Two Gifts through the Lion’s Gate 2017 . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 3 July 2017; published on 7 July 2017

    • On Spirit-Filled Christian Churches
    • The Lion’s Gate of 2017: from Summer Solstice to 25 August 2017
    • A Gift from Alpha Centauri: Universal Translator for Sentient Beings
    • On Asking the Inner Child to Talk with the Big Person It’s With
    • On Offering the Inner Child the Hand of Its Guardian Angel
      • May Grace Descend! . A Prayer at Church Channeled by Alice B. Clagett, 3 July 2017
    • Inner Child Guardian Angel Technique Compared to Jeffrey Allen’s Ghost Laying Technique
      • On Transmuting Demons and Devils to Angels
      • Are Ghosts Really the Inner Children of Those Who Have Passed On?

Dear Ones,

This video is about Spirit-filled churches, the 2017 Lion’s Gate, a gift of a Universal Translator for Sentient Beings from Alpha Centauri, the mind unification technique of asking the Inner Child to talk to the Big Person it is with, and a new healing technique for the inner child: asking the person’s guardian angel to hold the hand of the inner child.

There is also a description of Jeffrey Allen’s ghost laying technique, and a hypothesis about Soul wounding of the Inner Children of living people expressing itself as ghosts or sprites after the people pass on. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

On Spirit-Filled Christian Churches

I thought I would report on something that happened at church on Sunday (yesterday). I was at a spirit-filled church, the sort of church where they sing devotional songs to God, and their hearts are full of love, and they have an understanding of the grace that descends from God to them to transform their lives.

I have found that that kind of church, among the Christian churches, is very good for absorbing the energies of the Ascension process. There is a very strong alignment there.

The Lion’s Gate of 2017: from Summer Solstice to 25 August 2017

I was at that church, and a couple of things happened, to do, I think, with this Gateway that is happening right now, between the June 2017 Solstice and the tailing off of the energy of the 21 August 2017 eclipse, that is going to be taking place. Another highlight during this Gateway is the Lion’s Gate, an energy that will peak on 8 August 2017. The end of the eclipse energy of the Gateway, according to Sandra Walter of Creative Evolution 25 August 2017.

So all during that time, this energy is coming in to Earth, and available to us. And it seems to be not so relevant to what I usually peg it to, which is solar flares and solar winds and incoming coronal mass ejections … that kind of thing. It seems to be independent of that, and to do with the Gateway.

A Gift from Alpha Centauri: Universal Translator for Sentient Beings 

Anyway, here is one thing that happened: For some reason my mind went to Alpha Centauri, that has the library for the Universe. The beings there are full of Soul wisdom. And I thought of them. And then I remembered how they had sent me a gift of a Universal Translator for sentient beings, which is very helpful to me, and a lot of fun. I really enjoy conversations with sentient beings wherever I find them.

I thought about how the early Christians spoke in tongues and understood each other’s languages, and I just thought to mention that, on the spirit plane, to the Souls in the group, that if they asked for a Universal Translator from Alpha Centauri … which might or might not be the thing that they wanted to do … then they might get it.

And a few of them asked. Some others asked … their Souls asked … but their personality was not ready to receive it. So there was a flash of Light; everything became very bright and light in that church … which happens quite a bit in that church anyway, because, I feel, of the power of prayer and the descent of grace.

Then, some received the gift, and were about to incorporate it into their DNA and their understanding and their Soul wisdom. And others, I could see, had it in their Soul fields, but had it on hold for when they were ready to try it out. So that was one thing: A gift from Alpha Centauri! … and right in line with the Christian teachings, in this case.

On Asking the Inner Child to Talk with the Big Person It Is With

Then later on, work came up on the astral plane with regard to the Inner Child, and waking the Inner Child up, one by one, and introducing it to the Big Person it is with …

  • As a first step in clearing the wounding of the Inner Child, and allowing the child to integrate its energy with that of the grown-up person, the Big Person it is with.
  • And in terms of mental energy, for the Lower Mental Body and the Higher Mental Body to become united.
  • And in terms of the medical field, for the central nervous system to take over, in a conscious way, the functions of the autonomic nervous system.

