Call to Action: Psychic Crime and Self-Mortification by Spiritual Adepts . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 19 June 2018
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Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.




I have a Call to Action. I heard this on the psychic plane. While extremely unlikely, it is problematic if, in fact, it could be true. I heard that there are a few people who went to see that Indian Festival movie some years ago. It may have been a movie made at the Mahakumbh Mela at Allahabad in 2001. I heard the people saw at the movie an Indian Sadhu, or wonder worker, who was tying his penis in a knot, as a way of expressing his asceticism. On the psychic plane, I heard that these movie viewers decided to try that out, and that they have been employing this abominable technique ever since, for the purpose of increasing their psychic powers … specifically, so that they can send their astral forms out of body to obsess or possess someone else, so as to coerce them into doing the evil deeds for which they themselves would not wish to be responsible.

If this is true, the clear explanation for it would be that the astral form of a person who is voluntarily torturing themself in this way would, no doubt, rather fly into someone else’s physical presence, than be present in their own body and subjected to the physical pain of that kind of torture.

I would like to request that law enforcement, if it runs across people who are doing the practice, take into consideration the ramifications in terms of criminal activity. It is time we took into account the issue of psychic crime.

As far as the people who, putatively, are practicing this technique are concerned, my consideration would be that prolonged infliction of pain in this manner would make it eventually impossible for the penis to perform the functions it is intended to perform. It might lead to urogenital problems; it might lead to erectile dysfunction, and so forth.

I ask you, if it is worth it to you, to risk these outcomes simply for financial gain, and that in a criminal manner.

I have a hunch, too that this practice may lead to child molestation or worse; that is an issue I hope psychology / psychiatry will look into. I offer as a putative mechanism repression of the sex drive, perhaps to do with sexually restrictive … possibly or religiously rigid early childhood learning experiences. In other words, when the knot is untied, and the sex act attempted, then memories of childhood nay saying may flood in, leading the spiritual adept to choose, as a sexual partner, a child.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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