …


Image: “Chakric Imbalance … Overweighted Third Chakra and Third Eye-Point,” by Alice B. Clagett, CC BY-SA 4.0, 2016 … Adapted by Alice B. Clagett from “A map of chakras in human body,” by mpan, 17 June 2016, Wikimedia Commons, public domain

Image: “Chakric Imbalance … Overweighted Third Chakra and Third Eye-Point,” by Alice B. Clagett, 2016, CC BY-SA 4.0 … Adapted by Alice B. Clagett from “A map of chakras in human body,” by mpan, 17 June 2016, Wikimedia Commons, public domain


For those who still have their original bodies, and who have been kicked out of a ‘walk-in’ opportunity, then the chakric imbalance they are experiencing may be cleared through practice of a heart-chakra meditation. For help with this, see the websites of the Ascension and Multidimensionality Teachers listed here …

Link: “Ascension Resources – Counsellors, Channelers, Astrogeophysical Data, and More,” referrals by Alice B. Clagett, Published on 28 October 2014, updated … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-2hm ..


For those with failing physical form who have ‘walked-in’ to other folks’ auras so as to extend their stay on Earth, and whose original bodies have since died … then the most salutary option for their own Soul journey is to exit the currently borrowed auric field; then to segue onto the astral plane, where your spirit guides will be waiting to help you with your continuing Soul education.

Know that all is well. All is forgiven. May God bless, uplift and nurture each of you!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Dealing with Spiritual Adept Shenanigans,” by Alice B. Clagett, 23 June 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6K6 ..

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Bidding Our Demons Goodbye Video Series . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 8 April 2015; revised
Previously titled: Bidding Our Demons Goodbye

Image: “Springtime in the Mountains 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 6 April 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Springtime in the Mountains 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 6 April 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Dear Ones,

Below, in four sections, are four videos on overcoming our demons.

There is a fair amount of new information brought in by the Incoming Light of this Spring 2015 Equinox, last weekend’s total lunar eclipse, and the energies of Christ Arisen, of Easter, and of Passover.

Each of the videos is followed by an edited Summary. Parts 1, 2, and 3 have tables of contents as well …





Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I would like to read to you the introduction to the three-part video series called “Bidding Our Demons Goodbye.” It goes like this:

I know in America today, there is little thought placed on the notion of demons. We buy our TVs and cars and such, we go to work, and we go our way as material beings in a material world. When it is fine for us, and brings us joy, this point of view is A ok.

There is an entirely other realm of thought out there, besides our thoughts of the material world. There is a long tradition, in the history of humankind, that is known as the spiritual tradition. This is the lore that explores what we cannot see and feel, touch and taste and hear with our physical senses. This is the world of Spirit … Of the Higher Dimensions.

Those who tread that path … of New Exploration … encounter many new phenomena, as Christ did. In addition to the shining light of our own Souls, we for the first time meet the glory of Angels, and the cunning work of the Demon World.

In the physical expression of our being, in the material world, these two forces … Light and Dark, Angels and Demons, manifest as an interplay of power over and powerlessness in Lila, the Play of the World … the great Play of Duality on Earth.

And so it is that I bring you this message. I feel that our human eyes are ready to open to the truth of this dual realm. Our hearts are ready to open and transform the Demon World to Love and Light and Joy.

As a very great man once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!” So let us hear, and consider, and open our hearts, and judge for ourselves what is true and what not true … What our very highest truth may be. Now is the time. Now is the hour.


    • Demonic Code Words
    • Demons Are of an Electric Nature
    • Demons and Mind Control
    • Why Demons Are Beginning to Become Visible to Humankind
    • The Role of Electronics in Demonry
    • Characteristics and Diet of Demons
    • How Demons Create Tangles in the Etheric Net to Intensify Our Samskaras
    • Demons Are More Scientifically Advanced Than Humankind, But Because of Ascension, We Can Rid Ourselves of Them
    • Size and Color of Demons, as Portrayed in Historic Paintings, and as Seen in my Clair Vision in the Early Days of Ascension
    • Accusation of ‘Arrogance’ as a First Demonic Step into Our Human Energy Fields
    • The Demonic Mission: To ‘Terraform’ Earthlings … And How We Can Thwart It
    • How Does the Demon Realm Use the Internet to Its Advantage?
    • The Curse of the Sacred Semen: Degradation of the Sexual Chakra
    • Binding Down of the Heart Chakra
      • Hu Chant to Free the Heart Chakra, sung by Alice B. Clagett, 8 April 2015



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I have a fair amount of information for you today, on how to overcome the demon World. It will be a little bit ramblling, but I think most of it is new information for Earth, and so I think it is worthwhile hearing about it.

Demonic Code Words

First of all, I should mention Code Words in the Demon World. One of the Code Words I have run into quite a bit is the word ‘Rotterdam’. Now I think this is a city on Earth, but it is also, unfortunately, a phrase that is frequently repeated, in clairaudient communications of the Demon World. And I believe it is one of the Code Words for Demonry.

So when I hear this telepathically, I take great pains not to reproduce it in my own conscious mind, or semiconscious or sublingual, clair talk.

And there are other Code Words that they use, such as: You Have No Personality, and No Love on the Internet, and quite a few others.

So these code words have something to do with the work the Demons do, which I will be discussing in a minute. If you notice, telepathically, these kinds of repeating phrases … which will probably be changing from time to time … just, in your own communications on the clair ‘internet’, try to avoid those phrases … because I feel they have a malefic significance.

Demons Are of an Electric Nature

Then the next thing is something that I found very interesting. And that is that the Demons with which I have been negotiating today, and the day before, are electrical in nature. And this gives your an idea about how to deal with them.

I will be talking about how to deal with them a little later: How to help them decide to evacuate your own Soul field. That will be a welcome denouement that I will talk about farther on.

And so, they are electrical in nature; and that is why, when I see them, I see them as a distortion of the air … not as colored beings. They are astral in nature, and they are transparent to me. Others may see them differently, but to me, they seem to be disturbing the molecules of air, and that is how I can see them sometimes. Very rarely, but once in the while.

