Physical Reality versus the Mental-Emotional Realm . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 13 February 2014; published on 14 February 2014; republished on 26 February 2018


Dear Ones,

Here are thoughts on distinguishing physical reality from the mental-emotional realm, on the eternal Now versus linear thinking and time and space, on mindfulness, mental stories, and happiness. There is an edited Summary after the video …



I am here at Sage Ranch, at my favorite meditation spot; I have shown it to you before. But I thought I would show it to you again, in case you have not seen it, or you forgot. This is my view from where I sit. [pans through chaparral covered, rocky mountains]

I am sitting on a big rock here, out in the open … a huge rock. The place where I am sitting is very flat. There is a beautiful view, and a beautiful breeze, and the sunlight. It is really nice.

For some time now, for me, it is as if there are strands of fourth dimensional mental-emotional energy weaving through the physical world. It is hard to explain.

It is as if … for all the many past ages, we humans saw the world through a mental-emotional construct … a kind of a mental-emotional cage, that walled us off from the true physicality of Earth. And we did not know it. Very seldom … maybe in a sudden flash of enlightenment … once in a lifetime, people would realize what the true physical world was. They would see things exactly as they are, just for a moment; then go back into the mental-emotional cage. You know? There are stories about that.

It has been like that for a long time. I have been paying attention to my thoughts and emotions for about 14 years now. Only recently has it become very obvious to me the distortions that the mind and emotions place upon the actual physical state.

And at the same time, through mindfulness, I am paying a lot of attention to what is going on in my mind and emotions … my mental-emotional field.

A turning, and combining, and weaving together of the energies of physical Earth and the Fourth Dimension is taking place, Many times, during a day, I will find myself, first in the completely physical world … like right now … and then, after a while, caught up in some mental story, or some emotional story, that has qualities I used to identify with as the reality … my reality. But they are not real any more.

But still, my mind and my emotions are getting stuck in this linear thinking, and in notions of time-space, all the time. It is like this: First the one thing, completely physical, and here and now. Next the other thing: Linear thinking and story-telling in my mind. It has become quite a project for me, to distinguish what is really true … what is truly physical.

Sometimes I find myself going off, and believing the stories in my mind. Sometimes I get caught up in that, and act in the physical world, on the basis of these stories in my mind. It is incredible!

So when I find myself doing that, I say: Wait just a minute! And I add to that: Act in a physical way, with regard to the physical world. Just let those stories go … What a bother. What a nuisance! And what an interesting process.

Well, enjoy your day. Have a wonderful day! Take care. Talk to you later.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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