Hackster? . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 7 January 2018; later in the day, the information in green font was added. The text in blue font was added on 8 January 2018.

Dear Ones,

I have been getting some astral intel regarding hacking and tracking personal computers and vehicles that I thought I would share. I have not researched this to speak of, so I do not have a clue whether it is really true, or whether it just represents fears that people may have about technology?

Anyway, if this has not been looked into, as to whether it is or is not true, then naturally, I feel it would be good to find out about it. I myself hope none of these rumors are true, as that would require lots of high tech problem solving to fix the ‘leaks’. Here goes …

There are rumors that computer chat programs and e-phone programs offer back doors for access to computers and handhelds, providing crooks with ways to hack private information and clone people’s computer desktops. It might possibly be good for chat programs such as Facebook Chat, Microsoft Messenger, and e-phone programs such as Skype and Google Voice.

There is a rumor that Frontpage and iTunes have hackable ‘back doors’ as well. Until this is disproven, it might be best to open these programs on your computer while offline.

There is an astral rumor that hacksters have access to books listing the IP addresses … or other identifiers, is it? … of the major motel chains and also of libraries, and that these somehow allow them access to our personal computers if we go online in a motel room or a library. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know.

I have also heard rumors of computer repair people who advertise that they will remove spyware from your personal computer, but that who instead install their own spyware, and gain access to your computer’s … is it IP address? … and password. And who then are able to hack your computer and perpetrate credit card fraud or other identity theft crimes. Or who may sell this information to other criminals, who then perpetrate these crimes. I hope this isn’t true!

Also, I have heard astral rumors that standard telephone services can be hacked via their online interfaces. From these interfaces, so the astral rumors go, a hackster can turn on or turn off the emessage-taking for another person’s telephone, and pick up or delete their messages. Apparently, there may also be ways to make phone calls as if they were coming from another person’s phone, but I do not know how this might be managed.

Further, there is apparently a back door to hardwired personal computers that is accessed via telephones installed on the same cable line, such as the newer phone-and-internet offerings tend to be. The hackster calls on your phone line, and … somehow or other … apparently patches into your computer. Whether you have to answer the ringing phone in order for the hack to occur, I do not know. I do surmise that the computer must be turned on at the time.

The way around this is to ask for a phone and internet deal where the phone is wired on a separate line from the internet. This arrangement is also good for times of electrical brownout or blackout, as it may be possible to plug a non-electronic phone (which you would have on hand for emergencies) into your phone jack during the emergency, and use your phone line, even though your computer is down. In that way you could report the power outage to your utility company, and would be able to call 911 in case an emergency arises during the electric brownout or blackout. So having a phone line separate from your internet service makes sense for a variety of reasons.

As to email, I have read that if your email password is hacked, then email can be sent by a hackster from your online email interface, and intercepted and deleted as well.

Then as to tracking devices such as GPS, and the pros and cons of wireless as opposed to cable and satellite …

According to the astral rumors, it is purportedly better to use cable rather than wireless connections for your laptop. Apparently, wireless connections can be snooped in upon by nearby people if they know about your IP address and computer password.

Rumor also has it that, through triangulation, computers with wireless enabled can be snooped upon through spy satellite programs. If this is found to be true, then it may be less true in rural areas than in cities. It may also be that a triangulated snoop connection in cities drops, then picks up again, as satellites crisscross overhead. So this manner of snooping … if true … may be only intermittently reliable.

Again on the astral plane, I have heard uneasy rumors that Bluetooth and Pandora, if enabled in the newer cars, might have backdoor programs installed that allow GPS tracking. I have seen GPS spy gizmos advertised online, that purportedly allow a person’s vehicle to be tracked; I do not know how prevalent the use of these might be, or how intermittent such surveillance might.

There is an astral hunch out there, to the effect that getting off asphalt roads, and onto dirt roads, or into wilderness areas, somehow disables GPS. Whether or not this is true, I have no idea.

I have heard an astral rumor that GPS can be installed in anything equipped with a solar cell … such as a lawn ornament.

A scarier rumor is that micro GPS chips can be placed in food, or body cavities on the sly, but that the power runs down on them in a few hours, and that internalized GPS and nano tech can be rendered nonfunctional by waving a magnet past them, just as larger electronic equipment can be rendered nonfunctional by being placed near a magnet.

Apparently, according to the astral rumors, the advantage of a powered GPS would be that the exact location of a person’s computer could be located, and homed in upon by a spy satellite, the theory being that would allow a secure hackster connection to a wireless enabled personal computer or handheld. If this is true, then it would be good to check up on the look of GPS tracking devices and check around the home and car for them, I am supposing.

Of course, an obvious answer to the issue of spy surveillance is to go off-grid and live the simple life. Further, this kind of lifestyle is bound to cut down on the damage done our bodies by artificial electromagnetic fields, such as electric lines, electric appliances, and electronics.

It seems to me that the financial world is going to have to come to terms with the seeming fact that placing financial information online is untenable, as it puts this information up for grabs by hackers everywhere. Even if a person refuses online access to, say, their bank, their bank information is still available, online, to those who have hacked and stolen that person’s identity.

The numbers of hackers in the world today are legion; and to the worse, according to the astral rumors, they feel a righteous thrill about it. To judge by the astral airs, they feel it is just a game … that they are …

  • ‘getting one over’ on their friends and neighbors,
  • ‘getting what’s theirs’,
  • getting a leg up,
  • playing the ‘one upmanship’ game,
  • helping their children get a college education,
  • ‘playing ball,’
  • engaging in Yankee competition …

The justifications or rationalizations, the specious reasons for ripping off friends and family are legion.

  • But what of the fabric of our society? What will become of us?
  • What will become of our economy, our financial system, our way of life, if hackstering runs wildly through our communities?

Well, shall we not get to the bottom of these rumors about the unsafeness of life in the ‘burb?

  • Are we safe, or are we not? If not, then what can be done about it?
  • Need we ramp up our computer savvy?
  • Ought we ditch our computers altogether, and, like the Roman emperor Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus, throw up our hands and say: Enough! I shall give up the power game, and retire to my country villa to grow cabbages! Let the rich and powerful come to me there, should they wish to consult me!

I wonder if anyone showed up, there in Gaius Aurelius’ country villa? Or whether, in peaceful solitude, he tended his vegetable garden, heard the early morning birdsong, gloried in sunlight and in the gentle touch of rain, and thanked the gods for a chance to live like an emperor of the natural world!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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