Incarnational Scrapbook . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 12 February 2015; published 16 February 2015; revised on 10 February 2019
Location: Santa Monica Mountains, California

    • Reincarnational Experiences and Archetypal Cultural Memories
    • Thought of Creating an Incarnational Picture Scrapbook
    • Celestial Ascension Teams
    • Postlude: Music of Chris Zabriskie and Photos of the Santa Monica Mountains

Dear Ones,

This video is about reincarnation, archetypal images, and holding our multidimensional expressions of Self in the context of the Now. It also has thoughts on creating an Incarnational Scrapbook. The Postlude features the beautiful instrumental music of Chris Zabriskie and photos of the Santa Monica Mountains. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

. . . . .

Reincarnational Experiences and Archetypal Cultural Memories

I was walking with the Sierra Club just now, in the mountains, and then I fell a little behind, and so now I am walking on my own. I bet they will wait up with me a little bit later on, though. That is usually the way. 

I just thought I would mention something another member and I were talking about, while we were walking. And that is, the way to hold reincarnational experiences.

It is kind of a hard topic to talk to another person about because a lot of people do not believe in reincarnation. That is just their mental filter: They do not believe. Other people have memories that have woken up, in them, about past incarnations … And they believe in reincarnation. And there are people of a psychological bent, who believe that reincarnational memories are really the archetypal memories of mankind, of humankind.

So over however long you believe humankind have existed … and that range is from millions of years, to two thousand years … or maybe less, for all I know, depending on your mental filter … whatever that length of time may be, the psychological theory goes that there are certain deeply implanted memories, and all the people, say, in one culture, have certain archetypal images which they feel could appear like past lifetime.

There is at least one other point of view about this; and that is, that we exist in the Now … in a medium that really contains neither time nor space … and that all these memories that we have, are not of the past or future lifetimes, but are all happening right now, multidimensionally, at the same moment in the Now. And that is the theory to which I subscribe.

Thought of Creating an Incarnational Picture Scrapbook

To get on with that story from the beginning of this blog, my fellow Sierra Club member and I were talking of my idea of starting an incarnational scrapbook, so every time I came across the memory of an incarnation … or an archetypal memory, as the case may be … I would look for a picture that reminded me of that lifetime, and make a scrapbook that contains pictures that remind me of all my incarnations.

Would that not be a cool thing? It would be a wonderful learning tool for families that believe in reincarnation; they could teach their children to start a scrapbook like that. 

So there is that story about incarnations, and different ways of holding them, and how we can all agree to disagree … or agree to agree in some way … about things that we hold differently because of our mental filters.

. . . . .

Celestial Ascension Teams

There is one other thing I want to mention about the Now, and about Teams. You know, I talk a lot about Celestial Teams, or Ascension Teams, and I put them in all my activations of Light; I include the Teams.

Someone was asking me last night, what the Teams really are. You know, people envision them really differently. Some say that they are help from our brothers and sisters of the stars … from different star systems … and others say, from different levels of reality, including the Angelic Team, and the Ascended Master level, and the star brother and sister level, and so on.

And some say that our Team is really the Awareness, in the Now, of our many incarnations. So the Team that we are calling upon … this is a theory that I like very much right now, because it is very empowering for me … the Team that I am calling on is really me, in many different expressions of myself, in the Now: Many dimensions, many timelines, and so forth. So if you like that, you can play with that; you can enjoy that concept.

That is really all for today. Talk to you later. Bye bye. Take care.

Postlude: Music of Chris Zabriskie and Photos of the Santa Monica Mountains

[Music: “Cylinder 5,” from the album “Cylinders” by Chris Zabriskie, CC by 4.0. Nature photos by Alice B. Clagett.]

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

The photos from the video are here … Link: “Santa Monica Mountains 5,” photos by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 12 February 2015; published on 13 January 2020 … ..

The portion of this blog in blue or green font was excerpted to … Link: “Tiny Anthologies: My Memories of Other Incarnations,” by Alice B. Clagett, compiled from prior blogs on 10 February 2019; published on 11 February 2019; revised on 19 January 2023 … … Previously titled: “Incarnational Memories”   … and …  “Tiny Anthologies: Incarnational Memories”


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