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For Lightworkers: On Standing with Courage in Physical Form . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 16 March 2021


Dear Ones,

I like this painting very much indeed …

Image: “World of Warcraft Deathwing Video Game: Dragon Thrall Wallpaper” … https://images4.alphacoders.com/195/195504.jpg … DESCRIPTION: On the left, a great dragon, its heart on fire like a living coal on which the breath of courage has been breathed. On the right is Thrall, a green-skinned giant, holding a round, magical mirror that reflects the red Light of the Dragon.


The painting reminds me that we Lightworkers, Pathfinders, Wayshowers, and healers must be full of courage even when the odds are greatly daunting.

For instance, yesterday there were three gang members in the parking lot of the coffee shop where I went for a grilled cheese sandwich. One was chasing after a young woman, and the others were trying to intimidate me.

Then, despite storm clouds overhead, I went to the park. As I walked, a man arrived and began walking with his pitbull. The pitbull took one look at me and came rushing to attack me. Go figure!

We Lightworkers and healers must stand undaunted against the challenges of life in physical form. Like Thrall on the right side of the painting, we must take our stand against the perils we encounter, no matter how daunting they may appear. We must do so in the Now, on the spur of the moment, at the very instant we sense, through intuition, that danger lies before us. That is the one lesson I got from this painting.


I had another, and quite a different take on the painting. It went like this: The sociopath might perceive a Lightworker’s or a healer’s heart like the energy on the left of the painting, and feel threatened by it, like Thrall on the right. Yet, I feel, the redness and danger that the sociopath senses in those others may have to do with his own mental and emotional filters, which may seem to color other beings with anger and with threat energy. 

I feel it to be best for us Lightworkers and healers to feel love in our hearts, for our own sake. Only a strong and loving heart can keep our own physical and subtle bodies in good health in the third dimension. If we feel negative emotions such as fear, anger, or despair when confronted with the threat energy of the antisocial personality, then we harm our own bodies of Light, and momentarily dim our chances of survival in physical form.

But what of those who feel it is their life mission to squash love? Then if I feel love towards them in particular, they sense an attack on their mission, and respond with negative thoughts and emotions. For now, I thought I might try working with my own heart energy, and then sending love to all beings everywhere (as in the Metta prayer of the Buddhists).

It feels to me it is as if we human beings are hardwired to relate one-on-one. But there are those (such as antisocial personalities) with whom Lightworkers and healers cannot relate one-on-one, because it results in our own heart being injured.

Right now I am thinking maybe I could sidestep the one-to-one wiring in my human thinking and emotions, and avoid dings to my body of Light because of astral run-ins with antisocial personalities, by offering blessings for the All and expressing appreciation of Free Will.

By blessing all beings everywhere, I hope to avoid attracting the one-on-one attention of human sociopaths and of ‘astral rascals’.


11 “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

13 “Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

14 “Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

15 “And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

16 “Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

17 “And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God….”

–Ephesians 6: 11-17 (KJV)

Free will is the Creator’s tool for Soul evolution and development of Soul wisdom for all human beings, here in the third dimension. Of course, astral rascals have not the gift of Soul evolution, nor that of Free Will … any more so than do the Angels. They grow and mature into adult beings. Some work for the Dark and others for the Light. Through their very nature they adhere to these principles: affinity for the Dark, or else for the Light. But though they have not the gift of Free Will, yet they have the very great gift of assisting God in manifesting the play of Light and Dark in this, the third dimension. For that I can be, and ever am, very grateful.

Human beings have the gift of Free Will, and so may chose to express the Light or the relative Dark through their actions here on Earth. It is through the tutelage or interception of the forces of Light and Dark … the beings of the Angelic Realm …

Image: “The Guardian Angel,” by Gioacchino Assereto, between 1625 and 1630, in Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Gioacchino_Assereto_(1600-1649)_-_The_Guardian_Angel_-_1948P35_-_Birmingham_Museums_Trust.jpg … public domain

Image: “The Guardian Angel,” by Gioacchino Assereto, between 1625 and 1630, in Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Gioacchino_Assereto_(1600-1649)_-_The_Guardian_Angel_-_1948P35_-_Birmingham_Museums_Trust.jpg … public domain

… or the Demonic Realm …

Image: “The Temptation of Christ,” by Ary Scheffer, 1854, in Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ary_Scheffer_-_The_Temptation_of_Christ_(1854).jpg … public domain

Image: “The Temptation of Christ,” by Ary Scheffer, 1854, in Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ary_Scheffer_-_The_Temptation_of_Christ_(1854).jpg … public domain

… that God adds the exclamation marks to our human choices of right action or wrong action in our worldly affairs.

As a LIghtworker, I am grateful for the striking contrast of Angelic or Demonic intervention when I exercise Free Will. For those of us with an ear attuned to the differences between the opposing effects of intervention by beings of the astral positive and the astral negative realms, it becomes possible to sense, in the here and Now, the right or wrong of our actions. These beings, through their outpouring of Light and love, or conversely, through their evil murmurs in my (left) astral ear, allow me to plum the wisdom of my actions on Earth.

As well, I feel, through God’s gift of human incarnations in different timelines and dimensions, human beings can attain ever greater Soul wisdom. That wisdom is gleaned from their darker choices in the darker timelines and dimensions in which they are incarnate, as well as from their lighter choices in the lighter timelines and dimensions in which they incarnate. Thus the Lightworker can feel good about all the Free Will choices made by human beings on Earth.

This is the play of Duality, the school of all our Souls. Our choices, both good and bad, are made more poignant … more full of anguish or of the great virtues … love, hope, charity, peace of mind, joy in the moment of the Now … by the helping presence of the creatures God has provided to work with us through the Demonic Realm and the Angelic Realm.

With this o’erarching viewpoint, I feel gratitude for God’s gift of Free Will to human beings; to His gift of angels and astral rascals to highlight our moral decisions, moment to moment; and to the play of karma and the blessing of dharma (of aligning with God’s grace) in this world,

That way I can feel good about, and remain neutral to, the many choices of action made by the many beings here in the physical and astral realities of Earth. That is my aspiration.

With gratitude for the painter of the “World of Warcraft Deathwing Video Game: Dragon Thrall Wallpaper,” I am

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

For more on the All and Free Will, see … Link: “The Law of One: The Ra Material” … https://www.lawofone.info/ … Search the category: Law of One  … and search the terms: Free Will  … and … All 

NOTE: The green-skinned figure on the right of the painting reminds me of earlier paintings of orks I found online. Some of these are fierce and cruel, as in the first renditions of the drawings. Others are fierce but good. Perhaps there are two races of orks, and the figure in this painting belongs to the latter, more benign race of powerful beings.


