Service to Self, Service to Others, and the Free Will Equilibrium . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 14 July 2015

Dear Ones,

In reading “The Law of One: The Ra Material” …

Link: “The Law of One: Ra Material” … ..

… I have derived some very good information. Of first importance to me is this …

  • There are many 4th dimensional beings (aka astral beings negative) dedicated to Service to Self. Above them stands a being in the fifth dimension. He is their Overlord. (We might call him ‘Satan’ or ‘Lucifer’.)
  • Through these 4D beings he tempts the minds of human beings with thought forms of Service to Self.

In light of that, I segue to the following …

  • God Is Love, dear ones. What will we choose? Service to Self or Service to Others?
  • We may love our own Selves with a great Love. A Great Light. We may see in our own Selves the Creator. This is Truth! And from this Truth the Great Light of the 5D Overlord derives.
  • God is All. You Are God. You Are All. What distinction is there here?
  • You are these 4D Service to Self beings. You are their Overlord. You are these enticing thought forms, which are the play of God Himself in His Creation. Through these very Service to Self thought forms God creates our free will choices on this beautiful Planet.
  • Let us be this Service to Self energy.
  • Let us be Service to Others as well.
  • In that beingness of both, in that neutral, mature mind, that great Awakening to advaita, is the All.
  • God is All. I am God. I Am the Great All.

See also, in “The Law of One: The Ra Material,” Session 67, Question-Answer 67.26 … … which essentially asks: How can we be of service to Satan? As I see it, the answer lies in understanding how preservation of polarities on Earth requires the existence of Satan and his minions, so that Souls may experience Free Will [and according to the teachings of the Theosophists, can gain Soul wisdom thereby].

Ra is describing the same kind of ‘standoff’ that exists in the ingeniously contrived Buddhist Metta Prayer. In this prayer, we say, “May all beings be happy.”

Image: One version of the Buddhist Metta Prayer: ..

What a sense of humor these wise Buddhists had! How can an Orion crusader be happy unless he is exerting power over another being? And how can that being be happy unless he knows and owns his own power in creation?

The answer here, the higher truth, is that it is just not possible to get higher than the fifth (or max, the seventh) dimension in Service to Self. And I say, thank goodness for that! For while it defines our personal priorities, such as, for instance, making us very determined to escape power over, the Orion Overlord does not cast his substantial Light on the Exit Door. Not at all.

Were he to do that, all 4D minions would quickly exit his overbearing Overlordship.

And what is the name on that Exit Door? It Is Alignment with the Will of God.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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