The ASP Take-Down . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 30 June 2018; published on 4 July 2018


Dear Ones,

This video explains how antisocial personalities set ordinary people onto a course of colluding with them. I have described this in hopes that we may all be on the alert for such ploys, which are also used, and may in fact derive from, the Demon Realm. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I thought I would explain one way that antisocial personalities … I call them ASPs for short … gull people who are normal, mainstream people into colluding with them, and beginning to work with them, and jeopardizing the purity of their Soul matter in that way.

And this is also the way that the Demon Realm works when it whispers in our ear, and tries to tempt us to the Dark: It works in a similar way.

What it is, is that both ASPs and demons have a preternatural ability to grasp our failings. Especially, they will log onto something that we have done in our lives … perhaps only once … and which we think is a very, very, very bad thing. And if we could only take that one thing back, then that is what we would want to do.

We hope that we will be forgiven for this one thing: This thing that we consider to be a very great sin, or a very great crime … or something that no one can forgive.

So the regular ASP … who is an ABnormal person … or the demon … or the Big Bad … can scan our brain and our etheric net, for just that kind of malware that records the memory of something … in this lifetime or in another lifetime … that we consider to be really, really wrong  … and that is our action.

And then, the Big Bad will whisper in our ear: I know that you are guilty of this-and-such. I understand. I myself have done that many times.

And in exchange for the favor of empathizing with you, and letting you know that you are not alone in this, they will ask you to do something that is more against your principles. In that way, they ‘get their foot into the door’, so that they can continue to degrade your Soul matter, and turn you into a being that is more synchronous … more resonant … the opposite of ‘dissonant’ … which is to say, ‘harmonic’ with their own Soul wounding … which is very, very great, in the case of ASPs. And in the case of demons, and the Big Bads, the question does not even come up, because through and through, they are rotten! And they have no Souls at all!

So here is what I suggest: If you are approached by someone who forgives you that one great sin, then say to yourself: What is it, truly, that I have in common with this person? What are the things that I have in common, and what are the things that I do not have in common? What is the big picture here.

Do not jump to that tune, and that catch, and that take, and that hook which the antisocial personality extends to you, or that the demon realm does. Instead, engage your analytical ability. Use your discrimination, and discern what is truly so, in the circumstance. If you need forgiveness for this one thing, then forgive yourself, out of the largesse of your own heart. Forgive yourself! Ask God to forgive you too!

And from that new ground of being forgiven, proceed onward with your Soul mission in this lifetime.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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