Getting back to the Inner Child, the work was going along a little bit slowly, as it always is, just depending on people’s inner children’s Soul wounding popping out here and there in the congregation as the sermon was going on.

On Offering the Inner Child the Hand of Its Guardian Angel

So I thought: Why not ask for grace to descend, and angels to come down and take the hand of the Inner Child of everyone in the congregation … right now! Right that very minute!

And even if their grown-up person was not ready to recognize them yet, then that child will be protected, and taken care of, and so it might be healed. So I tried that; I tried that prayer …

. . . . .

May Grace Descend!
A Prayer at Church Channeled by Alice B. Clagett
3 July 2017

May grace descend!
May the angels come down,
And take the hand 
Of every Inner Child, and every little child
In this congregation!

. . . . .

And that time there was this big flash of Light … It was way cool! And all of the Inner Children in the congregation felt comforted and loved.

I feel this is something that any Lightworker could do right now, during this Gateway! With tremendous results, especially in a congregation of people that are devoted to God in a heartfelt way.

Good luck if you decide to try this technique, or some variant on it! I hope your success is just as cool as mine was. Love and light and joy to everyone!

Inner Child Guardian Angel Technique Compared to Jeffrey Allen’s Ghost Laying Technique

This is a postscript about the technique of introducing the Inner Child to the guardian angels in groups, especially spiritual groups filled with devotion and love for the Divine. I see a congruence between that and the Ghost Laying technique that I learned from Jeffrey Allen, energy healer and teacher … … some years ago.

The way that he taught that was …

  • When the ghost comes around, you ask it if it has its suitcase handy,
  • and then you ask it if it is ready to leave.
  • And if it says No, then you say:
  • Well, how about a month from now … would that give you enough time?
  • And then you contact it again in a month. And when it says Yes, you say:
  • Well, if you turn around, your guardian angels are waiting behind you, to take you on that little trip.

Invariably, when the ghost or sprite is ready to turn around … away from familiar scenes on the Earth plane … and does so, it sees the guardian angels there.

On Transmuting Demons and Devils to Angels. If it sees demons or devils, and like that, instead, ask it to say …

No, I’d rather see the angels!

in my astral visioning experience, immediately they change into angels. Truthfully, it is just our mental preconceptions that cause the appearance of demons and so forth in our lives.

Are Ghosts Really the Inner Children of Those Who Have Passed On? So that is a failsafe, and very quick way of Laying Ghosts. And I came to the conclusion … a temporary working hypothesis … that ghosts are really Soul wounding of people who have passed on, because they have the same characteristics as the Soul wounding of inner child of the people that I work with on the astral plane.

They always have some traumatic incident that they ‘tape loop’ over and over again. The tape loop always have audiovisual qualities. They are like a memory that is stored in full … not like just a mental memory, but the sensory perceptions of the actual event, that are stored in full.

The whole trick is to listen, to hear what the stored memory has to tell us, so that it can deliver that message, and so that it can be resolved into our electromagnetic field.

So our perception of a ghost is really the person at the age when the Soul wounding occurred. It is that visual and auditory image that the astral body of the dearly departed Soul is carrying around … This is before the astral body dissolves itself, and allows the Soul to go on to a learning experience on the mental plane, before being reincarnated. I know you know all this occult lore already …

Citation: “The Astral Body: And Other Astral Phenomena,” compiled by Arthur E. Powell, Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, IL. Copyright The Theosophical Publishing House, London, Ltd. 1965 … Search the index for the word: Ghosts

So, there are similarities. And so it is not unusual … not really surprising … that the technique used by Jeffrey Allen for resolving the Soul wandering and Soul upset of ghosts … that of introducing them to their guardian angels … would also work for the Inner Child here on Earth, while the person is still in their body. So I offer that to you for your consideration.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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