Saga of Peace and Quiet at Vallecito Lake . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 31 August 2013; published on 2 September 2013; revised
Location: Vallecito Lake, Colorado


Dear Ones,

Nothing much going on here … just a walk at Vallecito Lake in Colorado. An edited Summary follows the video …



Wow, so check it out! I am over here by Vallecito Lake, and the wind is up! Look at that! [shows view of lake, through pine trees] … Maybe you could see a little bit of the lake out there … Yes, off in the far distance.

And then there is this fallen tree [shows fallen pine tree] … very cool. Can you hear the wind? And look at this [zooms to a granite rock about 8 inches on one side] … Is this not pretty? [zooms to pale green lichen on rock] … See the lichen? Wow!

And if the Light were not glancing off of this rock so much, you could see that the lichen is almost in a complete circle … Like a fourth dimensional, magical ring on the rock. So, maybe it is a lucky rock. [laughs]

All right, everybody. See you on down the trail. [shows grassy footpath amongst trees] … So, I was walking a forest path by the lake, And then I got to a clearing here … you will see it in a moment … [shows shore and lake] … See there? That is the lake. Nice, huh?

Lake Vallecito. The water is down. They used a lot of the water for agriculture already, in the farms and ranches around the area. And off in the distance [zooms to roadbed raised up on rocks, at the far end of the lake] … This is a road. This is how you access the hiking trail. [pans right, to bridge] … See there? See that bridge?

The road goes along the high embankment there, and there are no guardrails in this part of the woods, so you have to be very careful, what you are doing. [zooms back to the shore view] … Well, let us see what awaits. [shows tree stumps on shore] … Gosh, I wonder what happened here? Out along the shoreline, and all along the path here, there are all these tree stumps.

It looks like something happened, and they … for some reason … maybe it was very high water sometime … I know there has been a drought here for five years, so it was not recent. But somebody came along, and cut down all those trees. There is a story there, huh? Would this be about the 2002 Missionary Ridge fire?

[pans left, to new, metal picnic bench, painted green] … And look, right over here … right beside the path … there is a nice bench; is that not nice?

[pans right, back to footpath] … Now let us see what is coming up … [shows view of lake, with billowing storm clouds above it] … Well, Dear Ones, it is turning into a gale. And $5 or no $5 for an entrance fee, I cannot help noticing those clouds over there. And the wind is coming from there. So I am going to head very quickly back to the car, and see what comes up. Bye!

[shows view out front window, from inside car] … Well, I ran to the car, and I made it up the incline from the lake up to the road that goes round the lake. I was waiting for a deluge to take place. And then … what do you know … Nothing happened! [laughs] … The wind dies down. Everything is fine. There is a little seed caught up on my rearview mirror here. [shows gossamer white milkweed seed on car rearview mirror] … And that is the action. See you all later.

[shows view of lake from inside car, farther down the lake rim road] … Well, first the wind drove the storm clouds over that mountain range over there [the mountains beyond the lake] … far over that way. And then the wind changed direction, and came towards me. And it drove all those clouds all the way around to this side of the lake, where my car is parked.

But it looks now like maybe there will be no rain. But because the clouds were so threatening, and the wind was so high, all the fishermen left the lake and came on up here, and got in their cars, and took off just now.

And that is the saga for today: It is a whole lot of, well, peace and quiet. See you all later.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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