On Free Will and Refinement of Our Astral Matter . by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 17 October 2015


Dear Ones,


As the stratosphere clears with the Incoming Light from the Central Sun, Earth herself, as well as we, her children, are rejoicing in the refinement of our astral matter, while still retaining physical form. And so, one might say, the entire Planet Earth, and all her children, are being lifted up into a more rarified realm of energy.

Another way of perceiving this process is of the burning off of the seven ‘astral negative’ planes of matter … which is to say, the clearing away of what the major religions conceive of as the ‘hell worlds’. Concomitant with the clearing and balancing of our human chakras.

It seems to me that this process is happening ‘from the ground up’ …. In other words, the seventh astral subplane negative (7N) … fear of death and the desire to kill, corresponding to the first chakra negative … burned off first for me. Next, 6N … sexual cruelty and fear, corresponding to the second chakra negative … burned off, in my experience. And so on.

Although I have been through some of these clearings, I still experience them over and over again with each awakening flock of Souls. Not as vividly as when I first felt them, though … more like an echo.

And at times, because of my own clearing experience, I rejoice in the opportunity to help other good Souls clear more quickly and with less drama. Keeping in mind that all this is but the Great Illusion, arranged by the Divine for the ever deepening wisdom of our Souls.


There is a passage from C.W. Leadbeater’s “Textbook of Theosophy” …

LInk: “A Textbook of Theosophy,” by C.W. Leadbeater. (2004). Urbana, Illinois: Project Gutenberg … http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/12902 ..

… that describes astral matter, as well as the refinement of our astral matter after we pass on. I find this passage intriguing, as it carries strong parallels to the Awakening process currently underway. The passage is in blue font below:

“The matter of the astral body (or rather the life animating its molecules) desires for its evolution such undulations as it can get, of as many different kinds as possible, and as coarse as possible. The next step in its evolution will be to ensoul physical matter and become used to its still slower oscillations; and as a step on the way to that, it desires the grossest of the astral vibrations. It has not the intelligence definitely to plan for these; but its instinct helps it to discover how most easily to procure them.

“The molecules of the astral body are constantly changing, as are those of the physical body, but nevertheless the life in the mass of those astral molecules has a sense, though a very vague sense, of itself as a whole—as a kind of temporary entity [elsewhere termed the ‘desire elemental]. It does not know that it is part of a man’s astral body; it is quite incapable of understanding what a man is; but it realizes in a blind way that under its present conditions it receives many more waves, and much stronger ones, than it would receive if floating at large in the atmosphere. It would then only occasionally catch, as from a distance, the radiation of man’s passions and emotions; now it is in the very heart of them, it can miss none, and it gets them at their strongest.

“Therefore it feels itself in a good position, and it makes an effort to retain that position. It finds itself in contact with something finer than itself—the matter of the man’s mental body; and it comes to feel that if it can contrive to involve that finer something in its own undulations, they will be greatly intensified and prolonged.” —from “A Textbook of Theosophy,” by C.W. Leadbeater. (2004). Urbana, Illinois: Project Gutenberg. Retrieved 17 October 2015, from http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/12902 [The quoted text is in blue font above. Paragraphing is mine . –Alice B. Clagett]

I feel differently; I feel that the desire elemental eagerly serves the human and is eager to be tutored, provided the human takes into consideration its nature, its desire to serve, and its enthusiastic need to be loved. –Alice B. Clagett

“Since astral matter is the vehicle of desire and mental matter is the vehicle of thought, this instinct, when translated into our language, means that if the astral body can induce us to think that we want what it wants, it is much more likely to get it. 

“Thus it exercises a slow steady pressure upon the man—a kind of hunger on its side, but for him a temptation to what is coarse and undesirable. If he be a passionate man there is a gentle but ceaseless pressure in the direction of irritability; if he be a sensual man, an equally steady pressure in the direction of impurity.

“A man who does not understand this usually makes one of two mistakes with regard to it: either he supposes it to be the prompting of his own nature, and therefore regards that nature as inherently evil, or he thinks of the pressure as coming from outside—as a temptation of an imaginary devil.

