Old Lightworker Syndrome and Duality . by Alice B. Clagett *

    • Lightworkers in the Realm of Duality: Introduction
    • Dark Interference
      • The Great Tide of Light
      • Shifting Light Frequencies on Earth
      • Solar Weather on Earth
      • Beings in the Astral Realm
    • Lightworker Screensaver Mode During the Great Age of Darkness
    • The Keys to the Great Remembering
    • Lightworker Incarnational Light-Splitting
    • On Neutral Mind
    • Old Lightworker Syndrome: 50-50 … Great Hidden Dark and Great Conscious Light
    • Incarnational Light-Splitting
    • Interpersonal Light-Splitting
    • Grid of Light: Geographical Light-Splitting
    • Temporal Light-Splitting, Either Sequentially or Simultaneously
    • The Balance of the Light
    • Unity: Our Ascension Teams and Our Lightworker Selves

Dear Ones,


This is about Old Lightworker Syndrome, and the Soul clearing that we lightworkers can anticipate doing as Ascension continues. Topics:

There is a lightly edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I would like to talk to you today a little bit today about the situation, that Lightworkers find themselves in now, at the time of Ascension. I realize this information is going to be a little bit controversial, so I ask you to take from it what is helpful to you, and not to be concerned about what you disagree with, or what you do not believe in, and like that.

It is not my intention to try to make you believe something, but just to help in the Ascension process, if possible. So, with that word of warning, I will proceed …

Lightworkers in the Realm of Duality: Introduction

Most of the Lightworkers and Pathfinders and Wayshowers … the many such that are on Earth today … have been here for a very, very long time. When they came into the third dimension and the fourth dimension, from much higher dimensions, they were subject to what I would call interference on this planet.

This planet is very far from the Central Sun. And so, there are times when it is directly receiving a lot of Light and information from the Central Sun. And there are times when it is not.

Dark Interference

The Great Tide of Light. And in the times when it is not, we here on Earth are increasingly subject … as the Tide of Light changes and goes down … I think, over a 120,000-year period? Is that it? [for more on this, see Judy Satori https://www.ascensionlibrary.org/ we are increasingly subjected to interference, of many kinds.

Shifting Light Frequencies on Earth. Some of it has to do with the Light itself. The Light itself is not the same; the frequencies of Light that are available to us are not the same. … [Looks up, to the right] … I think I see a chickadee. [laughs]

Solar Weather on Earth. And also, there are Solar Storms, and Electromagnetic Radiation, that change our electromagnetics from time to time.

Beings in the Astral Realm. And there has been, in the astral realm, interference of many, many different kinds, in the fourth dimension, of people from other places that have come in with agendas different from that of this free-will planet, and of human beings.

I am sure you have heard stories of all the different ways … during the times of Low Light … our Bodies of Light suffer some changes … necessary changes … to adjust to the decreasing availability of Light frequencies.

Lightworker Screensaver Mode During the Great Age of Darkness

And so, what is preserved is that which will keep our Souls on Earth, with as much Star knowledge as possible … which, in this great interval, has changed to a kind of sequestering, or sleeping, of a great deal of our information about the magnificence of our Soul.

It is like when a computer goes to screensaver mode to conserve energy, or shuts down when running on battery. The information is still in the computer, but it is not available until the computer is plugged into the power source once more.

The Keys to the Great Remembering

And what is needed, right now, are keys to turn it on. And those keys are becoming increasingly available, with the flooding in, through the stargates, of the new Light. And now, back to the situation we find ourselves in, as we begin to receive this new Light …

In our Bodies of Light, there are distortions of the Light that have occurred because of this most necessary saving of vital information to keep us here on Earth during the long Winter of Light.

Our mission, here on Earth, has been to show the Path and to bring the Light for all humanity. So, through our incarnations, we have striven to keep the Light for the people … to hold the torch of knowledge, and love, and Light for the people.

But because of the very nature of the dimension into which Earth slipped, before the 2012 Shift, this is the Realm of Duality. This is the Realm of Light and Dark … of great polarities.

These polarities manifest in many ways. One is within the individual Soul field. So, through many incarnations … maybe hundreds of incarnations, or more … the Lightworker has increased the Light in the Soul field. But has also increased the Darkness in the Soul field … at least in the third and fourth dimensions. So we have a Body of Light, which is increasing in brilliance, and a Shadow Body … see my blog category:  Shadow of our personality – dweller on the threshold … which is being cleared.

Of course, we always exist in many other dimensions. But the problem is, we have forgotten that life-saving information … that great information … as the Light declined.

We have the key to the knowledge, but the door is not quite open yet, to some of the knowledge … although I am sure you all received some keys, and some door openings, by now.

Just so that you understand, and will be prepared: The keys will also unlock all the Darkness in you. And there will be considerable Darkness. And the reason for this is the great Light. It is a situation of attaining balance, because, in your Soul purpose, you believe in LIght, the Darkness is hidden in your subconscious and unconscious minds. And so, it may be a little uncomfortable to be uncovering all this … especially, through all your many incarnations, at one time.

Lightworker Incarnational Light-Splitting

You may have incarnations that are very, very Dark. And in alternate worlds that have spun off, in the choices that you have made in all these incarnations, there may be manifest choices diametrically opposed, and absolutely bright. And in other worlds, there may be manifest choices in the middle. There may be all the range of choices, that need to be brought back to the Light of consciousness now, and resolved and transformed through love.

