Lightworker Clair Knowledge of Souls and Ashamedness Subconsciously Felt by Others . by Alice B. Clagett

Lightworker Clair Knowledge of Souls and Ashamedness Subconsciously Felt by Others

Image: “Incoming Light: Archangelic Light 2 – Mishe Mokwa Trail, Circle X Ranch, Santa Monica Mountains – Nature Spirits,” by Alice B. Clagett, 16 February 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0 International, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” ..

Image: “Incoming Light: Archangelic Light 2 – Mishe Mokwa Trail, Circle X Ranch, Santa Monica Mountains – Nature Spirits,” by Alice B. Clagett, 16 February 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0 International, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” ..  

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    • Introduction
    • Terrible Hot Water to Do with Other People’s Soul Secrets
    • Can Black Magic Help Keep a Country Safe? Gosh, No!
    • Is Knowing Other People’s Soul Secrets a Good Thing?
    • The Shamer’s Daughter
    • Shall I Make a Telepathic Changeup to Native American Nicknames?
    • The Negative Substitution Effect in Psychology and Western Medicine
      • Developed and Developing Countries
      • Psychological Labeling versus Mentoring
      • Physical Siddhis or Psychic Powers of Lightworkers
      • Story About Me Achieving the Breathless State
      • Benefits of Learning Physical Psychic Powers
    • Lightworker Sensitivity and the Psychology of Limitation
    • Substitution and the Housing Market in Los Angeles
    • Accentuate the Positive!
    • Video Credits



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.


The topic for today is: The subconscious taboos of others that are the landmines of the telepath’s existence.

There is an Ascension gift to be able to look into a person’s Soul and know the very deepest secrets of a person’s Soul.

I do not know that this clair ability has been gifted with a name so far, so I will call it Clair Knowledge of Souls.

This Ascension gift can be either positive or negative, and resoundingly so. It could be considered an Ascension drawback in one sense and an Ascension gift in another. It all depends on the positive or negative nature of the perception of the other person’s Soul. So this is quite a weighty topic.

I remember, from the very beginning of my Ascension process I had this quality of being able clearly to see the greatest secrets of another person’s Soul. This has to do with yoga and the development of the third-eye point most likely … or maybe the crown chakra or higher … or all the higher chakras.

So, as we begin to develop those chakras through the practice of yoga, or through other methods of honing our Awareness, the issue of knowing other people’s secrets … whether very good or very bad … comes up.

Terrible Hot Water to Do with Other People’s Soul Secrets

I remember when I first began the Ascension process, I got in terrible hot water because of this. I was meditating with a group of people who had a very big secret, and that secret was buried in their subconscious minds, and when I looked at them, that secret would leap out at me. And as I became aware of it, they became aware that I knew about it. Do you see?

In the particular instance in question … It is so amazing that you are going to have trouble wrapping your mind around it … It seemed to me that the leader … the original founder of that group was an intersex person or hermaphrodite who had presented himself to the world as a man, and who had gone to great lengths to cover up the fact that his physical shape and his psychological attributes were very different from those presented to the world.

As fate would have it, over time this secret came out, in the Inner Circle of this meditation group, and many people who were also intersex people or hermaphrodites from all over the world would come to that place and become members of it.

Amongst the people in the meditation group, there was a memory of someone that they greatly revered … their founder … who had this secret. And there was also a contingent of people who had this same quality and this same secret.

A complicating factor was that this secret was so greatly buried in their minds that it created a kind of black magic effect that pursued the person who discovered it. They were known all over the world as being black magic people because of this.

The cause of the black magic had to do with the darkness of the secret, not with the strength.

Can Black Magic Help Keep a Country Safe? Gosh, No!

Military groups and secret services around the world sometimes side with groups who have psychic powers that are negatively aspected. This has to do with the mission of military and secret services to protect their countries from territorial aggression; and so, they have an inclination towards ‘power over’ … defensiveness .. and it seems to them that it might be possible to harness, for instance, black magic or negatively aspected psychic superpowers to protect their nations.

Well, protection of nations is a really important aspect of life on Earth. Of course, there is the question whether condoning black magic or negatively aspected psychic superpowers will help achieve this goal.

My hunch is that the exact opposite will occur … that nations which kowtow to black magic will fall to nations that espouse family values; that stand for the high principles such as truth and justice, and happiness for their people.

I have never known black magic to bring happiness to anyone. That is my feeling about it … that it is the wrong call, for a nation to choose black magic as its guiding light.

Secret services and military all over the world are known for revering negatively aspected superpowers, and so therefore I had a concern, on many different levels, about getting away from this meditation group and those people.

