Astral Tale of Two Antisocial Personalities Who Bonded . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 24 April 2017

    • The Lot of the Antisocial Personality in the World Today
    • An Astral Story about Two Cannibals Who Blamed Each Other and Got Away Scot-Free
    • How The Two Cannibals Planned Simultaneous Kills in Later Life, to Celebrate Their Bonding
      • On the Loudness of Violent Thoughts on the Telepathic Plane
      • On Bonding Among Antisocial Personalities
    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,

I have an astral story to tell you, but first I would  like to reflect a little on the lot of the antisocial personality in the world.

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I have an astral story to tell you, but first I would like to reflect a little on the lot of the antisocial personality in the world.

The Lot of the Antisocial Personality in the World Today

What must it be like to be an antisocial personality in the world today? It is like being dropped down to a planet full of alien beings who do not speak your language at all. And it must seem to that person that God is absolutely merciless and pitiless, to leave them in the situation of what is sometimes called ‘stranger in a strange land’, but this in a context almost beyond belief.

It is no wonder that they assert, as a theme, that they are not responsible for what they do. That it is not their fault. That it is someone else’s fault. Because, in being dropped, as it were, out of the blue, into this strange social milieu that means nothing to them, they disremember all the Soul decisions they made in other incarnations, which led them into this situation. That is as I see it.

An Astral Story about Two Cannibals Who Blamed Each Other and Got Away Scot-Free

And now I would like to talk a little about an astral story I have been hearing, to do with two men who were antisocial personalities, and who met in the army, oddly, long years ago.

I have read that there are a small percentage of men who enlist in the army who are antisocial personalities … maybe one percent, which is a lot less than the percent found in the general population, apparently. It is not the army’s fault, but occasionally men who are antisocial personalities end up there.

These two men in the astral story enlisted at a very young age. Actually, they were too young to enlist, but they faked their ages, and they both enlisted, and found themselves in the same troop together.

One of the qualities of the antisocial personality is that they just do not know the rules. They never were socialized, and they do not know any rules about right and wrong. And they definitely do not believe any rules about right and wrong. They believe they can do whatever they want to do, as long as other people do not find out about it.

So these two young men both delighted in killing. And even worse than that, in cannibalism … a very ‘naughty’ thing in their minds, rather like a child thinks: Oh, that’s a bit naughty!

As it turned out, there was someone that ‘had the goods’ on them; it had to do with male homosexuality (M2M), which at that time was an alternate lifestyle that was disapproved by the army. As the astral story went, acting together they had raped that man. And they did not want the commanding officer to find out about it, so they killed the man they had raped.

This is a very far-fetched astral story, but it does point out the way that the antisocial personality’s mind works; very differently from the way that most people’s minds work. It’s important, at this moment, if you are working with antisocial personalities, not to experience horror at this moment, but to take it with an even temperament, an understanding that this is their life. This is how they live their life. This is just everyday living for antisocial personalities. I mention this because I found the astral story to be upsetting.

To continue: According to the astral story, the two men were working in a commissary, to do with food supply for the army. So they killed this man they had raped, they cut up the body parts, and they shipped them to another commissary.

Then the person in charge of their group found out about it, and blamed the one man. And the one man said that it was the other man, of these two friends, that did it. And the friend said: No, it was that man [his friend] that did it.

There was not enough evidence to convict either one of them. So they were dismissed, I guess, dishonorably, from the army, after about 6 months of service, according to the astral story.

How The Two Cannibals Planned Simultaneous Kills in Later Life, to Celebrate Their Bonding

This was a bonding experience for the two of them, although antisocial personalities do not really bond usually, according to my research. But down through the years, these two bonded. And the way that they celebrated the memory of that bonding was …

They were both telepathic, and though they were in different cities, they would make a plan together, to go hunting for a person to kill, at the same time (taking into consideration the difference in time zones). They would make a plan, far in advance, that at a certain time … say, at the time school let out … at 3 pm in the location of one of them … they would both go out, and seek out a child to rape and kill. As I recall, I became aware of such an astral plan in the year 2016.

There are various ramifications of this …

On the Loudness of Violent Thoughts on the Telepathic Plane. One such ramification is that, for those who are telepathic and who are appalled by this kind of thing (such as myself), who are empathic telepaths, this is very loud stuff on the psychic plane. These ideas of rape and murder and cannibalism: They are very loud emotionally. They are very strong emotions. And they stand out like freeway noise on the telepathic plane, in the noosphere.

So telepaths notice this stuff. And having this type of stuff happening simultaneously in two widely diverse geographic locations has the advantage of confusing the directional quality of the telepathy that is taking place. So the intention is to mislead other telepaths who have a conscience, and who are not antisocial personalities. And it works, I think, pretty well. It is pretty Soul-searing to hear this stuff, but it is hard for the empathic telepath to discern where the violence is taking place, because there the two antisocial personalities are, both doing the same thing together. It may be clearer to the clair gifted now that the MO (modus operandi) has been revealed.

On Bonding Among Antisocial Personalities. The second thing is that it reinforces the friendship of the two antisocial personalities, because there they are doing the same thing at the same time, almost like being together and doing it. This is almost like a step past the antisocial personality, which is concentrated on just one person, into a bonding situation where there are family members together, reinforcing each other’s beliefs.


So that is the astral story. I hope you are all right with it. I hope you are beginning to understand the way that the antisocial personality differs from the normal, socialized human being, and the way that they think.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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