On Overcoming 8th Chakra Malspeak: ‘On and On’ . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 21 March 2017; published on 2 April 2017

    • ‘On and On’: Eight Chakra Malspeak That Causes Further Soul Wounding
    • The ‘Lords of Karma’ Fallacy or Heresy
    • On Choosing a Good Technique to Solve This Malspeak Issue

Dear Ones,

This video is about some malspeak that is taking place in the 8th chakra. An edited Summary follows the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

“On and On”: Eight Chakra Malspeak That Causes Further Soul Wounding

This video is about some malspeak that is taking place in the 8th chakra. It is like a density or impurity, or lines-crossed feeling about 3 inches above the head, in the 8th chakra. To me, this malspeak sounds like this, very sotto voce:

May she go on and on. (x3)

Sometimes, if I listen in, I hear it in other people’s eighth chakras if they are women. If they are men, I hear …

May he go on and on. (x3)

The “Lords of Karma” Fallacy or Heresy

And this particular malware was consciously designed to increase the Soul wounding of other people that are considered unworthy or inferior or evil, or like that. It is a strategy of the demon realm that is being propagated through the human auric field, and it has to do with that heresy I talked about … that fallacy of belief called the “Lords of Karma.”

This fallacy has nothing to do with the Ascended Masters, who are sometimes termed the “Lords of Karma” by other authors online. Nor is it about not the singing group or any TV show by that name. Rather, it is the notion that we should do things to other people, by way of punishment, for their own good … as if that will help them.

What happens when another person, either consciously or unconsciously, repeats this ‘un-mantra’, this ‘unsacred’, or profane mantra with the intention of placing it in another person’s 8th chakra, is that whatever dispute or upset or anger, or whatever negative emotion they are involved in, on the astral or physical plane, is magnified and increased and continued, instead of being dispelled with the power of God’s grace.

On Choosing a Good Technique to Solve This Malspeak Issue

I have been thinking: Maybe there will be an activation of Light to eliminate that. And in the meantime, I have tried various techniques.

For instance, I have tried imagining the 8th chakra of the person who is saying it, and first I tried using the same malspeak with them. That got them involved in their own Soul wounding, but on second thought, I do not really want to be involved in anybody’s Soul wounding as an agent. So I stopped that almost immediately.

So then, the very next thing I tried was imagining that speaking inside the 8th chakra of the person who was consciously or unconsciously promoting this 8th chakra malware. And I said:  I will laugh and laugh! … because someone on the astral plane suggested that I use humor. This had the unintended and rather surprising result of reducing the other party to rubble, because it got them involved in the terror of transgressing against societal expectations. It stopped them from hurting my auric field, but on the other hand, I am looking for a technique that neutralizes the malspeak without causing any distress to anybody else.

One thing I have tried in the past that works, if you can be in a quiet place, is this: When I notice that malspeak is happening in the 8th chakra, I just place my attention on it. After a while, it seems to calm down and go away. And that prevents me from hearing astral stories with a negative tinge to them, and so forth. So that is one way to do it that will not hurt anybody else, but it does take time to accomplish it.

I have the feeling that the true solution … the optimal solution for this malspeak … will be found in the near future. I will keep my eyes open, and if I have any updates about what might be best, I will let you know.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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