Demons and Mind Control

This electrical nature would account for their ability to change our thoughts, as our nervous system is electrical as well as chemical in its workings. So then, Demons … which are electrical in nature … have the ability to influence our thoughts … especially the thoughts of our left brain, the frontal lobe, and the prefrontal lobe … as these thoughts are produced by the nervous system, which transmits messages partly through electricity.

Why Demons Are Beginning to Become Visible to Humankind

So what does this mean, that Demons are electrical in nature? Well, for one thing, we humans are beginning to see them now. The Demons dwell in the astral realm, and during the long Age of Darkness, our human incarnational awareness has been physical only, except in the case of seers and prophets. We humans are, right now, in the process of Ascension.

And in that process, most of us are beginning to experience a joining the astral realm (the fourth dimension) with the third dimension … We are beginning to actually sense and see Demons, because we are joining to our sensory Awareness the fourth dimension in which they dwell. That will be the dreamtime dimension that we experience when we are asleep, and after we pass on, between incarnations.

The Role of Electronics in Demonry

Now I would like to talk about the role of electronics in this. There is something about electronics and electricity … the internet, the PDAs or handhelds, the cell phones, computers, and television screens  … that is compatible with the ‘physical’ nature of the Demon Realm.

And what that means is that there is some quality of energy in these items, that allows them to promote their agenda towards humanity. Now I know that sounds a little upsetting. But I would like … from a larger perspective … to just mention that, as we begin to join the fourth dimension with the third dimension, in our awareness, there are bound to be technological things … all over the world … that in some way approximate the way that things work in the fourth dimension.

In other words, as awareness of the working of the fourth dimension increases, the creations that happen here on Earth become more merged with the way that the fourth dimension creation is. And that, in fact, accounts for the fact that … suddenly … computers were discovered. And the internet was discovered. And all these special inventions, like the PDA and the cell phone, the television (especially the new, ‘smart’ television), and the ‘smart’ electronic devices that are in the cars.

All of these things can be hijacked by Demonry to promote their own agendas … as well as serving the purpose that humankind intended them to be.

It will be our job, as humankind in the coming years, to discover the ways in which our techology aids hostile alien lifeforms, and to eliminate their ability to manipulate our inventions to their own ends … because those ends that they have are hostile to those of humankind.

Alright … So that was quite a mouthful. [laughs]

Characteristics and Diet of Demons

As you know, people are becoming more telepathic. Telepathy is really a feature of the Demon Realm. If you look in your Bible, you will find many good descriptions of what is called, in the Bible, ‘Satan’. I have written about this before … I found a good website, and I quoted it on my website …

Link: “Characteristics of Negative Alien Beings, Observed through the People They Obsess,” by Alice B. Clagett,  24 March 2018, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-8xr ..

They use such terms as the ‘prince of air’, the ‘prince of lies’, the ‘person who talks in many voices’, and other descriptors that exactly fit this particular type of hostile lifeform’s qualities. So, what else can I tell you, here now?

What Demons like to eat, is our Light, distorted by a negative quality … a negative emotion. They know that we are beings of Light and Love and Joy … and so their work amongst us is to change our emotions to a negative form which they can assimilate … which they can live on.

And they do this by invading our etheric net. I do not know if you know what the etheric net is? … It is one of the subtle bodies … the template … like the ‘blueprint’ … of the human form.

It is one of our many subtle bodies. And so for instance, we have a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body, the etheric net (aka the ‘etheric body’) and it then goes on: causal body, Body of Light, Soul field. For more on this, see my blog category: Physical body and subtle bodies 

How Demons Create Tangles in the Etheric Net to Intensify Our Samskaras

So to get back to the etheric net: This etheric net is actually like the physical internet … It has some qualities in common with that. And, through their electrical nature, these Demons can …

I know this sounds very far out! And to me, it was far out too. I should tell you … so that you do not think that I have just blown it, that they are the ‘Princes of Lies’ … so they may be lying about the whole thing … so, consider these things that I am saying, and see if they fit your situation, ok? [laughs]

What they do is they land on the etheric net, and what they an do is, they attach words … I do not know how they do that … they attach words to parts of the etheric net that should be separate, and somehow glom them together.

These words must have some negative import to the particular person’s mind, And so, at night … during the night … they spend their time glomming together parts of our etheric net … And creating the propensity to have a negative emotion in certain real-life situations.

These tangles that they create in the etheric net, that have been known in many religions and in many spiritual schools. They are called by such names as samskaras, morphogenetic field distortions, karmic miasmic patterning, Soul wounding, malware, malspeak, etheric net ‘implants’ … and in the Bible they are sometimes called tangles,  ‘sin’, or ‘iniquity’ … and they can be changed very easily by these beings.

Demons Are More Scientifically Advanced Than Humankind, But Because of Ascension, We Can Rid Ourselves of Them

These beings are highly intelligent. They are very scientifically advanced. And they have been taking advantage of humanity … as a form of food, actually … for a long time. Now that the Ascension process is taking place, we are coming into Awareness of them, and we will have the ability to rid our planet of them.

We are a Free Will Planet, and we can do that! I will get back to this topic of the rest of my talk in a minute, but I just thought I would interject a conversation that I had with them today. It seems they are hierarchical in nature. They purport to be here legally, on this Free Will Planet, through contracts that legitimize their stay here.

And the subject of these contracts is: Our permission, to them, to take away our Free Will. I think I will be putting out more on that later. Actually, Christians have a great deal of information on that: Contracts, they say, with ‘Satan’, or with ‘the Devil’ … but I say, with ‘the Demon World,’ because there are so very many of them: On one human etheric net can exist a colony of hundreds, I suppose. I could not say how many. (For more on the topic, see my blog category: Deals with the devil )

Size and Color of Demons, as Portrayed in Historic Paintings, and as Seen in my Clair Vision in the Early Days of Ascension

In general, in the early days of Ascension, I noticed two to four medium-sized (about 4 feet tall) demons supervising the milking of the energy field of the normal human being …

These days, though, I find only the occasional, solitary medium-sized Demon milking the energy field of human beings who have made exceptionally poor Soul choices down through the incarnations.

