Our Martian Colonists: On Finding Common Ground . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed and published on 13 December 2016; revised on 9 July 2017

    • On Tending Our Physical and Astral Colonies
    • The Right Diet for the Physical Body
    • The Right Emotions for the Astral Body
    • An Aside: The Purifying Energy of the Winter Solstice Sun
    • On the Inadvisability of Assaulting the Martians in Our Colon
    • Goals We Have in Common with Our Martian Bacteria
    • Why Our Martian Bacteria Have Been Misinformed about Our Sentient Nature
    • Promotion of a Warring Attitude by Our Martian Colonists
    • On Negotiating a Peace Treaty with Our Martian Colonists
      • Credit Card Fraud
      • Online Hacking
    • On the Flow-Through Effect of Our Emotions on Our Martians
      • Having a Chip on our Shoulder
      • Holding a Grudge
      • Needing Vengeance
      • Feeling Angry or Fearful
    • Martian Diplomacy, Ongoing
    • Concluding Blessing

Dear Ones,

Here is more about Martian bacteria, the notion of One for All and All for One, and tending our physical and astral colonies of flora and fauna. After the video is an edited Summary …



Here is a summary of the video. The information in blue font is not in the video.

On Tending Our Physical and Astral Colonies

The topic has come up, if we were able to communicate with the Martian bacteria and our colon, then what would be a way to create the feeling of “One for All and All for One”?

We could start first with our various forms: our physical form and our subtle bodies. On the physical and astral planes, our physical and astral bodies contain colonies of individuals that look after and inhabit our bodies, or else adventitiously inhabit our bodies, or in some cases, are parasites in our bodies.

As the Ascension process occurs, it will be obvious what we need to do to maintain the optimum bodies for ourselves, as well as for all those lifeforms that are helping us or are not hindering us.

It is as if we were a big tree. You don’t want the kind of things that would destroy the trunk, or kill the tree. But it’s fine to have birds and insects that are helpful, or that don’t hinder.

The Right Diet for the Physical Body

So we want to cultivate the flora and fauna, in our physical body and in our astral body, that help us, or that don’t hinder us. One of the first things to consider is the right kind of diet. We want the right kind of diet to encourage the right kind of flora and fauna on the physical plane.

The Right Emotions for the Astral Body

And on the astral plane, we need the right emotion. As it turns out, the astral plane trumps the physical plane … If we have the right emotion; the emotion of joy, or appreciation, or wonder, or happiness, or love, or gratitude … those positive emotions will foster the type of physical reactions that we have that will lead us to greater physical health and happiness.

And, interestingly enough, those positive emotions will create the bioenvironment, on the astral plane and on the physical plane, that we need. They will foster the presence of just the sort of flora and fauna that are helpful or neutral; the sort of flora and fauna that I’ve been talking about.

That’s what we can do: We can have a positive attitude. That will aid us in our efforts, in the physical real, say, to get the right kind of exercise, to get sufficient rest, to have a chance to associate with plenty of good people, the chance to get the right kind of work and have plenty of income, the chance to have adequate shelter, and the chance to eat the right kind of food … all the things we really need.

An Aside: The Purifying Energy of the Winter Solstice Sun

I was sunbathing today…. It’s getting on toward the winter solstice sun, so the sun, while delightful, is thin … very different from the sun of the equinoxes or the summer solstice. It’s a purifying, thin energy; beautiful white, crystal Light; it’s like pure water.

A great deal of purifying has been going on. People have been coming to wonderful realizations about any number of things, letting go the old, and stepping forth into the new. These last few weeks of December have been absolutely breathtaking.

On the Inadvisability of Assaulting the Martians in Our Colon

People get very upset about the Martian bacteria, because there they are, in the longest organ in our bodies, and we can’t exactly make them go away. For instance, we’ve been feeding antibiotics to our animals, and the antibiotics get into our system, and what happens is, the Martian bacteria get resistant to the antibiotics, because they’re very good at adaptation and change.

Goals We Have in Common with Our Martian Bacteria

So antibiotics are not the answer. What we need are proactive lifestyle changes that take into account all the wonderful qualities of the Martians too. For instance: We’re their ‘space station’. They want their space station to be healthy and operable for as long as possible. Translating this into our perspective, that means a long and healthy life for our physical bodies. So we have these goals in common: That this ‘space station’ (my body) should have a long and healthy life.

