Thoughts on My Spiritual Name: Dharm Darshan Kaur Khalsa . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 3 October 2015; published on 7 October 2015; transcribed on 20 January 2019

    • The Gurmukhi Word Dharm
    • The Gurmukhi Word Darshan
    • The Gurmukhi Word Kaur
    • The Gurmukhi Word Khalsa

Dear Ones,

Here are thoughts on my long-ago spiritual name, Dharm Darshan Kaur Khalsa. There is a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have some thoughts on my old spiritual name, that I used to go by, which was in an Indian dialect known as Gurmukhi [which means ‘the guru’s mouth]. The words were: Dharm Darshan Kaur Khalsa … And the words had these meanings (taking them one by one) …

The Gurmukhi Word Dharm

Dharm is an abbreviation for the word Dharma … which is the opposite of karma.

Although I usually do not go by that name anymore, I think about it a lot of times. And the first thing that I contemplate on is the word: Dharma. You know, it is an interesting concept, that right action in the world … dharma … action aligned with the will of God … be it ever so small … can cut the knots of karma, which are the unconscious ‘raveling up together’ of our electromagnetic fields.

Judicious, neutral-minded, compassionate, correct action in the world … dharma … be it ever so slight, can loose the knot of karma. A pretty interesting notion from Ancient India that is, is it not?

So the question is: How to arrive at that neutral mind? And how to arrive at that dispassionate compassion? … so as to wield the Sword of Dharma, to cut the Knot of Karma! [laughs]. That is the first word.

The Gurmukhi Word Darshan

The second word in my spiritual name is Darshan. And that word means ‘sitting at the feet of a spiritual teacher, and paying rapt attention … being completely devout to that spiritual teacher’.  And in the old days, I used to do that: I used to sit at the feet of a spiritual teacher, and absorb all the Soul knowledge and energy that I could, from that teacher. And in that way, my own Soul knowledge and my own energy were uplifted.

Up to a point, that works exceedingly well: To pay darshan … to sit in darshan with someone whose energy is very high.

And then there came a point, that I cannot quite pinpoint, in my life, when I began to align solely with the Heart and Mind and Will of God … directly with the Divine. And yet, because of my prior training, I still think of it as darshan. You know? I still think that I am raptly devoted to God.

So that is my path: My path is one of rapture and devotion.

The Gurmukhi Word Kaur

My third spiritual name, kaur. For the people of that particular learning path, at the time, all the women got the name kaur. And kaur means ‘princess’. And so, from that ‘middle name’ I got the notion that women have a right to be treated with great respect, as nurturing principles and mothers of all humankind … Teachers, uplifters, inspirers … Women have a great job to do on Earth.

All the men in that tradition, the American Sikh tradition, had the middle name singh. And that name meant ‘lion’. That meant the courage to protect the innocent and the meek. That is a pretty good name too, do you not think?

So … two names, one for the Divine Feminine: Princess! And one for the Divine Masculine: Lion … Great Courage!

The Gurmukhi Word Khalsa

And then, in that old tradition, the last name was khalsa. That word means ‘society of the pure ones’. And what does that word mean, to me? It means to me, to tread that path of chastity, purity of intention, what so few people even conceive … much less attempt to accomplish in their lifetime.

That is my thought for this lifetime: To be in the congregation of the holy, and in the society of the pure ones.

It is kind of funny, because, during the Ascension process … this clearing process that is taking place … I am encountering so much Dark energy … so much what you might call ‘impure’ energy. Peggy Black … … says, from time to time … we are running into all these dark emotions. I figure, she says (and I paraphrase), it is only 5 percent me, and it is 95 percent lots of other people that are clearing. So she looks on it as a holy duty, to purify and uplift the world. And I agree. I appreciate that quality in Peggy Black, and I agree completely to it.


God bless you all! Love you lots.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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