Sexual Guilt . Affirmations for the Inner Child . Desensitization of Soul Wounding . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 22 October 2016; published on 25 June 2017

    • An Affirmation that Sexual Feelings Are Good
    • How to Compose an Affirmation for the Inner Child
    • The Technique of Observing Emotions Arise, with Neutral Mind

Dear Ones,

This is a video about healing early childhood Soul wounding that results in feelings of sexual guilt, embarrassment, or unworthiness. There is also a section on how to compose an affirmation for the inner child, so as to heal Soul wounding. And also, an example of early childhood Soul wounding that causes one to avoid bathing or showering.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

An Affirmation that Sexual Feelings Are Good

I have a little saying to say if your inner child is embarrassed about a sexual feeling. It goes like this [intoning]:

You’re a GOOD little child,   (x2)
You’re the GOODEST child!
Bless my SOUL!

So when you use these kinds of sayings, or affirmations, for the wounded inner child …

  • As soon as you pinpoint what the issue is, you think of the antidote, the opposite thought and the opposite emotion.
  • And then you put that into the kind of words that a small child would say or love or enjoy.
  • The type of words that you use depend on the age of the child at the time of the Soul wounding.

How to Compose an Affirmation for the Inner Child

So this saying, “the GOODEST little child,” is for a very small child; maybe three years old, and who appreciates that kind of fun play with words. And you may wish to refine that later on, if it is not quite right for your own inner child, you know? But when you have got it down, or as you are testing it, you use that affirmation whenever the feeling comes up, the feeling that you are trying to heal.

And in this case, it would be …

  • a feeling of guilt
  • or of unworthiness associated with feeling sexual.

The Technique of Observing Emotions Arise, with Neutral Mind

On the astral plane, I heard about a case of a young child that got a reprimand for feeling sexual. The reprimand took place … as is so often the case … in a bathroom setting, a bathtub / bath setting.

When the reprimand is severe enough to create Soul wounding, and it is during bath time, or shower time, then the result can be that, in adult life, the child just does not want to take a shower, or just does not want to take a bath when they grow up. They want to avoid that.

And that, I think, in some cases, that the reprimand … say, corporeal punishment, most likely, at an early age … creates the feeling, while you are getting clean in the shower or bath, that feeling sexual is dirty, is bad, is wrong … like that.

And so, whenever the child, after that, finds themselves in the bathroom, confronted with a shower or bath, they feel dirty. Despite that the results of the shower or bath would make them clean.

It is the deep unconscious or subconscious mind that makes them feel dirty when confronted with the notion of taking a bath or bathing. So they may actually avoid showers and baths in adult life because of that early Soul wounding.

I do have a tentative notion about that. For me, that is not an issue; I just love baths and showers. But in the astral plane, I have heard about folks with this issue,

  • and I thought maybe, if the bath or shower is approached with rapt awareness and neural mind, then a person might be able to discover, to notice the emotions that arise with this awareness, this neutral mind, and to just be ‘in the moment’ with these emotions, as they come up.
  • And in that way, transform them with the Awareness, eventually.
  • I have no doubt but what it would be kind of hard at first. But maybe, if the neutral mind and the awareness are repeated several times with several showers, then that feeling of upset eventually can be neutralized.

If any of you have heard of other techniques, or know if this technique would work, I would be interested to know about it.

That is it for now; talk to you later.

. . . . . . . . . .

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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