And in addition, there was a story, on the astral plane, that no one had ever escaped them … that all the people had been driven mad, or driven to suicide, or murdered by assassins from the group, and so forth.

Later I found that only one other person had ever made it through, and that no one dare mention this thing … and so forth and so on.

Is Knowing Other People’s Soul Secrets a Good Thing?

I am still alive, and that other person is still alive; and I think the people themselves have become … after 25 years … less secretive about their secret.

And so that is a good thing. But it is my very first example of the Ascension gift of the Awareness of other people’s deep Soul values.

What leaps out is quite dangerous to the Ascensioneer. It can compromise your life.

On the other hand, it can be a very good thing, because as we are walking down the street we know immediately: This man is carrying a gun; he intends harm, or he is angry … he has a violent disposition. Whatever dangers await us, we are very aware of them … more aware than most people.

So two things happen: One is that people do not like us because we know their secrets, and they go to great lengths to alienate other people from us for that reason. And two is that we can stay alive because we can avoid these kinds of people.

I have to say I am very grateful for the second quality … the one that allows me to stay alive … because there are many amongst my Lightworker friends who, during the Ascension process, have lost form for lack of that attribute.

This reality is a dangerous place, and that attribute is intended by our Ascension team to allow us to stay alive.

The Shamer’s Daughter

Now let me go back to the first thing … the thing that makes people shun us. Last night I was watching a movie called “Skammerens Datter.” It means “The Shamer’s Daughter.” It is from a book by Lene KAABERBOL. It has to do with an old Norse tradition of seeking out women who had this Ascension ability to see deeply into the Souls of other people.

Those women were used as judges and peacekeepers to find the true worth of a person’s Soul, and in a particular instance, to settle issues that might otherwise result in war. Sometimes they were very successful at this.

A ‘shamer’ was someone who saw the shame in other people. And so the other people who were psychically viewed by the ‘shamer’ felt ashamed.

That is the same gift as what I have been speaking to you about … the gift of Awareness of other people’s Souls. But the interesting thing about the book and the movie is that the emphasis is completely on the hidden psychological secret that is considered to be extremely bad … to be taboo.

Over the years, what has happened with regard to this Ascension gift is that I have run into person after person, on the psychic plane and on the physical plane, who has a deep, dark secret. In fact, I would be inclined to say that every person on Earth has a deep dark secret!

And those people are so intent on no one knowing about that, that the minute that I see that secret and they become aware that I know about it, they take a dislike to me.

Then after awhile, when I think about these people, the first thing that pops into my mind is their extreme negative response to me because I know their secret … and also popping into my mind is their secret, which is bad, to say the least, because the more I think of those people, the more I think about their big, dark secret, and the worse their antagonism towards me gets, on the subconscious plane, even from afar.

In a way you could say that their negative subconscious state of mind with regard to this awful thing … whatever it is … over the many intervening years has influenced me to the negative too, because the first thing I think about, when I think about people, is their secret … the secret they do not want anyone to know. And that is bad.

Shall I Make a Telepathic Changeup to Native American Nicknames?

This morning I was looking into the psychological principle of substitution. My idea was this: I remember the Native Americans … the First Peoples of America. They got round all this by naming people a certain name that expressed one of their finest qualities. It might be ‘Running Deer’ … someone who is very fleet of foot; it might be ‘the Eyes of the Eagle’ … someone who had very sharp eyesight; it might be ‘the Wise Owl’; it might be ‘the Gentle Rabbit’.

They would think up something that expressed the Soul qualities of the person that are very positive … some very good quality. And they would call them by that name every time they thought of them or saw them.

So the Native Americans … the First Peoples … thought of a way to strengthen the positive subconscious cohesiveness of their tribe by expressing the positive Soul qualities of each person in the tribe.

I thought that might work for me. I can come up with something that strikes me as the most wonderful quality of each of these people with the deep, dark secrets … and off all the people that do not have deep, dark secrets.

And every time I think of them … every time I telepath with them … every time I see them in my mind … I can say, for instance: ‘He who makes friends easily’ … ‘She who studies hard’ … ‘He who teaches courage’ … ‘She of the sharp and lively wit’ … and so forth; things like that.

I could come up with a nickname for everybody that is very positive. And in that way I might rewire … for my own sake … this negative conditioning that has been occurring with regard to other people; and I might begin to see everyone else in a very positive sense.

