Story of the Pruning of the Jacaranda Trees . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 20 May 2020; published on 24 May 2020

    • The Day the Jacaranda Trees Were Pruned
    • Psychic Pain Likely to Do With the Pain the Pruned Trees Felt
    • Major Upset of a Tree Spirit
    • Examination of Conscience
    • Draining of the Battery of the Tree Limb Grinding Machine
    • Battery Drains, Lightworkers, and Devas
    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,

Here is a video about the pruning of the jacaranda trees in my front yard, and troubles with tree spirits and battery drain. There is a Summary after the video …



The Day the Jacaranda Trees Were Pruned

I have a story to tell you all about the pruning of the three jacaranda trees in my front yard. I got to thinking that they were a little too tall and sprawly, especially the one that sprawls next to the roof of my house, for the sake of fire prevention on the street. So I hired someone to prune two of them way down. They are very big trees.

And the littlest one, the one to the righthand side on the street, the man I hired decided not to prune at all, because it needed a head start in relation to the other trees, to grow up a little, compared to them.

Anyway, especially on the jacaranda tree next to the roof of the house there was some radical pruning to do on the limb that stretched over the house, and on other limbs as well; it was quite a huge tree.

After some tense moments, and some expert tree trimming, the job was done. The only thing that remained to be done was to come back with that machine that grinds up stumps and tree limbs, and finish grinding up maybe a third of the severed tree limbs that did not fit into the wagon brought by the man that was hired to do the grinding up on the day of the tree trimming. That contractor was supposed to come back the next day and finish up.

Psychic Pain Likely to Do With the Pain the Pruned Trees Felt

That night the most amazing thing happened: I could not sleep for the first half of the night because of a pain in my head. I had a pain all over my crown chakra; it is the very top of my head up here [points to top of head] … my crown chakra. And it would not go away. It was not a physical pain; it was a psychic pain.

Major Upset of a Tree Spirit

In addition to this pain I heard a tree spirit … a dryad … or maybe, considering how big the tree was, it might have been a deva of the forest. It was so upset with me … very upset.

It kept saying: You don’t love me. You don’t love me at all! You don’t love me more than anything.

And it went and hid in the forest of a few giant Canary Island pine trees in the backyard of the person who lives across the street. It would not come out. It could not be cajoled out.

Examination of Conscience

Well, I had a horrible time of it. I was feeling so guilty. And I could not rest.

It had been a very difficult day, being concerned about the trees, and being concerned about the spirits of the trees and the nature spirits, and about what would happen in my front yard after that. And then what would happen, happened that night!

I really love tree spirits, and I really love trees. I just could not come to terms with it. But finally, around 3 am the following morning, I fell asleep for a few hours. Then I went out and I promised the trees I would bring them extra water so they could grow back strong and fine … the two that had been cut.

I have been doing that ever since; I have been using grey water from the sink. The trees seemed to take heart finally, and they are sprouting new leaves for the second time. I think they are going to be all right.

But I would say there is still a standoff with the tree spirit. It has not been around much, but it is working very hard right now to make the trees come back to full bloom and full leaf for the summer.

It makes me wonder what is the right thing to do. In a fire-prone climate, what is the right thing to do, with regard to pruning trees in one’s yard?

Draining of the Battery of the Tree Limb Grinding Machine

There is more to tell. The first day after the pruning, the man who was supposed to do the scrunching up of the limbs that were left in the street did not come back. So I called and asked about it; and the next day, at the very end of the day, he came back.

He was standing around with the general contractor in the street, and nothing was happening. So finally I came out, and he said that the battery that ought to start the engine on his scrunching machine had unaccountably stopped. It had been working during the day, but at my place it stopped working.

Battery Drains, Lightworkers, and Devas

As you may know from reading my prior blogs, I am not a stranger to dead batteries. Batteries die on me unaccountably all the time, both in my camcorder, and in car, and just Lord knows where else … in my flashlights … especially at times when there are Light upgrades; and it looks like, at times when the devas are riled with me as well. [laughs]

So I had a new pair of jumper cables in my car trunk, and the two men were able to start the engine after they jumped the tree limb scrunching machine, and the job was completed.


That is the story of the ups and downs of trimming trees in Los Angeles.

Well, you all take care! Love you lots! You are the greatest; and you are getting through a tough time right now, in good spirits. God bless you all!

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars


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