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Crossed Wires in Love Affairs . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 23 April 2018

    • Shyness
    • Guilt
    • Guile
    • Black Magic Power

Dear Ones,

This is about how to avoid ‘crossed wires’ in one’s love life. There’s a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

There’s a bit of malware around, that has been installed by ‘you know who’s [negative astral beings], and it has to do with not using the name of the person that you intend to visualize making love to, when you’re having a daydream, while you’re having the daydream. Rather, you substitute the name of someone else.

And what this set of malware does is, it ties you to the person that you’re talking about, rather than the person that you want to feel amorous towards. And so, a glom occurs, that causes crossed wires in love affairs, and so forth.

And so, you’re destined to be destroyed in your desire for the one that you love, if you fall for this malware, for whatever reason. And some of the reasons that people do fall for it are …

  • Shyness. They’re shy, and they don’t want to say the name of the person that they really love. So they offer a ruse that leads people to think that it’s someone else.
  • Guilt. Or, there’s a reason why they can’t say the name of the person involved. Maybe that person is married to someone else, for instance. And they don’t want anybody to find out.
  • Guile. Or, suppose they’re living a celibate lifestyle, as a monk or nun, and they don’t want anybody to know that they’re thinking of making love to a person that’s also a celibate nun or monk. That’s another reason.
  • Black Magic Power. Or, suppose they’re black magickers, and they feel that power is lost when they say the name of someone. And so, they want to preserve the black magic ability of the person that they love.

Those are only a few of the reasons, but I’m here to tell you: Do not fall for that malware. It will complicate your life, and it will wind you up in the Purgatory worlds, for sure. Even in this lifetime.

So the moral is: When you love someone, shout it to the world! Let everyone know the name of the person that you love.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Mind Control, Whether Used for War, or for Peace: Karmic and Legal Repercussions . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 21 April 2018


Dear Ones,


I read recently that Yogananda once said he had sent a thought to Hitler’s mind, that he should invade Russia …

Link: “Yogananda Praising Fascism in the 30s,” in “The Golden Scales,” https://www.google.com/search?q=yogananda+russia+fascism&oq=yogananda+russia+fascism&aqs=chrome..69i57.11783j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 ..

The above account offers that this placement of a thought in Hitler’s mind resulted in his defeat, through dividing his military efforts too sparsely between the Eastern Front (which included Russia and Poland) and the Western Front (Luxembourg, Belgium and France).


I researched the question: How many people died because of Hitler’s invasion of Russia?

By the end of Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia by Germany, which took place from 22 June 1941 to 5 December 1941, more than 800,000 Russian soldiers were killed. See: “World War II: Operation Barbarossa,” by Alan Taylor, 24 July 2011, https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2011/07/world-war-ii-operation-barbarossa/100112/ ..

About 6 million Soviet soldiers were captured, and about half of these prisoners of war were starved to death in German POW camps. This resulted in approximately 3.4 million deaths of Soviet POWs. –from “German mistreatment of Soviet Prisoners of War,” in Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_mistreatment_of_Soviet_prisoners_of_war ..

Then there were deaths of non-military Soviet citizens. The BBC estimates the total number of Soviet citizens who died due to Hitler’s invasion of Russia at 25 million. See “History: Hitler’s Invasion of Russia in World War Two,” by Laurence Rees, last updated 30 March 2011, http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/worldwars/wwtwo/hitler_russia_invasion_01.shtml ..

Then, there were 775,000 German casualties during Operation Barbarossa. See: “World War II: Operation Barbarossa,” by Alan Taylor, 24 July 2011, https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2011/07/world-war-ii-operation-barbarossa/100112/ ..

Assuming that most of these German casualties died, and going with this and the prior figures, we have …

  • 775,000 German soldiers killed during Operation Barbarossa (the invasion of Russia)
  • 800,000 Russian soldiers killed in the same campaign
  • 3.4 million Soviet prisoners of war starved to death in German POW camps, and
  • 25 million Soviet citizens killed because of the invasion of Russia

That would be a total somewhat shy of 28 million people killed as a result of Hitler’s invasion of Russia.


Assuming Yogananda’s claim to have been accurately reported, and assuming it were, in the occult realm, held true, then would Yogananda have been karmically liable for the deaths of 28 million people?

If this putative karma were to have devolved upon the various Yogananda devotee organizations, then what, I wonder, would this mean, in terms of institutional karma?

I have no answer for this. What is the karma of mind control, anyway? And what is institutional karma, I wonder? I always thought karma was a person-by-person thing.


Are there legal repercussions when one person mind controls another person into an act of violence? As far as I have been able to research this question, the answer is ‘no’. For one thing, we have no way to prove allegations of mind control.

In the case of Yogananda, for instance, we may hear that someone said that Yogananda felt he had caused Hitler to invade Russia. But how might such an assertion be proven, in a court of law, no matter how sincerely it might be proposed?

We have not the means to prove, in a physical scientific context, whether mind control exists. And in a court of law, we have not the means to prove whether mind control has taken place,


To my mind, the question is similar to that of murder for hire: If a wealthy man hires a poor man, or an addict, to murder for him, and the murder is accomplished, then what happens in a court of law? I feel it may be true that the weight of the law falls upon the poor man who murdered, rather than the wealthy man who is the ‘first cause’ of the criminal action.

In the same way, if mind control, though unproveable in a physical context, nevertheless is a potent power in the world, then mind controlling another person into a murder attempt might be considered a form of ‘murder by proxy’.

Ought there to be legal repercussions for mind control? This is a question that is coming more and more to the forefront, as the peoples of the world awaken to global telepathy. It will be interesting to find out what the courts make of use of this occult ability with intent to harm other people in times to come.


On the other hand, ‘mind control’ … in a positive sense … is often unwittingly used as a peace project worldwide. This happens when well-meaning people pray for world peace, and for global harmony, and for abundance for all people everywhere.

To my mind, this is a much stronger form of mind control than that motivated by notions of power, or of using people as pawns, one against the other.

The power of prayer is used by churches worldwide, as a way of uplifting everyone on Earth. Its physical effects for the good of humanity are, I feel, very much underestimated.

Thus, by my way of thinking, the answer to mind control that results in harm to others doesn’t lie in experiments to prove the power of mind control that uses the negative emotions to harm other people. Nor does it lie in the decisions of courts of law. Rather, it lies in raising opposing waves of emotion in the noosphere … waves of peaceful feeling, that will transform and absorb the waves of warlike feeling circulating through the noosphere.

Prayer, positive affirmations, peaceful mantras, blessings for the world, and visualizations of peace are some of the ways we may achieve this global transformation. Our work, as bringers of Light to the world, does make a difference. It is the true answer to violence in the world today, whether mental-emotional or physical.

