Tree Shadows . by Alice B. Clagett

Video 1 was filmed on 6 August 2013; published on 14 December 2016. Video 2  was filmed on 12 August 2013; published on 4 March 2018. Blogs were revised and put together in the same blog on 21 February 2017.


Dear Ones,

Here are two videos about trees and their shadows, the heart and the mind, the mind and true reality, left and right brain, and our body versus our eternal Soul. The first video, Tree Shadows 1, was filmed on 6 August 2013; the second video, Tree Shadows 2, was filmed on 11 August 2013. There is an edited Summary after each video  …

Filmed on 6 August 2013; published on 14 December 2016


Dear Ones, This is Alice.

I am looking at the shadow of a tree on a dirt road. I can almost see a tree … I can imagine a tree moving in the wind. But then if I shift my focus around this way and up … [pans across road to tree itself] … I can see the tree itself, which, to my mind, is much more beautiful than the shadow of the tree.

It seems to me that the shadow of the tree that I just saw is a lot like my mind. It is as if my heart is the Light that lights the shadow of my mind. Like the shadow of the tree on the road, the shadow of my mind is moving around  I see it as what is true, but the true thing is my heart, just like the true thing here is this beautiful tree.

Here is to your heart, from mine. I am wishing you a very happy day. Love you all.

[End of First Video]


Filmed on 12 August 2013; published on 4 March 2018


Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I am here in Colorado. This is the monsoon season. Every afternoon the sky gets thunderclouds and lightning and thunder and rain happen … yesterday even a little hail came down.

It is getting on towards afternoon. The wind is coming up. I was watching the shadow of the tree and then the leaves of the tree as the wind comes along. You could see the beautiful green leaves flickering, and you could imagine how the clouds are sailing across the sky because of the wind. And up in the righthand corner of the video you can see a grey thundercloud coming along. It is likely to rain pretty soon. I am not prepared; I am out on the trail; but do not worry about that.

I have a thing or two to say to you about the shadow of the tree and the tree leaves: Colorado, wow! Those tree leaves and the shadow of the leaves are kind of like the mental body of humans. The shadow of the leaves reflects the beauty of the tree that is our total self, but it is a pale reflection. The mind is not quite reality. And yet, when we get into our left brain, we take it so seriously!

When we get into our right brain we get a little more intuitive, and we can sense the ‘whole’ thing. It is not so easy to do!

Here is another thing about the shadow and the tree: It is about the body and the eternal Soul. We think this body [pats top of chest] is very solid; it is ‘us’. But when I think of it with my intuition … with the right side of my brain … it is like the body is the shadow of the tree. It is like the tree is the bright and beautiful, eternal Soul … the living thing.

That is what I learned from nature today. I really have to move along before this thundershower takes over. You all take care. Love you a lot. Bye.

[Shows field gate with a sign: “Road closed to motorized travel.”]

This is a codicil to the story of the shadow and the tree. Here I am, back at the beginning of the trail. If you look up, over the ridge, there are some monsoon storm clouds all along that ridge there … [Pans to ridge and dark storm clouds] … I finally made it back. There never was a sight more welcome than my tiny little car. Halleluia! The story has a good ending.

[End of the Second Video]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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