Soul Power versus Psychic Powers . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 23 January 2014 ; revised on 26 August 2017
Location: Orcutt Ranch Horticulture Center, Los Angeles, California

    • Orcutt Ranch Horticultural Center
    • Vision about Our Souls and Hearts as We Lie Sleeping
    • On Coming into Our True Power: That of the Soul
    • The Lure of False Power: The Siddhis, or Psychic Powers

Dear Ones,

I had a dream about our true Soul power and about psychic powers (aka siddhis). There’s a little more about the “Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali.” The scene is Orcutt Ranch Horticultural Center in Los Angeles.

The beautiful music at the end of the video is “Prelude No. 20” from the album “Preludes” by Chris Zabriskie, CC BY 4.0 … There us a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones,

Orcutt Ranch Horticultural Center

I am in a park in Los Angeles that is also a grapefruit grove … Orcutt Ranch Horticultural Center … and it is also open to the public. I am sitting in a chair that pretends to be a log chair, but actually it is made of something else here. It has a rustic look.

I thought I would mention something that happened last night in the middle of the night … I think it was last night; maybe the night before. I have an observation along those lines …

Vision about Our Souls and Hearts as We Lie Sleeping

I was asleep, and I woke up. And I had a vision, on the astral plane. A lot happened. But the most important thing about the vision was another being that I sensed to be there. He was a magnificent Soul, I sensed he was alive [in physical form] in the daytime. But at night, when he was asleep, his Soul spread out across the world.

It was like everybody’s Soul, I think … how all our Souls are when we are sleeping. They have no form. it is pure Spirit. The Spirit is wise beyond anything that we know to be wise; and clear.

And the heart is open and neutral. The heart is like a bell ringing in a church steeple in the dead of winter, when the snow is all around on the ground … that sound of the crystal clear bell ringing. That is how the heart is in the Soul. It is like neutral, all-encompassing compassion.

And this Soul that is awake as we lie sleeping … it has none of the personality hangups. it has no karmic issues. It is pristine and pure and everlasting, and caring for the whole world, and looking out for many other Souls.

It is pretty cool … the idea of who we really are. And we are like that … what? Eight hours a day? … Eight hours a day, we are our true Soul. It is just that we do not remember when we wake up.

On Coming into Our True Power: That of the Soul

I have one other thing I wanted to talk about. It is about coming into our true power … That is our Soul power; our truest, greatest, most magnificent Soul power. You know, as we continue on this path towards Ascension … into the realization of Ascension, because in truth we are already there … we have obstacles to overcome.

The Lure of False Power: The Siddhis, or Psychic Powers 

One of those obstacles is the acquisition of the siddhis, the psychic powers. On reading the chapter on “Power” in the book “How to Know God: The Aphorisms of Patanjali” …

Citation: “How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali,” translated with a commentary by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, copyright 1953, 1981 by The Vedanta Society of Southern California ..

… I realized very clearly that the siddhis are a big obstacle to the realization of all that we are … to the realization of our true power. And they can sidetrack us, because they make us think that, if we acquire but one, they make us think that we are great and magnificent and perfect beings. You know? When in fact, we just realize one tiny aspect of our Soul power.

So the thing to do with siddhis … this is my idea … if we come across them … if we are, I should say, unfortunate enough to come across them in our lives … is to just give them up to the Divine … you know? Surrender those powers to the Divine. Because when we do that, we come into a power that is 100,000 times more beautiful and more strong, through the Divine coursing through us; and creating, in the moment, all that you can imagine. All the good things for Earth and all her people.

So, do not get sidetracked by one little siddhi! Find your true Soul power; your highest Soul power; your greatest! Your most magnificent!

And that is all for today.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Swami Sivananda had something to say about psychic powers; see the paragraph beginning: Of one thing … under the heading “Sivananda—the Real Siddha” in “Miracles of Sivananda: A Divine Life Society Publication” … ..


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