The added advantage is that emotional-mental efforts on behalf of peace are universally acknowledged as being within the law and karmically beneficial, both to the person who says prayers for peace, or visualizes peace, or uses peaceful affirmations or mantras, and to the peoples of Earth who are uplifted by his peaceful intentions.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Characteristics of Negative Astral Alien Beings (Demons, Orion Group), Observed Through the People They Obsess . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written on 24 March 2018; revised on 10 February 2019
Previously titled: Characteristics of Negative Astral Beings, Observed through the People They Obsess

    • Saints and Lack of Role Identification
    • Mimicry of Personality
    • Mimicry of Gait
    • 1994 “Stargate” Movie and Gait Mimicry
      • Erratum: Dimensionality of Negative Astral Alien Beings
      • Erratum: The True ‘Ra’ Is ‘Service to Others’
    • Did Human Beings Evolve from Negative Astral Alien Beings?
    • Why Would They Experience Despair?
    • What Would They Fear?
    • Their Attraction to Christ-like People and to Saints
    • Negative Alien Beings on the Astral Plane
      • Lack of Geography … Constriction of Temporality
    • Negative Astral Alien Beings and Astrology
    • Levitation through Alignment with God
    • Levitation through Entity Obsession or Possession
    • The Prince of the Power of the Air
    • Women’s Malware: Incest
      • The Incubus
    • Spiritual Men’s Malware: ‘Unworthiness’ of Lower Chakras
      • The Succubus
    • Astral Sodomy by a Black Magician
    • Image of Negative-Astral-Inflicted Damage to the Lower Chakras
    • Astral Story: The Wages of Psy Used to Harm Others
    • The Dolphin That Would Not Go to War
    • The Soul Lesson of a Lifetime of Beauty, Wealth, Power, or Fame
    • The Stance of Negative Astral Alien Beings Regarding These Qualities

Dear Ones,

When people are obsessed, or possessed by negative astral alien beings (1), I feel they begin to exhibit traits specific to those beings. And for that reason, I feel that their act of obsessing the energy field, or possessing the energy field, manifests, in the physical reality, clues to the nature of those negative astral alien beings.


For instance, the tendency to become neither male nor female … in a negative sense … amongst people who are obsessed or possessed, indicates that the negative astral alien beings, themselves, don’t relate to the concept of gender. In people who are obsessed or possessed, non-alignment of the astral body with regard to physical gender causes social repercussions that can sour the ‘flavor’ of a person’s emotions, especially with regard to feelings felt during sexual arousal. These ‘soured’ emotions are an entry point for negative astral alien beings into the Soul field, where they can damage a person’s Light Body and etheric net. When this Soul wounding goes unremedied in the current lifetime, it is carried, as karma, into succeeding lifetimes.

Saints and Lack of Role Identification

There is also another kind of nongender awareness that people attain to when they are on the path of enlightenment … this I would term ‘positive’ non-gender identification … an arising above gender (and also family, nationality, religion, and time-space identification in general) to awareness of the Infinite. This I feel to be quite different from the tendency to become neither male nor female, in a negative sense.


Also, the evasiveness … on the astral plane … of people who are obsessable or possessable … in terms of not indicating a name, not being willing to put forth a name, or not knowing their names on that plane … indicates to me that the negative astral alien beings don’t have a sense of individuality. They’re not like that at all. They’re not like human beings, who have individualized, with Souls, with physical bodies, and with subtle bodies (including the causal body) as parts of their human makeup.

Mimicry of Personality

For instance, you may hear astral voices purportedly moving from the voice of one person to the voice of another person … on an on. The ruling intelligence behind this flight from mimicking of one personality to mimicking of the next is a negative astral alien being. On the astral plane, that being is ‘dipping into’ the central vertical power current of one person, and mimicking their voice … then on to the central vertical power current of another person.

The negative astral alien being itself has no personality, But through this ‘Soul signature dipping’ … or ‘skinny dipping’, as it is sometimes termed, it may momentarily clothe itself with the personality of a person.

Sometimes a negative astral alien being obsesses or possesses just one person for awhile. When that happens, apparently the negative astral alien being can take on the personality of that person. Then when the being ‘skinny dips’, the person it dips into … the secondarily, and temporarily, obsessed or possessed person … can briefly take on the thoughts and personality of the primarily obsessed or possessed person.

Mimicry of Gait

I’ve observed lately … with an eerie sense of deja vu, mimicry of gait through ‘skinny dipping’ obsession or possession by a negative astral being. Apparently, the negative alien being becomes accustomed to the gait of its primarily obsessed or possessed person.

Then when the being ‘skinny dips’, the secondarily, and temporarily, obsessed or possessed person assumes the gait … the movement of the hips while walking, the placement of the feet, the lightness of step, and so on … of the first person.

Of course, it’s most likely nothing all that sinister. A second explanation would be that negative astral beings have an infatuation with gait as an expression of personality … To them, it may seem that they are clothing themselves with human form by mimicking gait.

1994 “Stargate” Movie and Gait Mimicry

To me, gait mimicry is a particularly unnatural phenomenon to witness. Intuitively, it feels to me like very black magic … like the negative astral alien being has ‘stolen the Soul’ of the second person. In terms of the sort of eeriness that overcomes me while viewing this ‘gait’ phenomenon, it reminds me of the odd gait of ‘Ra’ in the 1994  version of the Stargate movie, and the end of the movie, where a negative astral alien being is revealed to be ‘inhabiting’ the form of the human young man.

Erratum: Dimensionality of Negative Astral Alien Beings. In terms of the reality of the situation here on Earth, I’d like to point out that the negative astral alien being … most likely because of technical limitations … was portrayed as a physical being within the physical boy in the movie … Whereas this is not actually the case here on Earth. Rather, our astral forms, which are one of our subtle body energies, are obsessed or possessed by the negative astral alien being. Our astral forms exist in the fourth dimension, not the third dimension; they are made of finer matter than the physical forms we see with our physical eyes.