“The truth lies between the two. The pressure is natural, not to the man but to the vehicle which he is using; its desire is natural and right for it, but harmful to the man, and therefore it is necessary that he should resist it. If he does so resist, if he declines to yield himself to the feelings suggested to him, the particles within him which need those vibrations become apathetic for lack of nourishment, and eventually atrophy and fall out from his astral body, and are replaced by other particles, whose natural wave-rate is more nearly in accordance with that which the man habitually permits within his astral body.

“This gives the reason for what are called promptings of the lower nature during life. If the man yields himself to them, such promptings grow stronger and stronger until at last he feels as though he could not resist them, and identifies himself with them—which is exactly what this curious half-life in the particles of the astral body wants him to do.

“At the death of the physical body [the] vague astral consciousness is alarmed. It realizes that its existence as a separated mass is menaced, and it takes instinctive steps to defend itself and to maintain its position as long as possible.

“The matter of the astral body is far more fluidic than that of the physical, and this consciousness seizes upon its particles and disposes them so as to resist encroachment. It puts the grossest and densest upon the outside as a kind of shell, and arranges the others in concentric layers, so that the body as a whole may become as resistant to friction as its constitution permits, and may therefore retain its shape as long as possible.

“For the man this produces various unpleasant effects. The physiology of the astral body is quite different from that of the physical; the latter acquires its information from without by means of certain organs which are specialized as the instruments of its senses, but the astral body has no separated senses in our meaning of the word. That which for the astral body corresponds to sight is the power of its molecules to respond to impacts from without, which come to them by means of similar molecules. For example, a man has within his astral body matter belonging to all the subdivisions of the astral world, and it is because of that that he is capable of ‘seeing’ objects built of the matter of any of these subdivisions.

“Supposing an astral object to be made of the matter of the second and third subdivisions mixed, a man living in the astral world could perceive that object only if on the surface of his astral body there were particles belonging to the second and third subdivisions of that world which were capable of receiving and recording the vibrations which that object set up.

“A man who from the arrangement of his body by the vague consciousness of which we have spoken, had on the outside of that vehicle only the denser matter of the lowest subdivision, could no more be conscious of the object which we have mentioned than we are ourselves conscious in the physical body of the gases which move about us in the atmosphere or of objects built exclusively of etheric matter.”  —from “A Textbook of Theosophy,” by C.W. Leadbeater. (2004). Urbana, Illinois: Project Gutenberg. Retrieved 17 October 2015, from http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/12902 [The quoted text is in blue font above. Paragraphing is mine . –Alice B. Clagett]


Here I would like to pause for a moment and talk about how this applies to the Awakening process humankind is undergoing today … We humans are expanding into awareness of our astral (emotional) bodies, while still in physical form. In this regard, we follow the example described above. During the long Age of Darkness, our Bodies of Light have necessarily been partly in shut-down mode.

Where the axiatonal lines of Light that connect us to Laniakea, our star supercluster, are shut down, there is relative Darkness in our Body of Light. These are the areas of ‘Soul wounding’, where our Bodies of Light glom with the ‘Dark Network’, the unconscious thought cloud of the world.

These areas of Soul wounding are slowly clearing as the Incoming Light of the Photon Belt, which is now able to touch our Earth, heals and revitalizes our axiatonal lines. And so, in a relatively brief time, we will once more be in touch with the All: with Laniakea, and with our brothers and sisters of the far-flung galaxies; in other words, with our star brethren.


Meantime, as we become increasingly aware of the astral plane, our areas of shut-down Light-bearing axiatonal lines will pull us into communication with the coarser astral vibrations. Because of this, as humankind awakens to its clair abilities, we are hearing the negative astral stories about which I have spoken in other blogs. In other words, we are experiencing what Tom Kenyon … see www.tomkenyon.com … calls ‘cognitive dissonance’.

In terms of perception of other people … family members, members of the community and so on … when we are in a state of cognitive dissonance we can sense only those aspects of their astral bodies that respond to our own Soul wounding. And so, they appear to us to be full of evil qualities.