You may recall my blogs on exorcism (see my blog category: Exorcism – entity attachment ), in which I mention Saint Benedict of Nursia. He must have been a very great exorcist, as I have seen several paintings of his exorcism work that depict devils just as I have seen them in visions, many years ago. Note how they are either red or black, and about 4 feet tall …

Image: “St Benedict of Nursia exorcises the devil from man possessed,” in a fresco by Giovanni-Antonio Bazzi, 1505 or later, from Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore, CREDIT: REX … https://www.telegraph.co.uk/content/dam/news/2016/09/26/exorcism-fresco_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqqVzuuqpFlyLIwiB6NTmJwfSVWeZ_vEN7c6bHu2jJnT8.jpg?imwidth=1240 .., or http://www.travelingintuscany.com/images/art/sodoma/sodoma3700.jpgWhite-robed, tonsured clerics and saints perform an exorcism. One cleric scourges a man’s back with long twigs. Another, with hood up and beardless, with a pleasant smile, shooes the demon down the stairs from a building. The demon is about 4 feet tall, red, and wiry. It has hold of the cleric’s robe at the level of his groin, and looks at him spitefully. The demon has horns on its kneecaps, and claws on its fingers. It has short, red, webbed wings.

Image: “Exorcism of St Benedict,” by Spinello Aretino, 1388, depicted in the sacristy of the church of San Miniato in Florence … https://iamofthestars.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/544d1-st2bbenedict.jpg White-robed, tonsured clerics and saints capture a 4-foot, black Demon with small, webbed wings. The demon is sitting on a more-or-less square slab of white rock. The demon has a snarling aspect, and fangs on its lower jaws. It has 4 fingers on each hand, and four toes on each foot. The fingers and toes end in claws. It has a short tail, is somewhat hairy, and has, it looks like, four horns, which slant backwards and are only slightly curved, on its head.

Accusation of ‘Arrogance’ as a First Demonic Step into Our Human Energy Fields

So anyway, I was talking to them today about what they call the sin of Pride, or Arrogance … which they feel gave them permission to inhabit my form as their ‘Space Station’ that they would colonize … as they so tenderly call it.

I was trying to get down to why they felt I was arrogant … because I do not think of myself in that way, you know? I think of myself as a servant of God. I think of myself as doing God’s will, insofar as possible … Although I can think of quite a few instances in which I fall short of this goal, I take Christ as my leader, and I believe in Christlike consciousness.

So I could not understand why they felt that they had found the way around the Free Will clause with regard to Planet Earth. As it turned out, what happened was: They thought that the word ‘arrogant’ meant that we humans consider ourselves to be as good as they are.

Now they feel themselves to be far superior … because, after all, they exist in the fourth dimension; not just in the ‘stupid’ third dimension … the ‘dumbed down’ version of Reality, according to their lights.

Se when we say ‘Begone!’ … or like that … they consider that arrogance. They know that there is a Christian teaching against arrogance, and so they step into our world when we oppose them.

I explained today, that our understanding of the word ‘arrogance’ is quite different from theirs: We feel that ‘arrogance’ is to not walk in Christ’s footsteps. We feel that arrogance is to not follow the Will and the Heart and the Mind of God in our daily life, insofar as we are capable of doing that.

And so, in essence, what has happened is that there has been a misunderstanding or misinterpretation … I think it was an honest mistake on their part; they thought it was just an ‘opening’ … a way in. And so, they felt it appropriate to colonize Earth because of that: Because, for them, we all seem to exhibit ‘arrogance’. And the Christian texts say that arrogance is the tool of Satan.

The Demonic Mission: To ‘Terraform’ Earthlings … And How We Can Thwart It

So explained all that to them. I will say, it is going to take a lot more explaining … because they are a stubborn people; they are highly intelligent; they are highly technologically advanced; and they have been what they call ‘terraforming’ Earth for a very long time.

I asked what they mean by ‘terraforming’, and they say that … This is the most incredible story! I mean, the stories keep changing, you know? … ‘Prince of Lies’ ! … But the story that has been coming down lately is that they colonized Earth, and they came to ‘terraform’ an inferior species.

And by ‘terraform’ they mean: Take total control of humanity. That is their intention: To totally mind control humanity, through these etheric net tangles that we were talking about … And through mind signals broadcast through the astral plane.

So their intention is quite the opposite of our intention, and what our Free Will would say. And we need to uncover what it is … what tricks were used … to allow them to be here. And to help our Celestial Ascension Teams deport them from this place …

Link: “Activation of Light to Deport Illegal Alien Astral Entities,” by the Hathors through Alice B. Clagett, 27 May 2015, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6Py ..

Link: “Activation of Light to Evacuate Demons,” by the Hathors through Alice B. Clagett, 28 March 2015, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-53P ..

I cannot do it all by myself. Each of you needs to come to Awareness of what is actually going on, and take the necessary steps to secure your own person … secure your astral form and your own airspace, as it were … from these beings.

So, you have to take your own steps; you have to come to your own awareness. And each of you can help humanity to overcome this difficulty.

How Does the Demon Realm Use the Internet to Its Advantage?

I was going to talk a little about a very unwanted topic, and that is: How does the Demon Realm use the Internet to its advantage? They have a way of getting information from the Internet … from our friends; from Facebook, and like that. And they have a way of hearing the vibes of internet pornography … which seems to be a thriving business on the Internet. I will discuss these two ways in greater detail below …

They connect with our friends when we think of our friends … in emails, in Facebook, social media, like that … they connect with the ‘terraforming’ demon in the other person; and exchange information, and ways to continue making us more negative … Because the more negative we are, the more they like us as a food base. (It is not all as bad as all that; I am going to come to some techniques that will get rid of them very quickly.)

