Mass Media Part 1: Social Responsibility . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 28 March 2017


Dear Ones,

The topics of the video are mass media, social responsibility, and lawlessness and the law.  A Summary follows the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I would like to talk for a minute about mass media as it is today, and social responsibility. I would like to address the issue of lawlessness and the law, and the persuasive power of mass media.

Suppose it were true that there were people of consequentialist leanings in the world today who believed that they were above the law, and that they had the right to do things to people … things those people experienced as painful … “for their own good” … by way of punishment, to the end of creating an Utopian future for the world.

And that it did not matter to these consequentialists whether or not they broke the law when they did this; they were ‘above the law’. The law had no hold on them, as far as their imaginations of how life on Earth should go proceeded to manifestation in the real world.

And suppose they were to try various experiments on segments of the human population with intentions of improving things, and that these experiments involved great Soul wounding for the people on whom they experimented … Just a supposition.

Now if such a thing were to happen, and if they had at their disposal some form of admission to the mass media, would it not occur to them to try to change the opinions of the world regarding laws that they had broken, so that, should these experiments come to light, they would not be punished for them?

If we thought that might be the case, then could we not look at the offerings of mass media, and determine what might have happened, along the lines of social experiments unsanctioned by the law, in the recent past?

Let’s say that these experiments have not been performed, but might be performed in future.

  • Might we then look at the themes of the mass media today, and determine, on our own, whether we feel that these themes are socially responsible or not, so that we could advocate for changes in the law, perhaps more strictly in adherence with the rights of human beings?
  • Perhaps from a spiritually informed perspective of Soul evolution, we could take a look at the laws of today, and work towards change, to decrease Soul ignorance and suffering in the world. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful possibility?

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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