Erratum: The True ‘Ra’ Is ‘Service to Others’. Also, with regard to the 1994 Stargate movie, the use of the word ‘Ra’ for the negative astral alien being is unfortunate … and no doubt intentional on the part of mind-controlling negative astral alien beings. That is because the social memory complex ‘Ra’, as described in “The Law of One: The Ra Material,” and as I experienced through their emissary ‘Ra-En’ … are Star Brethren of Christed Light and Love … who live in service to others, rather than service to self like the negative alien beings termed the Orion Group in “The Law of One.” (2)

But I digress. To get back to the topic of traits of the negative astral alien beings, as observed in human beings they obsess or possess …


We have, amongst people who are obsessable or possessable, a disregard for the notions of right and wrong; in fact, of conscience, altogether. And a tendency to perform abominable acts, and to act in ‘depraved’ ways, as they say in the Theosophical School. (3)

So, what does this say to us about the negative astral alien beings? Well, according to the Theosophical teachings, the thing that distinguishes human beings from the animal realm is the addition of a causal body.  (4) Now the thing about the causal body is that it creates within us the ability to store karma … either good or bad. In that way, our Souls either evolve or devolve.

And so, the lack of conscience … the lack of concern for right and wrong … the tendency towards negative karmic acts … must be features of the negative astral alien being. In other words, how could they have a causal body? They must not have a causal body, because they have only the tendency towards negative karmic actions. And, in people that they obsess or possess, they create a gradient of human behavior … From ‘good conscience’, at the beginning … the type of socialized conscience that most human beings have … on down the rungs of awareness of conscience, to the total depravity of people who are extremely antisocial personalities.

And those people are without conscience altogether. They act in whichever way their reptilian minds lead them. So, that could account for the fact that the negative astral alien beings are sometimes thought of in reptilian terms; because the behavior of the negative astral alien is rather like the reptilian behavior of the lower minds of human beings.

Did Human Beings Evolve from Negative Astral Alien Beings?

Were human beings once negative astral alien beings, whose DNA was somehow altered by the star beings, so that they could have conscience? That’s an interesting question.

I think the answer to this is ‘No’. They must be a separate species altogether, because, amongst the animals that have physical or 3D bodies, but no causal body, here on Earth, there is a range of behaviors … both what we would socially term ‘good’ and what we would term ‘bad’.

For instance, the nurturing instincts and motherhood instincts. As opposed to the predatorial instincts, which are what we would consider ‘less good’ here on Earth. So there’s a mixture, amongst Earth animals that have physical, or 3D, form. Thus it seems unlikely that the physical or 3D animals on Earth derived from negative astral alien stock. As human beings are said to have evolved from the Earth physical animal chain, it would follow that human beings are unlikely to have derived from negative astral alien stock.


A couple more points: Do the negative astral alien beings have logical minds? And the answer, most likely, is ‘No’ …. Because when they obsess or possess a person, the person loses the logical sense, and descends into invective and repetitive, nonsensical sayings.


On  the astral plane, the obsessed or possessed person may sound to be imbued with the drives of territorial aggression or sexual aggression, possessed of a ‘masterplan’ for world domination, or afflicted with the desire to kill or to commit suicide, or of the emotions of hatred or fear. From this I gather that the negative astral alien beings also have qualities of aggression, dictatorial intent, murderousness, hatred, and fear.

Why Would They Experience Despair?

You might ask: Why would they experience despair? To this I have no one-to-one response; perhaps they can induce a human victim to suicide, but don’t experience this feeling themselves.

What Would They Fear?

You may ask: What do they fear? I would say, perhaps they fear negative astral alien beings who are more powerful than they are; or, perhaps they merely pretend deference to them, when they feel themselves to be in the weaker stance.

I feel certain that the world of negative astral alien beings is a ‘dog eat dog’ world, in which the strongest lords it over all the rest.


There will also be an inability to speak truthfully. For instance, the obsessed or possessed person often projects his or her own Soul qualities on those who are not obsessed. This is a form of projection, or self-lying, perhaps.

As I understand it, the Bible also mentions a quality of Satan to lay false accusations against the innocent. That leads me to the notion that the negative astral alien beings don’t understand the notion of speaking truly, or else don’t value it. In short, they must be liars.


In the area of the third eyepoint, an obsessed or possessed person may be creating images of hellworld scenarios. In the area above his head, just above the crown chakra, there may be a ‘clamp down’ of energy … a seal of Dark energy, preventing the person from contacting Source as manifested through creation.


Are the negative astral alien beings of Light or of Dark? The answer, I feel, is: Of Dark … because they are attracted to people who have more Light in their energy field. And because, as they obsess or possess these people, the people lose the Light.

So, the people’s Light is lost through the act of obsession or possession by the negative astral alien beings. Thus, it’s clear to me that these negative astral alien beings are feeders upon the Light of our Soul fields. They themselves don’t have Light. They feed upon the Light, like the beings we term ‘parasites’ in the physical, natural world.

I gather, also, that the negative astral alien beings enjoy envisioning themselves as Light rather than Dark.

Their Attraction to Christ-like People and to Saints

From this quality of feeding on the Light derives the tendency of the negative astral alien beings to cluster round human beings who bear great Light. Thus we find, in the Bible, how the devil taunted Christ, who was full of God’s Light, in the desert. In the stories of Christian saints, we find similar ‘bedevilment’.

Yet Christ and the saints were able to ‘cast out devils’ from people who asked for this help. To me, this means that the negative astral alien beings are attracted to Christ-like people, but unable to deplete their store of Light, because that Light is derived from their devotion to, and alignment with God, the Source of all that is. God’s light is plentiful, and inexhaustible, and so the saint who stands steadfastly in hope and faith in God, can never be without His Light.


In the case of human beings who shine with a great Light, it sometimes happens that this is because they are obsessed or possessed by a negative astral alien being, who siphons Light off of a gathering of people, and passes it on to the obsessed or possessed person, so as to enlist the gathering of people to the Dark.

This ‘false light’ is mentioned in the work of Patanjali as well, and, I expect, may have been used by fakirs, in days of yore, to impress the people of Ancient India, so as to acquire wealth and fame. (5)


Two other qualities that are sometimes found in obsessed or possessed persons are negatively oriented clair skills of omnipresence and levitation.

When the obsessed or possessed person touts omnipresence, this is the negatively aspected omnipresence that flits from the Soul wounding of one human being, to the similar Soul wounding of another human being, as the obsessed or possessed person’s astral body ‘skinny dips’ through the central vertical power current of other people. In this way, his astral body weaves an energetic trail or thread that gloms together the similar Soul wounding of a number of people.

Negative Alien Beings on the Astral Plane

Lack of Geography … Constriction of Temporality. In the same way, I feel, the negative astral alien beings that have co-habited Earth with us through the long Age of Darkness glom together and increase the Soul wounding of human beings. This is their form of omnipresence: An astral ability to be present in the Soul wounding of many different human beings, all at one time. That they are able to do this indicates to me that the astral plane, on which they abide, has the quality of nonlocalization … a lack of geography … but apparently, a constriction of temporality, and a constriction of nonlocalization to within our stratosphere.