So they are very tricky. They can somehow ratchet up the vibes of Lust on the internet, because of Internet porn, especially after 3 pm. They can ratchet up those vibes so that they actually come through, somehow, on the airwaves of the Internet, and affect our Hearts, and somehow affect our electric fields. And so, in that manner, they hope to degrade the emotions of the second chakra from positive co-creative potential, to negative, lustful, object-based behavior. And they have been ‘making hay while the Sun shines’ in that way for a few years now.

The Curse of the Sacred Semen: Degradation of the Sexual Chakra

Another technique that they use to change the second chakra energy from positive to negative, has to do with a story that they have told, over and over again … which has apparently been transmitted to a lot of people. It is a kind of a Black Magic story … and it has to do with the notion that a man’s semen is cursed, and that he can place that semen someplace … at someone’s house, on someone’s bed, or who knows where … where it will drag that person down into the Demon World.

I would just like to say that this is a total fantasy … a second chakra negative fantasy … and that the semen of a man is a gift from God. intended to create New Life on Earth. It is not a curse, but a gift from God.

As we go along, we will discover more and more of these Black Magic. witchcraft, and sorcery stories that are deeply hidden in the subconscious mind, and bring them to Light so that we can once more experience the wonderful, positive energy of the second chakra.

Binding Down of the Heart Chakra

This is just one example, because they work with all the chakras, to try and make them more negative. And in the case of the Heart, they create nets around the Heart Chakra that have words in them … subliminal words that constrict the Heart energy. The reason for this is: They know …

They are very intelligent; extremely intelligent. And hierarchical in nature. … And they know that, as the process of Ascension goes on, as we begin to feel our Hearts more and more … as that negative energy ratchets up … or even if we do a lot of kundalini yoga, and increase the flow of kundalini in our bodies, we become uninhabitable … In their lingo, each person is a ‘Space Station’ on Earth that they are ‘terraforming’. So then, that particular ‘Space Station’ will become uninhabitable.

So at this juncture in the Ascension process, they are doing everything that they can, to prevent us from feeling our Hearts. And those tricks are many … very many! … All of which can be eliminated simply by placing the hand on the Heart, and feeling the Heart every possible moment.

Or, as Sandra Walter of Ascension Path … http://www.sandrawalter.com/ says, we can imagine and speak the tone: Hu … meaning ‘human’. We can speak that tone Hu through our Hearts every time we feel some kind of compromising energy … sort of like this …

Hu Chant to Free the Heart
sung by Alice B. Clagett, 8 April 2015


I am feeling my Heart while I am doing that … I can feel the energy of the sound coming through my Heart Chakra. It feels great.

So, onward and upward …


    • The Two Service-to-Self, Fourth Dimensional Ascensioneers from the Planet Venus
    • Our Solar System: A Hermetic Experiment in Duality
    • The Destruction of Maldek, and the Formation of the Asteroid Belt
    • How Heart Energy in Their Human ‘Cattle’ Is Lethal to Demons: Demonized People Kill While Having Sex, If Their Heart Chakras Are Activated
    • Asteroid Belt, continued
    • How to Deal with the Demon World: Especially the Two Service-to-Self Ascensioneers from Venus
      • Magnets and Hematite
      • Sunlight and Full-Spectrum Light Bulbs
      • Religious or Spiritual Chanting, and Soothing Music
      • Kundalini Yoga to Strengthen the Electromagnetic Field
      • Gentle Stretching Exercises When There is Muscle Pain and Stiffness
      • Gentle Stretching Exercises to Cleanse Astral Cording of Demonic Impedance Devices
      • Strengthening the Heart and Expressing Positive Emotions
      • Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Black Tourmaline, Imbued with Sunlight
      • Ringing of Gongs, Zildjian Cymbals, and Tibetan Bowls
      • Laughter and Conviviality
      • Alkaline versus Acidic Diet
    • On Accentuating the Positive



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I have a little bit of very speculative possible history on this particular species of alien lifeform that is so hostile to Earth. I pieced this together, from various readings that I did, over the years. I would say that it is highly speculative and hypothetical. So I will just give you a notion of how my thinking is going, right now, on that … because you will never get the truth from the Demon World. That is for sure!

The Two Service-to-Self, Fourth Dimensional Ascensioneers from the Planet Venus

There is a story in “The Law of One: The Ra Material” …

Link: “The Law of One: The Ra Material,” https://www.lawofone.info/ ..

… There is a story that the Planet Venus ascended some while back … many, many long years ago. And that amongst those who ascended, there were two individuals who ascended in the Orange Ray; and that means that they had perfected their energy, not through the Heart Chakra, but through the very difficult mode of Will Power, of the desire to control. They had perfected in the way of the Negative Path, which is known as ‘Service to Self’. Two such individuals, ok? That is all I read about it, in the “Law of One.”

Link: Question-Answer 89:27 in “The Law of One: The Ra Material,”https://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=89#27 ..

From Ra’s answer that these two beings harvested during ‘third density’ (aka, I believe, during the ‘Third Dimension’), it seems likely to me that they may have harvested into 4D, the astral realm (although I may infer inaccurately here). 

So the question is: What became of these two individuals?

Our Solar System: A Hermetic Experiment in Duality

Our Solar System is, except under special circumstances, and during certain Celestial configurations, a closed system, in which a multitude of lifeforms interact together, in a sort of a hermetically sealed experiment in Duality … here on this Planet in the outer reaches of the Central Sun of our Galaxy. Yet may beings, under certain circumstances … whether physical or astral … migrate from one planet to the next, and interact with the beings native to that planet, as well as those on their own home world.

Because of the semi-sealed nature of our Solar System’s Duality Experiment, I felt that the two individuals who were ‘harvested’ into 4D negative when Venus ascended were, most likely, somewhere in our Solar System,

The Destruction of Maldek, and the Formation of the Asteroid Belt

And then my mind wandered to the thought of the Asteroid Belt circulating around the Sun. There is a speculative story about a Planet called Maldek, which was said to once exist, where the Asteroid Belt is now. And that by some great catastrophe, this Planet, and any inhabitants it may have had, were completely destroyed. For my own vision of the destruction that took place there, see …

Link: “Thoughts on the Controllers, True Power, Lightwork, and a Truer Reality,” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 September 2013, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6GELook for the subheading: Alice’s Perilous Tales: Memories of Homeworld Destruction … Planet Maldek?