The Negative Substitution Effect in Psychology and Western Medicine

Developed and Developing Countries. I did some research this morning on the substitution effect. It is tangential to my topic for today, but it is very interesting. For instance, I got to thinking

One interesting thing that I found out is that there is a negative substitution effect that is recognized to occur when an organization or an area of study rushes to substitute its own expertise for the native ability of the people it is trying to help.

This might happen in a developing country, for instance, where people from a developed country rush in and assume that the people there have no resources – when in fact the latter have resources in place.

And these people from the developed countries keelhaul the structure that is in place in the country, and perhaps trample on the people’s feelings by substituting their own goods and systems for the goods and systems priorly in place for the people.

Psychological Labeling versus Mentoring. That reminded me of the modern discipline of psychology … and also, to a certain extent, Western medicine … which seem to ramrod about and assume that a patient who comes to them is ill and is in need of help, rather than (in the case of psychology) approaching a positive mentoring attitude to help a person regain or restore their psychological health.

In other words, psychology today seems to be a labeling process imposed from the outside on people who might otherwise think well of themselves. They might … because of a positive attitude towards themselves … heal more quickly, psychologically, you know?

In a way that is similar to the developed countries moving into the developing countries with aid responses that ignore the local structures in place. It tramples on people’s self-respect.

Physical Siddhis or Psychic Powers in India of Lightworkers. And then with regard to modern medicine …. in the case of Lightworkers, we have many clair abilities. In India, in ages long past, certain of the Lightworker abilities were acknowledged as ‘siddhis’ amongst the spiritual elite of India. And so these qualities have been known for a long time.

One of the siddhis is the ability to alter bodily functions; one of those functions that can be altered is blood pressure. Another is the rate of the heartbeat. Then there is physical temperature that can be altered, and respiration can be stopped or started up again.

In fact, there are stories in India about people who were buried alive, and stopped breathing for 500 years; and then their hibernating bodies were uncovered and they began breathing again; you see?

There are many things unacknowledged by Western medicine that were acknowledged to be possible in ancient India, and still are today.

These were acknowledged as psychic abilities, and these the Lightworkers of today call Ascension gifts, because of the fact that all humankind is beginning to receive and actualize these gifts.

Story About Me Achieving the Breathless State. I remember in the early days, when I was practicing with that meditation group … the one with many psychic abilities … the one that began to dislike me intensely … that one! … that many special psychic effects occurred.

For instance, I could sit in meditation for a day or two, and barely breathing … or not at all … and still come back to Awareness, the same as I was when I started out the meditation.

The fact that I was not breathing during that time is acknowledged in India. But in modern medicine they might call that an illness. You know?

It is very helpful, if you are in the ocean and cannot breathe, not to have to breathe, don’t you think? But in everyday life, if you stop breathing, then people start pointing their fingers. You know how it is! If you want to practice that technique of breathlessness, it is good to go to a very quiet place … a place where you feel safe, and where other people will not see you or discover you until you stop doing that, I feel. It is a very restful effect.

Benefits of Learning Physical Psychic Powers. And it is good for the self-respect to be able to do things that many other people are not able to do. It helps us leap out of the mold of the reality as it is perceived by many people, and into a new world … a New Life on New Earth.

It helps us to understand that miracles are possible; that we can create reality; that we can optimize reality; and that we ourselves have Free Will and the power to do all this, through God’s grace here on Earth. Informed by the abilities sent down to us by God, through our Ascension Team, we can accomplish many things on Earth … a lot more than they say on the TV sitcoms; many, many more.

We can completely transform reality. It hard to aver this, day after day, when we are confronted by the social conditioning of limitation.

By lack of limitations … by becoming aware of our Ascension gifts, we can overcome negative conditioning that unfortunately exists in our culture today.

Lightworker Sensitivity and the Psychology of Limitation

To get back to Lightworkers and Ascension gifts, there is also an issue of very great sensitivity of Lightworkers. For instance, I have the gift of electromagnetic sensitivity … you could say, to do with the energy fields of other human beings and my own energy field.

The last time I looked, the World Health Organization had a negative spin on this. They call it hypersensitivity to the electromagnetic force. They think of it as a disease. Now this negative notion of the world towards our gifts of supersensitivity might be helpful to us, in a way.

If what our gifts are is perceived by the world as negative … as disease … then it is possible that we might get government money for this ‘disease’. On the other hand, it is not so good, because then we might begin to think of ourselves as ‘damaged goods’, you know?

Substitution and the Housing Market in Los Angeles

The next thing that I looked into this morning had to do with economics. It is a substitution theory with regard economics and changing prices in the market. It is a sort of a ‘wuss-around’ topic because there are some people that say prices may rise, and people may be ok with that because they look for cheaper goods, and so they are happy anyway. And there are people that say: Well, if people cannot afford anything, then that is a negative thing, and substitution theory will not work in economics anymore.