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For the Lightworker: How to Prevent Nightmares and Dark Daydreams . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 27 November 2020

Image: “This detailed annotated map shows the structure of the Milky Way, including the location of the spiral arms and other components such as the bulge. This version of the image has been updated to include the most recent mapping of the shape of the central bulge deduced from survey data from ESO’s VISTA telescope at the Paranal Observatory. The original image was published in 2008 by NASA/JPL-Caltech (author R. Hurt),” by NASA/JPL-Caltech/ESO/R. Hurt, 12 September 201, from Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Artist%27s_impression_of_the_Milky_Way_(updated_-_annotated).jpg … public domain

Image: “This detailed annotated map shows the structure of the Milky Way, including the location of the spiral arms and other components such as the bulge. This version of the image has been updated to include the most recent mapping of the shape of the central bulge deduced from survey data from ESO’s VISTA telescope at the Paranal Observatory. The original image was published in 2008 by NASA/JPL-Caltech (author R. Hurt),” by NASA/JPL-Caltech/ESO/R. Hurt, 12 September 201, from Wikimedia Commons … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Artist%27s_impression_of_the_Milky_Way_(updated_-_annotated).jpg … public domain

    • About the Light
    • About the Dark

Dear Ones,


Among the darkest, densest noospheric energies on Earth are Reverse Kundalini or Black Tantra nightmares at night, vivid waking dreams, or clair-sensing of astral stories that involve these energies. These may include visions or clair auditory experiences of Slave Planet Blues … of men raping women; men sodomizing men; people obsessed or possessed by the Demon Realm or made into human ‘donkeys’ by voodoo cults; people overdosing on hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and morphine; conspiracy theory marijuana day dreams (‘pot dreams’);  visions of child trafficking or child abuse, pariah or shunning or expiation, torture, genital mutilation, mafia ‘hits’ or murder of the innocent, cannibalism or blood sacrifice, or other Satanic practices.

I have discussed priorly the Reverse Kundalini exercises that I feel to be the cause of these dense noospheric energy strands …

Link: “Reverse Kundalini Syndrome,” a new psychological term by Alice B. Clagett … Excerpted on 25 August 2020 from a blog written and published on 25 July 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-jGC ..

These noospheric strands are not caused by Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Pathfinders, Gatekeepers, and healers, whose noospheric energies are of fast-pulsating, un-dense Light, such as the ‘ultraLight’ spoken of by Judy Satori …

Video: “Judy Satori’s UltraLight Rose Fr4equency Transmission,” by Steve Hutchinson, 6 August 2019, in YouTube …   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OsAjgDLUv8 ..

But in this world of Duality, dense noospheric strands are naturally attracted to ultraLight noospheric strands. In other words, noospheric opposites … thought forms of opposing energies … attract.

For people who are not Lightworkers … who are just going about their jobs and their lives, without much thought about spiritual development … the quality of their thought forms is both middling Dark and middling Light. They are in the Purgatory thought form domain, where their own thought form of middling Light will find as its noospheric ‘opposing force’ someone else’s thought form of middling Darkness.

For the average person, the experience of Duality is therefore not too shocking. They may have a middling upbeat thought; then in their dreamtime or daydreaming realm a thought of middling sadness, fear, or irritation swoops in as countering opposite. Or vice versa: They may have a middling upset thought; then someone else’s middling upbeat thought form swoops into their ‘mini-noosphere’ … the portion of the noosphere of Earth that is ‘heard’ or ‘seen’ by their own brain.

But for the Lightworker, the contrasts of the world of Duality are much more stark. All day long, the Lightworker may put forth into Earth’s noosphere thought forms that are ultralight. Then at night, or during a daydream, the Lightworker may encounter the dense energies of Reverse Kundalini and Black Magic.

The sensitivity of a Lightworker is that of healing and upliftment of humankind, of perfection of Soul wisdom and experience of Christ Consciousness … the experience of Heaven on Earth. For that reason, I feel, our glimpsing of the dark underbelly of Earth’s noosphere … the hellworlds of Earth … through the law of attraction of noospheric opposites can be uncomfortable, unsettling, even repugnant.

Repugnance for the densest energies of Earth can cause a Lightworker to tumble headlong from the Higher Dimensions into the realm of cause and effect, whose laws characterize the fourth dimension … the astral realm … and the third dimension … the physical realm beloved by all humans as God’s gift of the experience of life in physical form.

I feel this tumbling down of Lightworkers to be more likely during the 5 years of Solar Minimum that take place during each 11-year Solar Cycle. It is during the Solar Minimums … such as that from which Earth is just now emerging … that there is greatest influx of Cosmic Rays into Earth’s magnetosphere. These Cosmic Rays pierce the Lightworker’s energy field like barbs or darts, inserting tiny pricks of Darkness in our fields of Light …

Link: “Health Risks of Space Weather,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 11 May 2017; revised …https://awakeningwithplanetearth.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=27634&action=edit&classic-editor … See the section: Health Dangers of Cosmic Rays

When we Lightworkers fall from the Higher Dimensions into trying to cure the ills of the physical world, then the Dark lays hold on us.

Attempts at whistleblowing make it clear that law enforcement, for instance, is enmired in the survival of the criminal world, of the mafia, confidence men, and drug lords, because the survival of law enforcement groups depends on the existence of criminals. In other words, without the existence of criminals, the jobs of law enforcement personnel would be at risk. In a way, there is an easy camaraderie amongst these two opposing noospheric energies: the protectors of humankind and the antisocial personalities whose Soul purpose is to devolve to a state of shared consciousness as members of an animal Group Soul … a state of Awareness that lacks individuation through retention of an individual Soul as one of its subtle energy bodies.

In the world of Duality both types of Souls exist: Souls intent on Soul evolution towards God Awareness, and Souls intent on Soul devolution, towards animal consciousness, and eventually towards that innate but not unfolded consciousness of the mineral world. There are also Souls newly born … as it were, just now awakening … just emerging from their protective shells, and not yet sensing the pull of God’s love for them.

There are groups of people experiencing denser energies of the Light here on Earth as a kind of Satanic dance or ‘Dark Tango’. These include law enforcement officers, who dance the Dark Tango with crime gangs. As well they include secret service men, who dance the Dark Tango with international conspirators. And they include military men and women, who dance the Dark Tango with international terrorists.

