Psychic Interpretation of Solar Cycle 25 Sunspot Number Progression to Date . by Alice B. Clagett

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Dear Ones,

This blog sets forth my psychic interpretation of Solar Cycle 25 sunspot number progression to date …


This chart shows sunspot number progression right now, at the beginning of the Solar Cycle 25, as compared to that at the start of Solar Cycle 24 …

Psychic Interpretation of Solar Cycle

Image: “Solar Cycle Progression as of 4 February 2023,” by SWPC/NOAA, 4 February 2023, in Space Weather Prediction Center / National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration … … public domain

Image: “Solar Cycle Progression as of 4 February 2023,” by SWPC/NOAA, 4 February 2023, in Space Weather Prediction Center / National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration … … public domain

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There is a more informative version of this graph at on their archive page for 4 February 2023; this is the link … ..

The dots on the black jagged line represent monthly data. The smooth red line represents predicted data. The data on the number of sunspots for November and December 2022 and for January 2023 are represented by the last 3 dots on the righthand side of the black jagged line.


It is easy to see that the predicted data on the number of sunspots for November and December 2022 and for January 2023 far outstrip the predicted data. There have been quite a few more sunspots in the last three months than there were expected to be.

As I recall, though, very few of these sunspots have resulted in Earth geostorms. As I recall, that is because most were not directly Earth-directed, although quite a few offered ‘glancing blows’ at Earth’s magnetosphere.


There is a theory in the esoteric lore to the effect that certain past traumatic events express themselves on the psychic plane at regular intervals after the event has occurred. What looks like a moving picture … like a youtube short … can appear on the clair plane and might be seen by intuitives such as you and me, dear reader.

One instance I recall from my own experience was a violation of the sanctity of my bedroom and of my meditation by a couple who chanced into my house while I was traveling quite some years ago. When I returned home, the scenes of what they had done in those room leaped out at me quite vividly. The scenes seemed real. I could hear their voices quite clearly, and with less precision, I could see their actions at the time. I recall my shock at the time, and my feeling of violation of my privacy. Thankfully, that clair experience only occurred once.

The trouble I had with these clair visions had to do with a frequency difference between me and the couple. It was not really that they intended me harm.

The instances when a clair ‘short’ occurs time and again have to do with incidents that are very traumatic to the people who participate in them. There is a very good description of this type of negative energy clair ‘recording’ here …

Citation: “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” by Lieut.-Colonel Arthur E. Powell,1965, The Theosophical Publishing House, London, Ltd .. Chapter VII. Thought-Forms, page 51.

My own experience supports what I read there. For instance, I recall how, in the year 2016  I saw on the astral plane a ghostly ‘short’ of a rape that occurred in a restroom in Why, Arizona. That and the prior instance of the couple in my house are described here …

Link: “Architecture and the Subconscious Mind,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 24 January 2016; published on 31 January 2016; revised on 6 July 2018 and on 4 February 2023 … this section: An AV Skit . or Ghostly Thought Form . About a Rape in the Restroom

I thought at the time that the rape trauma must be playing over and over again for visitors to the restroom. The negative ‘charge’ of the psychic impression at that location, as I recall, left a pall of foreboding round the building in question, and especially round the restroom doors. It was downright spooky.

Sidebar: Curse of Death

Sometimes a psychic impression is in an object not set into the ground. Apparently that was the case with the Hope Diamond, which has a terrible history of being cursed. I have read that the curse occurred because of a single event … the theft of the diamond from an Indian altar.

The depth of the negative feeling incurred by the theft created more than spooky feelings for those into whose hands the diamond fell thereafter. The curse extended to the physical realm, and to the deaths of many owners.

Here is something to consider: That a negative psychic impression can offer not just a spooky movie ‘short’ at a certain time of year, but also might be the trigger for re-enactment of the original event. In the case of the Hope diamond, it is my guess that the original event must have involved a murder.

What do you think; could that be the cause of the curse of the Hope Diamond?


Here is another instance of a recurrent ghostly haunting: I recall reading about … or maybe I saw a movie about … an gruesome event that occurred in the main house on a Southern plantation. A child was endangered by a man in a fit of temper. The child climbed a little up the chimney of the drawing room and hid on a little ledge inside the chimney. The angry man lit a fire in the fireplace and the child burned to death.

I read or else saw in the movie that the child’s ghost haunted the main house. People would sight the ghost of the child … or was it that they would view an astral re-enactment of the events on the day of his death? … As I recall, the sightings occurred every year on the day of the child’s death.

There are other recorded instances of regular psychic ‘shorts’ appearing at a particular location; before or at the moment of the death of a loved one; at a particular time of day; or on a particular holiday each year … Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years Day being tops in my mind for incongruous psychic sightings of morbid events.

I recall, for instance, one Thanksgiving meal in the year 2014 when I was overcome by the gruesome thought that someone at the dinner table had placed poison in my water goblet. So great was my consternation at this awful intuitive feeling that every Thanksgiving since I have relived that sudden onslaught of terror, and especially so in the event of an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner.

I gather from television and the movies, and from the popular lore that poisoning attempts these days are more common than in days past. I gather as well, from my own experience, that when the survival instinct is confronted with these sorts of facts, the facts do not make much headway. In fact, the facts fly right out the door!


I figure that the 11-year Solar Cycle might be another opportunity for psychic impressions to make another appearance, either as ghostly hauntings or else as re-enactment of violent crimes. In other words, the solar cycles, like annual cycles or seasonal dates or hourly cycles or triggering types of events such as births and deaths, might offer opportunities for recurrent hauntings or ghostly sightings. Oh, gosh, let’s see what might be up with that …

The last time the sunspot count was so high was in Solar Cycle 24. It might be considered to be either in 2014 (9 years ago) or in 2012 (11 years ago), as the current count is right in between those two prior counts. Thus it seems possible that traumatic events that happened in 2012 and in 2014 might possibly be repeated in 2023.

So what happened to me in the year 2014? I note with some trepidation that 2014 was the year in which I received such a shock from the feeling that someone had attempted to poison me at Thanksgiving dinner. Gosh, I wonder, what will be the psychic kerfluffle when Thanksgiving rolls round in 2023? Maybe I ought to try a water fast on that day!

Looking back at the year 2012, I recall 2012 was a very good year. If both 2012 and 2014 apply as possible years when haunting events might be repeated in 2023, then 2023 might be a ‘mixed bag’ from the perspective of recurrent hauntings. I welcome the thought of that moderating influence.

If all this seems plausible to you, dear reader, then it might be possible for you to look back to the events that happened to you in prior years. Have these events triggered apparitions for you? Do they occur at regular intervals? Why not keep a Ghost Journal and see if there is anything for you in the theory of regular recurrences of psychic impressions in your life?


I note from events that occurred in Solar Cycle 24 that decreasing numbers of sunspots … in other words, a downward slope of the chart … coincided with much negative chatter on the psychic plane. It seemed to me at the time that this resulted in generalized anxiety, mass hallucinations, and troubled sleep because of nightmares for many people. The consequence, as evidenced by the newspapers, was negative acting out.

With that in mind, I suggest keeping an eye on the chart from time to time to see what might be in store along those lines. It looks like thee Space Weather Prediction Center / National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration keeps the chart up to date at this link … ..

In love, Light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

Written and published on 21 January 2023 on 4 February 2023.

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