Architecture and the Subconscious Mind . by Alice B. Clagett

Architecture and the Subconscious Mind

Image: “The Rape of Lucretia,” by Felice Ficherelli, 17th century, in Wikimedia Commons …,_Felice_-_The_Rape_of_Lucretia.JPG … public domain

Image: “The Rape of Lucretia,” by Felice Ficherelli, 17th century, in Wikimedia Commons …,_Felice_-_The_Rape_of_Lucretia.JPG  … public domain

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    • A Restroom with a Unique Design
    • An AV Skit . or Ghostly Thought Form . About a Rape in the Restroom
    • On Acting Sagely on Presentiments of Danger
    • Architecture, Subconscious Imagery, and ‘Acting Out’ Behavior
    • An AV Skit I Saw Soon Thereafter
    • Refinement of the Sexual Drive, as a Goal of the Yogi

Dear Ones,

A video about architecture and the subconscious mind, about the importance of refining our astral matter, etc. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have something to show you, by way of how the unconscious mind works, symbolically. And then a short story to tell. And then I am going to segue into something else.

So bear with me. I am going to show you something, because I do not want to upset the people that are actually there … and then I will talk about it. Ok?

A Restroom with a Unique Design

Here is a restroom with a unique entrance design …

[Shows photo of gas station restroom that has shallow, common entrance lobby, with a sign on one side of the wall pointing to a woman’s restroom, and a sign on the other side of the wall pointing to a man’s restroom.]

There is an entryway with no door, that gives onto a door to the women’s restroom on the left, and the men’s restroom on the right.

While standing in the entryway, you can see into either restroom, unless the door to the restroom is shut.

An AV Skit . or Ghostly Thought Form . About a Rape in the Restroom

So anyway, last night I went into that restroom, which has a beautiful mural on it. I turned left, and went into the ladies’ side. And I was immediately confronted with something that I had read about in Arthur Powell’s book “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena” …

Citation: “The Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena,” compiled by Arthur E. Powell, published 1927, Quest Book edition 1973, copyright The Theosophical Publishing House, London, Ltd. 1965, available at … See Chapter VII. “Thought Forms,” page 51, second full paragraph, beginning “In this connection, …” through the first paragraph on page 52, ending “… it was charged.” This passage describes how strong feelings can etch what I term an oft-appearing  ‘audiovisual skit’ of a scene into the fabric of a place.

… but I had never encountered such a thing before. What it was, was a vivification of a scene of violence that had taken place right there, in front of the first stall in the bathroom.

It was apparently a vivification of a rape that had occurred. And the scene was still ‘vitalized’ … just as he had described. And it was still there, ready to present itself to anybody that walked in. So naturally, I was very careful about being in there … extremely careful. And very promptly, I left.

On Acting Sagely on Presentiments of Danger

So I thought about it. Today I was going past that place again, and I noticed a car pull up, and a person got out. First I noticed the person that was driving, and I had an immediate feeling that there was danger; one of those feelings that you learn to pay attention to when you practice the martial arts.

Years and years ago, I practiced the martial arts for over 10 years … often daily, as things went, during that time when I was working and earning a salary in the world. And so I developed this instinct of being aware of when situations might potentially lead to violence; and avoiding them.

In the case I am describing, I actually stood back, and just watched for a while. The car is still there. It has been, maybe, 20 minutes. And for a while, the driver got out, and so did one of the ladies. (There were two ladies in the car.) And now they are still sort of staying there, very warily watching who walks in, and who walks out of the restroom.

Later I saw a tribal newspaper … possibly from the Tohono O’odham Native American people living near Why, Arizona, although I am not certain of this … with an article about a family that had been kicked off of the reservation for, apparently, ne’er-do-well activity and negative attitudes there. I wondered if the article was talking about the family I saw in the car by the restroom.

Architecture, Subconscious Imagery, and ‘Acting Out’ Behavior

I would like to say something about architecture, and subconscious imagery, to do with sexuality. You see, this restroom has a very unusual entrance door: One common entrance that leads to the left and to the right … to the women’s and to the men’s side of the bathroom.

It’s not immediately apparent that there is a door to the women’s room. There may be a door to the men’s room. So, if nobody shuts the door, which seems to be the case, here in the desert, then you can see directly into the men’s room and the women’s room.

Now what this is, is a subconscious invitation to rape. Of course, the visual image of a woman entering a bathroom … and a common entrance to a bathroom … are what cause this. They are what apparently caused a rape in there, sometime ago. And they are what’s causing these people in this car, right here, to be here, and to lurk here, and to get ready for who knows what kind of violent event that they may have in mind.

That’s the subconscious for you. The Unconscious Thought Cloud of the World goes on like that. And before a person even knows what they are doing, they can be influenced by that symbolism, towards doing something that they otherwise wouldn’t ever think of. So, there’s that.

An AV Skit I Saw Soon Thereafter

I am reminded of another ‘AV skit’ that confronted me after I returned home from my desert trip. There had been a couple stopping by my place to check on it once weekly while I was away. When I got back and went into my bedroom, an audiovisual skit awaited me, in vivid detail: They had thought to take advantage of my bedroom, in the usual way, before my return.

I could hear their conversation at that time, stored ‘in the ethers’ until my return. I could see their subsequent actions, etched in ghostly detail, there in the bedroom air.

This was unsettling; I felt a sense of violation of my personal space, and a violation of the trust I had placed in them. I thought: I’ll go sit, for a while, in my meditation room.

Then, as I sat on my meditation chair … the one I’ve sat on for decades, and which is covered with the wool rug I used in meditation as early as the 1970s, and thence till now. As I sat there, another AV skit unfolded …

Apparently, the man of the couple had sat in this chair, with a proprietary view regarding my house. As he sat there, his subconscious mind had apparently thought, with some vehemence: May she feel me, sexually, whenever she sits in this chair. The sound of his voice, expressing this wish, wafted up to me, through the seat of the chair.

Refinement of the Sexual Drive, as a Goal of the Yogi

The sexual drive is a very potent drive. And it needs to be consciously trained by the conscious person … the conscious spiritual adept … to behave in the way that will allow us to refine our astral matter in this lifetime. That is how I feel about it.

This refinement of astral matter is part of the process that used to be called enlightenment, or satori. Illumination; the thing that the Buddha was after. Christ consciousness also depends very  greatly on the careful training of the lower instincts that I refer to as the ‘desire elemental’ … for they have a life of their own; and they desire love. And they wish to do our bidding. So in that regard, the decks are stacked in favor of the spiritual adept.

But insofar as most people do not even know that they are capable of training their desire elemental, why, most people are very much at a handicap regarding this. So now you know, and I know, and we can do it. [laughs]

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

Filmed on 24 January 2016; published on 31 January 2016; revised on 6 July 2018 and on 4 February 2023
Location: On Route 85 just south of the intersection with Route 86. The post office address is Ajo, Arizona, but the community is Why, Arizona.


Link: “Tohono Oʼodham,” in Wikipedia … ..

Link: “Why, Arizona,” in Wikipedia …,_Arizona ..


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