Children’s Prayer for Protection from the Demon Realm: May the Air Fall Asleep . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 11 October 2015; published on 13 October 2015
Previously titled: Children’s Prayer for Protection from the Demon Realm

    • Prayer: When the Animals Come Around, Channeled by Alice B. Clagett, Soundtrack and Words

Dear Ones,

Here is a great, and very simple, prayer for protection from the demon realm. There is an edited Summary, and a Soundtrack for the prayer, after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, I Am of the Stars.

I was at a gurdwara … It means ‘the door of the Guru’ or ‘the gateway to the Guru’. And by ‘guru’ or ‘gur’ is meant ‘the way from Darkness into Light.

So anyway, I was at one of these events, and it was beautiful. All the people were devoted, and I was sitting at the very, very back, along with a very nice lady about my age, who was showing me what to read, and what to sing, and like that … And what was coming next, and what was expected of me.

Behind her, and to the left of her, was either a mother, or maybe a grandmother with a little boy about 2 years of age, I guess … maybe 2 1/2, having just learned to walk.

I think it was he that talked to me; it was the sweet voice of his Soul that spoke to me during the service. And I was mulling over the notion of the demon world, which I have discussed in prior blogs. I was just wondering what was the best protection for everyone in the world, with regard to that.

And then I heard the sweetest voice speaking. Either it was an angel, or it was the beautiful Soul of that little child there. And it said … I will try to say it sort of like they say it …

. . . . .

Prayer: When the Animals Come Around
Channeled by Alice B. Clagett
Soundtrack and Words
13 October 2015


When the animals come around, say:
“May the air fall asleep!”

. . . . .

So, immediately I tried it, and it worked wonderfully well. It is a prayer, I think. And it also represents a very deep understanding of what is going on with that kind of energy.

First, the person or Spirit that spoke to me … the innocent Spirit or Soul that spoke to me … called the demon world animals. And I had never thought of that, exactly, before, because the demon world thinks of itself as handsome men. That is how they think of themselves: We are the Army of the Night! We are a tribe of handsome men!  …  Like that! And nothing I could ever say could dissuade them.

But here we have the voice of some wisdom far beyond mine, that calls these beings animals. And I think that is essentially correct, because … ‘though they are very, very bright and cunning … ‘though they have succeeded in trapping all of that wonderful, left-brain ability of ours in causal reality of cause-and-effect … nevertheless, they are more like animals … very cunning animals … because they do not have Souls like ours.

We humankind are those gifted with the eternal Soul.

So that is one thing that I derived from that talk. And the other is: It is not so much the presence of other entities. It is really about our own aura … our own electromagnetic field.

So, when a person says: May the air fall asleep! … what they are really saying is: May my electromagnetic field be smoothed and softened and calmed and set right.

And so I think that is why: Because from the higher understanding … not of cause-and-effect, but from that of my Soul, my energy fields, all my bodies representing and aligning with the Divine Will, and the Divine Love, and the Divine Vision … In that way, all this play of Duality falls asleep. And we become that which is far beyond that. We remember who we really are.

So, what words of wisdom! … When the animals come around you, say: May the air fall asleep!

[short video clip of tags on a line, fluttering in the wind]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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