For instance, I am looking at the housing market in Los Angeles in the last few years, and my thoughts along those lines go like this …

It is way too high. And in addition there is the cost of utilities, which is outrageous. The money that people are capable of making cannot compare to the cost of living in Los Angeles. And this has been the case for the last few years.

So the first thing I have noticed that my neighbors in my community have done is that they have been on a fixed income, say, or they have been unable to earn more at their jobs, or they have lost their jobs and they want to keep their houses.

They might try to take out home loans. They might conserve water and electricity and gas. They might do their own home repairs. They might do their own home maintenance. And eventually they might have their water turned off altogether, or to the very lowest point, where they cannot even take a shower except once a month, or they can only use water for drinking … like that.

And then some financial catastrophe might occur where they simply cannot make ends meet. At that point they have two choices: They can find an illegal way to make money. There are a million ways to do that.

They might try robbing houses. The possibility is very great that they will end up in jail if they do that.

They might try rolling drunken people after the bars close.

They might try holding up a bank.

There are a lot of wild schemes out there when people feel that they simply cannot afford their home and they feel that their greatest good is to stay in their home. And so we are running up against instances of many people suddenly popping up violent … maybe killing each other … simply because they are under such tension with regard to meeting their living expenses here in Los Angeles.

The other thing that can happen … and this is the negative substitution effect … is that a person can no longer afford the goods that have gone up in price; a person can, for instance, no longer afford a home here in Los Angeles.

And then they have to move out of their home. And then they have to figure out what to do next.

We have … what? … 75,000 homeless people here in Los Angeles right now, and the question is, what to do about it?

I have a question why do not just lower the value of housing? What stops that from happening? What stops us from substituting a value that is affordable for everyone? What is going on there?

And in the substitution process in the subconscious mind … when we see other people’s subconscious minds … what is it that stops us from looking to the most positive secret thing in another person’s Soul and mind?

Accentuate the Positive!

Another theory that I ran across today has to do with the possibility that through mental substitution we can change our view of reality; we can change what we perceive as reality by substitution.

Over the years what has happened for me as a Lightworker is not very good, because popping up in people’s minds is a very negative, most awful thing that has occurred to them in their life. They may have lived a very good life … a very exemplary life … because of this very thing; because they made a decision at that point that they would never do such a thing again, for all you know. They cannot tell the world about it, but it has positively affected the direction of their life.

So my idea is that we have to pick the positive thing instead. We have to find the positive thing. It might not be their positive thing; they might be dwelling on the negative thing.

But as Lightworkers, we have to look to the most positive thing in that person’s Soul Awareness, and substitute that.

Will this work? … If we substitute ‘he who runs like the deer’ … ‘she who has laughter in her voice’ … ‘he who is a wise owl’ … ‘she who is gentle like the rabbit’ … If we substitute that for these awful negative things that are going on, then what will happen in our own minds?

The answer is: It may change our own reality. That is what I feel. It may optimize our reality if we do this. It may get round all this psychological mumbo jumbo.

So that is what I am going to try. I hope it has the desired effect. I thought I would let you all know, because it could be that you are encountering the same types of troubles.

I wish my fellow Lightworkers the very best reception in the world, because a positive impression upon the world … to be completely open about it … increases our chances of survival immensely.

All right! So we will not be known as the Shamer’s Daughters. We will be known as those who lift people up and bring them to Awareness and help them to achieve their potential of Light.

And it will help in the meantime our own outlook on life, and lift us up, if we are able to look at the most positive thing in everybody who comes to us with their deepest, darkest, most awful stuff.

So the people approach us with a negative attitude on the telepathic plane, and we substitute a positive thing. It may not change their Awareness, but I feel it will change ours.

That is the message for today. There are plenty of things to think about. I wish you all the very greatest and happiest and most inspired life that ever may be.

May God bless you,
And keep you safe,
And be with you
Through all your days.

In love, light and joy,
This is Alice B. Clagett.
I Am of the Stars … and for sure, you are too!

See you at my website Awakening with Planet Earth.

What a topic! … the social taboos that are landmines of our progress; the social taboos of others that are landmines of our progress through the third dimension.

Filmed and published on 20 October 2023


“Lightworker Clair Knowledge of Souls and Ashamedness Subconsciously Felt by Others”
by Alice B. Clagett
Filmed on 20 October 2023
Location: San Fernando Valley, CA

Produced by Shoes
on 20 October 2023
CC BY-SA 4.0 International


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