When Lightworkers attempts to upgrade these denser energies through whistleblowing, I feel it likely they will find both members of a Dark Tango … both the protectors of humankind and the antisocial personalities involved in the dance … will turn upon them and attempt to change the energy of the Lightworker into an energy more like their own.

This may be, for instance, through accusation of crime gangs that a Lightworker is a prostitute hooked on drugs, and affirmation by law enforcement through imprisonment, gang banging, and death in prison. Or it might be by assassination, as was the case with President John F. Kennedy and of many human rights activists worldwide …

Link: “List of Assassinated Human Rights Activists,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_assassinated_human_rights_activists ..

Why would this scenario take place for whistleblowers, over and over again? I feel it takes place because there are Souls which incarnate on Earth with intention to experience the denser realities. I feel that God has agreed to allow them these denser Light experiences, through His creation of this Free Will planet on the far reaches of this, the Milky Way galaxy, which is our home turf.

Were it not possible for Souls to chose Soul devolution on Earth, then how might it be said that we experience the illusion of Free Will? Of course, all Creation is of God and within God, so the struggle is simply that some spark of Divine Awareness … His own creature … we ourselves, for instance … desires to experience His all-encompassing love; or else has forgotten that it is His creature; or else wishes to experience Self without the experience of the All.

No matter what our choice, yet we allow God the experience of love of Other, which, when you are Everything, can only be accomplished through creation of the illusion of Duality. That is pretty good sleight of hand on God’s part, and fun for the Lightworker to view ‘from afar’, so to speak.

Some, for instance, have incarnated as Victims, and others as Victimizers …

Link: “Victim-Victimizer,” in the Ascension Glossary … https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Victim-Victimizer ..

See also my blog category: Patriarchal domination mental filter / victim-aggressor / V— D—

The Earth reality experienced by Victims and Victimizers is worlds away from the Earth reality experienced by Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Pathfinders, Gatekeepers, and healers. Yet, from the Higher Dimensional Realities we can peer down into the denser realms … the Purgatory realms and the Hellworlds … and, through the quality of empathy we can experience their suffering, or their anguish.

The truest experience of the Lightworker on Earth is that of neutral observer of the anguish of the lower realms, and of experiencing, within our own physical and subtle bodies, the highest energies of Light. The catastrophic experiences of our fellow Lightworkers with regard to whistleblowing confirm this.

Are we here in physical form to embark on a course of action that will inexorably lead to our physical destruction? No, we are not. We Lightworkers are here on Earth to serve as beacons of the higher Light, to light the way for those who wish to take on such a Soul purpose as their own. We are here to show the way, in case others might also wish to walk such a path.

We are not here to save the world, but to be the Light of Higher Consciousness, within our own energy fields. Let us then be that Way and that Path and that Light. Let us faithfully do those spiritual practices that uplift and preserve our experience of the Higher Realms, knowing that our personal experience of the highest Light is all the good we need to do here on Earth.

Let us allow God, in His own good time, to transform the densest energies of our noosphere, and to inspire those in the Dark Tango to transform their energy fields to the Light, through their own Free Will, in accord with the Divine plan for the return of the physical realms to God consciousness. His open arms beckon everyone to come home to Him, in this the time of Ascension, of the awakening of humankind to New Life on New Earth.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


About the Light

Link: “Mastering the Mind and the Human EMF,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 15 April 2016; revised on 12 February 2019 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-56Y ..

Link: “How to Perfect the Forces Within Our Bodies,” by Alice B. Clagett, excerpted and rewritten on 2 February 2017 from a blog published on 18 May 2019; revised on 18 June 2020 and 13 November 2020 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-cOY ..

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Link: “Compendium: Life on Earth,” by Alice B. Clagett, compiled and published on 20 March 2020; republished on 29 March 2020; updated … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-haG ..

About the Dark

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Or see my blog categories on Satanism … Disclosure … Child Molestation … Sexual Abuse … and so on.


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Psy Crime versus Mastery of Mind . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 10 July 2018; revised on 2 May 2020
Previously titled: Mind Control versus Mastery of Mind


Dear Ones,

Here is a video on psychic crime, Controllers, and mastery of mind. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I thought I would talk a little bit today about good luck and bad luck in organizations, and whether these assertions people have about some groups practicing Psychic Crime can be proven in the physical realm, in the law court. I have a few things to say about this.


First, I would like to say that problems in one dimension must be solved in that dimension. So we cannot anticipate legal decisions in the physical realm, regarding psychic reality. Rather, the place to address those issues is the psychic realm.


The great sages, the Enlightened Ones, the Lightworkers and wayshowers, the Ascensioneers … all the people that have a very positive attitude towards the evolution of humankind … can make a great difference in the astral realm; mainly, by passing through that realm, and on, to the Fifth Dimension, where the Beings of Light are … and higher, where the Angelic Realms are.

They can bring in the Light that will transform the reality; that will change the astral realm and the astral wildlife that is there. That will affect the noosphere … the thoughts of the people. That is my first and greatest hope with regard to the astral plane.

And greater than that is the Light of God coming in to Earth, which is just a natural phenomenon … the Will of God, coming in. So we have the Lightworkers, who wish to bring in God’s grace. We have God Himself, who wishes humankind to benefit from that grace, and we have the changeup that allows the greater Light to be coming in; the Great Age of Light that is dawning.

Also, we have all the Angelic Beings, the Beings of Light. The wonderful beings that care for the natural order, and for the Universe, are happy to help us any time we ask, along with God … along with Source.

So we have all these helping qualities of God’s creation. And we have God Himself.


People talk about the karma of an organization, and the luck of the people that are in it. The issue of the karma of an organization, as a legal argument, I would say, cannot exist … because, above the Law of Karma that governs the members of a group, is the Law of Dharma … the Law of Grace … the Law of the Incoming Light … and the Law of God’s love and Light and joy.

So the karma of a group, and the karma of an individual … the karma of all life everywhere …  the karma of the Universe, is an insignificant factor, beside the blessing of God: the Dharma.

The Dharma does consist in living a good life: I say that from the perspective of my personal life. But Dharma transpires because I align my will with that of God, and I ask God for his blessing. It is not because of what I do, but because of what God does, in response to the asking. Dharma covers everything, everywhere, with Love and Light and Joy. That I feel.

We cannot speak of the karma of an organization, in the legal sense, as the thing that causes Psychic Crime events for individuals that they may target (were such to be true).

For instance, in the case of an organization that practiced mind control, the person targeted has the power to align his heart and mind and will with those of God, and in that manner summon the superior firepower to overcome the psychic crime tendencies of the targeting group. How can the psychic crime group, then, be held responsible for the outcome, when the remedy lies in the free will decision-making process of their intended victim?


