Self-Mortification . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 27 September 2017

Image: “Saint Nicholas and Krampus visit a child,” source … created in the 1900s … in English Wikipedia … … public domain

Image: “Saint Nicholas and Krampus visit a child,” source … created in the 1900s … in English Wikipedia … … public domain

Dear Ones,

This video is on the relative value of self-mortification and penance, as contrasted to chanting God’s name and doing good works. There is an edited Summary after the video …

It could be that the habit of self-mortification has to do with the experience of being strictly punished in childhood. The Krampus tradition commemorates this. This is a folkloric tradition to do with punishment of children who have been naughty by a fearful being, half goat and half devil, named Krampus, at Christmas … and presents for good children from Saint Nicholas.

This image ties the Krampus legend regarding strict discipline to rough sex …

Images: Sexual woman as demonic (showing her with horns); Krampus spanking beautiful, sparsely clad woman; Krampus – with chain and switch or broom, grabbing kneeling woman by the hair … .. 



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

This is a little about the practice of self-mortification, or mortification of the flesh … flagellation of the flesh … that’s a theme in some of the religions of the world.

I just thought I’d explain that insult to the body cells … whether it be through self-mortification, or, say, from a physical accident or an auto accident … even falling down and scraping one’s knee in childhood … any kind of injury to the body cells, including interior injury, like, we might consume things, such as alcohol or recreational drugs, or different kinds of foods that are not appropriate for the optimum function of our bodies, and these foods might enter our cells as well, but especially external wounds like abrasions of the flesh, and broken bones, and so forth … but also internal wounds … things that we do to ourselves through the desire to fall asleep and not be aware, or to please our senses … for sense gratification, and so forth … that cause injury to the cells, cause them woe, these specific sites of injury to the physical cells … on the astral plane, these become landing sites for astral malware.

So then we become what they call ‘malwared up’. So in the process of evolution of the Soul, it becomes more and more important to treat the body as the temple of God’s grace … of what the Christians call ‘the Holy Spirit’.

And so we practice modulation of the diet, optimization of the food intake, and proper hydration. And in addition, we get plenty of rest … just as much as our body needs.

And as far as physical welfare is concerned, the last thing that we would think of is mortification of the flesh … because that decreases the joy in the body … the joy of the body cells. And it’s that joy that leads us onward to Soul evolution, and to the great discoveries of the truth of the nature of reality.

So my suggestion is, to set aside these techniques of self-mortification, and to look to diet and hydration and proper sleep. And then the result, during the ascension process, will be that there is far less emotional turmoil and mental turmoil. And far less physical difficulty than would otherwise be the case.

Just now, some people have asked me, on the astral plane, telepathically, why that is. Why should they not mortify the flesh? … since they’re subject to the Achilles heel effects of personality flaws, and of repeated habits that are very difficult … if not impossible … to overcome in physical form (such as child molestation, for instance).

Image: “Dying Achilles at Achilleion, Corfu,” Sculptor: Ernst Herter, 1884, from Wikimedia … …CC BY-SA 3.0

And so these people’s feeling is that, by mortification of the flesh, they can substitute tit for tat … They do something that they don’t approve of, and that they’re unable to prevent, because of personality flaws … and then they mortify the flesh by way of reparation. By way of making good with God. By way of penance.

So my suggestion is … for those that believe in the process of penance … and are unable to overcome it, because there are better ways to overcome bad habits … that if you believe in penance, you do good works, or you repeat sacred words, so as to change the constitution of the body of light away from the dark, and into the light. So that then we become less prone to bad habits. So we’re doing something good. We’re not punishing ourselves.

The notion of punishing ourselves, so as to make ourselves better, is, in itself, a very pernicious form of malware.

So you could say, in Christian terms, that I believe in grace; and in ascension terms, in the Incoming Light, and in the Eastern Indian philosophy of Hinduism, I believe in dharma.

Dharma is the the opposite of karma. It’s the pursuit of the ‘right path’. And the ‘right path’ might include chanting God’s name, doing good works … things of that nature. Dharma is walking the right path … which, in the Indian faiths, they say, is ‘as narrow as the edge of a razor’. It’s that carefully that we must consider our actions and our thought forms in order to walk the right path.

And this is in opposition to the concept of karma … tit for tat. Following the law of karma results in repetitions of the wheel of karma through the many reincarnations.

So, why do that? Why mortify the flesh? Why cause injury to ourselves, and why cause injury to others?

Also, in terms of the new DNA … the opening of the DNA of the body cells … As you know, love and joy and light are the nature of the universe; of all creation. And these are also the nature of the body cells.

Unless our body cells are bathed in the energies of love and light and joy, they can’t hold the new light, and the DNA cannot open from 2- to 12-strand.

So, for us to survive physically in the New Reality … in the new light of Earth … we must cherish and promote the qualities of love and light and joy in this physical form.

Every instant, let us consider: What is it that I must do now, to bathe my body cells in love and light and joy. You see? It requires constant awareness of our emotional state, and of physical discomfort, so that these may be alleviated. And so that the cells can return, suddenly, from damped-down-DNA holding of light, to the greater light that they’ve now become.

And this way we will keep our bodies and our emotions … all of our subtle bodies also … in tip-top form for many years to come.

You all take care.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Here is another image of Krampus …

Image: “A 1900s greeting card reading ‘Greetings from Krampus!’,” source: Historie čertů Krampus Uploaded by Kohelet … old card reading “Gruss vom Krampus” (“Greetings from Krampus”) … created 1900s … in English Wikipedia … … public domain

Image: “A 1900s greeting card reading ‘Greetings from Krampus!’,” source: Historie čertů Krampus Uploaded by Kohelet … old card reading “Gruss vom Krampus” (“Greetings from Krampus”) … created 1900s … in English Wikipedia … … public domain

… …………………..

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