It is my feeling that the destruction that took place on Maldek may have been caused by a meteor. That would seem to me to be a very probable event.

Some speak of Soul fragments that were circling about there, in the astral plane, and so forth.

And it seems to me that that Astral Realm … which was so torn asunder by suffering, and Soul fragments, and the suffering of the Planet itself … might have been a definite lure for these two individuals.

After all, their all-consuming desire was to control and dominate. And, according to “The Law of One,” they had very little, or no Heart energy.

How Heart Energy in Their Human ‘Cattle’ Is Lethal to Demons: Demonized People Kill While Having Sex, If Their Heart Chakras Are Activated

The story that I have been hearing from the Demon World is that they are unable to survive the experience of great Heart energy in those that are taken over by them … Because then the sex drive of their subjects is ratcheted up. And then there is the desire … amongst those who are too greatly ‘terraformed’, to injure … or to kill … the people that they are having sex with.

I do not mention this to upset the reader; it is more like a clue that all humans need to unite together. And that people who suffer the horrible fate of falling to these violent behaviors … what they need is cleansing, purifying … and they need to have their etheric nets cleansed and purified, so that they can be free of these kinds of behaviors …

Because the human heart, in its unblemished state, would never admit of such behavior. But apparently, this kind of behavior is an aim of the Demon World. Do you understand?

They are not here legally, and we can get rid of them. for sure. And I will get into that in a minute or two.

Asteroid Belt, continued

So, back to the Asteroid Belt: That would have been easy pickings, because there were, apparently, only Soul fragments left. There was no Will Power to stop the Two Service-to-Self Ascensioneers from Venus. So they might have hung out there for a while, and consumed the negativity of those Soul fragments, as food … maybe for a long time.

And as they had finished with that (or as opportunity arose), they might have hitchhiked or migrated, via meteorites descending from there to Earth … and in that way, begun to take advantage of the human population here.

My thought being, that these two individuals might have given rise to the human legends about such Big Bads as Satan, Lucifer, and Ba’al (aka Baal). 

Oh, this is just a theory I had! This is just a wild theory that maybe this is a problem from our own Solar System, that we are fixing right now. And believe me, it is going to be fixed soon. The time has come! Humanity has come of age. It is time to fix it.

How to Deal with the Demon World: Especially the Two Service-to-Self Ascensioneers from Venus

So, moving on, to that topic: How to Deal with the Demon World, right? Especially these two individuals, who are so crafty and so superior technologically, and all this.

Magnets and Hematite. Well, I found out something interesting today: They are electrical in nature (as I stated before). And it seems that magnets have an adverse effect on them … Magnets, and hematite, which is magnetized stone.

So, in order to get rid of Demons, try wearing as much hematite as you can :Hematite anklets, hematite bracelets, and maybe a hematite necklace too.

Sunlight and Full-Spectrum Light Bulbs. They loathe and despise sunlight … and even full-spectrum light bulbs. They like darkness; hence the term: Army of the Night 

Religious or Spiritual Chanting, and Soothing Music. They are lulled to sleep by religious chanting music and spiritual chanting music, or very quiet, soothing music. Let’s see … Oh yes, I mentioned earlier the sound: Hu… chanted from your Heart. with a great deep inhalation, and a great deep exhalation at the end. That will help.

Kundalini Yoga to Strengthen the Electromagnetic Field. Anything that ratchets up our own electric field might be of help … like the kundalini yoga exercises for magnetic field and electric field, one of which is linked to here

LInk: “Kundalini Yoga for the Magnetic Field and Heart Center,” by 3HO (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization), https://www.3ho.org/articles/kundalini-yoga-magnetic-field-and-heart-center ..

Gentle Stretching Exercises When There is Muscle Pain and Stiffness. Then, I have noticed that they insert astral impediments, sometimes termed malware,  in the etheric nets, like blocks, at places where there are muscle pain and stiffness. And these could be easily eliminated by doing stretching exercises: Gentle stretching exercises would greatly help prevent retention of astral malware. 

Gentle Stretching Exercises to Cleanse Astral Cording of Demonic Impedance Devices. There was a great influx of Light, over the weekend, and I began noticing many things that I had not noticed before. And one thing is that I became very sensitive to astral cording … very, very sensitive.

I still cannot see it, but I can feel exactly where it is placed. And their tampering leaves in these electromagnetic psychic bonds electric impedance devices that affect person to person clair communications, especially gut brain communications. And those are another sort of electromagnetic blocking mechanisms that we can eliminate through the stretching exercises.

So, I have mentioned sunlight, full-spectrum light bulbs, religious or spiritual chanting, soothing music, kundalini yoga to strengthen the EMF field, and gentle stretching exercises.

Strengthening the Heart and Expressing Positive Emotions. In addition there is ratcheting up on the Heart energy, and on positive emotions such as gratitude and appreciation … as many great teachers have expressed in the recent times.

And that will make you not tasty! Not tasty! [laughs]

Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Black Tourmaline, Imbued with Sunlight. I also use crystals that have been set out, in the sunlight, specifically clear quartz, rose quartz, and black tourmaline, all of which I was able to purchase unpolished, in bulk from www.amazon.com . I placed them on my Heart Chakra … and on other chakras that I feel need positivity. And I do that at night. Also, you can place those kinds of crystals inside your house.

Ringing of Gongs, Zildjian Cymbals, and Tibetan Bowls. And then there are: ringing of gongs and cymbals, especially the thick, Zildjian Finger Cymbals, and Tibetan Bowls. I do not know if it hypnotizes them or what, but they just stop when I use those sounds.