There is a commonly accepted concept that some things are lucky and some things are not. And the question came up, on the psychic plane, just now: Would it be possible to argue, in a court of law, in regard to an organization or group being lucky or unlucky? And to use that as the basis for a legal effort with regard to psychic crime?

This is quite an interesting question, because people think of Luck as something tangible and real … something like a gold coin that you have; that is Luck. [laughs] And in this regard there is some truth, because the atmosphere of an organization or group has to do with its beliefs. And the beliefs of the organization are like a giant group of thoughts … big thought forms, small thought forms … that adhere to the people, as an overall umbrella around all the people, because of the teachings of the group.

Each group has its own ‘cloud’ of thought forms, no matter how geographically scattered the group is. The Catholics have theirs. The Buddhists have theirs. The Islamic peoples have theirs. The Hindus have theirs. And then there are regional and intergroup differences.

Thought forms are very fluid … They flow around everywhere. And people who associate together in a group tend to exchange thought forms at a very fast clip. Thus there is a homogeneous umbrella of thought forms that everyone in the group has. So the question is: Are these thought forms lucky or unlucky?

Is Luck a physical sort of event that can cause people to fall upon hard times … to experience bad things in life? And could this be pursued in a court of law? My feeling about that is, that we can judge an organization by its beliefs, by first attempting to discover what God’s will, God’s heart, and God’s mind have in store as the skein of the Universe … and then comparing God’s plan with the plan of the group or organization.

The farther God’s plan is from that of the group or organization, it seems to me we could argue in a court of law, or anywhere, the less lucky its members will be … because its members will all be bathed in a relatively untrue sea of thought forms.

Could we take that to court? I do not think so. But what we can do, in a place like the United States, is decide which groups we really want to belong to. Do we want to belong to what we perceive to be a lucky group? … or to what we perceive to be an unlucky group?

Are the people in the group happy? Do they feel love? Do they feel  joy? Or are they miserable for some reason? Are they unhappy? Are they grumpy? Are they sad? Are they angry? In preponderance, what is the tenor of the noosphere of the group? In that way we can choose where we want to be. And then we can determine our own Luck.

We have free will, here in the United States. In other countries, such as dictatorial countries or totalitarian countries, where it is impossible to alter the form of government … government being quite a large noospheric entity … then you may find that there is Bad Luck for everyone; and that they may have to leave the country in order to experience Good Luck, unless they are the type of person who flourishes in a government that has a relative lack of expression of free will.


Now, on to the issue of mind control. People talk about being hapless victims of mind control, and of groups that they say practice mind control. Is this really true, or is it not?

The pressure of thought forms in the world is not subject to staying within a group or within a country or within a hemisphere at all. The pressure of thought forms flows throughout the world all the time. It is always circulating throughout the world. It is one world, really, and one noospheric content.

In this great noospheric climate of Earth, there are always thoughts of controlling other people. We talk about grabbing someone, and putting them in a room, and locking them up, and forcing them to be mind controlled. That is a special situation, because their mind is constantly being targeted by unwholesome thoughts.

But in the world at large, there are many thoughts about controlling other people. We want to control our own lives; we want to stay alive, we want to pursue our own happiness, and so forth. How, then, can we escape other people’s thoughts about controlling us?

My feeling is that thoughts of being mind controlled come to us because we want to control our own circumstances. The only way I have found to eliminate these mind control thoughts from my life, is to be happy, to be joyful in the pursuit of my Soul mission, my Soul purpose. If I am pursuing these in such a way that I am unhappy, then I need to switch tracks.

I must develop the ability to switch tracks immediately, not some other time. The minute that I do that, everything changes. Other people’s thoughts to do with mind control are no longer attracted to me. Control and joy are two exact opposites, in the noospheric realm. Thoughts of joy do not attract thoughts of control. And thoughts of control do not bring happiness.

The issue is that of emotional change-up achieved in and of itself, or else through change of activities. A change of emotion will change the noosphere in the wink of an eye.


One thing it is important to keep in mind is that mind control experts are using the left side of their brains in order to influence what they consider to be the thoughts inside somebody else’s brain. But that person has two hemispheres in their brain: left and right. That person has a Lower Mental Body, a Higher Mental Body, and a Superconscious Mind, all in the realm of the subtle body known as Mind. (1)

Then it has other subtle bodies. The count of these varies: Some say seven, some say more. In addition there is the physical body, which has its own wants and needs and prerogatives.

So the mind control expert may be spending his time with his left brain, trying to influence one of the many mental centers of another person; but leaving out, for instance … and most importantly … the body of Light, through which all the other realms are influenced; the subtle bodies, each of which has its own manifestation in reality; and the joy of the cells of the physical body, none of which can be impinged upon through any method of mind control.

The notion that we can mind control other people has to do with a world view that holds the Higher Mental Body as the king of the bodies that the Soul manifests in an incarnation. Yet this is not so: It is a cooperation of physical body and subtle bodies that creates this hologrammatic experience for us.

And it is also a cooperation of our Soul with the physical and astral expressions of many other forms of life. We human beings are like a Tree of Life, here on Earth. We have many, many micro-organisms inside us, that call us their home. We have many, many astral beings that help to form our many bodies, and that call our many bodies their home as well.

So, it is not just one person here, with a physical body and, say, seven subtle bodies. No. It is a person with a physical body, seven subtle bodies, and trillions and trillions of beings, including all the body cells, each of which has its own expression and purpose in the physical realm.

What will the Mind Control expert control in us? Which portion of us will it control? Will it control our left brain? Our right brain? Our gut brain? Our superconscious mind? Will it control our astral expression … our emotions?  Will it change our body of Light? Will it inflict harm on our etheric template?

Will it cause a change in the Martian Bacterial Colonists of our large intestine?

Will it change the health of our physical form? Can it influence the body cells of a particular organ, or of all the organs?

Can it change our Soul mission or our Soul purpose?

What will be the intention of the mind controller? He is working with a causal network in the left brain. And yet, our existence is as a holistic experience of joyful expression of the lives of many beings.

Were he to attempt mind control in the arena of the mental field, we could always switch our Awareness to one of the other realms of which we are the master, and in that way evade his intention. Mastery of Mind allows us to do that. All effort needs to be bent, I feel, by the avid spiritual student, on the issue of Mastery of Mind … mastery of one’s personal mind; and not on the issue of whether someone else can control us.


People talk about the Controllers, and with a great deal of trepidation. They talk about the Controllers of Earth, who are in charge of everything.

