Caveats About Morphine Addicts . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 4 August 2022
Location: Los Angeles, California

morphine addicts

Image: “Morphine Addicts,” by Paul-Albert Besnard, 1887, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Image: “Morphine Addicts,” by Paul-Albert Besnard, 1887, in Wikimedia Commons … … public domain

Dear Ones.

I intuit that morphine addiction apparently causes dreams of body part excision and may cause acting out behavior where the morphine addict excises body parts or disfigures the body (either their own or another person’s).

The reason for this cutting and excising behavior I feel to be that morphine is associated with hospital and medical center operations, which also involve cutting and excision of body parts of the patients. In some way the pain inflicted by this cutting and excision have been bound round and melded with the thought of and the use of morphine, whether medicinally or recreationally.

I get this from analysis of thought forms that are not my own, but which I run across on the astral plane. If you are in the physical presence of a morphine addict, then you must take special precautions not to be cut and injured by him. In addiction therapy, the addict ought to be deprived of cutting instruments.

In point of fact, I ran across a man last weekend [this was not a Caucasian man, but rather a man of a different race] whom I intuitively took to be a morphine addict. Here is my description of his appearance, as it intuitively seemed to me …

Here are the words in the video: His eyes were dead; his lips were full; his face was slack. Who was he? Was he a morphine addict?

I am hopeful that this short description of the appearance of the man I walked past this weekend will help my readers to recognize the danger they may be in if they find themselves in the physical presence of people who resemble the person I ran across. I feel it highly advisable immediately to put physical distance between yourself and such people.

On another note, I ran across the Swedish word ond today, which in that language is pronounced like the English word wound

Pronounciation of the Swedish word ond … 

I have read that this word ond has three meanings in Swedish: evil; angry (an old-fashioned meaning of the word); and hurting or causing pain.

From this triple word derivation I gather substantiation that hurting and causing pain, even if done for a patient’s ultimate good, have a connection to anger and to evil. It seems to me that this evil caused by patient operations flows out into the noosphere and is seized upon by people who have early childhood Soul wounding experiences. It is because of these evil early ond experiences that people turn to morphine addiction. It is because of anger at such youthful ond experiences, I posit, that morphine addicts cut and disfigure themselves and hurt or cause pain to others. It is the resolution of these early ond experiences, I gather, that may ultimately heal morphine addicts.

For those who turn things round backwards by mistake, I would like to make it clear that I am not talking about myself, or about anyone I interact with on the physical plane, but rather about other people walking round the world, or maybe ghosts, or maybe movie characters who exhibit these traits.

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

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