In other words, in most cases negative alien beings exhibit omnipresence only with regard to a particular timeline, and only with regard to the beings on physical Earth or within her stratosphere. So they have what might be termed negative, Earth-bound omnipresence, which allows them to degrade our Soul fields.

Negative Alien Beings and Astrology

Intuition tells me that there are also other sorts of negative alien beings that use wormhole technology to influence life on Earth from other constellations … sort of a ‘Deus ex machina’ effect, but boding ill. It could be that the field of astrology deals, in part, with this aspect of the negative alien agenda. Also, consolidation of original chakras with the transpersonal chakras … the chakras above the head … which is now possible, because of the New Light available to Earth … will, I feel, help ward off these off-planet negative influences.


Then, as to negative levitation … I recall reading, once, that the Catholic Church, in ages gone by, looked askance at clair abilities such as levitation. As I recall, they felt that the clair abilities might express God’s miracles on Earth, or they might express the works of devils. I concur with this.

Levitation through Alignment with God

Levitation can occur, I feel, when a person aligns his or her heart and mind and will with the Great Heart, the Great Mind, and the Great Will of God. In so doing, he or she becomes one with the All … with God’s creation … and can manifest miracles. Jesus, for instance, was able, through God’s grace, to walk on water.

Levitation through Entity Obsession or Possession

It also happens, however, that people obsessed or possessed by negative alien beings levitate. In terms of the negative alien agenda, they are allowed to levitate so as to impress other people, which the negative alien being(s) intend will turn more human beings to worship of the Dark, and provide them with increased fodder.

The Prince of the Power of the Air

The Bible mentions that Satan is “the prince of the power of the air” (Ephesians 2:2 KJV public domain). I get from this, that the negative alien beings …

  • may be perceived as flitting about in the air,
  • or that they may effect levitation of humans,
  • and also that they may be good with telepathy (which might be considered a power of the air),
  • and that they may be very smoothe speakers (full of stuff and nonsense).


When negative levitation occurs, then a person’s lower chakras have somehow been weakened. This may be through malware or malspeak installations by the negative alien beings, in the lower portion of a person’s etheric net.  The negative alien beings … unpossessed as they are of logical qualities … most likely do not, in my opinion, now what the malware or malspeak means in terms of human language. But they can sense how it released the Light from a person’s energy field, so that they can feed upon it. Here are but a few examples:

Women’s Malware: Incest

Sometimes women have malware installations of false stories of incest in their early youth. This malware is consciously installed by negative alien beings, and also replicated through entertainment movies on this theme, which cast women in the role of victims, and men in the role of incestuous predators.

The Incubus. This kind of malware is very injurious, as it damages women’s faith in the goodness of men, and causes difficulties in their bonding with men. Thus a woman falls prey to insecurities, negative emotions, and a state of ‘ungroundedness’ that can be exploited by the negative alien beings, especially those termed incubi, which are specialized in astral rape of women

Spiritual Men’s Malware: ‘Unworthiness’ of Lower Chakras

Sometimes spiritual men have malware installations of the ‘unworthiness’ of the lower chakras. This causes a weakness in the central vertical power current at the level of the heart chakra. The spiritual man may concentrate his awareness on the third eyepoint … the psychic eye … which may be considered evidence of spiritual attainment.

A rift develops at the level of the heart, because the lack of appreciation of the sexual organs results in anger, rather than the joy of orgasm, being felt there.

The Succubus. This rift is the cause of what is termed the ‘false ascension matrix’  (6) … where the body of the man is slightly lifted off the ground … unable to connect with the strong energies of mother Earth … and he becomes fodder for the negative alien hordes (the ‘Demon Hordes’). Especially, he is susceptible to those termed succubi, which are specialized in astral rape of men.

Astral Sodomy by a Black Magician

There is at least one other way for a negative alien being to weaken a person’s lower chakras. That is, to have a Black Magician (7), travelling in astral form, perform an act of sodomy upon a normal human being. This act drains the life force, or prana, out of a person temporarily. In this state, the person is susceptible to the death wish of the Black Magician, or to a levitation attempt by a crowd of negative alien beings.

When a person’s lower chakras have been weakened, apparently there is an interruption of the central vertical power current beneath a person’s feet. This makes it possible, as clair viewed, for a crowd of negative alien beings to gather round the affected person’s head and shoulders, and in some manner … I don’t know the mechanism … lift him up, so that his feet aren’t touching the ground.

Image of Negative-Alien-Inflicted Damage to the Lower Chakras

There is a pretty gruesome depiction of this process here … PLEASE USE DISCRETION IN OPENING THIS LINK, as it might cause upset …

Link: A man and a woman with physical injuries to their lower two chakras, levitated by negative alien beings … https://iamofthestars.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/4845b-35-bmp.jpg ..


All the clair abilities have their negative aspects. When these abilities are harnessed to military might, or to desire for world domination, or to the desire for wealth, personal power, and fame, for instance, they provide inroads into the Soul field for the negative alien beings.

Astral Story: The Wages of Psy Used to Harm Others

As a case in point, I recall an astral story … a ‘psy in the sky’ story … about a small group of eager young men who, purportedly, volunteered to develop psy as espionage weapons. They were taught to travel astrally, and descend on enemies of the state, and then induce them to have fatal heart attacks.

However, this art was learned, not only by their conscious minds, but also by their unconscious minds. After the military psy experiment was over … so the story goes … whenever they were in a relationship with a woman, and got into an argument with her, their subconscious minds would induce a fatal heart attack in their beloveds while their conscious minds were asleep. And eventually, almost all of this small group of young men, after suffering heartbreak after heartbreak, bereavement after bereavement, took their own lives.

There is no doubt in my mind that … were this horrific story true … then it would have been negative alien beings who were at fault in the unintentional murders that occurred during this hellworld psy experiment gone awry.

The Dolphin That Would Not Go to War

I’m reminded of a story, perhaps fictional, that I read in my youth, about a military experiment with training dolphins to wear bombs on their heads, and go and ram enemy ships, thus destroying themselves and injuring the ships.

In the story, the dolphins were psychically gifted. On their first mission, rather than intentionally injure the enemy ships, they chose to return to those that had attempted to wreak evil through their own, loving forms, and using the bombs on their heads to ram those ships, destroyed them instead.

Wow! What a story! And what a lesson about using psy for the good of all humankind, rather than for perpetuating that supreme invention of the negative alien beings … human warfare.

I think it must have been a very difficult choice for the dolphin, though, as those beings are all love and light. That dolphin wouldn’t have wished to harm either the aggressor ship or the one they intended to aggress.


