On Team Dark, Healing Soul Wounding, and Knowing We Are Light . by Alice B. Clagett and others

Written and published on 27 December 2013

  • Facing and Overcoming Team Dark: Denise Le Fay
  • Healing Soul Wounding: Daniella Breen
  • On Despair and Faith, Darkness and Light: Alice Clagett

Dear Ones,


Denise Le Fay has done a recap on her experiences in 2013. You can view it at this link …

Link: “2013 Recap: Oh, What a Year It Was!” by Denise Le Fay, 25 December 2013, in HighHeartLife … http://highheartlife.wordpress.com/2013/12/25/2013-recap-oh-what-a-year-it-was/ ..

She talks about courageously facing negative interference from Team Dark, and learning not to fall or get pulled back down into lower frequencies when attacked.


Interestingly enough, Daniella Breen recently came out with a video on what she has been going through in 2013: How her Soul wounding has been shut down and healed with the help of her ascension teams and masters, including the Elohim …  xx

Video: “Ascending: A Pattern Emerges,” by Daniella Breen, 16 December 2013 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVUWEoVIlNM ..


This process of facing the Dark and calling in the Light is a skill we must all learn. There are times when nothing but despair is all around us. When that happens, we must step back, outside of our small ego, step up to the edge of the Infinite being that we really are, and get a little perspective on the play that’s unfolding. For this illusion of good and bad, light and dark, innocent and wicked, is a very long way from Truth.

If you can imagine a slice of Reality that is You … an energy of pure Light and Love…. Now imagine that energy is bound up and compressed, like when you put a board on a block of tofu to slowly squeeze the water out of it … So the pure Light and Love that is you is bound and compressed in such a way that the very essence of your being is momentarily hidden in the denseness of matter, your physical and astral being.

This act of compression, this occlusion of our perception of Light, must occur for us to experience a Team Dark attack, for us to imagine that we have Soul wounding that must be healed. The moment we notice the Light that we are, all that will go away.

So what I am trying to say is that, in our compressed, un-Lit awareness, we may see all around us the Dark. We may feel we are being attacked by the Dark, and that we are hopelessly outnumbered … as with Denise Le Fay’s vision of the hateful reptilians marching past her. We may even take ourselves for the Darkness, which is the greatest possible Untruth.

There is not one of us humans on Earth today who is not, in his or her Truest aspect, a being of splendid, brilliant love and light. And that’s the Truth to bring to the moments of despair that may await us as the Ascension process continues to unfold in 2014. Step back from the dark pit! Let in the Light! Truly, all the help we will ever need is all around us! In your heart of heart, know with certain surety that all is well!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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