Nature Spirits Part 2: How to Make Friends with the Faeries . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed and published on 27 July 2014; transcribed on 9 August 2018
Location: These channelings took place at the motel where I stayed while attending a spiritual concert at Tara Mandala Retreat Center, Pagosa Springs, Colorado.


Image: “Faerie Guardians,” by Howard Johnson … ..

Dear Ones,

Here Is the second of five videos on the nature spirits, the faeries, and the Devic Realm. This is about how I have been making friends with them. I think you will find it is lots of fun!

There is a typo in one of the captions on this video: It says, “The nature spirits and were discussing” and I intended to say “The nature spirits and I were discussing”. There is lightly edited Summary after the video.

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Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I got some interesting information this morning from the faerie world … from the nature spirits … what we used to call the ‘fourth dimension’, that is ascending into the sixth dimension now. And I thought I would tell you the quick story of it, even though I am late for being someplace else, because when I get important information, unless I convey it immediately, sometimes I forget; in fact, quite frequently.

So I will try to explain this. You know, it is kind of revolutionary information, so I do not really expect you to believe it. But there may come a time when it becomes true in your life, and then maybe it will be useful to you.

Lately I have been talking some to the nature spirits. They are really beautiful, happy beings. I encounter them when I am out in nature … in a place like this beautiful place here. [Shows hillside wooded with tall evergreens. The location is Pagosa Hot Springs.] And sometimes at other times; but mostly out in nature.

And I found out a few things about them … like, they like to receive gifts. Right?

And so, yesterday or the day before, the nature spirits and I were discussing the kind of food they would like for an offering … because, on the internet, I saw that they liked milk. But come to find out, they like fresh-squeezed milk from a cow’s udder. And this is completely beyond my grasp to do that. I heard from the nature spirits, that in Ireland they are doing it. They are still milking cows, and giving a squirt from the cow to the nature spirits.

This is what they told me, and I expect it is true, because nature spirits never lie. They are really straightforward, happy beings of light … really a joy to be around.

And so, but anyway, I could not come up with any good food. So I went to the dollar store, and I bought some beautiful marbles … cat’s eye marbles, right? … all different colors. There were some white ones mixed in. They did not like the milky white ones, but they love the kind that catch the sunlight. And in addition, there was one large marble in each bag. I bought two bags. And those huge marbles, I made sure that they would be good for the devas … the devas, that supervise the wonderful work that the nature spirits do.

And so then, when I would go for my walks, I would try to find a place to put a marble so that it will catch the sunlight, and it will not be dislodged by the winter snows. And under specific instructions from the faeries and elves and like that … to make sure that it is so high that a child cannot see it and take it away. [laughs]

And so, that is what I have been doing every once in a while. And they like it when I hide them, so that they have to go back and find them later. The truth of the matter is, they know exactly where I put them, because they know every single tree. But they pretend, for my sake, that they do not know where they are. And then, as soon as I go away, they go and find them all. And sometimes they go back and find them again. [laughs]

So there is that. I have been having incredible fun with this. You have to learn to talk with them first, to find out exactly what they want. though, because they are very specific. And one of the things they love, I have found, are songs about the Earth. If you are willing to sing songs about the Earth, you had better believe that you will make friends with the natural world.

And so, I found out that there is a group of Medicine Songs by Sacred Valley Tribe …

Link: “Medicine Songs,” by Sacred Valley Tribe … … medicine songs in Spanish, English, and other languages!

And so all the nature spirits, all in the wink of an eye, went down to Peru to find the man, Alonso del Rio, that wrote the song “Madre Tierra,” and have him sing it to them …

Video: “Madre Tierra / Alonso del Rio,” by Marcio Assumpcao, 26 January 2009 … .. 

And so, these are a few of the things that have been happening lately. It is terrific! And so, as I mentioned yesterday, I was out here, near a music shop, and there were faeries just all over a tree. It was just glittering with beautiful nature spirits. And all of the Earth round it listening to the song the singer was singing live, outside the shop … even though there were cars passing by. They loved it! They hang out in this area here quite a lot, because of that music store. [shows hillside with tall evergreens, in Pagosa Hot Springs]

So then, I was heading off to a spiritual concert … [continued here] …

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In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Playing these songs will call the nature spirits! …

Link: “Medicine Songs,” by Sacred Valley Tribe … … medicine songs in Spanish, English, and other languages!

Video: “Madre Tierra / Alonso del Rio,” by Marcio Assumpcao, 26 January 2009 … .. 


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