Demons and the Shadow of the Personality . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 6 December 2013


Dear Ones,


A while back I was thinking about this demon thing. It felt to me like the grounded ones … when a person looked at them … were sort of ‘there’ and ‘not there’, energetically speaking. How could that be?

And then, their chakras felt quite strong, as regards the third eye-point and the lower triangle. But their heart energy was barely there at all. And when they felt their hearts, they would fall ill and need nourishment in the form of fear, suffering, terror … which they could most readily glean from human beings. I found them to be very very bright, but the energy was not heart energy. What an amazingly strong harness had been placed on their hearts, to thrust them into such a strong delusion of Un-truth that they would DIE if they felt love!

And in past there had been so many of them, roaming about the Earth. Humm…. what could that be about? Controlling all the money, all the power, turning all the sexual expression toward the Dark …

What departure from conscious awareness allowed them to volunteer to take on this role? God knows, all humans hate demons. The Universe is Love. Demons have been part of this universe, and they longed for love as well. And this was their conundrum: They longed for love, but by their initial act of free will they were harnessed into hatred, in archon fashion, so that the will of the Creator might be served. So that 3D might exist.

And the greater part of this contract was … They agreed to place a veil over their eyes as to the very existence of that which sustained them … True Source, Prime Creator.

You know how human DNA is unfurling as we move into the 5th dimension? From 2 strands, I hear, into 12 strands … like a rose opening its petals to greet the Sun. Could it be that grounded demons are born with just one strand of DNA open? That would explain why they look sort of insubstantial, lacking in atomic density. Semi-invisible in 3D, they are more force than mass, whereas for humans the opposite is true.

How could they be freed? What would become of them in 5D? I had a few thoughts on that. Whether these notions could be true or not true … I leave that to you to decide ….


Now the fate of demonry on Earth depends on the state of humankind. The more speckles we have on our auras … the more karmic miasmic distortions … the more samskaras, to use a term from Indian philosophy … the more demons can thrive.

But the Shift and the solar flares are cleansing humans of their speckles. Which would make for some pretty hungry demons, were it not for the fact that demons are changing too. Demons are looking a lot less speckled, overall. Though they put up a good front of forgetting this straightforward fact and ignoring the outcome.

Why? Because they are pretty sure the Universe is an Unfriendly Place.

Why? Because they are pretty unfriendly guys, on the surface of it. They forget the friendly Cosmic reasoning that got them painted into this corner in the first place. That was a while ago, for sure. But not that long in the life of a demon.

I am betting they will soon remember what is so, what is truly True. Give it time, a few more solar flares, a few more years of slowly increasing Light quotient, both for them and for humankind ….


The story goes that an ungrounded demon can get into a woman’s womb during intercourse (hope that is not true, even on a relatively false level!) and when conception occurs, the resulting DNA can be inhibited. Leaving time and space for the demon to intermittently … or in some cases, nearly constantly … assert its influence over the free will of the growing child. Why am I reminded of The Picture of Dorian Gray … a tale that sent shivers up my spine in childhood!   xx

Some suppose there is a group of such demonically compromised humans … a group of Controllers. Do I believe this fable? Possibly, in a 2D reality, a very degraded version of Truth, such a thing might play out. But I consider it very unlikely, and very Un-true.


So now, let’s posit something more likely. Something heretofore unthinkable…. Perhaps every human being is really two entities … a ‘demon’ who is tethered to a human child, and a human child whose DNA is inhibited.

Maybe what we term a ‘demon’ is really just a part of ourselves that is relative Un-true, and that restrains us into the 3D paradigm, so that we can experience this depth of Un-truth. Or you might say, maybe the demon is our Un-human side, the force that completes our mass, the part of our own free will that is bound down to matter….

Maybe these opposites … force and mass … are gravitating together, melting into 5D. In the meantime, though, and until this is accomplished, a few interesting scenarios might play out. Interesting in the ancient Chinese sense, I guess you might say ….

For the human, the DNA may begin to open up. The process can be painful, especially if fear is present, so the human might cleanse and open up, or in some cases might prefer death. In which case they will have two new choices: To be reborn into New Earth, or to go directly to Source.

I have heard stories about some humans having the option to go to other planets to play with that POO (power over others) thing for a while longer. But it amounts to the same thing. Keep in mind, there is no ‘time’, no ‘space’ … only the Eternal Now. So what may seem to those that make that choice — to participate in an eon or more of POO … is, in fact, but a fleeting twinkle in the eye of God. This Universe, our playground, consists of Love and Light, and in the long run, all must once more realize this fully — All beings will return to Source.


Now here is a question that many have been setting aside: What about the demons? What will become of them?

Demons are an energy organized a little like Ra (1). For example, both demons and Ra are all in touch with each other, as their consciousness requires it. It is as if demons have 4D mobile phones with infinitely available party lines. So, like Ra, they’re a cloud of consciousness … or energy and intent, but without mass.

Leadership, though, is different. Ra arrive at conclusions through a process of common assent, an upwelling harmonic of agreement. But demons have been arriving at courses of action through a master plan put in place by Satan and enforced through fear. That will be the opposite of agreement; more like enslavement.

Suppose 5D results in the freeing of all Earth humans from all demons. What are the demon choices then? Being rather antimatter-like, they may choose to unite with the Incoming Light and return to Source awareness in a reasonably Big Bang. That would be one choice. Very dramatic, very spectacular. An interesting choice.

Or they might be drawn to merge with their pure angelic counterpart. What glorious new being might emerge from this melting of demonic shadow-angelic beingness back into the ‘good’ angel? Like angelic twin flames, joining in one great, bright Light!

They might choose to fly to another planet … perhaps to be reassigned to an alternate timeline or parallel universe where they could join with POO-oriented humans and continue as in Earthly 3D.

In past, they might choose to roam the Universe, Borg-like. A choice that used to be available, but may no longer be viable due to increasing harmonics throughout the Universe.

If they decide to stay on 5D Earth, unaffiliated with humans, I wonder if they might have an option to become … not Borg-like, but magnificently Ra-like.


And those are my thoughts on the topic for now. For now, I am doing my best to keep in the forefront of my mind unconditional love. To place my life in the Will of the Divine.

The moment I remember this, the Divine steps into this unlikely 3D-4D lila, and plays the Unknown hand. The result? Miraculous! Life-giving. Choice-offering. Fear-eliminating. Love-allowing.

Joy to the world! Joy to all!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See Link: “The Law of One,” by Ra … ..


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