Elementaries, Thuggees, Loss of the Soul, and the Vitalized Shell . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 16 January 2016; revised on 17 March 2019

  • ELEMENTARIES  [Heart Vampire]
    • Hybrids  [Castratrux – Basal Vampire, Tinkerbell; Bespeller – Voodoo Man, Regal Hex]
    • Astral Thuggees in Congested Urban Areas  [Heart Vampire, Inanna, Ahimsa Master]
  • LOSS OF THE SOUL   [Heart Vampire]
  • THE VITALIZED SHELL   [Black Magicker]
    • Stories by Alice: The Saint Whose Astral Shell Was Snatched Up by a Demon

Dear Ones,

The information below is largely adapted from the teachings of the School of Theosophy, with additional thoughts of my own.

ELEMENTARIES  [Heart Vampire]

According to Theosophy, depraved men imprisoned in their astral bodies are known as ‘elementaries’. Elementaries, though in astral form, still long to indulge in just those vices they practiced while in their physical bodies. These elementaries can be very crafty, wicked and cruel. They can provoke people still in physical form to acts of horror and violence. In this work the elementaries revel: In creating suffering in humankind; in provoking crimes of utmost depravity here on Earth.

For more on elementaries, see my blog category: Elementaries – astral shells

Also see … Link: “Death–And After?” by Annie Besant. (2006). Urbana, Illinois: Project Gutenberg, http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/18266 … Search the terms:  elementary  … and …  elementaries


My feeling is that, among these ‘elementaries’ those who have developed and employed psychic powers for their own enrichment and empowerment … rather than for the good of humankind … during their time in physical form, represent the most loathsome form of elementaries.

These are the ‘thuggees’ now trapped on the astral plane … people who developed psychic powers while in physical form, not for the good of humankind, but rather for their own personal power and wealth … and now find themselves unhappy inhabitants of the astral plane. Being just too ‘evil’ to reincarnate, they take their delights where they may, by aiding those of criminal intent who are still in form to torture their fellow humans …

Link: “Astral Thuggees,” a drawing by Alice B. Clagett, drawn and published on 9 January 2021 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-lbt ..

During these glorious days of the Ascension of humankind, the astral thuggees are confined to the noxious noosphere of Earth’s large cities, where they glom to the ambitious endeavors of spiritual adepts who develop their psychic superpowers for personal gain.

Hybrids  [Castratrux – Basal Vampire, Tinkerbell; Bespeller – Voodoo Man, Regal Hex]

It is sometimes this glom of one or up to six astral thuggees to a spiritual adept that is somewhat infelicitously termed the ‘hybrid’. There are astral-human gloms more perilous to the eternal Soul, that also go by the sobriquet ‘hybrid’. For more on these, see the below subheading “Loss of the Soul” … You may also wish to search my blog for the word: soulless  ... as there has been more development of this idea, and better understanding of the process of Soul devolution.

Astral Thuggees in Congested Urban Areas  [Heart Vampire, Inanna, Ahimsa Master]

Because of the prevalence of astral thuggees in congested urban environments, true spiritual adepts find city life incompatible with their intention to rise to higher consciousness. When these true seekers venture into the cities, they find the astral thuggees crowding round, bent on mischief of the worst sort. That these astral thuggees still possess their psychic powers on the astral plane makes the situation even more dire.

True seekers, because of the purity of their Souls’ Light, really stand out against the camera obscura that is the city inhabitants’ noosphere during this time of Ascension. My feeling is that this is so because the noosphere of the more sparsely inhabited areas of post-Ascension Earth is incompatible with the coarseness of the astral thuggees’ astral matter.

In other words, they simply cannot survive these days except in the large cities, and their numbers are slowly dwindling, even there. Where they will go is no concern of mine; I leave it to the ineffable wisdom of the Creator.