Why Our Martian Bacteria Have Been Misinformed about Our Sentient Nature

Until recently, we haven’t been talking to them. So they’ve been going on some misinformation they’ve gotten through the unconscious thought cloud of the world, because the gut is located in that area of the energy of the human physical and astral body.

From the unconscious thought cloud of the world, they’ve picked up the thought forms of our reptilian brains, to do with brute instincts, feral drives to aggression or submission, sexual dominance and submission, the desire to kill or to avoid being killed, the desire to enslave other people, and the hope to avoid being enslaved.

These are the content of the unconscious thought cloud of the world whose thought forms circulate through our bodies at the level of the colon; the colon being the home of our Martian colonists. Quite naturally, then, they have thought us to be naught but brute animals, devoid of sentience.

Promotion of a Warring Attitude by Our Martian Colonists

In your own, personal space station, then, your Martian colonists may thus be laboring under misconceptions. These misconceptions can lead to a warring or pugnacious attitude towards other people; specifically, members of your own family, your friends, your workplace group, or members of other organizations to which you belong.

The reason for this is, that your Martians are misinformed. They have some impression, because of your unconscious thoughts, in which they are bathed, and because of your emotions that you’re unaware of, which may be negative, that it’s in their best interests to promote these wars amongst all the different people that you know, or all the people on Earth.

On Negotiating a Peace Treaty with Our Martian Colonists

The thing to do is to speak to them, calmly and happily, from the perspective of your mutual concerns with them. For instance, let’s take the case of a person who is sound asleep, in the middle of the night. Clairly, you hear that sound-asleep person talking with his Martian colonists about a way to end another person’s life. The Martians don’t know, that if the person is caught at this activity, their cherished space station’s useful lifetime will be foreshortened, that the space station will become inoperable sooner than it otherwise might. But they need to know this.

If you, the clair person, find out that this kind of subconscious, somnambulent conversation is going on, then as a healer, you will know that a subconscious agenda is running in that person that needs to be let go … say, through repentance and forgiveness; through opening up to following the heart and feeling love from that day on.

That will then, hopefully, stop the wars. But in the meantime, it never hurts to talk to the Martians we overhear on the clair plane, and let them know about the risks involved. We might say, either to our own Martians, or to those of another person: You know, if I [or this other person] end up killing someone else, then we will end up in jail. [And, remembering that they’re in our colon …] The food’s not very good in jail, so what that will mean is the space station will be inoperable sooner than it otherwise might be.

So in the interests of an optimum operating time for this space station, we should avoid this war. We should avoid this action of killing someone else, or injuring someone else …

  • Whether through credit card fraud,
  • Or through hacking websites with the idea of getting money through them …

Anything that’s illegal, the Martian colonists need to know the penalty that’s involved, because then they will stop promoting it on a subconscious level while we sleep.

On the Flow-Through Effect of Our Emotions on Our Martians

And in the meantime, we can do our best to open our hearts to joy.

So, it’s very simple, right now. The emotions that we feel filter down to our colon, where they saturate and envelope the bacteria that are there. So, the bacterial colonies in the colons of people who are happy, and who feel positive emotions, are very different … far more peaceful, far more at one with the general aims of the person who is peaceful and loving … than is the case for people:

  • Who have a chip on their shoulders,
  • Or have a grudge that they’re holding,
  • Or who feel the need for vengeance,
  • Or who feel angry or fearful.

Then you have Martians that feel the same way. That’s double trouble. All the more reason to tailor our emotions to the new.

Martian Diplomacy, Ongoing

There is much more to the process of diplomacy, and of aligning with the common interests of the Martians within us. We need to take the lead in terms of positive lifestyle, insofar as we can. And then, we need to talk in very simple terms, regarding diet … the kinds of foods that will prolong the operation of our ‘space station’ to the Martians who are within our space station.

There is a lot more to do in terms of Earth as a whole. But this one thing: this “One for All, and All for One” thing, starts at home, with our own biosphere, and all the life-forms that we, consciously or unconsciously, cherish and protect under the umbrella of our various bodies.

Concluding Blessing

A very happy Light of the Solstice Sun to each of you. May you be at peace with all your Martians! Peace throughout the world!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


For the complete Martian Archives, see Link: “Compendium of the Martian Archives: Bacterial Colonists of Earth,” by Alice B. Clagett, 9 July 2017, updated … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-7sz ..


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