On Neutral Mind

So, I am just explaining that, if things start changing, and things start coming up to you, that seem to be very improbable … because, like me, your mission is to bring Light to the world, to find the Path, to show the way, to anchor Light to the Earth, and to transform the Earth … and suddenly, you are confronted with all kinds of things; all kinds of incredible incarnations where, maybe, you were behaving in a very, very Dark way … as opposed to the saintly way you behaved in another incarnation … just, the thing to do is to understand that that is the nature of these two realms, the third dimension and the fourth dimension.

And do not judge yourself for that. And do not worry about that. And do not hesitate to let it come up and be resolved.

Old Lightworker Syndrome: 50-50 … Great Hidden Dark and Great Conscious Light

So, there is that: 50-50 … about that amount, almost all the time. We may see only the bright Light … Totally socially acceptable me, you know? Or whatever … And so, hidden in the deep, dark recesses is stuff that would chill your bones to the marrow. [laughs]

You would be surprised! It is not the nature of you. It is not the nature of me. It is not the nature of our eternal Soul. You know? And that is something to keep in mind: It is just something that happened because of the Light dipping down in frequency.

And now the Light is coming back, and we are coming into consciousness of all our magnificence.

So that is about Lightworkers and the individual Soul, and how this thing plays out during the down-dips in the Light. 

Incarnational Light-Splitting

We talked about choices on the moment, and the splitting off of choices into alternate worlds: I make a very bright choice; I have to counter with a very Dark choice, and a bunch of choices in between.

These are incarnational balancings of the polarities … Light, Dark, and everything in between. Coming back together, and merging in the Heart. The Heart is the great Cauldron of Light and Love that accepts and transforms all this.

So that is just one way of balancing Light and Dark on Earth: Incarnational Light-splitting.

Inter-Personal Light-Splitting

Then you have splitting of the Light between people: Within your Soul group there may be people who … within your current timeline … are manifesting very Dark, or very Light, or someplace in between. And yet, in other timelines … same what we said … they are manifesting exactly the opposite.

Why, in this timeline, do they seem to be diametrically opposite you, in a socially acceptable context? Because that is another way of balancing the Light; that is a way of balancing the Light among various Souls.

Or, not even in your Soul group; but just in the context of the Souls with whom you are interacting right now … like the play of lila.

Grid of Light: Geographical Light-Splitting

Same same in the world today, as I understand it, as to the LIghtworkers who deal with the Grids of Light … who consist, no doubt, not just human beings, but also of Star brethren and angels and other great beings … There is a lot of help, in balancing out Earth’s Grids of Light. As more and more Light comes in, they are spreading it around, I think.

But if there is a very Dark place on Earth … I heard that the 33rd parallel is being worked on right now. I see that some of the maps show that Los Angeles and Iraq are right on the same parallel, and other hot spots in the world too … So there, where the Light is beginning to balance out, according to some of what I have read, that very Dark place on Earth is counterbalancing the Light at the Equator, which is very different.

In other words, the Grid work is attempting to balance out … by Light and Dark … and hopefully, eventually, have the same, equal Light everywhere, I think. Eventually, as the Light levels up, and then comes to a resting point.

So, we have discussed Light-splitting for the individual Soul within a timeline in various dimensions, and then, between timelines …

Temporal Light-Splitting, Either Sequentially or Simultaneously

There are a lot of different ways that we can find, in which Light is split so as to offer Earth’s beings the experience of Duality. As discussed above, you may see a very Dark event taking place on Earth, according to the news. And yet, at the same time, some very bright thing is happening, to counter that … which, no doubt, will not be in the news.

Or, something very Dark will happen in one place, and then the next day … or maybe simultaneously … something very bright will happen right there.

The Balance of the Light

So there is always a way to balance the Light … whether between Souls, among Souls, within one’s own Soul, spread throughout one’s own timelines, or perhaps through the various dimensions … Because there is no way that this dimension … these very deep Dark dimensions … the third dimension and the fourth dimension … could exist at all, were we not also that which is of the Stars … the very highest … the twelfth dimension, and on down.

Unity: Our Ascension Teams and Our Lightworker Selves

So, as we become more aware of that affinity … of that resonance with the greatest Light … we are going to heal up the inconsistencies in our Light Bodies, and it will all be ok.

In my vision, there are Teams … I think I have mentioned this before … 10,000 per person … Incredible Teams of Lightworkers from the highest dimensions, on down to the lower dimensions, are helping each of us to adjust to the Light.

And we can feel wonderful about this because, as we adjust to the Light, we are helping the entire Galaxy, and in fact, the entire Universe, to change upward in that way too. We are a part of all this. And we get that great help from all of our Ascension Teams because we, too, are doing our part … our very difficult part … in reintegrating all this.

And we are looked upon by our Teams as great heroes. So, fellow Lightworkers, do not be disheartened. Just open your heart; accept the Light. Be at peace. Be in love. Be in Light. Be One again. Be Unity. Be harmony. And that, within your beautiful, multidimensional Self.

God bless you all.

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

Filmed on 9 August 2015; published on 12 August 2015; revised on 3 April 2023


Link: “Keys to the Great Remembering; Codes for New Life on New Earth,” by Alice B. Clagett …  https://wp.me/p2Rkym-4XT ..


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