Black Magic Covens: Hidden and Overt . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 18 June 2018; revised on 23 June 2018; revised on 30 April 2020

    • The Hidden Black Magic Coven: Cells of Six
    • Sidebar: Wizards versus Sorcerers
    • The Overt Black Magic Group: Mind Controlled ‘Fall Guys’ and ‘Patsies’
    • Black Magic Roundup: Inner Circle versus Outer Circle
    • Call to Action, Summer Solstice 2018: Lightworker Assemblies to Balance Light and Dark During This Great Age of Light
    • Sorcerers Deal in Power and Hatred
    • Lightworkers Feel Love and Envision Abundance for All
    • How to Distinguish a Sorcerer’s Group from a Lightworker’s Group
    • Wizards versus Sorcerers

Dear Ones,

Here is a video on black magic covens. I filmed it so that people who are, all unawares, members of the extended groups whose secret core is black magicians, may exercise discernment and right judgment in their group affiliations. There is an edited Summary after the video.

This video may have to do with Witchy Woman, Castratrux – Basal Vampire, and others; Dank, Femme Fatale – Dominatrix, and others; or The Maldekian and others. It seemed to me in 2015 and 2016 that there were gloms of cells of six on the psychic plane. Then in 2016-2018, a cell of 15, to do with the Heart Vampire and others, appeared on the astral plane.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

The Hidden Black Magic Coven: Cells of Six

Summer Solstice 2018 is almost upon us. The Light is magnificent, even in Los Angeles. And I have a story to explain about a form of Black Magic that is being practiced, today, in the world, where six Black Magicians or Sorcerers … could be all in the same group, most likely … might be alliances amongst groups, if the going gets tough …  form a Hidden Black Magic Coven … six people.

Could be, for instance, three men and three women. Before the world, they appear to be very respectable people; often, very accomplished spiritual people, I think. Or they could have some other calling that is well respected.

These are very powerful Sorcerers; but, they need a front organization that will take the fall, in case the issue of Black Magic is uncovered by other people … and the damage that is being done to people, surreptitiously, through psychic crime comes to Light.

Sidebar: Wizards versus Sorcerers

Note that I use the word ‘Wizard‘ to mean a person versed in White Magic. The word ‘Sorcerer‘ has a general meaning as a person versed in Magic, both White Magic and Black Magic. But as a handy way of distinguishing the one practice from the other, I use the word ‘Sorcerer’ to mean a person versed in Black Magic.


The Overt Black Magic Group: Mind Controlled ‘Fall Guys’ and ‘Patsies’

So they form another group … the Overt Black Magic Group … that could be six people or more; and which meet, say once a month, say, on the full moon … I am not too ‘up’ on Black Magic get-togethers.

These are people to whom they promise to teach Black Magic … and techniques that will make them powerful … but to whom they only teach a tiny bit of Black Magic; enough to get them to believe that they are on the road to being very powerful Sorcerers.

And these people they mind control into doing the Satanic acts for which they themselves do not want to get caught.

Black Magic Roundup: Inner Circle versus Outer Circle

The essence of the situation, bare bones, is …

  • You have a secret Sorcerer’s group … maybe six people … maybe three men and three women;
  • And in front of that, before the public eye, is the Overt Black Magic Group, the Satanic cult that will take the fall for any psychic crimes conceived of by the secret, Hidden Black Magic Group

Call to Action, Summer Solstice 2018: Lightworker Assemblies to Balance Light and Dark During This Great Age of Light

To counter this, I believe, what we need is a group of people … Lightworkers … I would think twelve would be good … to counter each of these groups. Light against Dark.

We need an inner core of six very dedicated Lightworkers, and it would be good if there were people who are learning from them how to help balance and maintain Light in the world. These people might constitute the additional number needed to get up to twelve. That is my thought on it.

Few people in the world today have thought about the need for Light to balance Dark. And so, coming into the Great Age of Light, that is what is going to be happening, I feel. People will begin to sense the need for Lightworker assemblies that will help counter the Darkness here on Earth, and bring it back into equilibrium and balance and harmony.

Now is the time, here at Summer Solstice 2018. We can extend our hands to other Lightworkers, in open and warm greeting, and help to co-create the unity and harmony of New Life on New Earth.

Sorcerers Deal in Power and Hatred

Now you may be wondering: How would you know the difference between a Sorcerer’s group, and a Lightworker’s group? You may be asking this from the outside, looking in. I will tell you one hallmark of a Sorcerer’s group: Sorcerers deal in Power. They are always trying to get one up, one on the other; and to take down each other. As soon as a Sorcerer begins to feel a little bit weak, another Sorcerer will try to end his life.

There is a lot of turnover in the Sorcerer realm. People are always trying to kill people. People are always warring against other people. There are a lot of schisms and factions. And in general, there is bad faith amongst people.

It is not unusual to find an inner circle of Black Magic people preying upon the laity (that is, preying upon those who are not strong in Sorcery) in their congregation … maybe even arranging for psychic murder, so that they can scoop up the wealth of those people, and keep it for themselves. And preying upon people in the extended group … in the greater group … through stimulation of the feral drives; in other words, by increasing the Soul wounding of their own congregations, so that they may profit by it, in some way.

Lightworkers Feel Love and Envision Abundance for All

Lightworkers, on the other hand, are the exact opposite. They are always supporting each other, and promoting each other. And feeling love for each other. And helping each other grow in grace and wisdom and abundance.

How to Distinguish a Sorcerer’s Group from a Lightworker’s Group

Here is how you can tell the difference between a Sorcerer’s group, which brings in the Dark; and a Lightworker’s group, who bring in the Light: Lightworkers altogether cherish humankind. Sorcerers do the exact opposite; they are what you might call a ‘Psychic Hate Group’. I would not say they are ‘skinheads’, but rather a Psychic Hate Group. The thing of it is: A sorcerer, in the marrow of his bones, hates everyone. He revels in destruction, and death, and chaos. That is what Sorcerers do.

In the old days … long, long ago … the tradition of Sorcery was different from that. Sorcerers would align with a kingdom, and help the kingdom to survive through the tough times. There were a lot of wars on Earth, and Sorcerers did that.

But these days, Sorcery has degenerated to a very warring-within state; no doubt, because the Incoming Light is creating a sense of upset. The notion that there is not very much Dark left, has to be consternating to a Black Magic group.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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