In a similar vein, the Bible talks about Satan. It says mammon owns the Earth (2 Corinthians 4:4) … or words to that effect, does it not? Earth is in the charge of Satan, it implies. But what does it mean by that?

Does it mean that our Soul experience, in embodied form, depends on what Satan manifests in the hologram around us? Or does it merely mean that Satan provides a hologram through which we can experience choices that allow us to grow in Soul wisdom?

This is what I feel the Bible really means when it says that mammon owns the Earth: Mammon owns the hologram. Satan is in charge of the Duality Play that allows us Soul learning experiences.

People do talk about Controllers. I would like to call for a discussion of the Controllers in the context of what they are unable to do. What can they do, and what can they not do?

My first guess would be that the Controllers are unable to feel their hearts.

And what do they lose by that? They lose integration, through joy, and through love, and through faith, of their entire energy field.

So, in their attempt to control us, they lose control of themselves. And in this way we can consider that the Controllers are expressing a weakness that they have, rather than a strength.


Last night, or the night before, I had an interesting experience. I have been listening to one of the Ascensioneer’s language of Light offerings on physical regeneration. There is one that I listen to every day now …

Link: “Ascension Library” … https://www.ascensionlibrary.org/ … Search the word: regenesis ... Judy Satori’s website has seen quite a changeup; I am not sure whether this information still might be found there, but if not, maybe you could contact her to find out if it is available.

Then I retired for the evening, and then things started happening in my energy field … in my body of Light. And most amazing things they were! For instance, a vortex of clearing energy came down from the sky, down through my head, and down into my neck.

After the clearing process from my head down, another clearing process started; that was from my lower quadrant of Light up, through my large intestine, here and there. It was also a vortical clearing process. This type of vortical clearing is, I feel, less the product of language of Light than the product of the Ascension clearing process as a whole; it is one of the features of that process.

It is what you might call an Ascension symptom, but not really, because it is an event that causes a clearing. Thus it seemed to me that my central vertical power current was getting a change-up; and that my Body of Light was clearing. And so I was not concerned about it; in fact, I felt pretty good about it.

But one of the qualities that it had, was to remove all thought forms from my Higher Mental Body and my Lower Mental Body … which can be frightening, I feel, if a person does not place their identity in their pure Awareness, rather than in their thought forms. And it does take some special experience, in order for that special understanding to take place.

For instance, some people get it by fainting; they faint, and their Awareness is still hovering over their bodies. They can see their bodies; they can see the people around their bodies; but they realize they are not their bodies … They are someplace else. Their Awareness, and not their brain, is the thing that they identify with after that.

In the same way, some people have near-death experiences, and come to that conclusion. Or it could be an operation: People have an operation, go under anesthesia, and, from a far corner of the room, they are observing everything that is going on.

Then when they come back in body after they are awakened from the anesthesia, they think: You know, there is more to existence than this physical form, for sure. Awareness is the key; nothing physical is. The mind is not. And the emotions are not. It is a pure Point of Light within the Mind of God, that I am.

A person can also get that kind of Awareness of who they are, through the vortical clearing process. The first time that it happens, during the Ascension process, they may say to themselves: Oh, my Lord, I am done for! I am for sure dying now! And then they survive!

And the next day they wake up, and they say: No, that was not it! You know, I am something beyond what my mind says.


A Controller, who watches; who has, say, astral traveling ability, or ubiquitous ability … omnipresent ability … for whatever reason, watches this process going on, will have an ideology …  a concept, a set of notions about what is going on … based on his desire to control other people.

He may say, for instance, that he is causing the vortex to take place, because he wants to place his mind inside of my mind. And this kind of astral chatter was going on the other night. I was hearing this chatter, but from prior experiences with Point of Light Awareness, I knew it was not true. So I was not concerned about it.

I was somewhat concerned about the followers of that person, who were also gathered around, and thought that he was doing that to me, because I felt that they were misled by the concept that the group held.

So then it got down to the vortical, clearing motion that came up the torso from beneath the lower quadrant of Light. When that process was finished, they said: He has finished clearing her out.

After that, I was in a state of very clear body of Light, but because of his concept, he attempted to send his energy down through my central vertical power current. When he did that … what they call ‘skinny dipping’ in the astral lore … when he did that, the samskaras in his own etheric net started making astral chatter inside of my central vertical power current.

I did my best to explain to the group that was watching, that they had heard those words with every clearing that he had done. As time went on, it had become clear to me that those mischievous sayings that I had cancer, or that a sexual event was occurring that he was doing to me … things of that nature … those samskaras were most likely his own.

Because of the group’s concept that he was doing a master job of clearing other people’s bodies of Light … because they felt absolute loyalty to him as their guru … they would not stop him from flowing through other people’s central vertical power currents. They felt that he had no faults; and so it had never occurred to them he was infecting people with his own samskaras with as he passed through, in that ‘skinny dipping’ escapade that he did.

On the astral plane, I tried to explain that to his followers, and I think I succeeded to some extent. I feel his followers are now going to work with him to clarify his own body of Light, so that the work he does, does not present any difficulties for the people that he is attempting to heal.

For ourselves … for the Lightworkers … I say: Should such a psychic event occur, there would be a reason for it. A clearing of the body of Light has nevertheless taken place for us; all we have to do is wait until the Controller’s unwanted presence is no longer within our energy field … or else bid God send it away … and then we will find that, through God’s grace, our own body of Light is returns to a pristine state, as it was before the ‘pass through’ (aka ‘flow through’ or ‘skinny dipping’) attempt.


The weakness of the Controllers is the concept that they must control.

There are even Controllers that have decided that they need to be ‘on top of everything’ … controlling everything with regard to the Ascension process. And so they and their group go up to the transpersonal chakras … to the eighth chakra, for instance, above the head … and insert thought forms above people’s heads, with the intention of being their teachers.

The eighth chakra, above our heads, consists of the karmic meta-program that allows us to change up the karmic play within our astral field whenever we want to. So the presence of Controllers as intruders there is an undesirable experience.

There are various ways to clear this energy through God’s help, the simplest, in all instances, being to align one’s mind and heart and will with the Great Mind, the Great Heart, and the Great Will of God. That will take care of everything for us.


Another way to hold such an event as I experienced a couple of nights ago, is to consider the different qualities of the power of God in creation. These qualities are: The act of creation, sustaining the creation, and destroying the creation. The powers of the Trimurti … the power of Lord Brahma, the power of Lord Vishnu, and the power of Lord Shiva … are all manifestations of the power of God in creation.

