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Astral Plane Lore: Astral Chatters . automatic drawings by Alice B. Clagett

This is an Astral Plane lore blog with clairvoyant drawings of astral visitors clairaudiently sensed.

Dear Ones,

They say that by drawing randomly, without any forethought, can be seen what is going on in the subconscious mind of the artist. They call this ‘automatic drawing’. As a psychic and channeler of multidimensional energies and beings, I have a feeling there may be another use for ‘automatic drawing’.

One day in April, more than a month ago, I thought the ‘automatic drawing’ technique might be helpful in discovering the astral beings who had been chatting with me … nonstop, nearly … that afternoon.

The technique I used was to keep the pen on the paper as much as possible, so as to express just one long squiggly line. From time to time I did lift the pen up and add another line. Here are the results.

Whether they are images of the astral bodies of real people who have also a physical form; or maybe the images of ghosts; or possibly just images that are thought forms … whether mine or wandering in from other peoples minds … I cannot say.

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