Fear of Attack, Crown Glow, and Heart Palpitations during Incoming Light . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 20 March 2015; revised


Dear Ones,

Here are some personal thoughts on dealing with symptoms of the Incoming Light.


On the clair plane, from time to time I hear themes of fear of attack or other clair chatter tinged with what psychologists might unkindly term ‘paranoia’.

One technique that helps is to introduce new participants to the clair ‘train of thought’. To introduce new participants, simply visualize them. If they are willing, they will join in. New people will have different emotional states, and so the emotional content of the train of thought will shift, often for the better.

Another thing to do is to Just say something silly like: Balderdash! or Poppycock! This often shifts the clair chatter from seriously scary to childlike fun.

More fundamentally, through trial and error, I have found that, even though the chatter comes to me from others, this is generally associated with my own physical uneasiness during times of Light downloads and unusual Solar Events.

About an hour ago, for instance, I was lying down. I woke up suddenly with heart palpitations (see below). When I sat up, I felt the same rough palpitations in my lower body. This I term a very obvious manifestation of physical uneasiness … usually it is much more subtle, and the emotional content of the clair chatter acts as a ‘pointer’ for me.

For me, I have found the remedy is simply to sit or stand quietly and ground the Light through my pranic tube … from the sky, through my heart, and right down to the Halls of Amenti in the center of Earth.

Image: Pranic Tube Energy Connecting a Standing Man to Sun: https://spiritualyopeningnowtocosmicenergy.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/79bd8-lightbodycelestialsoul.jpg?w=511&h=767 ..

Image Pranic Tube Energy Connecting a Seated Man to Earth …  https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-0AWCiQ7vGUQ/UoLzx6msJRI/AAAAAAAAEzk/rHQL1jKJysE/s1600/mar.jpg ..

For those who are not able to sit, It helps to lie down on the back, place the hands on the abdomen, and say soothingly, over and over …

I am safe. I am safe. I am safe.

This calms the body cells, specifically the neurons that line the gut and constitute a portion of the autonomic nervous system.


During the recent intense geostorm I had a symptom of Crown Glow. My aura in the area of my head felt like it was lit up much more than the rest of me. I think this was a reflection of the highly lit state of the North Pole at that time. The auroras at that time were totally out of sight.

And so, even though my main focus is my heart energy, I learned from this event that I am a Child of the Earth, and of the Sun, and that my energy field quite naturally responds to the energies of the heavens.

In that case, it was my mental filter that was out of kilter, and not my aura. Is it not often so? We think things should be thus, but God knows things should be otherwise to assist us in our clearing and in Earth’s ascension. And so, the Divine in us manifests that unexpected, and oft perceived as unpleasant, thing that is in our highest interests.


Sometimes heart palpitations are the result of anxiety … the flight response … and sometimes they are to do with something serious. You will know your own body best. If experience tells you they are about anxiety (and do not require a medical evaluation), then you may find an affirmation of Faith helpful:

Lord, I have faith in Thee!  (x3)

That is all for now.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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