The beings that were created by God naturally have a tendency towards, or an affinity for, one of those powers of God. There are beings that are intent upon the creative process. There are beings whose greatest desire is to preserve creation as it is. And there are beings whose greatest joy is the destruction of what has been created.

Each of these beings has a purpose in God’s plan; for creation cannot be constantly changing, without the constant implementation of each of these powers of God, in many different combinations.

It seems to me that the Controllers would favor, first of all, Lord Vishnu, the preserver of things as they are, because, in the current context of the Duality Play, the Controllers can preserve the illusion that they are in control of others.

Those Controllers who know that things are changing … that the Ascension process is creating change on Earth, for instance … may wish to shift to the energies of Lord Shiva, utilized against the Lightworkers and the Ascensioneers and those who are enlightened, because they may feel that those other beings are creating the New.

For those of us who hold the energy of creating the New here on Earth, the Lord Shiva energy of the destroyers is very important: First of all, it balances the Dark against the Light, as the change-up process … the stepping up of the Light … occurs. (2) Always as the Light steps up, the Dark steps in to create a balance between Dark and Light.

It might seem like a Dark Attack, but actually it is just the leveling up of the Dark and the Light.

Always, as the Lightworkers bring in Light and grace and love, the Dark steps up to the plate with a renewed Darkness. And Controllers will step in and attempt to stop the Lightworkers from doing their work.

In fact, it could be that for every Lightworker on Earth, there is a Darkworker who worships Lord Shiva and who is assigned by God to plague that person, because in that way, the balance of the stepping up of the Light … that process … can occur flawlessly, and with least trouble for everyone.

So we Lightworkers can appreciate the importance of the Dark. We can appreciate the importance of the Controllers. And we can appreciate the importance of those who worship Lord Shiva, in this beautiful Light show that is taking place here on Earth right now.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

P.S. I have included this blog in the categories Hinduism and Neo-Hinduism – Neo-Vedanta, as the Indian Saint the Vallalar, and Sri Aurobindo of Integral Yoga are often connected to the concepts of omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence, and to the terms: gracelight … grace light … divine light


(1) regarding Mind theory …

Link: “A New Theory of Consciousness: The Mind Exists as a Field Connected to the Brain,” by Fnord-23, 5 February 2018, from www.theepochtimes.com … @TaraMacIsaac … www.neuroquantology.comhttps://www.fnord23.com/a-new-theory-of-consciousness-the-mind-exists-as-a-field-connected-to-the-brain/ ..

Link: “Consciousness in the Universe Is Scale Invariant and Implies an Event Horizon of the Human Brain,” by Dirk K.F. Meijer and Hans J.H. Geesink, in NeuroQuantology, September 2017, Volume 15, Issue 3, pp 41-79, doi: 10.14704/nq.2017.15.3.1079 … https://www.neuroquantology.com/article.php?id=1715 .. 

(2) For more on the balance of Light and Dark during Light downloads and upgrades, see …

Link: “Ma’at, Dynamic Equilibrium, and Light Downloads,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 2 August 2014; revised on 13 August 2014 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-1VL ..

Link: “Ma’at, the Principle of Balance, re Dark Attacks, Angelic Protection, and the Incoming Light,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 25 July 2014; revised on 9 August 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-1Tn ..


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Spiritual Adept Shortcuts Series . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 23 June 2018; revised on 30 April 2020


Dear Ones,


As I recall, I wrote this series while channeling the dreams of a Black Magician who was in physical form. I have an idea that it might be the same Sorcerer whose dreams were channeled in the website “In Search of Black Assassins” … https://mindcontrolblackassassins.com/ ..

When I took a look some years ago, the latter is an anonymous website by a somewhat different name; I tried to find out who the author might be, but was unsuccessful. For a while I thought it might have to do with an East Coast Satan Cult, but it might have been done on the West Coast or elsewhere, and done in such a way as to look like it has an East Coast feel to it.

Here is why I had the thought and the counter-thought about the location: First I researched Paganism on Meetup, for my hometown in the State of Maryland. The term ‘Paganism’ covers a wide swath of beliefs, and not just Satanism. But I surmised that some portion of Maryland Paganism Meetups might involve followers of Satan.

At the time when I did the research, which was some years ago, there was a Pagan meetup in Bowie, Maryland, just a hop, skip and jump from my hometown. According to Meetup, as I recall, it had about 2,000 members? But in 2019 or so, I ran a Meetup search, and found no reference to Paganism Meetups in Southern Maryland.

What had happened? Had Meetup banned Paganism as a category? Was there once a huge Paganism Meetup in Bowie, Maryland, and now no longer one? It came to me that there might have been some spoofing of numbers going on, although why that might be, I could not fathom.

Pursuant to that thought, it ran through my mind that “In Search of Black Assassins” might have been intended to be a take-down of my family and friends on the East Coast, by making it look as if it were blogged in Maryland. It was some years ago that I had that notion; it may well be that it is a very different blog today.

In fact, I may be completely off the mark on all that. No doubt you know how catch-as-catch-can intuition can be! Suffice it to say that It seems to me there was a flavor of energy in the above-referenced website similar to that in the three blogs listed below.

When I channeled the below dreams of a Black Magician, I was deeply appalled at their density. I am hoping the reader will not get caught up in what some term the Black Magic mystique, as great danger lies therein. If you would dabble in magic, I say, let it be the High Magic of Wizards and White Magicians!

For these, as well as for Lightworkers, Ascensioneers, pathfinders, wayshowers, and healers, I am hoping an understanding of the dream world of Black Magickers will help us sidestep their snares and pitfalls.


For all those who love God’s true Light, here is the series regarding Spiritual Adept Shortcuts, such as walk-ins, microminiature personality projection, and forced astral grafts of Soul stigmata onto a host astral body. All these are most definitely no no’s for the Spiritual Adept standing at the Ascension pass-fail barrier; but easy for the intended victim to thwart, as you will see, on reading the blogs.

The blogs are in chronological order, with the earliest at the top of the list …

Link: “What to Do about Walk-In Attempts,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 29 June 2015; revised on 12 June 2016, 23 June 2018, and 13 November 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6Kw ..

Link: “Dealing with Spiritual Adept Shenanigans,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed 29 June 2015; published on 3 July 2015; revised on 23 June 2018. 21 September 2018. and 13 November 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-6K6 ..