Why is it that, amongst the Christian exponents regarding the signs of demonic attack on people, they mention tremors of the extremities; like tremors of the fingers, maybe tremors of the toes (I don’t know) … maybe other types of tremors? I think this is because, until quite recently, there has been a kind of semi-sentient malware out there, that looked like an octopus or a jellyfish. It was only astral, and it could land on a person’s head, on the astral plane, and invade the astral equivalent of the central nervous system. And this invasion of the astral CNS, I feel, most likely caused those tremors.

As I understand it, those beings no longer exist on Earth. I’m certain that they were imported, and/or created, and used by the negative alien beings to control and master humankind.


Often I see that human beings who are very handsome, very beautiful, or have a beautiful voice, or a comely, attractive manner, or who have a position of power in the world, or who are very famous, are prime targets for negative alien beings. Why is this?

My thought is that these qualities make it likely that people will know lots of other people, and this will increase the likelihood that the negative aliens can glom with the Soul wounding of all their adherents, creating a ‘feeding frenzy’ of the Dark.

The Soul Lesson of a Lifetime of Beauty, Wealth, Power, or Fame

Also, while it is not universally true, it may sometimes be true that people who request a comely buman form, or power in the world, or fame on incarnating, may be asking their guardian angels for the ‘wrong thing’  … They may be making a wish that will interfere with their Soul evolution. A wish that won’t bring them closer to God awareness.

In order to show them what is more true, and more desirable, than a comely form, a beautiful voice, or power in the world, or fame, God may offer them the hellworld experience of obsession or possession by the negative alien beings, as a ‘tough love’ teaching mechanism.

The Stance of Negative Alien Beings Regarding These Qualities

Then, as far as the negative alien beings themselves are, in regard to comeliness, the beauty (the great deceptiveness or trickery) of the voice, I feel that they value these very much. I’ve also found that one of the fastest ways to get a negative alien being to ease off on the Soul snacking … temporarily … is to say:

My, what a comely man you are! How elegantly you are dressed! How fine your shoes are!

For some reason, they are calmed by this. In some way, through long association with humankind, they have come to regard themselves as very good looking men, who are very well dressed, and cut a fine figure in the world.

And deeper than this, they vie for power, and wealth of Souls ensnared, and wealth of negative alien underlings who must do their bidding. That may be another reason for seeking out people who are beautiful, wealthy, powerful, or famous: Not just utility in the feeding process, but also, through personal affinity.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

P.S. I have included this blog in the categories Hinduism and Neo-Hinduism – Neo-Vedanta, as the Indian Saint the Vallalar, and Sri Aurobindo of Integral Yoga are often connected to the concepts of omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence, and to the terms: gracelight … grace light … divine light


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Counterfeit versus Enough Money for All People . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 14 October 2017

    • Upliftment and Cleansing of the Justice System Worldwide
    • Magnification of Soul Wounding
    • Increase in Personal Fear and Paranoia
    • Desire to Overthrow the Powers That Be
      • Introspection
      • Sedition
    • On Alignment with Divine
    • On Our Relationship to the Caesars of This World
    • Transformation of the Hologram

Dear Ones,

I do feel that we now have a chance to arrange world wealth in a more equitable way, so that all the people who share this planet have enough to eat, have adequate shelter and medical care, have a good education and job opportunities, are provided with safety and equity through the laws of their country, and have a chance for happiness.

On the other hand, I don’t believe in counterfeit as a quick way to achieve this goal. Here is my reasoning:


First, during these times of New Life on New Earth, the most important thing, I feel, is not the end result … plenty for all humankind … but rather the process of evolution of our communities into an understanding of the importance of this goal.

Upliftment and Cleansing of the Justice System Worldwide

It’s the same way with the upliftment and cleansing of the justice system in each of our communities. There’s just no point in a ‘lone ranger’ going in and attempting to eliminate criminal activities in a community. The process the world is undergoing right now, is the upliftment of each community, arranged by God through the grace of the Incoming Light. As the Soul wisdom of the people in each community matures, the elimination of criminal activities, and of the current widespread abuses and infringements of human rights, worldwide, will occur naturally.


Secondly, when people figure that global money is ‘rigged’ by a few powerful people (which it currently, most likely, is), and then go make counterfeit money as a way of evening the playing field, there are unfortunate results.

Magnification of Soul Wounding

Firstly, great power has the power to corrupt us greatly. For the truth of this, look to those who now hold great power on Earth.

When a person makes and uses counterfeit money, he puts himself in the same boat of the powermongers of Earth. The same temptations beset him as he clearly perceives to beset them. His Soul wounding is greatly magnified by the opportunity to act out, in real life, the promptings of his malware.

Increase in Personal Fear and Paranoia

Secondly, possession of counterfeit money quite naturally leads to fear and even paranoia. How could it not be so? One fears to use the money he had intended for the upliftment of humankind. How could he explain, to the powers that be, how he came by this money?

This fear and paranoia might logically lead to the following scenario …

Desire to Overthrow the Powers That Be

Introspection. Having ‘all the money in the world’ … yet beset by fear and even paranoia … this man might choose introspection:

What has gone wrong here? I see the injustices caused by inequity in distribution of world wealth today. I had hoped to level the playing field. I now have ‘all the money in the world. Yet I feel fearful of the government, of the financial system, and of others with great wealth. What misstep may I have taken? And in this way, through introspection, he might arrive at a different course of action.

Sedition. Or else, and to his great misfortune, he might reason otherwise … He might think: Ah, it’s the fault of these powermongers that I feel fear. I shall choose, once more, boldly to act. And then, through the use of his counterfeit funds. he may foment revolution among the downtrodden. The likely result of this act of sedition will be his death.


Where did he or she go wrong? What did he or she do wrong? Here is how I feel about it:

On Alignment with Divine

I feel we are not on Earth to play the power game, or to force other people to eat mud because they are playing that game. Rather, we are on Earth to increase our loving nature, the energy of our hearts …

  • through prayer and meditation, for the upliftment of humankind
  • through our own conversation with God,
  • our walking with Christ,
  • our singing the praises of Lord Krishna,
  • our reading of the poetry of the great saint Rumi,
  • our appreciation of the natural world,
  • and our interaction, in a kindly and understanding manner, with other members of our community.

On Our Relationship to the Caesars of This World

As Christ said: “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” –Mark 12:17 (KJV, public domain) In other words, we need not fight the powermongers of Earth. Let them be the powerful ones.

Ours is the province of developing a relationship with the Divine that imbues all we see. As Djwhal Khul said in the “Great Invocation,” of aligning our minds, our hearts and our wills with the great Mind and Heart and Will of God. (1)

Transformation of the Hologram

In this way, through alignment with Divine, the entire Earth hologram transforms to the Light. All in a flash, and through our beings, through our own turning the the Great Light, enlightenment happens. This is the fractal reality of our Earth experience. This is our choosing of the optimum timeline and dimension. In this way, we experience that All is One, and One is All.