Sweetness: Fragrances, Flowers, Happiness, Health-Giving Things. They do not like sweetness anywhere: They do not like sweet fragrances; they do not like flowers; they do not like happiness; they do not like things that are healthy for our bodies.

Laughter and Conviviality. They hate laughter. They hate it when we get together with other people and have a wonderful time.

Alkaline versus Acidic Diet. They have said … and I would check carefully on this before making a final determination … they have said that an alkaline diet is something that they do not like. I feel they prevaricated about this, so I am going to see what I can do about my diet, to make it more alkaline. I do not know if this is the truth or not, but there are a lot of people that support the thought of an alkaline diet,

Let me see; what else do I have here? This is a long one; this is one of the longest ones yet!

On Accentuating the Positive

I would like to conclude with some positive thoughts I gleaned, over the years, from one of my many teachers in the Ascension path …

One of the first things I learned was the world view of Peggy Black, Sacred Sound Salutarist … https://www.peggyblack.com/ .. She said (and I paraphrase) that life on Earth is such a challenge! There is such Duality here! There are so many different forms of life! (… for instance, those that I have been talking about). But in addition, here on Earth, are many beautiful, friendly forms of life as well … with whom we can do the true work of our Soul.

So, not to place too much emphasis on the negative … Accentuate the positive instead! Think of our Celestial Ascension Teams that are here with us, to protect us and help us and guide us and teach us. And deal with them, on a daily basis. These are things that Peggy Black taught me long ago.

And she also would bring up that it is only here on Earth … and probably because of this situation here … Which is so diverse in terms of sentient lifeforms that we are only starting to notice as a people. It is so very diverse. And there are so many glorious lifeforms here, that it allows us to do the work of co-creating reality together! … Which is to say, transforming the negative to the positive, through personal alchemy, creating this great new Universe!

The magnitude of this is mind-boggling, really. It is mind-boggling, Now I know, as we go through the astral plane, we are going to be coming on this greatly negative stuff as well as the greatly positive stuff. But … Fasten your seatbelts! … It is going to be a wonderful ride. The things that await us are beyond compare.

And we are magnificent beings of Light … absolutely magnificent … who have, for a little while, forgotten our own, true greatness. [Waves goodbye.]


    • The Demonic Intent to Turn Humans One Against the Other
    • Stepping Up to the Plate: Assisting Humankind in Voiding Deals with the Devil
    • Demon Buy-Ins
      • Taking Drugs
      • Practice of the Black Arts
      • Practice of Homosexuality?
      • Sexual Sadism and Masochism
      • Judgment of Other People as a Demonic Buy-In
      • Alice’s Story About Attempting to Cancel a Purported ‘Deal with the Devil’ Set in Place by One of the Teachers of a Spiritual Group
      • Alice’s Story About Being Tricked into a Deal with the Devil, and How She Escaped
      • Activation of Light to Tear Up a Deal with the Devil, by the Hathors, through Alice B. Clagett
      •  Demonic Obfuscation of Language in the Interests of Enslaving Humanity
      • On Introducing a Feeling of Selfless Service to Our Workaday World to Avoid Demonic Snares
      • Alice’s Perilous Tales; The Demonic Masterplan Regarding Ascension
      • Diminishing Size of the Demon Realm Since the 2012 Shift



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

The Demonic Intent to Turn Humans One Against the Other

You know, today is a bumper crop for information on Demonry! I was just on my way home, and I stopped here because I have some new intel that is very interesting. Let us see … As it turns out, one of the primary aims of Demonry is to turn humans one against the other.

I have spoken of this before. See, for example …

Link: “Effect of War on the Social Fabric of America,” by Alice B. Clagett, Published 11 December 2014. revised 7 May 2018 and 12 October 2018, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-5mdSee the subheading: What Really Happens When People Go to War?

They do this by influencing their autonomic nervous system with ‘rote’ messages, as well as by influencing their conscious minds with programming of an electrical nature, that short-circuits the normal function of the neurons.

They have very sophisticated machines that allow them to do this. And if you can ever get them to leave off ‘terraforming’ you, they will actually take such a machine off of the etheric net, and take it with them, in case they can use it elsewhere. [laughs]

So anyway, getting back to this situation of them turning one human against the other … Cain and Abel, right? … the second oldest story. The very first rule that we learn from such great Indian teachers as Patanjali is (to paraphrase): Do no harm! And also from the Buddhists (to paraphrase): Harm no one! Harm no human being!

So we start there. We start there. No matter what we think we heard or saw or imagined about another human being, we always forgive. We always give them the benefit of the doubt.

Stepping Up to the Plate: Assisting Humankind in Voiding Deals with the Devil

So first … we humans, we are all friends together. And when we notice Demonry establishing itself in someone, here is how we can be of assistance: We say to the Demon world: I demand to see the contract! What right have you to be in this person? 

And they will have to produce that contract. And then you have to find out how to annul that contract … how to void it.

Demon Buy-Ins

I can recall some things that are the most important things, I think, that allow a buy-in from the Demon world. And those are …

Taking Drugs. Taking drugs … either alcohol or what they call ‘recreational drugs’ … into the physical system, automatically says to the Demon world: I am ready to give you my Free Will … because that act removes some of our conscious safeguards of our behavior. It loosens our conscience. And they know that to be a statement that we are ceding power to them.

Practice of the Black Arts. Then another thing that we can do … very obviously … is to practice the Black Arts.  And that is, to use the power of the great Earth, or of the Sky, or the electromagnetic field of people … to use the words that we have, of power and emotion, for the purpose of harming other human beings on Earth. The same holds true if we belong to any group that states a ‘buy-in’ to the Black Arts, or whose leader (in the eyes of the group, ‘our leader’) does so …

The intention may be to gain sexual power, or money, or any form of power … but that desire for power aligns us with the Demon World. It is only through Love that we can align ourselves directly with humankind, and overcome the Demon Realm.

So that is just a little background.

Practice of Homosexuality? … There is some information that others say, that has to do with homosexuality. Some Christian texts say that the practice of homosexuality gives permission to the Demon World to come in.