Link: “A Short-Sighted Demon Elimination Technique,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 31 October 2015; republished on 20 March 2018; revised on 29 July 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-4fQ ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Asking Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel to Protect Children This Weekend . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 1 December 2017


Dear Ones,


I noticed this Wiccan celebration coming up on 5 December 2017: Krampusnacht, which celebrates a Bavarian folkloric character who, it seems is a demonic version of Santa Claus …

Link: “The Myth of Krampus: Santa’s Scary Bavarian Counterpart,” by “Learn Religions”  … https://www.thoughtco.com/beware-the-krampus-2563016 ..

Link: “Krampus and His Little Helpers” by Artist-SRF … https://artist-srf.deviantart.com/art/Krampus-and-his-Little-Helpers-651088071 ..

It looks a little scary to me. Please keep your children safe this weekend, especially tonight and tomorrow night, 1 and 2 December 2017.


Intuitively, I feel tonight and tomorrow night would be good times to call upon the angelic realm for protection, healing and guidance … especially, Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel …

Image: “Erzengel Michael, Raphael und Gabriel,” by Francesco Botticini, 1470, public domain because of its age.

Image: “Erzengel Michael, Raphael und Gabriel,” by Francesco Botticini, 1470, public domain because of its age.


I note that the December 2017 full moon is at 7:47 AM Saturday, Pacific Time (PT) … which is 15:47 UTC . The full moon always enhances energies, whether they are expanded and uplifting energies, or whether they are dense and misqualified energies.


I have faith that God will manifest for us that which best leads this world from Darkness to Light.

Thus, for Lightworkers, wayshowers, and pathfinders, I recommend holding whatever energies that come up, with a neutral, witnessing heart, and calling upon the transformative powers of the angelic realm and of God, of Source.

While we cannot change the hologram that each person experiences individually, we can help transform the energies of our beloved planet Earth from darkness to light, and from sadness and anger to joy and peace.

Thus I feel, with a neutral mind, with compassion for all beings, we can greet the energies of tonight and tomorrow night, and of the coming few weeks before Winter Solstice 2017, with good cheer, and with good tidings, in this, the fifth year of the dawn of New Life on New Earth.

Blessings to each of you. I want you to know how much I love you all, and appreciate your courage and generosity of heart today, and always.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Christ Light Expansion Meditation by Sandra Walter . referral by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 12 March 2017

Dear Ones,

I was just listening to a Light Intel blog by pathfinder, wayshower, and lightworker Sandra Walter …

Link: “Owning The Embodiment: Preparing for the Timeline Shift,” by Sandra Walter, under the heading “Light Intel Articles” … https://sandrawalter.com/ ..

She mentions there will be a Gateway tomorrow through Wednesday, 13-15 March 2017. She also mentioned this exquisitely beautiful meditation now available online …

Link: “Christ Light Expansion: An Ascension Path Guided Meditation,” by Ascension Path with Sandra Walter, 14 March 2016 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bqlsl30S1_U ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Group Karma . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 3 October 2015; published on 5 October 2015; transcribed on 20 January 2019

    • The Power of Group Leaders Over the Micro-Noosphere of Their Groups
    • The Shadow Side of Groups: How A Leader’s Samskaras Affect His Group
    • Example of a Leader Who Filched A Little Money in Grade School
    • Future Leader with a Catastrophic Childhood Experience: The Boy With the Rock [maybe Castratrux – Basal Vampire]
    • The Benefit of Avoiding Groups: The Incoming Light, Grouping, and Samskaric Glomming
    • Example of a Leader Who Desired Money for the Group Just as a Donor Passed On [Black Magicker]
    • On Disclosure, and Conscious Changes in Group Energy
      • Example of Christianity: The Crucifixion … Self-Sacrifice and Martyrdom
      • Example of Christianity: Overemphasis of Patriarchal Domination, and Neglect of Emphasis on the Divine Feminine
    • The Karmic Play and the Power of Co-Creation
    • Photonic Fluid Dynamics of Alliances Between Groups: The Flow of Light and Dark
    • On Taking Time for Gratitude
    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,

This video is about groups and group leadership. There is an edited Summary with additional sections near the end of the video.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I wanted to talk today about groups and the karma of groups, and the issue of leaders of groups, and how their karma affects the group karma.

The Power of Group Leaders Over the Micro-Noosphere of Their Groups

I think that, retroactively, we can tell, by the way that a group is … say the founder could be deceased or still alive … but we can tell, by the way that a group is, and the micro-noosphere of the group … the way that they think, in their conscious and subconscious minds … we can tell how the leader is.

And the reason for that is this: The leader of a group has a kind of deeply unconsciously known power over the members of a group. And in fact, I can hear, sotto voce, on the deep unconscious plane, leaders who are alive, dictating the play of reality … the lila, the karmic play … of all the members of a group.

For instance, they will say: And now so-and-so will respond to this … And the astral story that is going on will be developed. And then the person will speak. And the things that they will say, and the way that they will say it … the energy signature … has to do with the energy signature of the group.

And this will go on … if I sub into a group for a minute or two, during the day … this will go on hour after hour, as astral stories are created through the directorship of the leader of a group.

So groups, in the world today, have ceded their power to co-create reality to the leader of the group. It is the agreement that a person makes when they join the group.

And so, the first thing to know is that the people in the group who are not the leader, cannot co-create reality. They cannot; they have given that power to the leader of the group. It is the leader of the group who creates the reality for everyone in the group.

The Shadow Side of Groups: How A Leader’s Samskaras Affect His Group

People usually join groups because they look up to leaders; so the leaders have many fine qualities. The thing that is concerning is the very small, burnt seeds of karma that initiate samskaras … those extremely minute energy threads that exist within the leaders, which, through the directorship of the play of karma, flow out to all the members of the group, attach to similar Soul wounding in the group … and create many different streams of Soul wounding, depending on the energy signature of the leader. And this is the Shadow side of grouping.

Example of a Leader Who Filched A Little Money in Grade School

I will give you an example of this: Suppose that a leader, sometime in their life, had done something a little bit dishonest … like filch a little money in grade school. This creates a very small karmic seed, that grows through the energy of the teacher flowing out through the group … and attaches to every instance of filching or stealing … whatever it was that originally happened.

And there may be one person in the group who is a regular filch … a con artist, who does that for a livelihood. That one person … who might have been a discrete con artist before they joined the group … because of the flow of that energy … that great flow of energy through the group … becomes a con artist who takes too many chances, and gets caught by the law. That is one example. … (Oh gosh, I developed a tickle in my throat, and it took a while to go away.) …

Future Leader with a Catastrophic Childhood Experience: The Boy With the Rock [maybe Castratrux – Basal Vampire]

Here is another example: Suppose the leader had a terrible experience in their childhood; suppose that, at a time when their desire elemental was first active … say, at the age of about four or five … they were followed around by their little sister, and they were bothered by that because of this unaccustomed energy that was coming up for them … and they turned around, and threw a stone at her, and all by mistake, killed her.