If, during this time of early Awakening, we sit still, calm our minds and breathing, and place awareness on our hearts, we will return to awareness of the finer astral vibrations, and the positive emotions.

And so, during this time, we can experience the negative astral stories characteristic of coarse astral vibrations if we take no care about the Awakening process. Or we can experience the positive astral stories characteristic of co-creation of New Life on New Earth, if we take care and are mindful of the Ascension process.

As to our family and friends, when we are in a state of calmness, of heart and mind coherence, then they will appear similarly. This is because we will be responding to their finer astral vibrations. Always keeping in mind that all human beings … we, our family, our friends, and every stranger … are in essence eternal Souls, perfect reflections of Divine Love.


To return to C.W. Leadbeater’s account:

“During physical life the matter of the man’s astral body is in constant motion, and its particles pass among one another much as do those of boiling water. Consequently at any given moment it is practically certain that particles of all varieties will be represented on the surface of his astral body, and that therefore when he is using his astral body during sleep he will be able to ‘see’ by its means any astral object which approaches him.

“After death, if he has allowed the rearrangement to be made (as from ignorance, all ordinary persons do) his condition in this respect will be different. Having on the surface of his astral body only the lowest and grossest particles, he can receive impressions only from corresponding particles outside; so that instead of seeing the whole of the astral world about him, he will see only one-seventh of it, and that the densest and most impure. The vibrations of this heavier matter are the expressions only of objectionable feelings and emotions, and of the least refined class of astral entities. Therefore it emerges that a man in this condition can see only the undesirable inhabitants of the astral world, and can feel only its most unpleasant and vulgar influences.

“He is surrounded by other men, whose astral bodies are probably of quite ordinary character; but since he can see and feel only that which is lowest and coarsest in them, they appear to him to be monsters of vice with no redeeming features. Even his friends seem not at all what they used to be, because he is now incapable of appreciating any of their better qualities.

“Under these circumstances it is little wonder that he considers the astral world a hell; yet the fault is in no way with the astral world, but with himself—first, for allowing within himself so much of that cruder type of matter, and, secondly, for letting that vague astral consciousness dominate him and dispose it in that particular way.”

“The man who has studied these matters declines absolutely to yield to the pressure during life or to permit the rearrangement after death, and consequently he retains his power of seeing the astral world as a whole, and not merely the cruder and baser part of it.”  —from “A Textbook of Theosophy,” by C.W. Leadbeater. (2004). Urbana, Illinois: Project Gutenberg. Retrieved 17 October 2015, from http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/12902 [The quoted text is in blue font above. Paragraphing is mine . –Alice B. Clagett]


This description of the falling away of concentric rings of astral matter after death is another way of visualizing my timeline optimization work. As mentioned above, humankind is now, as a result of the Awakening, expanding into awareness of the astral plane, and of still higher dimensions.

If our astral matter is unrefined, we experience the coarse astral vibrations that exist in our family and friends. As our astral matter becomes more refined, through transformation by the Incoming Light from the Photon Belt, then we experience the more refined astral vibrations of our family and friends. It is a whole new world, astrally speaking. We are in a different part of the astral plane, to phrase it one way.

In my own terminology, we have switched timelines. The advantage of my timeline technology is that, through free will, and because of the opportunities to develop our Ascension skills that this new window on the Universe provides, we do not need to wait in an astral hellworld while our astral matter is refined. 

Rather, we can dip into any astral plane we desire, whether hellworld or heavenworld, whenever we wish to do so, simply by switching timelines. Thus, timeline technology is not dependent on cause and effect, nor on the slow progress of a particular, perhaps wearisome, timeline. We are free to loop forward on that timeline, to the future, to escape a current condition. Or back, on that timeline, to the past, to remedy some past mistake. Or to simply switch timelines and ride a more optimum timeline wave.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

For more timeline information see … LInk: “Compendium: Timelines and Multitemporality,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 2 February 2019 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-byd ..


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