I do not know what to say about that, because people have a right to express themselves sexually … I feel … any way that they want.

Sexual Sadism and Masochism. But I believe that practice of feelings of hatred … or practice of feelings of being harmed … during the act of sex … no matter what the modality: Whether it is heterosexual sexuality or homosexual sexual expression, or whatever other way of expressing oneself sexually … If it involves injury, then that gives permission for the Demon world to come into a person.

And that could be how that law that you frequently see, regarding homosexuality, came to be construed. I think it may have been construed straight across the board, as homosexuality, possibly with regard to anal intercourse, whereas it should, I feel, have been explained as doing of harm during intercourse.

Judgment of Other People as a Demonic Buy-In. And we humans, we do harm to other humans when we judge them on the basis of their sexuality … or of anything. We buy into the Demon World when we judge other people. I think that is what it was that upset me so much about that particular idea … the idea that homosexuality is a Demonic buy-in. Forgiveness, on the other hand, is the exact opposite: With that feeling we can purchase our exit clause from a contract with the Demon Realm.

Alice’s Story About Attempting to Cancel a Purported ‘Deal with the Devil’ Set in Place by One of the Teachers of a Spiritual Group

Now to get back to this thing that happened to me just now: I was driving down the road, and I got to thinking about a group of spiritual people far from here, that I had heard about. And the feeling I got … from far away, just by looking at that information on the astral ‘internet’ … was that, somehow or other, they had absorbed some principles in their early times … or through their first teachers … that had led to some kind of buy-in to the Demon Realm.

And I was concerned about that, because we humans … we need to stand by each other. So, just as I said just now, I challenged the Demon World; I said: I would like to see that contract! 

And they said (spoken in a deliberate, weighty tone of voice): Well we know he supported the Demon World because he wore nice clothes … [this was apparently about one of the original teachers over there] … he wore nice clothes, so therefore he was arrogant. 

And so I thought for a minute, and i actually asked my Celestial Ascension Team for help … which is a very good idea in this sort of instance. And, to this spokesman for the Demon Realm they said: Well, we know you are a proud race, and you wear no clothes. So your statement is not logical.

So then I said: So! Show me the contract! What other reasons have you?

There was a pregnant pause, and then the spokesman said: Actually, that was our only reason.

So then I turned, on the clair plane, to the members of that spiritual group, and I said to those that I knew of: Do you, of your own Free Will, chose to evict the Demon League from your body?

And they said: Yes.

So then I said to the spokesman: All right! Take all your gear, take all your people, and remove yourselves from these ‘terraformed’ bodies.

And then I said to the people I had spoken with in the spiritual group: Now, you are going to have to follow up on this, and talk to the other people around there, and let them know how to go about doing it … 

… Because it is really our own responsibility … each of us … to make sure that we are clear of all that.

And from that I am deducing … This is why I am so excited about this! … I am deducing that this may be a first step towards a protocol to rid ourselves and our groups of all of these possibilities …

  • We need to examine the contract. (The Demon Realm must show us the contract.)
  • We need to find what loophole the Demon Realm found … because never would a  human being, in their greatest awareness … in their greatest sentience … cede their Free Will, at the same time being unable to assess what bad consequences might befall them.

Alice’s Story About Being Tricked into a Deal with the Devil, and How She Escaped

Sometimes humans cede their Free Will for psychic superpowers, and they do not know that that means they will be inhabited by the Demon World from then on. For instance, one time I did a meditation … Dhrib Dhrishti Lochina Karma Meditation …

Link: “Dhrib Dhrishti Lochina Karma—Meditation for Inspiring, Truthful, Deeply Penetrating Speech,” by 3HO (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization), https://www.3ho.org/3ho-lifestyle/conscious-communication/dhrib-dhrishti-lochina-karma-meditation-inspiring-truthful ..

I think there was something about that meditation … because it said you might learn to talk to people from a distance (as everyone on Earth is beginning to do these days). Anyway, in those long ago days, I was thinking: Cheap phone calls to my mom! … Like that! [laughs]

But I think the Demon Realm interpreted that wish to speak with my mom, as a request for those psychic superpowers that Patanjali warns against.

And so, if you make that mistake … as I did … the thing to do is to go back and say:

Activation of Light to Tear Up a Deal with the Devil
by the Hathors, through Alice B. Clagett, 8 April 2015

Spirit to Team!
This contract is null and void, and cancelled forever!
The contract is torn up!
For the All, through Free Will!

That way the Demon Realm cannot change the whole thing, and deconstruct it, as with a Black Mass, or make your cancellation untrue. The contract is annulled and canceled and torn up forever! For the All, through Free Will! Right?

So, nothing that we have said to the Demon Realm cannot be undone. That is because we have been tricked and fooled in some way, by very crafty individuals! [laughs]

Demonic Obfuscation of Language in the Interests of Enslaving Humanity

The Demon Realm has a theory … I consider it to be an invalid theory … that they can reverse positive things that we say, by saying something, using similar wording that has an opposite meaning. For instance, to counteract the Catholic Mass … which used to be the Christian Mass said in Latin … proponents who advocated their cause for the sake of their power in the world … in other words, Black Magic practitioners and Black Arts practitioners … sorcerers and so forth … would say the holy Latin words of the Mass backwards, in a format known as the Black Mass. And this was intended, by the Demon World, to annul … to blot out … the good effect of the Holy Mass on the world.

And they used this technique of altering the meaning of something; or of conniving around to make the meaning of something other than it was … in a left-brain kind way … to get their way over us … to connive that we have given up our Free Will.

For, instance, were the Demon World to think that I had ceded to them my Free Will, i might say …

Spirit to Team!
I cancel all contracts!
For the All, through Free Will!

Right? Then they will look for another word like the word ‘cancel’ that can carry the opposite meaning of that. You know? Maybe the phrase: Hand seal .… And then they will say: I think she meant THIS!

Or if I were to use a word like: terminate … They will look to deconstruct that word, in such a way as to say: I am talking about a specific term. Next week it is going to be different!  … You know?

