Activations of Light for Undistorted Clair Communication . by the Hathors through Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 27 March 2015; published on 28 March 2015; revised

Activation of Light

    • Old Lightworker Syndrome
    • On Working With Our Celestial Ascension Teams
    • Activation of Light for Undistorted Clair Communication, by the Hathors through Alice B. Clagett
    • What This Activation of Light Does
    • Activation of Light to Work Directly with Source, by the Hathors through Alice B. Clagett
    • Timeline Loop Visualizations for Working with Physical Reality
      • To Pull in Your Celestial Ascension Team from the Future
      • To Pull in Your Higher Self from the Future
      • To Pull in Soul Wounding from the Past and Heal It

Dear Ones,


Here is an Activation of Light for undistorted clair chatter. It makes use of a visualization on energy rising up from your own pranic tube, through the astral aspect of Earth’s ionosphere (4D) and to your Celestial Ascension Team in 5D. From thence your message is shunted to the listener’s Team, and from that Team to the person. So the visualization is of a message transmitted in the form of an inverted ‘U’.

As mentioned previously, this form of communication filters out the gross distortions of the duality paradigm, so that we can communicate with other people on Earth harmoniously and work together for the good of all humankind.

Also discussed in the video:

  • The difficulties inherent in 3D for psychological and spiritual counselors.
  • Old LIghtworker Syndrome, third-eye point, lower triangle (see also ‘gut brain’ in the Category pulldown)
  • Soul wounding (see also: Soul wounding in the Category pulldown)
  • And in the postscript: bringing future Light back to the present through timeline loops, healing Soul wounding through timeline loops to the past,

After the video is an edited Summary …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I have an activation of light for you to do, if you are being bothered by clair chatter from groups, and it is resulting in negative feelings; in other words, if it is not healing for the Soul. The Activation is very simple.

This Activation of Light is very simple. I should perhaps first explain the theory behind the technology. First, I should tell you, I just tried it, and it works quite well. It may need to be renewed every once in a while, though.

The theory behind it is, that there are different levels of reality. For instance, there is a level at which we interact with each other on the physical plane. And there is a theory amongst groups these days, promoted through psychological counseling and spiritual counseling, and so forth, to the effect that human beings can help each other’s Souls to heal. For a long time on Earth, the only opportunity we had for therapy was to go from one person’s heart to another person’s heart, and hope for wise advice, sane counseling, and upliftment.

The trouble here is that, as the aeons went on, on fallen Earth, on Tara, people became more and more Soul wounded. There are various theories as to why this happened. But the important thing to understand right now, during the Ascension process, is that Soul wounding has taken place.

Old Lightworker Syndrome

For those of us that have been here the longest, the most Soul wounding has occurred. I have talked before about Old LIghtworker Syndrome. This is the case with Lightworkers who have been on Earth for a long time. Their light is very bright, because they have been working on the Light, and championing the Light for a very long time.

But because this is a world of duality, they have also been accumulating almost as much Darkness as Light; 50-50 is the norm.

So for Lightworkers, the situation is even more intense as the Ascension occurs. This is the situation of needing to clear Darkness, because our bright Light attracts all kinds of astral curiosity. Not all of it is of the highest. Quite a bit of it is pretty obnoxious. And our Darkness is our Achilles heel.

Our Light shines so brightly … often from the third-eye point … that we do not notice the Darkness, which is often in the Lower Triangle (the first three chakras oldstyle). Hanging out in the first three chakras oldstyle are the rougher astral entities, and what we notice when we place our awareness on the third-eye point is the higher astral entities. Somehow, these two are going to have to get together! And the way of that is through the heart and through the endocrine system.

I am just pointing out the need here … the need for even Old Lightworkers to understand that all human beings, including the Old Lightworkers, are in hospital together right now.

On Working With Our Celestial Ascension Teams

And we are all being assisted by our Celestial Ascension Teams; we are all being assisted in this manner. There may be fourth dimensional beings in our Celestial Ascension Team, but mostly they are fifth dimension and higher. That is two levels higher than the physical realm.

Thus, when we ask for the help of our Team, we are moving out of this reality, and into a reality where Truth is more clear. Where the Light is brighter. Where love is far more intense and the duality, the possibility of discord, is far, far less.

I would like to add that we, ourselves, have this more perfect level of being, in our Body of Light, through our own Christed and Buddhic consciousness, in the fifth dimension. In this aspect of ourselves, we Old Lightworkers exist in the same way we remember ourselves to be, in true reality … in deepest light and joy and truth.

In contacting our Team, we are reaching up to this higher aspect of ourselves as well; it is only in the third and fourth dimensions that we are now undertaking the work of clearing distortions of the Light, Shadows of the Personality, and incarnational Soul wounding. 

So that is the theory behind this Activation of Light: I ask my Spirit, my Soul, to speak with my Celestial Ascension Team at a higher level up … a higher dimension … and to communicate with other people who are on this physical plane from that level, and not from this level. That is because here are just too many distortions of the Light on this level for effective communication and true healing to take place here.

So, here is the Activation. I have added a line here that is not on the video … that is the line in green font below.

. . . . .

Activation of Light for Undistorted Clair Communication
by the Hathors through Alice B. Clagett
27 March 2015

Spirit to Team!
Team to Team!  [or Team to Teams!] Team to Spirit!  [or Teams to Spirits!] Make lines of communication through these channels henceforth.
Remove negative emotional content from incoming messages.
For the All, through Free Will!

. . . . .

What This Activation of Light Does

What this activation does is, it takes the clair chatter, for the groups that most frequently speak with us, out of the third dimension and the fourth dimension (where Soul wounding has already occurred or is in the process of taking place) and places it in the hands of our very highest consciousness, and our helpers … through our heart, to the highest.

And so, when we communicate on that higher level, the counseling can take place between the Teams and the Spirits of the other people. At that point, Soul wounding can no longer take place, and we can begin the process of regeneration of the physical and subtle bodies that we are experiencing in 3D.

For those that do not like to work with their Ascension Teams, they can modify this activation of light in this way …

. . . . .

Activation of Light to Work Directly with Source
by the Hathors through Alice B. Clagett
27 March 2015

Spirit to Source!
Source to Spirit! [or Source to Spirits!] Make lines of communication in this way [moves hand up and down vertically] henceforth.
Remove negative emotional content from incoming messages. 

For the All, through Free Will!

Or, you can substitute the word God for the word Source in the above activation.

. . . . .

Timeline Loop Visualizations for Working with Physical Reality

Video: “Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater 4 – Bob Burnquist (PS2),” by Carlos Buosi , 28 January 2010 … how he skateboards a loop, then out, then back through the loop in the other direction. This is like your timeline loop visualization.

For those who have a hard time envisioning higher dimensions, who actually only envision physical reality on Earth …

To Pull in Your Celestial Ascension Team from the Future. You can think of these Activations of Light as a chance to roll forward to the future … where the greatest Light is; a completely different dimension … and then roll the timeline back, in a circle, to the current time … pulling back with it the higher dimension in which your Celestial Ascension Team dwells.

To Pull in Your Higher Self from the Future. Or you can think of the Celestial Ascension Team as your higher or highest Self, which has a chance to manifest in that timeline loop farther in the future. You can bring timeline loops right back to the current time.

To Pull in Soul Wounding from the Past and Heal It. In the same way, you can bring timeline loops back to the past … to a time of Soul wounding …  then back to the present, where the wounding can be healed in the current Light, which is much more intense than it was back then.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also … Link: “Compendium: Interspecies Communication,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 2 February 2019; updated … ..

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