For those true spiritual adepts who chose to remain in the cities, my thought is that their intentions must be of the utmost purity, and that their stance must be one of respect for the free will of all beings, and of devotion to the All, so that they may sidestep the attention of these ravening wolves of the astral plane. To get back to my topic …

According to the School of Theosophy, after a person dies, his higher subtle bodies, in the natural course of afterlife experience, quite naturally begins to withdraw from his astral body. The mind (‘manas’) begins to disentangle from the desire body (‘kama’). However, there are rare cases where the personality is so controlled by desire that the lower mind is enslaved to desire. In such cases, manas cannot be disentangled from kama. This I feel to be the case with the thuggees who have passed on …

Link: “Death–And After?” by Annie Besant. (2006). Urbana, Illinois: Project Gutenberg, http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/18266 … Search the term: loss of the Soul

LOSS OF THE SOUL  [Heart Vampire]

There is a link between the lower mind and the higher mind. This link is called the ‘silver thread’ or ‘silver cord’. In these very rare cases of hopeless entanglement in the desire world, this link will snap in two. This is what is known in the occult world as loss of the Soul. When the personal self so abruptly separates from the higher ego, it is doomed to perish, as without our connection to our Souls we are but a decaying shell of what once was a vital, thrumming connection to the Infinite.

If this link is wrenched in twain while a person is in form, then the ‘lower quaternary’ (the physical body, the life principle, the astral body, and the kama rupa, or seat of animal desires and passions) is separated from the Upper Imperishable Triad (the higher principles: Universal Spirit or Atma, Spiritual Soul or Buddhi, and Human Soul or Mind or manas) …

For more on Principle, or Fundamental Essence, the lower quaternary, and the upper imperishable triad, as described in Theosophy, see … Link: “Principle,” in Theosophy Wiki … https://theosophy.wiki/w-en/index.php?title=Principle ..

After it passes from physical form, such a being has a terrible power to affect human beings. Rarely, it may reincarnate. Possessed of no motive but primal passion, yet cunning as a man, it is the ferocious foe of all normal humans.

The elementary so incarnating sinks lower with each incarnation. Cut off from Source, the elementary’s vital drive wears itself down till it exists no more. (For more on this, see … Citation: “The Seven Principles of Man,” by Annie Besant, 1909.)

Worse yet, in the place the subtle body known as the Higher Mental Body might otherwise occupy in such an accursed incarnation, interlopes a malicious astral entity, one such as is termed in esoteric literature a demon, a devil, or a fallen angel.


“The Shell is the desire body, emptied of the Triad, which has now passed onwards; it is the third of the transitory garments of Soul, cast aside and left in Kamaloka to disintegrate….

“Again, the Shell is very easily taken possession of by elementals, the semi-conscious forces working in the kingdoms of Nature, and may be used by them as a convenient vehicle for many a prank and trick….”

–from Link: “Death–And After?” by Annie Besant. (2006). Urbana, Illinois: Project Gutenberg, http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/18266 Search the term;  Kamaloka. The Shells

Stories by Alice: The Saint Whose Astral Shell Was Snatched Up by a Demon 

I remember an experience in this lifetime of placing the photo of a deceased saint on my altar. This saint was being honored by many people in the world, at the time. For a while I had ecstatic experiences, and many miraculous events unfolded in my life.

People of great religious faith in this saint were, at that time, according to the astral stories, channeling the teachings of this saint, who, according to their lore, would remain on the astral plane, in astral form, teaching them forever.

Then the event described by the School of Theosophy apparently occurred: The astral form of the saint wore down to the point where his mental body found release, and went on to the heaven worlds, where it could digest the Soul lessons of its recent incarnation.

Meanwhile, all hell broke loose on the astral plane, for the astral shell cast off by the saint apparently proved quite alluring to a demon of the vilest sort. The devotees of the saint continued to attempt to channel his teachings through what they felt to be his eternally present astral form. Yet in that form lurked this most odious of demons, intent on preying upon them as they, all unawares, called its name while attempting to summon the astral presence of their saint.

I remember one such instance, amongst the astral stories, when a greatly esteemed devotee of the saint, attempting to channel his Soul wisdom, instead began precipitously to spew forth, in a general assembly, demonic curses and Satanic howling.

Raptly attentive and greatly dismayed, I then heard another member of the assembly speak, with the necessary air of authority: Satan, be gone! And then the astral airs stilled, and the demonic presence snuck away.

That goes to show there is a time and place for everything, on the astral realm. A spiritual teacher or saint cannot be expected to endure there forever; no more so than any man. We must anticipate the Soul’s progress from realm to realm, after death, and grant every great saint Soul’s respite at the proper time.

Whether the saint be with us or no, the presence of God himself is always within and without us. There is naught to fear, in the vale of tears. Our faith shall see us through.

As they say … Vocatus atque non vocatus Deus aderit .

In other words … Whether we call His name or no, God is by our side.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Compendium: Ensoulment, Soullessness, and Soul Evolution,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 28 August 2018; revised on 4 October 2018 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-a4p ..

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