So they have all different kinds of tricky ways of using the left-brain wording that we have … the good spells that we have, for our own hearts, and for all humanity … and twisting them; distorting them in such a way that they seem to be the opposite.

I do not know much about this, but I am sure that you could find, from other people, the perfect wording to use, that cannot be controverted.

Well, I do have the Activations of Light, for instance.

A rule of thumb is: The simpler, the better. Express a very clear understanding of what is going on. You know?

That is the best I can say right now. I hope that others will contribute, in the future, to clarification of this field of obfuscation of language in the interests of enslaving humanity.

On to the next thing …

On Introducing a Feeling of Selfless Service to Our Workaday World to Avoid Demonic Snares

In your work, there is a change of attitude that will remove from you the notion of Alliance with the Demon World. And that is this …

In your work, do not do what you do for yourself alone. Rather, do it on behalf of all humankind. That takes it out of the realm of my will, and into the realm of selfless service.

I think, for instance, with regard to copyrights, the wave of the future is going to be: To make our written expressions in a way ‘freeware’ … to come out with creative works … to publish them … but to allow other people free access to what we have. I think that is going to be the way it is, in the future. I feel we will be paying attention to the All, instead of just to ourselves.

Alice’s Perilous Tales; The Demonic Masterplan Regarding Ascension

A story is going around, in the clairaudient realms, to the effect that one of the game plans the Demon Realm has … they call it the Masterplan, right … which makes it sound consummately evil … Anyway, one of the game plans that they have is to target beings that are very brightly lit … which apparently are very easy to find, on the astral plane.

They know about the process of Ascension, and they are concerned about it. They are concerned for their own economic interests and outlooks, as Pirates of the High Seas of the Galaxy … and so are legitimate invaders, if you would hear them! [laughs]

And so, they have been looking for ways to actually stop the process of Ascension.

They have been going around, systematically, to all the people with great Light, and adding to them, nightly, all kinds of gadgets that would stop the flow of the Heart energy, and short-circuit their energy fields, and increase their sexual urge, and increase their negative mental speak, and like that. Without exception, they have done that to all the Lightworkers by now.

And so the idea was, that if these people cannot ascend, then the Ascension process will not take place, and we will be able to continue with business as usual.

So last night I received a question from the clairaudient realm … I assumed, from the Demonic Realm … The question was: Has Earth already ascended? 

And I said: Yes, it did! It ascended two years ago … and that people are coming to the realization that this is so … Little by little, in carefully arranged sequence, according to their own Soul nature, and their own Free Will, and like that.

There was a pause, and then I heard: Oh! So it’s too late!

[laughs] … I hope that helps! You know? I hope that helps our cause.

Diminishing Size of the Demon Realm Since the 2012 Shift

So here is another story. A few years ago, in the months following the September-to-December 2012 Ascension process that took place on Planet Earth, something happened with the air of Earth. And it made it not very appealing to the Demon World.

The Demon World has the capacity to be very small or very large. Lately I have been sensing that, in the human form, as they are ‘terraforming’, they are about a tenth of the size of a tiny gnat. I saw one jump out, on the side of a trail, the other day, to the size of about 2 and a half feet by eight inches.

They are not gigantic, like they were before. They used to be something like … It could be as big as four feet by fifteen feet (for the larger sorts) as a manifestation on Earth about 10 or 12 years ago.

So it is like a situation … It is like a strategic situation. Humankind has dealt with worse things. There was the Great Ice Age, for instance. There have been lots of floods; they say, worldwide floods, at one point. There have been a lot of things that we have dealt with.

And as a species, we have always succeeded, by sticking together and being friends with each other, and overcoming a common enemy … which is the situation we have here right now, as regards the Demon Realm.

Conclusion: A Blessing to Free the Demons!

Well, so, the intel is coming in a mile a minute, today; and I have updated information for you already. And that is that some of the Demons that are ‘hanging around’ us … and ‘stuck’ to our etheric net … are not there by choice. They are not necessarily all hiding out from the Ascension process.

It seems that ancient contracts … maybe set by sorcerers in the old days, many centuries ago … or perhaps by astral entities or … who knows? … even human beings in the present times … have bound some of the demons to human forms.

Now we do not want this! [laughs]

I do not know why … just out of the blue! … I was sitting outside, and I looked down at my physical form, and i said: You are free! Go where you will!

I spoke these words everywhere I sensed movement, or a peculiarity in my physical form. And I will be darned if it did not work immediately! There was a huge flock of little beings flying out of my body, and going off somewhere.

For awhile they clustered around my head and they said: Thank you, thank you, Dharm D! Thank you, thank you, Dharm D! 

(My spiritual name, a long while ago, was ‘Dharm Darhan’. ‘Dharma’ means the ‘right path’ … the opposite of ‘karma’. ‘Darshan’ is to bow to that which leads from Darkness to Light.)

And I said, just: Ok, go!

So they just went off

And I would give it a try; it is so simple! Why not? Why not free everything that might be bound to us?

All right, this is probably the last thing on this particular video. [Waves goodbye.]

Go in God. Be at peace. May Love surround you all your days.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: “Springtime in the Mountains 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 6 April 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Springtime in the Mountains 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 6 April 2015, CC BY-SA 4.0


If you would like to know more about casting out devils, check out the New Testament in the Bible. This was one of the things Christ manifested on Earth. He helped us understand that we humans do have the power to cast out our demons and live in the light of God, if we follow in Christ’s footsteps.

Also, read this, and play the music selection in it: LInk: “The Time Before the Times.” a vision by Alice B. Clagett, 8 April 2015, https://wp.me/p2Rkym-34s ..

See also … Link: “Compendium: Interspecies Communication,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 2 February 2019; updated … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-bym ..


Image: “Bidding Our Demons Goodbye,” by Alice B. Clagett, 24 August 2019, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: “Bidding Our Demons Goodbye,” by Alice B. Clagett, 24 August 2019, CC BY-SA 4.0


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