About money I have this to say: Ask God to work through us so that we may get enough money that we can be happy in the world. Or if we cannot garner that, that we may find work that makes us happy, and fulfills our daily physical needs. In this way we can feel happiness.

While powermongers spread a contagion of want and need amongst those those around them, we who choose the simple life spread quite the opposite. Simply by standing in our presence, our friends and work acquaintances will feel a contagion of joy.


One of the most important things in achieving inner peace, I’ve found, is to summon the strength of will to turn away from public opinion as a means of achieving self-esteem. What other people think of us is invariably based on their own Soul wounding. Why ought we kowtow to that? What would that bow do for us, but incline our own set of malware to include their own?

This is the power of aligning with God, or with our ascension team: It allows us to turn away from societal expectation, from the chidings of our families, our worldly organizations, and to follow our own hearts’ promptings.

This realignment greatly strengthens our electromagnetic field, allowing us to maintain that peace of mind, that state of happiness we had hoped to achieve all along.

So I find, so I feel, and so I hope for each of you.

May you all be blessed.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Here I have channeled the prayer …

Video: “The Great Invocation” . by Djwhal Khul . Channeled by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 19 November 2014 … https://youtu.be/IrE4QJg_Ai0 ..

And here are the words to the prayer … Link: “The Great Invocation,” by Djwhal Khul, through Alice Bailey, in Theosophy Wiki … https://theosophy.wiki/en/Great_Invocation ..


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Philosophical Question 1: Does the Act of Meditation Pay for a Life of Crime? . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 23 April 2017

    • Introduction to Philosophical Questions Series
    • Astral Story about a Person Who Loved to Murder
    • On Meditation Groups Formed for Worldly Reasons
      • On the Foolhardiness of Worshiping Satan
    • How a Spiritual Teacher’s Samskaras Ripple Through His Group
    • Posing the Question: Does the Act of Meditation Pay for a Life of Crime?

Dear Ones,

This is the first in a series of videos posing philosophical questions for your consideration. This video is about the samskara of murder.



Introduction to Philosophical Questions Series

I’m reminded of Christianity, when it first began. For the first four hundred years there were all kinds of debates about heresy and truth. True spirituality, true doctrine, and so forth. Still, these debates are ongoing today, but on a ramped-down level.

I felt those debates, that took place long centuries ago, were very interesting, and very applicable today. So I thought I would have a series of short videos, putting forth to you various knotty questions from a philosophical point of view, and asking you what you think about them.

In your own world, in your own understanding of reality, in your own weltanschauung, is this heresy, or is this your sacred doctrine? Is this falsehood, or is this truth? And here’s the very first …

Astral Story about a Person Who Loved to Murder

On the astral plane, I heard of someone one time, who loved the thought of murdering people. In his youth, maybe that’s what happened … I don’t know. But that’s a very dangerous occupation. And he had developed his psychic abilities, his astral travelling abilities and so forth, so that he was able to vicariously satisfy that urge by swooping down in astral form and observing murders taking place. And that was, according to the astral story, his substitute way, as he got older, of seeing people violently pass on.

As this person approached his very senior years, he began to think: What can I do to make up for this? Because this enjoyment of watching a murder take place is not a good thing. This is considered bad by society. And he had the notion that he would start meditating, and he would form a group where people meditate.

On Meditation Groups Formed for Worldly Reasons

There are lots of meditation groups in the world … all kinds of meditation groups. There are a lot of groups in India that meditate for psychic abilities so as to get things for their own personal gain … such as wealth, or sex with lots of people, or power in the world, or whatever.

On the Foolhardiness of Worshiping Satan. They even worship Satan sometimes for that very reason. They don’t know much about Satan. They figure he’s going to help them out, and give them a leg up in the world, with power. But there was never a mentor more self-centered than Satan. He doesn’t have any feelings of kindness, or helpfulness about him. What you need to do, if you want a leg up in the world, is to look for a mentor with those qualities: kindness, and helpfulness.

So there are people in meditation groups all over the world who are meditating on the wrong stuff. Bad stuff, like this gentleman in this astral story: He was meditating on murder. He loved murder, and that’s what he meditated on.

How a Spiritual Teacher’s Samskaras Ripple Through His Group

To continue: He thought he would form a group where people could make up for the fact that he loved murder. And so, here’s how this incredible story goes: Every time his group met to meditate, what would happen is, in the middle of the night, when everybody was sound asleep … when their unconscious minds and their subconscious minds took the fore … he would journey out of body, in astral form, to a place where a murder was taking place.

Then he would come back in body, and the next day there would be a meditation that included that samskara of murder. What resulted was, that everyone in his group began to be tempted to murder.

This is not an unusual thing. In general, in the third and fourth dimensions, the spiritual teacher has some burnt seeds of past actions, or samskaras in him, that will ripple out through the group, just as the group’s samskaras ripple into the teacher.

Posing the Question: Does the Act of Meditation Pay for a Life of Crime?

For this person, who really enjoyed the act of murder, and who wanted to make up for that by having a meditation group; for those other people, who want to make up for their desire for physical wealth by forming a meditation group, or who believe they are uplifting their desire for sex with everyone in their group by meditating together, I’m asking this question:

Does the act of meditation uplift that group? Does it pay for the acting out of crimes? What do you think? Is it so, or not so? Does it, for instance, make it even?

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Control versus Heart-Centric Reality . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 28 October 2016

Image: One of the Borg, from Star Trek: http://redshirtsalwaysdie.com/files/2016/09/is-star-trek-3-under-threat-from-klingons-the-borg-410059.jpg … What is termed ‘malware’ in the context of the Awakening consists of Borg-like inserts or implants in the subtle body known as our astral body, and in our etheric net. These implants are made, during the long Ages of Darkness, by astral beings negative who are far superior to us in technology. However, it is all done through the Divine plan to offer us humans free will choices, so that we may advance in Soul wisdom.

