Pleiadian Raiders . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 3 January 2021 and published on 25 January 2022
Location: Point Mugu State Park, Ventura County, California

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Dear Ones.

Here is a story about the Pleiadian Raiders, our guardian angels, and two children of Earth. There is a Summary after the video …



I just saw two young children … a boy on the left and a girl on the right … come barreling down this mountain trek hill. They were … [waits to listen telepathically] … five and six years old. Behind them, at a good distance, and walking sedately, were two women … [waits to listen telepathically] … 25 and 27 years old.

And then the two children stopped. The boy was looking at me. And he started making hand motions like this [shows circular, swirling hand motions] … showing something to the girl, with both hands, one after the other, in front of his body.

He was explaining to the girl, on the astral plane, that he saw a being near me. Then he lifted his one hand up like this in the air [shows gesture], as if he were showing that the being flew away.

And then the two children walked past me. After they walked past, the boy said to me [on the astral plane]: What was that being?

And I said: Don’t worry about that. It looked ok, didn’t it?

And he said: No, not too good.

So I said: Oh, that was a Pleiadian Raider. Don’t worry about that. There are lots of beings in the air.

And then his guardian angel came down and said to him: But stay away from that one!

And I said: Yes. That’s a good idea. Stay away from that one! There are plenty of good beings in the air.

[I chuckle.] We had a pretty good time. And so he is digesting [all that]. He is going down [the mountain with] sort of a skip. And the young girl is like that too.

It was great; it was a great encounter.

You know, you have the right to have any kind of visitor you want, from the stars, [or] from other planets. It’s up to you. And your guardian angels will help you to choose the ones appropriate to your time-space continuum, if you ask them [to].

God bless you all! Steer clear of the Pleiadian Raiders.

You know, in the Pleiades there are all kinds of beings, but those Pleiadian Raiders are the exception … They are somewhat like the ASPs … the antisocial personalities … here on Earth … the beings that are more like reptiles in human form, and are just beginning to take on human ways … and who are associated, perhaps, in the higher realms, more with the astral forms of ghostly dinosaurs than they are with beings such as those of Venus … those of Sirius … those of Arcturus … and the good beings from the Pleiades or Alpha Centauri. Beings like that.

I am suggesting too: Steer clear of Saturnians, unless you have a particular type of personality. [Sighs.]

I saw a being on youtube last night who reminded me of the star being that gave me my star gift of a special shield or ‘bucker’ for my navel point, to protect me from the negative astral beings that roam about Earth.  More about that later.

We are ‘into it’, everyone! We are going to be experiencing many more star gifts in the coming cycle of the Sun; and many more visits from the beings of the stars.

Meet you all there! See you soon.


“Pleiadian Raiders”
by Alice B. Clagett
Point Mugu State Park, Ventura County, CA
3 January 2021
CC BY-SA 4.0

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

This blog is from the same day … Link: “Point Mugu State Park,” photos by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 3 January 2021 and published on 27 January 2022 … ..


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