Alice’s Perilous Tales: The Man With the Pubic Hair Beard . by Alice B. Clagett

Alice's Perilous Tales

Image: “Thor and the Midgard Serpent,” by Emil Doepler, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Image: “Thor and the Midgard Serpent,” by Emil Doepler, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

    • Sidebar: The Talisman

Dear Ones,

What a tale I have to tell! This is Alice’s Perilous Tale of the man with the public hair beard!

On 1 November 2015, I was vacationing near Durango, Colorado. I recall arriving at Navajo State Park, and an unfortunate event, along with a vision, that I experienced there.


That day I drove via Route 151 from Ignacio, Colorado to Arboles, which is a small town, mostly residential and hilly, with little in the way of commerce, except for services catering to the boating trade. From there, I turned right, down San Juan Marina Rd (Route 982).

The first turnoff I came to, on an unmarked road on the left, leads to a primitive campground with toilets, flat camping spaces, and barbecue equipment. It is quite close to a part of Navajo Lake where duck hunting is allowed. Because of the shallow mud flats there (and also perhaps because of the danger of stray bullets) this part of the lake is less used for swimming.

There is an odd, tallish, square metal structure to the right of the road, near the entryway. And near that structure lies a portion of a footpath connecting this primitive campground to the more developed, and very popular Navajo State Park campground and marina, which is nearby.

The feeling I had as I arrived at the primitive campground … was it in mid-afternoon, or perhaps late afternoon? … was that the campground was deserted. There were, as I recall, one or two camper vehicles there, but it looked like there owners were out on a point of ground, shooting ducks. I parked, intending to go for the hike along a relatively rough trail that runs north from the campsite, along the edge of Navajo Lake.

A few of the details of what followed are written up elsewhere (see the section “For More Information” below). However, at the time, back then, I was too frightened to write about it at length, and so the telling of the tale has waited all this time.

As I recall, a man in a vehicle … it may have been a van or pickup, but it was not a passenger car … drove down from the entry road, Right away I had a strong sense of danger … the feeling that my life was imminently imperiled by this man. It was that kind of feeling where the blood runs  cold, the mind freezes, and the feet feel rooted to the ground … a sudden, overwhelming feeling that the jig was up!

It looked to me that the man was a little taller than average, but not very tall. He was spare in build, dark haired, maybe in his 40s, wearing everyday clothes, and had a full but short-cropped, dark beard.


When I saw this man, I had a vision that he was stalking me, and that he intended to shoot me, and then hightail it out of there; and perhaps that he felt the death would be pegged to a stray shot from duck hunters. I felt he was looking to see if the coast was clear to take his shot.

It goes without saying that visions are purely astral in nature, and thus, hypothetical. They may offer a way to avoid danger … like a ‘sixth sense’ … but they are not like everyday, provable facts. They are just hypotheticals … hints and clues … unless facts are found to support them.

This vision was a standout in its cautionary nature. The astral story went like this: The beard that the stalker wore had been contrived with great care by gluing pubic hairs onto some sort of transparent underlayer that was temporarily adhered to his face. According to the astral story, he had no facial hairs of his own; and also had no pubic hairs.

Some years prior, he had had a male lover, about his own age, who had a dark beard and dark pubic hairs. This friend had a habit of shaving off his pubic hairs. The stalker saw him do it, and asked him for the shaved-off hairs, as a reminder of their friendship. The lover agreed.

The lover, according to this vision, was a man with strong psychic abilities. The stalker was a man with a long record of felony arrest, child molestation, and drug running. In his criminal career, he had had several aliases, and to avoid detection by law enforcement, had had various physical cosmetic changes. Because of the differences in their personal histories, they had since parted ways.

Of note: Insofar as I could tell, this putative stalker was not a man I have named in any of my blogs.

According to the astral story, the stalker had fashioned the beard I saw him wear that day, out of his lover’s pubic hairs as a memento of their trysts. In his subconscious mind, according to the astral story, the stalker felt that by wearing the beard he would be protected by the psychic abilities of his ex-lover.

Sidebar: The Talisman

Here is an example of antisocial personality sense of humor that requires painstaking effort: The male antisocial personality or ‘ASP’ shaves the pubic hair off of a victim(s), and contrives to make a false beard with it, which he wears when he stalks his intended victims.

The memento from the prior victim(s) acts as a Talisman … something that provides magical strength and concealment … to ensure success of the future hunt.


The sexual objects of preference of the stalker were very busty women, with topless dancer looks and talents. He had, according to the astral tale, married over 10 such women, intent on not revealing to them a genital anomaly he had had since birth.

When these women, seeing him without clothing in an unguarded moment, found out his secret, he would murder them (if they had money), and take their money. Or if they had no money (as may have been the case with three of his wives), he would divorce them and take up a new identity in a new town.

Over the years, according to the ‘astral airs’, he had taken up with a dominatrix woman, who, by cowing him and nagging him, prevented him from accomplishing the type of husbandly act that might lead to her death (as had been the case, according to the astral tale, many times in years past). That he would relieve his sexual frustration through wanton serial killings of good looking, 30ish women, and prepubertic boys … the former shot down while driving, and the latter cornered in various cunning ways, captured, tortured, and murdered. According to the astral story, this had been going on, with singular success at evading law enforcement detection, for many years.

It seemed to me, in that moment, that this man had been stalking me for some time, under ‘murder for hire’ (‘gendarme’, or hired ‘assassin’) contract gleaned from the classifieds of a ‘soldier of fortune’ men’s magazine … But that, because my physical type is very different from that of the sexual murders he preferred, he had put off laying me low until that very afternoon.

All this … the entire vision … flashed by me with breath-taking alacrity, leaving me in a state of high alert.


At times like this I am very glad of my solid grounding in meditation and martial arts, which taught me to have a calm mind, and to face danger with confidence. Another thing I learned from martial arts is to avoid confrontation when at all possible; to evade attack and quickly remove my personal self from danger.

I thought: What would a serial killer most wish to avoid? Detection! And especially, being noticed by someone other than his intended victim. I thought of the developed Navajo State Park campground and marina down the road, and how it had a drive-through gate, with a ranger to greet the incoming cars … and how people were required to pay for parking there, so then there would be a record of their visit … maybe even a check or credit card record.

I figured that would be my best bet for safety, considering the little trafficked nature of San Juan Marina Rd (Route 982). So I headed to the developed campground and marina. And that is where i filmed the video that you see above.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Written and published on 30 January 2019; revised on 11 June 2020 . This event occurred on 1 November 2015 at a campground at the Colorado Navajo State Park

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