Two Dreams and a Vision about Soul Travels . by Alice B. Clagett

    • Alice’s Vision about Archangel Michael’s Shepherd of Souls
    • Clairsentient Experience of a Person Who Was Ill
    • Alice’s Vision of a Flock of Souls Rising Up Together, Just After Passing from Physical Form
    • On Remembering Our Many Incarnations Right After Passing Over

Dear Ones,

Here is a video about two dreams I had about life and death and Soul travels, and about a vision. The rousing instrumental music at the end of the video is “Consort for Brass”  by Kevin MacLeod, CC BY 3.0.

A Summary follows the video …



I had a couple of thoughts for you today about life and death and Soul travels. First I thought I would tell you a story I don’t believe I have told you before. It’s about a vision, or dream, I had not too long ago.

Alice’s Vision about Archangel Michael’s Shepherd of Souls – Castratrux – Basal Vampire

I had a vision of a person that I know, in one of their higher selves, as a being of Light … but still, somehow, very recognizable as the same person as this person that I knew; this acquaintance that I had in physical form.

This person was in a place that didn’t have physical boundaries like this, and they were talking with Archangel Michael. I gathered, from the tenor of the conversation, that this was work they had been doing together for a long time.

Archangel Michael was explaining work that this other person needed to do. What the archangel asked is that the man, in his ‘being of light’ form, take a group of five Souls that had been here on Earth … and causing some trouble here on Earth … and who were not of Light-and-Love oriented lineage.

And so, these Souls could not ascend with us. They needed to continue their exploration of their true nature someplace else. So what Archangel Michael asked this person … this being-of-light person that I knew so well … to do, was to shepherd these Souls across the sea of the cosmos, to another constellation; someplace else, where they could continue their evolution.

And I saw him gather up those Souls and reassure them. And I could hear them happily feeling together, about a new adventure. The last I saw, he took them far off, and they disappeared from my view.

And I got to thinking that maybe groups of Souls are like that. Maybe they get to go here and there … There are a lot of options, after all is said and done.

So that was the first story. And I continue to think about it, because it was such a marvelous experience for me: To know of the grand work that this person was doing, in his Higher Self … It was just incredible.

Clairsentient Experience of a Person Who Was Ill

And the second thing I would like to talk about is last night. Last night, I was sitting up, with a friend who was very ill; and I was very concerned about him. I wasn’t physically there, but I could feel his physical trouble. I could feel his emotional trouble … the feelings of his emotional body.

And I was just sitting up, holding my own energy, because, when all is said and done, it depends on the Divine, what happens to people. And the Divine knows best.

Alice’s Vision of a Flock of Souls Rising Up Together, Just After Passing from Physical Form

While I was sitting, late into the night, I had another vision. And this time, it was of Souls rising up … that night … in a little flock of Souls. All had passed on the same night, and were going together to some new destiny. Here on Earth, you know? But it’s like flocks of birds, how we come and go.

We come in as a small flock of similar Souls. And can go out in the same way … to similar post-incarnational experiences. And it was kind of cool … it was kind of touching, for me … to think about how Souls do not pass.

People think that they’re passing from their physical bodies, all alone. But it is not like that at all. Not only are they passing from physical form with other Souls in their own group; but also, there are guiding lights and beings and ascended masters … and all kinds of help all around them … helping them to get to the place where they need to be. You know?

. . . . .

On Remembering Our Many Incarnations Right After Passing Over

I have a feeling that when Souls leave the body, just as they leave the body, they remember … And they say …

Oh, that again! … You know?

Oh, that experience again! And here I am, in a disincarnate state!

Just that moment of total Awareness of all the past times. You know? [laughs]

. . . . .

So that is all I have for you today. And I wish you the very best: All love, and all light, and all joy. I will talk to you later on.

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars

Written and published on 19 January 2014; revised on 28 August 2017; revised on 6 April 2017

The text in blue font has been added to … Link: “Tiny Anthologies: My Memories of Other Incarnations,” by Alice B. Clagett, compiled from prior blogs on 10 February 2019; published on 11 February 2019; revised on 19 January 2023 … … Previously titled: “Incarnational Memories”   … and …  “Tiny Anthologies: Incarnational Memories”


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