Now this is a terrible, tragic childhood accident. That is really all that it is, is a mistake that was made in childhood. It is a terrible tragedy. But what happens when that person becomes the leader of a group? Suppose there is a person in that group who has killed a time or two, and not just in childhood, but for personal gain … The energy of the leader, which is basically innocent, flows through all the people in the group, and gains momentum, and hits that person who has a larger samskara regarding the same thing. And that person goes out and begins killing people.

The Benefit of Avoiding Groups: The Incoming Light, Grouping, and Samskaric Glomming

Now typically, in the old days, that would not necessarily happen. But today, because of the Incoming Light, it does happen. And that is why my peer group … the Lightworkers, Pathfinders, and Wayshowers … are saying not to group right now.

They have a really practical reason for it: Not grouping prevents glomming. And when we do not glom, we can clear more easily all the cognitive dissonance and racket in the Soul field when the Light comes in, as it is right now.

Here is another example: It does not matter if the leader is alive or dead, actually, because the energy of the leader somehow … I do not know how … but it somehow remains with the group. Some people call it ‘group karma’.

Example of a Leader Who Desired Money for the Group Just as a Donor Passed On [Black Magicker]

If a leader had had, for instance, a desire for money for the group, and if, synchronously, someone in the group who had money had passed on, then there would exist within the group a tiny samskara with regard to killing people so that they could get money for the group. And if, at some future date, the need arose in the group for money, then that energy might play out through a glom effect on all the members of the group. So that is a more strident example, there.

If a leader had a tendency toward a particular alternative lifestyle, the likelihood is that there would be, within the group, the expression of that alternative lifestyle within the group, in generations to come.

On Disclosure, and Conscious Changes in Group Energy

These things can change, but it takes a conscious effort by the group, to change the direction of energy of the group and the Soul signature of the group … just like, right now, the Catholic Church has done a big upgrade of itself. And I think the CIA went through one too … a revision that is to purify the Soul signature of the group. In fact, I think that is the thing that is happening these days: Disclosure is happening, and groups are beginning to purify their Soul signatures.

Example of Christianity: The Crucifixion … Self-Sacrifice and Martyrdom. I thought I would give you one other example, from Jesus Christ and the Christian churches. You know, Jesus Christ was really a wonderful teacher. He was a great teacher. And the stuff that He came out with, in the Gospels, is a goldmine of information for everybody on Earth today.

Now, one or two things that happened in His life are pretty unfortunate. I will just go into one: That is his Crucifixion. People have put a pretty positive spin on the Crucifixion, by saying that, by being crucified, Christ raised up the whole world, and saved the world from sin.

But I myself do not really think that is true. I think that he was caught in a time when the Incoming Light was insufficient to prevent that from happening, and that in our times … in these times … there is no need for that kind of self-sacrifice.

So I do not hold by the notion that it was necessary for Christ to be crucified. Now I realize that this is not a mainstream notion. But my feeling about self-sacrifice is that it is an overlooking of the importance of being kind and sweet to our own hearts. And so what we need to do, is not be self-sacrificing to the point where our own hearts are injured.

On the other hand, since Christ could not escape what happened to Him, the fact that he could hold his heart open, despite all that, and forgive everyone, was an excellent example for humanity when faced with trials and tribulations and the sorrows of life. So that was a good thing.

So that is just one example of an unfortunate energy that influenced His group after his passing on … because there was a lot of self-sacrifice and martyrdom in Christianity. And I do not feel that this was a good direction, although there have been many good energies in Christianity.

Example of Christianity: Overemphasis of Patriarchal Domination, and Neglect of Emphasis on the Divine Feminine. One other thing, in the Christian faith, that it seems to me has happened because of the times that Christ lived in, is the downplaying of respect for women. Christ did a pretty good job, I think, of counteracting what was going on, in the Jewish world and the Roman world of that time. But nevertheless, there was the tiniest seed there, of denigration of women … of feeling that men are superior to women … which has resulted, in many Christian churches, in neglecting the Divine Feminine completely … and playing up the Divine Masculine to the point where the energy signature of Patriarchal Domination is very prevalent in the world today, and has led to many social injustices, you see.

So this is just another example. And in each case I am overlooking all the wonderful good done by many groups. But I am just explaining how group karma can become kind of overwhelming, especially for certain people in the groups, who have certain Soul tendencies that agree with tiny samskaric seeds in the original founders of the groups.

The Karmic Play and the Power of Co-Creation

The takeaway, in my opinion, is that we must always be extremely aware of the karmic play; and that we need to take the power of creation into our own hands, and become, and create, that which we wish to become and create. We have that power. And by expressing that power in our own hologram, we create a fractal that can be duplicated by many different people, if they wish to … if they are aware of it … if they exercise their free will.

Photonic Fluid Dynamics of Alliances Between Groups: The Flow of Light and Dark

One thing I forgot to put in the video is the photonic fluid dynamics involved in group alliances. This is the flow of the energy of Light, and the flow of the energy of the Dark.

When groups form alliances, the brightness of the Light of each is enhanced … and that, no doubt, is why groups form alliances. The Shadow side of this is that the grouply enhanced samskaras of each group flow into the dark rivers of the unconscious noospheric energy of the other group.

Which is why my peer group …

Link: “Ascension Resources – Counselors, Channelers, Astrogeophysical Data, and More,” referrals by Alice B. Clagett, periodically updated … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-2hm ..

… is recommending de-grouping, insofar as is reasonable, for the time being. In this way we can clear our personal energy fields of Darkness more efficiently, through the Incoming Light.

On Taking Time for Gratitude

People lead busy lives these days, and sometimes their ‘to do’ lists are right long. That can put them under pressure, and make it hard for them to follow their hearts. One way to get started is simply to take five minutes at lunch time to relax, take a few long deep breaths, and feel gratitude for something  … anything, really. That simple act of gratitude, that one grateful thought, can turn our train of thoughtful emotions in a completely different direction.


You all take care! Such a long-winded discourse! And, just to let you know … with the exception of Christianity, which I hold in very high esteem, and which I follow faithfully … these other things that I have talked about are purely fictional things. You can look at my blog category: Christianity  … to see all the wonderful things that I have to say about that faith.

Love you all! … [waves] … Bye bye.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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