Dear Ones,

This video is about:

  • The chakric balance of our natal family, and how it affects us at first
  • When one of the gut brain chakras is predominant in a natal family
  • On learning the user manual for the human body
  • Third chakra is about will power, about making one’s way in the world. It has to do with control, and with being controlled.
  • Ways of expressing oneself: assertiveness , aggressiveness, submissiveness
  • For a child born into a third-chakra family, an important lesson to be learned is to stand one’s ground, with maintaining one’s place in the world. The third chakra also has to do with ‘I’ and ‘other’, with cause and effect.
  • Leaders of government, defense, corporations, schools, and churches all have to deal with the competing demands of various people’s third-chakra energy,
  • In about 2012, at the time of the Shift, many, many people started coming to higher consciousness, to a state of enlightenment, to awareness, to enlightenment, to Awakening, and sometimes to a sense of rapture and joy in Cosmic consciousness in the presence of God, to Christ consciousness.
  • People who are in the third chakra, and are starting to attain that awareness, have not yet reached the fourth chakra, which is essential to a noncausal view of reality. Through the fourth chakra, we attain a non-cause-and-effect weltanschauung … the synchronous reality of God’s grace showering down on Earth and changing things instantaneously. But until we get there, sometimes we’re there, and sometimes it seems like everything is hopelessly enmeshed in karma, especially if we had that kind of upbringing where there’s a great deal of respect for the third chakra and for cause and effect.
  • In the last decade, many people, observing politics, have come to an understanding that there are astral realities, similar to the virtual realities of electronics, and to nanotechnology, but far more subtle, more refined. For instance, during the tens of thousands of years of the Age of Darkness, there have been astral bots, astral telecommunication devices, astral spy mechanisms, astral remote viewing and remote control of people, and all kinds of scary astral things like that … astral hypnosis, astral karmic forcing of people into a particular role that they don’t want to be in, astral mind control … These astral things are very similar to the scary movies that the mass media have been putting out. That’s because what the media are putting out has an astral reality, and not necessarily a high-tech reality.
  • So now, we’re getting the willies, because we’ve noticed it: the malware, the mind mud, mind slide, and all kinds of technologies put in place by the many astral beings negative in the many epochs past. Now we notice it. And now we’re freaking out! But it’s all over with! This is the age of the Awakening … the beginning of the Age of Light.
  • It’s not that some groups have suddenly taken over the leadership of any country, or of any groups in any country, or of the common man … you and me.
  • As Star Trek might term it, we have been ‘Borged up’ … our astral forms are cluttered with this malware. That makes us, in a way, not human, or not in control of ourselves. That’s really quite cool, because Earth school is about that … It’s about losing some part of our free will, and making bad decisions, and learning from that, and then starting to make good decisions again.
  • What the malware does is, it creates the opportunity for us to learn more quickly, because it makes every bad decision 10 times worse.
  • On the other hand, we have the blessing of grace, through the higher realms, through our Celestial Teams, which are always available …. Only, we have to ask … and that makes everything 10 times better.
  • What sometimes happens, when a young person is born into a family that concentrates on the third chakra, the very strong will power chakra, is that they don’t know that they have the choice to move into the heart chakra … It seems unsafe; while on the other hand, the only safety exists in the heart chakra. So that’s a difficult thing that has to be learned: That we have that choice, and we can make that choice, and then to summon the courage, the strength of will to give it a go. And this despite the fact that our family may be totally on another page. We may have many long years before we can actually talk to our families. We might have to give that up. In fact, we might have to go to other people who know about assertiveness, and they know about following their hearts and having a wonderful life. We might have to let it go.
  • During a Solar Event, there are simultaneous astral stories running in the different dimensions of reality. Choosing a chakra is choosing a dimension.
  • Something came up yesterday, during the great geostorm that was going on. I was having a great time practicing my multidimensional skills.
  • I remember at first, when the Solar Storms would come up, and I’d be stuck in a third chakra dimensional realm, in the cause and effect realm, and other people would start these astral stories about war, and nanotechnology, and that we were the mere dupes of a shadow government. That the ‘puppet’ government that we saw on the news casts was not really the government at all … and at first I would get into a state of fear about it. Because I was starting to notice, in the third dimension, all the constrictions of the realm of cause and effect. I was starting to notice that, when a president gets in office, or a senator, or a congressman gets in office, he’s immediately inundated by lobbying requests, and put under a great deal of stress, and expected to perform optimally. It’s difficult for these people.
  • We begin to notice how very compromising a leadership position is, because of the fact that we’re tempted to slip down, in a leadership position, into the third chakra … into the realm of control where it seems like everyone else is.
  • Yet we have to follow our hearts, and lead with our hearts, in office. And every time our elected representatives fall toward the third chakra, they pull many other people in our country into that awareness too. Standalone unit! I! I have to stand alone and follow my heart anyway … This goes for each of us. We will follow our hearts, and we will help our leadership and our government to do the same!
  • The minute we determine to do that, and we do that, everything changes for everyone on Earth. Our leaders, our citizens, the foreign nations, leaders of those nations, the leaders of every fleet of ships and every airline on Earth, every corporation … everything changes.
  • It’s that transformational shift that we call multidimensionality or multi-diming.
  • To get back to my own Odyssey along these lines, at first, the Solar Storms would come, and I would hear astral stories about dark things, shadow things going on, and I would be frightened. Everybody else would be saying and feeling the same thing astrally. Then a helicopter would fly by, or I would hear a motor noise. Helicopters always seem to be buzzing overhead during a Solar Storm. And you can take that any number of ways: for instance, as an ominous sign (because the sound of a motor has a tendency to degrade the DNA, and to temporarily pull down our dimensions lower and lower). The odd thing is that, during a Solar Storm, there are lots of motor sounds. It’s almost impossible to escape them. I think it’s because these rough sounds are leaving Earth, and they need to be transformed through love.
  • In any event, when I hear motor noises during a Solar Event … when the air is so charged with protons and so electric, it’s very easy to become mentally confused … what they call ‘mind mud’. Tom Kenyon ( www.tomkenyon.com … Hathor Archives ) terms it ‘cognitive dissonance’ in times of ‘chaos’. This has to do, I feel, with development of the new clair ability termed by WHO ‘EMF hypersensitivity’.
  • When, during a Solar Event, cognitive dissonance sets in, it’s very difficult to remember to feel your heart. Then you find yourself back down in your lower chakras’ fight or flight response. You’re trying to figure out: Am I safe? Do I need to flee? Do I need to fight? Do I need to turn on the news? Do I need to go to sleep? What do I need to do? These are kinds of things that go through your mind if you’re down there in the negative gut brain during a Solar Event; the trigger might be an astral story, or the sound of a motor, or the like.
  • So at first, in the early days, although I’d be sitting peacefully, my thoughts used to flow wildly along with the astral stories. But as time went on, I began to distinguish between the chakras and the dimensions, and it was easier because things would happen that were near repeats of the old, and I would be able to navigate up to the heart chakra.
