Unconscious versus Conscious Grouping . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 11 December 2015; published on 12 December 2015; transcribed on 13 March 2019

    • The Inadvisability of Grouping
    • Light Quotient Delta
    • Ways to Interact with People Who Have Lower Chakra Malware
    • Group Social Contracts
    • Leaders as Directors of the Karmic Play for the Entire Group
    • Shadow of the Personality of the Group Leader
    • Ostracism of Those with Higher Light Quotient by Group Leaders During Ascension
    • A Higher Light Quotient Group Member May Hear the Subconscious Astral Chatter of a Group
    • Longing for Group Structure Based on Conscious Choices by Group Members
    • Global Coherence Initiative as an Example of Harmonious Grouping

Dear Ones,

Here is a video about Light quotient, thought forms, malware and malspeak, subconscious social contracts, ostracism, the karmic play, co-creating reality, and conscious grouping. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

The Inadvisability of Grouping

I just thought I would talk, for a minute, about where it seems like the notion of groups is going right now … because now it is December, going on towards Solstice for 2015. Some time ago … maybe 6 months, maybe more … I remember Sandra Walter talking about how it is important not to group anymore.

Light Quotient Delta

My concept of this is that, as people gain more and more Light quotient, they come to a point where grouping is just not the right thing for them … or at least, grouping, in a permanent sense, is just not as good as occasionally attending groups, or maybe even avoiding groups, and just being around small groups from time to time.

One of the reasons why this is true is that, as people gain Light quotient, they become extremely sensitive to thought forms from other people. And people with less Light quotient are not yet at that point of sensitivity.

Ways to Interact with People Who Have Lower Chakra Malware

And so, through their subconscious minds, they can repeat, over and over again, especially lower-triangle-motivated phrase that is traditional for them, or malware that they have, and that they do not even know that they are doing. And so, it can adversely affect the Body of Light of a person with higher Light quotient.

There is always the option, for the higher-Light-quotient person to say: Please stop that … in a polite way. But fifty percent of the time, the likelihood is they would not have any notion what it is that they are supposed to stop. And so they just feel bad about it. And the other fifty percent of the time, they might feel a little bit bad anyway. So there is that question that comes up.

There are people I know that are just beginning to wake up … just beginning to arise and awaken, that have very difficult … what you might call socially unacceptable … malware in their lower chakras … in their lower triangles.

And when these people come upon others who are higher Light quotient … say, sit down to a meal, or like that … then it can be extremely uncomfortable for the group that is higher Light quotient. They, however, are doing good work right now, in slowly and politely correcting the misimpressions of the desire elementals of newly awakened people. I am very proud of the Light crowd for doing that, and not taking offense about it.

Group Social Contracts

And then the last thing I have to talk about, regarding the difficulties of people with higher Light quotients being in groups, has to do with what you might call ‘social contracts’. And it is social contracts first of all, I will say, that hold groups in place.

When all the members of a group agree to a social contract, on the subconscious plane, then a group is functional. But if some members do not agree to the subconscious social contract of the group, then the group is what they call ‘disfunctional’ … I think that is the name.

Let us look at a functional social group. There are social contracts in place that are deeply subconscious, and that have to do with the workings of every group. And one of those is leadership. The leadership of a group is usually by one person. And it is adhered to, through the pack instincts of humanity, which are very, very deeply buried in the subconscious.

Leaders as Directors of the Karmic Play for the Entire Group

What it results in, though, is … if you consider the co-creation of reality, or the karmic play … this leader of the group will be the director of the karmic play … will be the one who co-creates the reality of the entire group.

And for those who are clairaudient regarding other folks’ subconscious thoughts, it is a very strange scene indeed. And what it sounds like is … See, this is the seventh chakra; the crown chakra [places hand on top of head] … and then up above that is the eighth chakra, higher up above the head [places hand three inches above the head].

Shadow of the Personality of the Group Leader

Up in that area above the head, in the electromagnetic field, there is a telepathic center where the leader of a group directs the co-creation of reality for the entire group. And he does this through the shadow of his personality. Or she does it through the shadow of her personality.

The entire karmic play that is taking place for a group, might have to do with ‘shadow of the personality’ performances engaged for the entire group by the leader.

Ostracism of Those with Higher Light Quotient by Group Leaders During Ascension

When a person with a little bit higher Light quotient is listening to this, it is an extremely interesting interplay of the people involved in the group. And frequently the interplay has to do with what you might call ‘dissing’, or ‘disengaging’, or ‘disenfranchising’, or ‘ostracizing’ a person who is a dysfunctional member of the group … or perceived to be so … or a person who used to be a member of the group, and who left.

A Higher Light Quotient Group Member May Hear the Subconscious Astral Chatter of a Group

A higher Light quotient makes the person different from the group. And they are hearing what, for everyone else is pretty much a subconscious confabulation going on. The hearing of this clairaudient, constant whatever-it-is, from the shadow side … the Dark side that keeps us in the third dimension … is an uncomfortable experience for the person with higher Light quotient. And so we tend to drift out of groups. You know?

Longing for Group Structure Based on Conscious Choices by Group Members

And so, you will find that the people that gain Light quotient will be hoping to move into some other form of group structure … one not based on the subconscious mind, but based on conscious choices by everybody in the group. What the form of the new group will take is still up in the air, because there are not enough people that hear all that is going on, and that can craft groups in this way, quite yet.

But there is a longing among us; there is a longing that we have, to live in harmony with the All … with all the people on Earth, and all beings everywhere. What form that harmony will take, remains to be seen.

Global Coherence Initiative as an Example of Harmonious Grouping

One good example of the new way has to do with the Global Coherence Initiative. I hear they have 60,000 people; and they are pretty free-form. There is a man in charge, but I feel he may be a very laissez-faire person … very laid back, and very heart centered. I feel he does not rule the group; on the clair plane, I have never heard a social contract, in his subconscious mind, ever. It seems to me, from clair observation, that he springs forth with joy, in every situation, and invites the other members of the group to participate. It is pretty cool. So this is, maybe, one option for the future.

[Please note that my notions of the person in charge of the Global Coherence Initiate were clair impressions based on the website and the group’s videos I saw. I never met this person, and for that matter, it may well be that I am describing someone other than the leader … another member of the GCI group … or maybe a team of people leading the group.]

That is all I have for you today. I wish you all the greatest Light and joy and peace, in this holiday season, and the blessings of the new Light coming to Earth. Take care.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

For more on the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) and HeartMath, which offer training in workplace efficiency through heart-based teamwork, see …

Link: “Expanding Our Capacity to Love: What is Global Coherence?” at HeartMath Institute … https://www.heartmath.org/gci/ ..


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