  • A good example was yesterday. I was doing yard work; there was a big geostorm, and the protons were flying. The helicopters started up again, one after another, flying overhead, circling, it seemed. And I remembered the other times. I could hear people making up astral stories, but by keeping my attention on my heart chakra, I came to the conclusion this was the same as the other times when nothing bad had happened. This was a chance to absorb the heavy energies coming from the sound of the helicopter engines into my heart and transform them with love. When I did that, it helped everyone around here, who was listening in, to achieve a more positive emotional frame of mind too.
  • That’s the difference between the navel point and the heart; it’s the ability to ride through our fears and to move on to an understanding that God is always with us; that grace is always with us, abounding.
  • This is just an illusion, and it’s up to us to flavor it with positive emotions or negative emotions. If positive, then we rise in feeling to the highest heaven worlds. If negative, we can sink to the very lowest hell worlds … It’s completely up to us.
  • Expect the unexpected during Solar Events. Go with the flow. Ride with the waves and enjoy it. It’s kind of cool. Very unexpected things happen.
  • The interesting thing about the dimensions is that, as we experience one dimension, the third dimension, we may see actions and ‘acting out’ in the world that support that third-dimensional activity. For example, some sort of ‘berserker’ actions out in the world. We may see those things happen. And that’s because we’ve hooked into a dimension where those things are possible.
  • Yet, we can take the same set of sensory phenomena, and transform our awareness to the heart chakra, and for us, seemingly unalterable reality, that causal net or trap that other people are in, how many people feel they can control other people, how they feel they have everything ‘tied up’, how the dare down (what we used to call the ‘game of chicken‘) operates, how we can have our way, and be above the law … these things that people believe, when they practice third chakra energies, and that manifest in their reality because of it … are completely transformed through feeling the heart.
  • A person standing right beside me, and seeing all the helicopters going over, might be experiencing a completely different reality because of their feeling of fear. And they might step away from me, and into some action that perpetuates that feeling of fear is true. Yet it is not. Only love is true. And the closer our feeling is to love, the more truthful will be our hologram and our illusion. The more we will draw to ourselves those who have the same truthful representation of all that is.
  • Lots of times when people see all the dark things that are happening in the world, they figure they will only survive if they practice black magic, not knowing that the practice of black magic only pulls them down further into the illusion. Black magic is not strong like the angelic realm is strong. Not one ten-thousandth as strong as the angelic realm; we can always call on that and call in the fourth dimension.
  • Many people noticed what was going on with the power games amongst the leadership in the last decade, and how our world leaders were associating with other people also in the third chakras, including black magic practitioners. People noticed the bindings and the karmic forces that wreak control over those who seek power, and how others are always eager to say  that is they who created those bonds on the leadership; that they are the power behind the power. They are the ‘controllers’ of Earth. They have the ‘master plan’ and they are making everything happen.
  • And if we, too, are perceiving everything from our third chakra, we believe this too. It’s easy to believe. They seem pretty scary! They say that they’ve done 700 or 900 or Lord knows how many murders in their lifetime. And in a state of fear we might believe these things. But in a state of feeling the heart, we see that none of this is true. It’s completely untrue.
  • It’s the same way in the astral stories … If there’s someone that we feel to have power or authority over us, for whatever reason … someone that we just can’t seem to be able to deal with on an equal footing … it’s likely, during a Solar Event, that the astral stories that come up around helicopters, and like that, are going to feature that person as the ‘controller’. But in fact, there is no ‘controller’. There are just a lot of people that believe that they control things.
  • This is lucky, because we are noticing the constrictions on those in power. We are noticing how the desire for power rips power from us. We are noticing how black magic diminishes our human electromagnetic field. And we’re finally realizing that that’s not the way.
  • But at first, it seems like everything is hopeless, and suddenly there are psychic wars, and there are mind control experts, and there are ‘controllers’ everywhere, and all this stuff is going on. But it’s been going on all this time. We just didn’t know it. But now we do! That’s really terrific! Congratulations to each of us!
  • One of the power buzzwords that people use on the astral plane when they’re into the third chakra game, is they’ll find some agency on Earth that seems impregnable and unassailable, like a secret service organization, for instance. Pretending to be a secret service agent is, according to an article I read in WikiHow recently, quite an up and coming con game. A person with a fake secret service ID might even try to convince law enforcement that he just murdered a man, or robbed a bank because he was a secret service person, and so therefore, he should be let go.
  • This is a very popular con game these days, and the same is true on the astral plane. There’s a very popular astral story going on about the secret service … all the different agencies like that, and with regard to the State Department, the Internal Revenue Service. Anything that strikes fear into the heart of the average American is featured on the astral stories as if the one or two people in the world that we most think of as the impregnable, unassailable ‘controllers’ of our existence were in charge of those organizations. That’s just another example of the fake secret service ID, except that this person, that we’re kind of afraid of, is saying, suddenly, that they’re a secret service agent, or that they’ve called the IRS, or that they know the head of the State Department, or that they have drones that they drones (!) that they can employ against us, and that tomorrow we’re going to be out of existence…. Like, right! Like the government is concerned about us!
  • I saw a movie called “The Last Avatar,” available on www.amazon.com … It’s a very cool movie about rising above fears engendered by the navel point notions of fight or flight, of control or being controlled. It’s about rising past that into the heart chakra. And there’s this great scene where the hero is about to proclaim his truth to the world, about all the great things that are actually so in the higher dimensions, and he’s chased by a mob of Gendarme guerrilla people … mercenaries … and he just makes it into the broadcasting booth, and proclaims his truth, and then the movie ends.
  • It’s just that kind of feeling when you’re rising from third chakra fears into the fourth chakra. You can do it! You can make it. And it’s a whole new, separate world where you can speak your truth freely, where you can follow your heart, where all the liberties written down in the Constitution of the United States are yours for the taking!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

P.S. Here is the Planetary K (Kp) Index for the Solar Storm that took place the last few days, as mentioned in the video (1):



(1) This chart is public domain. See  http://www.education.noaa.gov/Special_Topics/Photos_and_Multimedia.html


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Signs in the Clouds: Cherubim and Seraphim . Black Magic vs Djwhal Khul . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 31 January 2016

Dear Ones,

Here is a cloud reading about the cherubim and seraphim, the plane of forces, and the archangel warriors for the good.

Black magic and sorcery as sources of our personal energy ‘power packs’, compared to Djwhal Khul’s power of alignment with the great mind and heart and will of God.

Lord Shiva, divided in two equals the power of black magic, which is to call forth for ourselves the experiences of the hellworlds after we pass on.

Calling forth the Angels and Archangels, the Cherubim and Seraphim, will call forth our greatest power in the world today.

Lord Shiva as that which breaks down the illusion and allows us to become enlightened.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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